Buster Gundam 

Model Number: GAT-X103

Pilot: Dearka Elsman

Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X

The long-ranged specialist unit among the GAT-X series that was developed by the Earth Alliance. Its backpack stores high firepower and long-ranged weapons with both beam and physical rounds, and its two main rifles can be joined together to greatly amplify their output.

Ability Summary







Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle 



Downs on hit, causes Vernier and has fast projectile speed

Charged Main

Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle (Gerobi) 


Beam can be curved

Charged Melee

Anti Armor Shotgun 


Can be faced left or right to fire at an angle


Ammo Switch 

Switches Ammo Type for Sub


94mm High-energy Rifle 



Can be fired consecutively with additional A inputs

Gun Launcher – Shotgun



Physical rounds with a wide spread

Gun Launcher – AP Rounds



High-speed physical “snipe”

Gun Launcher – Float Mines



Causes Flame Stun upon hit

Special Shooting

220mm 6-barrel Missile Pod


35 ~ 141

5AC: Fires 12 missiles

4/6AC: Fires 4 missiles from the left or right missile pods

Special Melee

Full Salvo




Different variations depending on directional inputs

NBC – Beam Rifle, Shotgun and Missiles

4/6BC – 4BC for Beam Rifle and Missiles, 6BC for Shotgun and missiles.

Burst Attack


199(FE)/ 215(S)

Multi-stage shooting attack


Cancel Routes:





Buster is an excellent support unit with a myriad of options to gun down the enemy. Buster is one MS that does not have to worry about running out of ammo, and is well-suited for putting the enemy under constant pressure and oppressive fire. Unlike most units, however, Buster has zero melee options, and has to rely on tools like its shotgun for self-defense in close range. Learning to punish enemies from a distance, and defending oneself without the use of melee attacks, are two crucial points that Buster players need to excel in.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle

Buster’s bread and butter, this weapon deals respectable damage and knocks back on hit. The guidance on this weapon is excellent, and its one-shot knock back ability makes this weapon well-suited as a landing punisher, and a “get-off-me” tool.

However, this weapon feels inadequate when used for self-defense in the extreme close-range, due to some muzzle correction issues. It may be wise to use this in conjunction with its many cancel routes leading to other weapons to down the enemy and leg it. 

Charged Main: Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle (Gerobi)

Standard gerobi with decent startup and muzzle correction. Beam can be curved slightly with directional input. This weapon stands out in many areas, and is your highest damage dealing option.

However, given Buster’s wide-range of armaments, all of which are quite stellar, merely staying far away and firing this off is somewhat of a waste. Use this as an occasional supplement to your other weapons to get the best value out of it.

Charged Melee: Anti Armor Shotgun

Buster links up its guns and fires a wide spread shotgun. Does a whopping 221 damage when all pellets hit.

This weapon can be used with a 4/6 input to face the gun muzzle left or right before firing. With the right reads, you will be able to catch enemies dashing horizontally or sidestepping.

One of the greatest mistakes a Buster player might make is accidentally inputting a direction when choosing to fire this straight towards an enemy closing in. Don’t mess up!

Melee: Ammo Switch

Cycles between the various ammo types of Buster sub-weapons. Proper memorization of the order of weapons is key to the mastery of this suit.

Its common for first-time Buster players to attempt to melee the enemy on muscle memory, and instead what you’ll see is Buster rapidly cycling between weapons. Hilarious, and sad. 

Sub: High-energy Rifle / Gun Launcher

Fires whichever ammo type is presently loaded but causes Vernier at all times:

1) 94mm High-energy Rifle

Standard beam rifle shots. Can be fired consecutively up to three times. Reloading only starts when the ammo reaches zero, so it’s recommended that you fire all three shots in a volley whenever you use this.

Although the first shot tracks the enemy well, the follow-up shots follow the same tracking of the first shot, so don’t expect this to be your end-all self defense tool.

This move is best used in the mid-range for creating pressure and catching landings, and is usually cancelled into from a Main shot. 

2) Gun Launcher – Shotgun

Buster fires a widespread shotgun that spreads out the further it travels. Similar to the csB shotgun, this has a smaller AOE, but causes just as much damage and has a faster startup.

Although conventional gaming wisdom dictates that shotguns are to be used in close-range, the pellets actually continue to spread and travel up to your maximum red lock range, so this can be used to cover a wide area from long range. Hitting even 1 pellet will stagger the enemy, setting them up for a big hit from your Main.

Of course, this tool is equally potent in the close range. Hitting the enemy with every pellet causes an instant down, so this may be your final line of defense against an enemy charging at you with Super Armor.

Try to get a feel for the way the pellets spread to take full advantage of this tool.

3) Gun Launcher – AP Round

Buster fires a fast-travelling Physical round that Downs on hit. While the startup is somewhat long, this weapon has good tracking and is generally a good tool for confirming hits on landings or on unsuspecting enemies due to it being able to curve very well. 

You can cancel into this from your Main to greatly improve your chances of catching an enemy landing.

4) Gun Launcher – Float Mines

Buster fires a bunch of mines that float directly in front of it. Causes Flame Stun to any units caught in it. This along with the Shotgun sub make up your go-to subweapon self-defense suite.

Compared with other mine-type weapons, this has a smaller AOE and a longer startup, so be sure to take that into account when using this tool.

Special Shooting: 220mm 6-barrel Missile Pod

Buster fires a barrage of missiles towards the target. Direction of salvo can be adjusted with directional input. Take note that Buster will only fire 4 missiles per salvo if 4/6AC is used.

The tracking on this move is really good, to the point where enemies boost dashing sideways can be caught. However, the missiles have a slow travel speed, and are best used in the mid-range.

While the 4/6AC fires fewer missiles, they actually move faster than the neutral version missiles. As a rule of thumb, release the missiles from the side that is closer to the enemy.

Special Melee: Full Salvo

Buster executes an evasive maneuver, while firing its multiple weapons simultaneously. All BC actions cut tracking, and given the varying travel speeds and high tracking nature of the missiles, this makes for a confusing encounter for enemies unbeknownst to Buster’s greatness.

This weapon has 3 inputs. 

1) 5BC: has Buster dodging to the rear, while firing its High-energy Rifle, Gun Launcher, and Missile Pod. Powerful in both the close and mid-range, due to the scattering nature of the weapons fired.

2) 4BC: has Buster dodging to the left while firing a salvo of 4 missiles and a shot from the High-energy Rifle. Unlike the sub version, the High-energy Rifle shot has a strong stagger effect.

3) 6BC: has Buster dodging to the right while firing a salvo of 4 missiles followed by a shot from its shotgun. While the shotgun loses effectiveness over a distance, the 4 missiles are as good at tracking as ever. 

When it comes to using the 4 or 6 inputs, its important to consider not only the weapons fired, but the direction you want to roll towards. Also take into consideration that other large beam attacks will destroy all the shotgun and missiles so against enemies with gerobi striker or large br mains, go for 4BC instead. 

Melee Set

Due to Buster’s B input being used entirely to swap ammo types, it has absolutely no melee moves. Punch your enemies in the face with bullets!

Burst Attack


Buster starts a multi-stage attack that starts with its Anti-Armor Shotgun, followed by a salvo of missiles before finishing off with its Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle. Very fast startup.

Each stage tracks separately, and it is entirely possible to hit an enemy with the Anti-Armor before hitting another target with the Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle.

Unlike many other Burst Attacks, this has no Super Armor. 


  • Buster’s main has little ammo, so it is imperative that the player picks his shots well to make full use of it.
  • Memorize the order of the sub-weapons. This ensures that you’re always prepared for any situation by having the appropriate ammo type loaded at all times. Read the opponent and plan ahead to ensure that you have the right weapon cocked and ready.
  • AC has very good tracking and there is plenty of ammo for this tool. Use this to force movement from the enemy before leading into your main.
  • While Buster has zero melee, it has a solid defensive maneuver in the form of its BC. Utilize this to give yourself some breathing room whenever you feel threatened at close range.
  • F Burst is entirely worthless. E gives you much needed survivability, and S allows you to chain your shooting attacks into each other (Main>Main does 200 damage). S is probably the better options in most cases as it also increases your red lock range, and allows you to sidestep your shots. Unless you’re getting badly smothered and dying extremely quickly, S is the go-to over E.
  • As a support character, although Buster is a 1500 cost MS it can still team with 3000 cost units, if you can survive well. If so, partners like Master and Epyon are a great choice, as Buster does well supporting such units.
  • Good 2500 partners include Hyaku Shiki, Arche, Age-2, and other more offensive suits that do well in the frontline.