G-Arcane Full dress

Model Number:MSAM-033 

Pilot: Aida Surugan

Cost: 2000 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X


Equipped with the optional weapon pack “Full dress Unit”, the G-Arcane now has much greater firepower. This pack is loaded with 8 laser beam cannons which are capable of moving individually, allowing high speed movement while aiming at multiple targets.

Ability Summary







Anti-Ship Beam Rifle



BR with high down value.


Diffusion laser cannon


34 ~ 138

5AB: Fires a spread shot with limited range and a frontal shooting barrier.

16 ~ 193

*AB: Multiple thin lasers fire as a gerobi. Wide coverage.

Special Shooting

G-Lucifer Summon


14 ~ 107

G-Lucifer releases 3 funnels which fire thick gerobis.

Special Melee

Floating Mode/Backflip/Side Movement

5BC:Will do a backflip into the air, and then activate floating mode.

2/8BC:Does a backflip. Cuts tracking.

4/6BC:A horizontal movement while facing the enemy.

Special Melee: A Derivative

Anti-ship Beam Rifle (Sniping mode)



A sniping attack while floating.. Shares ammo with Main.

Burst Attack

Full Dress is Dazzling!

166(S)/147(F & E)

Fires lasers in a wide range 




















A wired grab that triggers an explosion and downs the target. Good against enemies coming straight at you for melee.





During Floating Mode




Floating Mode Melee: Good priority and speed, but hardly usable as you need to be in Float Mode. Last resort.

Cancel Routes:




5BC (while floating): A, AB, AC, BC, B (note: all of these inputs are the floating versions)

 4/6BC: A(floating version), AC

All melee (even on whiff): *BC


G Arcane is an all-purpose suit that specializes in ranged beam weaponry. With its various down-attribute beam attacks, it excels at keeping the enemy off their feet, with the trade-off of having middling melee performance.

With its high performance range weaponry, G Arcane performs well in the mid-range. The fast beam speed and excellent tracking of the special shooting makes it great for catching and punishing enemy landings. As such, G Arcane performs well as a back role.

However, G Arcane has a few outstanding weaknesses, with its low ammo count being one of the most glaring faults. While the mobility itself is not low, the falling speed is slow, making it prone to punishment on landing. Its turning performance is also bad.

That being said, G Arcane excels in the areas it needs to, making enemies mindful of their landings.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Anti-Ship Beam Rifle

G Arcane comes to a halt, and fires its main rifle. Although there is a bit of a startup before firing, the shot is quite large and causes knockback on hit. Because of its unusual qualities, this weapon is not meant to be used like a regular BR.

While you won’t be doing as much damage with this as you would be chaining BRs in a zunda, the value gained from this shot cannot be looked at purely from a damage perspective. Frequently knocking back the enemy greatly disrupts their pace, and creates more favorable situations for your team. This weapon is particularly good as a self-defense option, and for ending teammate’s combos.

Shares ammo with your *BC~A. A regular BR takes 3 seconds to reload 1 ammo while this takes 4 seconds, so use your ammo wisely.

Sub: Diffusion Laser Cannon

This weapon has 2 versions. 

5AB:Fires a spread shot with limited range. Damage depends on how many beam shots the target took. Use it only when within melee range of target. Has a shooting barrier, but due to the deployment time required this is not suitable to be used on reaction to an incoming attack.

*AB:Multiple thin lasers fires in a gerobi. Wide coverage. This is one of your best anti-melee self defense options, with the added bonus of shredding through ABC mantles. The startup on this is on the slower side, but you do slide a good amount before firing this move so try and use it after a sidestep.

Special Shooting: G-Lucifer Summon

G-Lucifer releases 3 funnels which release thick gerobis at the enemy, similar to Hot Scramble’s 2AB. This tracks very well, and can be used once every 10 seconds.

This is a great move for forcing enemy movement, allowing you to catch their landings (assuming they don’t get hit by the G-Lucifer outright). You can use this while floating, but note that doing so will cancel your floating state.

Special Melee: Floating Mode/Backflip/Side Movement

This movement has 3 types of input:

  1. 5BC:Will do a backflip into the air, and then activate floating mode.Boost is being consumed constantly while in floating mode. AB attack is changed to only a spread shot.
  2. 2/8BC:Does a backflip. Cuts tracking.
  3. 4/6BC:A side movement while facing the enemy. Direction depends on the input direction. Can fire main while dashing.

These movements are quite floaty, but they do allow you some tactical advantage. 2/8BC is useful for cutting tracking while staying in motion, and 4/6BC allows you to attack while moving, something that G Arcane cannot normally do. 

A While Floating: Anti-ship Beam Rifle (Sniping mode)

A sniping attack with good tracking, muzzle correction, very fast beam travel speed, and high down value. This move is your main source of damage, and frustration for the enemy. 

This move is your best tool for catching enemy landings. Its muzzle correction is so good, that at close range it can even be used to catch enemies dashing horizontally. Time your shots carefully, and you can punish a lot of landings, even those done at 50% boost remaining.

Melee Set

5B: Slash>Horizontal Slash>Spinning Slash

Standard 3 hit, but sends the opponent a distance away, making it hard to follow up.

8B: Stab>Shield Bash

2 hit attack that has a fast start-up but poor vertical muzzle correction. Pay attention to the difference in elevation from the enemy when using this attack.

4/6B: Horizontal Slash>Horizontal Slash>Upward Slash

3 hit attack that launches the enemy slightly at the last attack. It is possible to follow-up with a side step melee or side step main after the last attack. This melee has rather slow start-up and speed so use it with care.

2B: Beam Wire Grab

A beam wire will be stretched directly in front, grabbing the target for a short period before ending with an explosion, launching the enemy in a downed state. This attack is possible to rainbow step out of. This attack has slow start-up and poor muzzle correction and will miss an enemy that is just moving horizontally, but it can still be used like other anchor-type weapons.

CC8B: Side Slash>Stab

2-hit melee attack. Speed of the melee is fairly slow and due to the distance that the enemy is sent away from you at the end of the attack, it is difficult to follow up with another melee. Possible to follow up with a side step main.

Floating mode 5B: Upward Slash

A single melee attack with good priority and speed, but hardly usable as you need to be in Float Mode. Use it only as your last resort.

Burst Attack

Full dress is dazzling!

Similar to 5AB, a spread shot with higher damage and range. Use it only when within melee range of target. Can be used while floating as well. 


  • A good support suit that specializes in ranged backup.
  • Most of the ranged attacks have high down values that provide many opportunities for 2V1 scenarios while one enemy is down.
  • 5BC~A is one of your best landing punishes, but requires you to setup in advance by floating. Get used to going in and out of the floating state and only punishing when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Your main tools are your Main, snipe, assist, and the *AB gerobi. Cycle between these options while maintaining distance between you and the enemy.
  • While G Arcane’s shooting weapons are excellent, it sports poor self defense and mobility. The best way to circumvent this is having a partner that can cover you, but in addition you need to properly position yourself far away from the enemy.
  • F Burst provides little value. E gives you everything you need in weapon reloads, and helps cover for your poor self defense. S sounds good on paper but since all of G Arcane’s weapons down the enemy very quickly you won’t get much value out of spamming you moves. It’s still not a bad choice, though.
  • G Arcane pairs well with aggressive 3000 cost units like Master. Hot Scramble is also a good teammate as you can both pressure the enemy endlessly with gerobi funnels. Zabanya is also a recommended partner for a double sniping team.
  • G Arcane is less effective with a 2500 cost partner, but a partner like Arche which draws a lot of attention can be good. 2000 cost and 1500 cost partners are not recommended.