Gundam Throne Drei

Model Number:GNW-003

Pilot: Nena Trinity

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X

Throne Drei

One of Trinity’s 3 Gundams, which takes on the support and surveillance role. As such it is not suited for direct combat, rather it makes use of its radar, sensors, and its unique ability to deploy a GN Stealth Field.

Ability Summary







GN Hand Gun



Standard BR.

Charged Main

GN Hand Gun (High Output)




Gundam Throne Eins Summon
[GN Launcher]


15 ~ 127

5AB: GN Launcher Gerobi

Gundam Throne Eins Summon
[GN Beam Rifle]

45 ~ 125

*AB: Beam Rifle Multi-Shot

Special Shooting

Gundam Throne Zwei Summon[GN Fangs]


25 ~ 135

5AC: GN Fangs

Gundam Throne Zwei Summon
[GN Buster Sword]


*AC: Melee Rush

Special Melee

GN Stealth Field 


Deploys GN Stealth Field which cuts tracking for your partner. Can only be used when ammo is at 100.


GN Missile


35 ~ 110


Burst Attack

You should just die!

274(S)/264 (F & E)

Fires a gerobi together with Eins


















Can go into the 2B derivative at any hit.











Hits the opponent to the air upon hit.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B


AB: AC, BC, 5B, 8B, 4/6B

AC: AB, BC, 5B, 8B, 4/6B

BC: A, 2B, 5B, 8B, 4/6B

2B: 2B, BC

All melee (including 2B): BC


Gundam Throne Drei is a shooting-focused all-rounder unit. What its moves lack in firepower they make up for with good tracking. It also comes with its unique GN Stealth Field move which allows you to provide support for your teammate. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Hand Gun

Average BR. Your assist have a long reload time, so you will be relying on this often.

Charged Main: GN Hand Gun (High Output)

Fires a single high output shot that stuns on hit. Slightly larger projectile than with the Main. The startup is rather slow, but the projectile speed is fast. The tracking on this is about as good as a regular BR shot. 

Second impact is a good technique to use with this. You can also cancel this into AB or 2B.

Sub: Gundam Throne Eins Summon

Summons Eins to perform one of two actions. You have 3 ammo on this summon, but a very long 20-second reload once empty. Zwei’s body also has a shooting guard which can block projectiles for you.

5AB: GN Launcher

Fires a gerobi. The beam is rather thin, and there is almost no muzzle correction on startup. The one saving grace is that the active time of this move is rather long.

*AB: GN Beam Rifle Multi-Shot

Eins fires 3 shots from its beam rifle. Each shot does 42 damage. This has rather good tracking. If you’re trying to hit the enemy in motion, this is a better option than 5AB in most cases. 

Special Shooting: Gundam Throne Zwei Summon

Like his big brother, this assist comes with 3 ammo, a 20-second reload, and a shooting guard. Performs one of two actions.

5AC: GN Fangs

Zwei releases 8 fangs to chase down the enemy. The fangs travel to a maximum distance slightly further than your maximum red lock range. The fangs disappear if you are knocked down. 

The fangs can occasionally hit the enemy since the tracking is not terrible, but you need 3 hits in order to stagger the enemy so it’s often that you don’t get the stagger. 

*AC: Melee Assault

Zwei charges at the enemy with its GN Buster Sword. Hits the enemy twice. This has a fast startup and is a reliable option in the close-range. The charging speed is average and so is the tracking, but the the muzzle correction on startup is excellent, making it suitable as a self defense tool, and your main lifeline when cornered.

Special Melee: GN Stealth Field

This is Drei’s calling card. Drei releases GN particles to cut all tracking on its partner. Takes 13 seconds to reload from empty, and has a 5 second cooldown after each use. You can only use it when fully charged, but you can cancel out of it at any time before the timer reaches 0.

5BC will make the Drei rise into the air before releasing the particles, while 2BC will make the Drei perform it closer to the ground. You stand completely still while this is active, but you can still summon Eins or Zwei to protect you with their shooting guard assists. 

2B: GN Missiles

Fires 4 missiles at the enemy. This reloads very quickly. The 4 missiles alone are not enough to down an enemy so tack something on either at the start or the end of this.

The missiles are fired from the right shoulder, so this is slightly more effective when fired on enemies approaching from your right. 

This inherits a bit of inertia, and as a self defense from advancing enemies this is a better option than performing a zunda while boost dashing backwards.

Melee Set

5B: 3-stage combo

Long combo time. Used mainly as a combo part.

8B: Stab

Fast startup.

4/6B: Horizontal slash

Decent hitbox and nice reach makes this your main melee move. Having said that, Drei does not excel in melee.

~2B derivative: Double Saber Spin

Can be cancelled into from 5B, 8B, or 4/6B. This has a long combo time and almost no cut resistance. Leaves the enemy in an untechable down state at the end.

CC8B: Slash-through

Slashes the enemy and leaves it in an untechable down state. This has a slow startup and poor charge speed, but the reach is good enough to make it an option after landing a BR in the close range.

Burst Attack

You should just die!

Partners up with Eins to fire a thin gerobi. You can use this as a punish on enemies that leave themselves wide open. 


  • Drei’s playstyle is utilizing its assists while making use of its ranged attacks.
  • You have no big damage options, so chip away at the enemy’s health slowly and support your teammate with GN Stealth Field.
  • The assists have a long reload time, so be mindful of when you run out of ammo and stage a retreat to reload when empty.
  • Assists reload when you burst, so try to spend all your assist ammo before you burst.
  • S is the best burst for Drei, allowing it to reload its assists faster and giving it more shooting cancel routes. E is also not a bad option if you’re finding yourself in sticky situations often. F is the least optimal choice.
  • Drei serves as a great support for many aggressive 3000 cost units like God, Master, Epyon, and Quanta. It can also support 2500 cost units like Susanoo, Deathscythe, and Arche (although canonically this is just wrong).