Silver SUMO

Model Number:MRC-F20

Pilot: Poe Aijee

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: O (Skirt) Form Change: X


Silver SUMO

The SUMOs were suits used by the personal Royal Guards of Diana Counter. Despite its massive appearance, it moves swiftly due to its powerful thrusters. It is a suit that specializes in close range combat.

MS Mode Ability Summary







Hand Beam Gun


70 ~ 160

Can be fired repeatedly. Input a direction to change the firing style. 4 consecutive shots possible.

Charged Main

Hand Beam Gun (Multi-shot)

20 ~ 155

There are 2 levels of charge. Multi-lock available. Multi-lock does 141 per target.


IF Bunker


60 ~ 110

Stuns opponent on hit.

Special Shooting

Silver SUMO Summon


8 ~ 139

5/4AC: Silver SUMO fires a short-range gerobi on your left.
6AC: Silver SUMO fires a short-range gerobi on your right.
2/8AC: Silver SUMO fires a short-range gerobi after a delay.

Special Melee

IF Booster Dash



BC: activates a shooting guard in front of Silver SUMO. B derivative: Silver SUMO charges at the enemy with the IF saber. 

Burst Attack












124 ~ 164

Dust Down


118 ~ 158



163 ~ 193





Dust Down







On the first hit of ~8B it is a Dust down. Final hit launches upward and is untechable.








Stuns opponent upon hit. Final hit is untechable


Cancel Routes:

A (before the 3rd hit): AB




MA Mode Ability Summary







Hand Beam Gun

15 (shared with MS mode)

35 ~ 67

Able to shoot while moving. Able to link to AB,AC.

Special Shooting

Skirt Launch


Reverts back to MS mode after launching the skirt.


Skirt Release


When you detransform normally the skirt is dropped as a hitbox.

Notes: During this mode is active, you are able to use other weapons as well. But you will revert back to MS mode the moment you link into other weapons.


Cancel Routes:

AC: A ,AB ,AC ,BC ,*B(other than CC8B)



The Silver SUMO is a clone unit of the Gold SUMO, but at 2000 cost instead of 2500 cost. Its moves are pretty much the same as the Gold SUMO’s but with some differences (mostly nerfs). Here’s the full list of differences:

  • Less HP (640>580)
  • Lower mobility
  • Longer red-lock range 
  • Fewer cancel routes
  • Main ammo from 15 to 12, can be fired 4 times instead of 3, lower down value
  • CSA can be charged to level 2
  • Sub has a thinner hitbox, has a smaller range and down value
  • AC ammo from 2 to 1
  • Has a new gerobi for AC, does not have the “Universe” IF Booster Dash attack
  • Increased movespeed during the transformation
  • MA AB can be rainbow stepped
  • Melee does less damage, slower tempo
  • 4/6B~2B removed
  • BC has less damage, takes longer to reload, has a longer cooldown time, and does not have more ammo during Burst

Overall, the Silver SUMO does better at the longer ranges than the Gold SUMO, but loses a lot of power and options for the mid to close-range. 


MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Hand Beam Gun

Fires two shots per input, although it only costs one ammo per shot. You can repeatedly press A to continue firing, and if you include a directional input Silver SUMO can fire while moving in different maneuvers. Note that you can only cancel into AB before the 3rd input. Has one extra shot compared to the Gold SUMO, for a total of 4 consecutive shots.

Charged Main: Hand Beam Gun (High output)

Multi-lock available, but not recommended. This inherits quite a good amount of inertia, so try using it after a boost dash or sidestep. You can throw this out at the mid-long range when out of ammo. Can be cancelled into BC.

You can charge this up to level 2 for faster projectiles, better tracking, more projectiles, better muzzle correction, and even more inertia carry. However with a long total charge time of 5 seconds (normal is 2.5), you have to make the decision if it’s worth charging up for. 

Sub: IF Bunker

Silver SUMO swings a huge beam in a wide arc, stunning enemies on hit. Can be sidestep cancelled. 

This is a weaker version of the Gold SUMO’s IF Bunker, but it can still be used in the close range for self defense, okizeme, and more.

Special Shooting: Silver SUMO Summon

Silver SUMO appears and performs one of two possible motions. Reloads 1 ammo every 8 seconds. Note that the Silver Sumo itself has terrible endurance, even a single vulcan shot can destroy it instantly.  

5AC: IF Bunker (Focused)

Silver SUMO stands still and fires its IF Bunker in front of it, causing a short-ranged gerobi. You can input left or right to cause the Silver SUMO to stand on either side of the Silver Sumo when firing this. 

This has a fast startup but almost zero muzzle correction.

2/8AC: Delay Gerobi

Fires a gerobi after a one-second delay. Strong muzzle correction. 

Special Melee: IF Booster Dash

BC: Silver SUMO activates an I-field on its hand, while slowly advancing towards the enemy. B derivative: Silver SUMO turns off the I-field and charges at the enemy with a beam saber.

This move is excellent, and is one of the Silver SUMO’s calling cards. This attack plays well into mind games against veterans, and sports some serious rushing speed that allows you to chase down enemies in the close-range. 


Melee Set

5B: 3-stage combo

This has a pretty slow startup, chase speed, and a small hitbox so it’s best used as a combo part.

5B~A: Beam Gun Rapid Fire

Cannot be sidestep cancelled during the firing phase. The damage off this is not particularly great, and you should also be careful about using this on enemies with active barriers or ABC mantles.

5B or 4/6B~2B: Uppercut

Same move as 2B.

8B: Kick

Good damage for a single hit. The startup and chase speed on this are middling, though. You can cancel into BC from this to enter your MA mode. 

4/6B: Horizontal combo

While this is pretty average for a 2500 cost all-rounder, it’s your best melee move and your weapon of choice in the close-range.

4/6B~8B: Shoulder Tackle

Cancel into this to end your combo quickly.

2B: Uppercut

Puts the enemy in an untechable state. Can be cancelled into BC.

CC8B: Slash-through

Pretty good cut resistance, startup, and chase speed. The hitbox on this is also good.

This together with 4/6B are your main melee moves.


Burst Attack


Silver SUMO executes a more flashy Universe attack together with its Silver SUMO friends. Super armor on startup, and pretty nice damage even when combo’d into. Overall a good Burst Attack.


MA Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Hand Beam Gun

Able to shoot while moving. 

Special Shooting: Skirt Launch

Reverts back to MS mode after launching the skirt. The skirt explodes on impact, which can break shooting barriers. This has no tracking, but a pretty big hitbox.



  • Unlike the Gold SUMO which does its best work in the close range, Silver SUMO does better at longer ranges. Support your teammate from a distance with your ranged options, and bat away those who come too close with your IF Booster Dash and IF Bunker. 
  • F Burst gives Silver SUMO the extra damage it so desperately wants, but it doesn’t exactly make you a powerhouse threat like it does for the Gold SUMO . E Burst gives survivability but cannot be honestly recommended because you lose all semblance of a comeback factor. S Burst gives more damage but does not benefit the Silver SUMO much because you don’t gain any freefalls, and most of your attacks vernier.
  • Silver SUMO can be played as a support for 3000 and 2500 cost units.