Gouf Custom

Model Number:MS-07B-3

Pilot: Norris Packard

Cost: 1500 Hp: 500 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Gouf is a suit that was built to excel in close-range combat, and this custom variant has the same close-range capabilities, plus increased performance in mid-range shooting skirmishes. It has a gatling gun mounted on its shield, that it can purge at any time to fight more effectively in melee range.

Ability Summary







75mm Gatling Gun



Once ammo reaches zero, main weapon will be changed to 3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun.

3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun





Heat rod

30 (137)

~B derivative gives you 137 damage total.

Special Shooting

Heat rod (movement)



Fires Heat Rod according to the directional input. Stuns on hit.

Special Melee

Heat rod (Overhead Jump)



A Jet Core Booster appears above Gouf and Gouf will hook it with the Heat Rod. The Jet Core Booster does 111 damage.


Road Throw



Able to block ranged attacks during the animation.

Burst Attack

Heat rod continuous attack


Melee combo. [Fighting/Extend/Shooting]








High damage.



Bounces the opponent at the end of the melee combo.




Untechable at the end of 2nd hit.




Very good melee as this melee combo is quite hard to be disturbed by opponent.




Very high damage.

Any melee link to 2B

Any melee~2B

184 ~ 242

Holds & stabs the opponent. Mash B for a longer combo time and more damage.

Cancel Routes:


In the middle of any melee combo: AB,BC


Armed with a powerful machine gun (and then a less powerful machine gun), the Gouf can prove to be a nightmare to fight against in the mid to close-range. It also sports a whip that discourages enemies from coming too close, and very high melee-combo damage for a 1500 cost unit. But perhaps most interesting of all is its unique mobility, swinging around on its grappling hook and moving in difficult to read patterns. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: 75mm Gatling gun/3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun

Able to fire all 90 ammo in a row. Takes 4 shots to stagger the opponent and 15 shots to down the opponent. Once ammo reaches zero, your Main weapon will be replaced with the 3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun, which is weaker in most aspects. For this reason, you are encouraged to conserve ammo. 

Note that you can reload this weapon with your Burst, but if you have already used up all your ammo and switched to the other machine gun you will not get this weapon back. Reloading this weapon with Burst is quite important, so bear that in mind.

Your aim with this weapon is mostly to stagger opponents which can lead into combos with your Heat Rod or Heat Saber.

The 3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun also takes around 4 shots to stagger the opponent, but has much poorer performance than your first Main. Luckily, both these weapons share the same cancel routes.

Sub: Heat Rod

Gouf lashes out with the Heat Rod. On hit it stuns the enemy, and Gouf pulls itself closer towards it. If you hit a building or the ground Gouf will instead pull itself towards whatever it latched onto. This movement cuts tracking.

You can sidestep cancel this move, so you can cancel your Main into this move, sidestep, and then continue your offense or retreat.

Hitting this weapon raw is very difficult, because it has poor muzzle correction and a slow projectile speed. Try combo-ing into this instead.

Sub~B Follow-up: Slash-through

You can then input B after hitting an enemy to perform a follow-up slash-through attack. This is a good combo part, allowing you to rack up big damage.

Special Shooting: Heat rod (Grapple Reel)

Fires Heat Rod according to the current direction input. Like with the Sub you will latch onto any building or terrain you hit, pulling yourself towards it while cutting tracking. Stuns the opponent upon hit and pulls itself towards the opponent. Shares ammo with BC. 

*AC:If used on ground, it will fire its heat rod to any direction which you have input.

*AC:If used in air, the heat rod will fire towards the ground.

Special Melee: Heat rod (Overhead Jump)

A Jet Core Booster appears above Gouf, and Gouf will hook it with the Heat Rod. Cuts tracking. Hold Boost or a direction to hang there. Reloads all ammo once you touch the ground. 

Any enemy hit by the rod takes no damage but is stunned. 

If you input BC while out of ammo you will enter a freefall state. You can use this to your advantage by doing a sequence like sidestep~wire~freefall to freefall with tracking cut.

This is one of your main moves for mobility, allowing you to traverse the battlefield faster than most 1500 cost units.

There are 2 types of input for this weapon:

*BC: Able to swing in the air towards the direction which you input like Spider-Man.

5BC : Gouf hangs onto the Jet Core Booster. You can input 5AC while hanging to fire the Jet Core Booster at the enemy. You can also fire your Main while floating with 5BC. 

2B: Road Throw

Gouf first hides behind a big chunk of road, before hurling it at the enemy. While behind the road you have an active shooting guard that blocks ranged attacks. If you hold the B button after performing this move you hurl the road chunk much faster, and it travels further.

This doesn’t have much tracking to it, but the hitbox is rather huge so you can catch enemies with it in the closer ranges. This is one of Gouf’s main lifelines because it’s both a defensive and offensive option, and since it reloads rather quickly you can use this to save your bacon more often than you’d think.

Melee Set

5B: Heat Saber 4-stage combo

You don’t move much while performing this move, but the DPS is excellent. This is a good combo part for racking up damage quick.

5B~8B: Launch and Knockdown

Leaves the enemy in a bounce state on hit, and has pretty good cut resistance. However, the damage proration is pretty poor.

8B: Launch to Slash-through

Pretty average in all aspects as a combo starter, but it can be used as a combo part to stage a retreat.

4/6B: Heat Saber Horizontal Slashing

A rather long but stylish combo. This does a lot of damage and has good proration as well, making it good both as a combo opener and as a combo part. 

CC8B: Heat Saber Slash Combo

Again, a very long combo, but very stylish with high damage. This travels a good distance and is best used to chase down or approach opponents who are not attacking you.

~2B Derivative: Stab n’ Grind

In an iconic pose, Gouf stabs its Heat Saber into the enemy and grinds it in real good, spurting a black substance (oil?) around. You can mash B for more hits and more damage.

As you’d expect this does a lot of damage, but at the trade-off of having no cut resistance. Use this as a combo ender for big damage when you’re certain you won’t get punished.

Burst Attack

Heat rod continuous attack

A melee combo with super armor startup. Has pretty good cut resistance in certain parts of the animation. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons

A(4 hits)~AB~5B~2B


Big damage off your Main

A(4 hits)~AB~B>2B






Fast combo

5BBBB~AB~5B(1 hit)~2B






8BB>4/6B(1 hit)~2B(6 hits)>4B(1 hit)~2B


Maximum grinding



BnB for 4B starter

4BBB~AB~5B(1 hit)~2B(6 hits)>4B(1 hit)~2B





Good cut resistance

CC8BBBBB~AB~5B(1 hit)~2B





Burst Attack combo.


  • Use BC and AC to move around the field and get the enemies to focus on you, while using your Gatling Gun to catch landings. If the enemies ignore you move in for melee combos.
  • Try not to finish your first Main’s ammo until you Burst so that you can reload it. After you have Burst and reloaded it once feel free to empty your clip.
  • F Burst is by far your best option, powering up Gouf’s already amazing melee and allowing you to cancel from your Gatling Gun straight into your melee strings. E Burst is alright if you really want to survive longer. S allows you to sidestep your gatling shots but that’s not really necessary.
  • Gouf can pair well with 3000 cost units even if it is a 1500 cost, because it has pretty good mobility and self defense. Aggressive front types that can draw attention like God, Epyon and Master are suitable partners.
  • In the 2500 cost bracket, Zeta Gundam, Virsago, and Tallgeese II & III are good partners as they can fulfill the shooting role as well as hold their own in 1 on 1 situations. Deathscythe and Arche are also good partners as they can draw attention away from Gouf, allowing it to do its best work. In general 2500 cost partners are most suitable for this Gouf.