Gundam Heavyarms Kai (TV)

Model Number:XXXG-01H2

Pilot: Trowa Barton

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X

Heavyarms Kai (TV)

Improving on the original Heavyarms design by adding even more firepower, its main weapon was upgraded to a double gatling gun. Paired with the various missile pods all over its body, The Heavyarms Kai is a force to be reckoned with at mid-long range fights.

Ability Summary







Beam Gatling 


12 ~ 138

Beam-type weapon.


Homing Missile



4/6B will also fire Homing Missiles.

Charged Melee

Micro Missiles

40 ~ 160

Fires out 6 missiles from both legs. Behavior changes when lever is inputted.


Full Salvo



AB: A full salvo with missiles and chest gatling gun.


4/6AB: Fires the chest gatling guns and 5 missiles while moving back.

2AB:30 ~ 81
12 ~ 83

2AB: Will do a somersault while firing 4 missiles and the beam gatling.

Special Shooting

Sandrock Kai Assist


11 ~ 53

Sandrock Kai charges at the enemy. Can be cancelled into Main to freefall.

Special Melee

Forward Somersault / Side Vault 

5/8/2BC:Forward Somersault

4/6BC:Side Vault to the left / right

Burst Attack

Bullet Dance


Ranbu attack. 









Very important move for Heavyarms. Able to land faster and recover boost.




Spins with the Army Knives.


Cancel Routes:

A: 5B, AB, AC, BC

CSB: 5B, AB, AC, *BC, 8B, 2B

2AB: 2B



4/6BC: A, 2B

B: A

8B(Timing Strict): AB, BC


This is essentially a lower-cost “clone” of the Heavyarms Kai (EW). Unlike the EW version, this Heavyarms sports a knife on its right hand instead of more gatling guns, so you do have some melee moves available. The one gatling gun you do have is a pretty powerful weapon, and you fire beam-type ammunition instead of physical rounds meaning your shots cannot be destroyed. Heavyarms Kai relies on acrobatic maneuvers to stay in motion, and specializes in raining down bullets and missiles from the mid-long range. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Gatling

A beam-type gatling gun. Reloads once you expend all 160 bullets. Takes 6 seconds to reload.

The advantage of beam-type projectiles is that they cannot be destroyed by gerobis or other weapons, but the downside is that you cannot bypass ABC Mantles. Which isn’t much of a downside if you take into account the fact that you can input 5B at any time to fire missiles while shooting your gatling gun.

This is your main weapon for catching landings and maintaining pressure on the enemy from long distances.

Melee: Homing Missile

5B or 4/6B both give you access to this move. Hold down the B button to fire multiple missiles at the enemy. The tracking on this is not great, but you can use it in conjunction with many moves.

Charged Melee: Micro Missiles

Fires out 6 missiles from both legs. 1.5 second charge time. This does not consume 5B ammo, so use this when you’re out of missiles. 

These track pretty well, and the short charge time makes this move very easy to use. Get comfortable with charging this while firing your Main. 

Sub: Full Salvo

There are 3 types of input for this weapon. Note that missiles released during this input track better than the regular 5B missiles. You can also press and hold 5B to release missiles while performing any of these actions.

1)5AB: A full Salvo with missiles and chest gatling gun. You stand completely still to use this, so use it only if you’re certain you’ll hit and not get punished.

2)4/6/8AB: Fires the chest gatling gun and 5 missiles while moving back. This has a faster startup than 5AB, but note that the missiles fire after the chest gatling gun, occasionally leading to situations where you are too slow in stopping an advancing enemy. 

3)2AB: Will do a Somersault while firing out 4 missiles and beam gatling. Can be cancelled into 2B.

Special Shooting: Sandrock Kai Assist

Sandrock Kai rushes at the opponent, slashing it on impact. This has pretty poor muzzle correction and poor performance. You can’t reload this by Bursting either. 

Special Melee: Forward Somersault / Side Vault 

There are 3 types of input for this movement:

1)BC:Forward Somersault

2)8/2BC:Forward Somersault to the front / back.

3)4/6BC:Side Vault to the left / right.

Able to link to B during motion and cuts tracking at the start of motion. Cannot be used in overheat.

Melee Set

8B: Kick

Leaps forward in an arc. Does not cut tracking and has a forced PoV change. You can use this for movement, as it moves rather fast and consumes little boost.

2B Amy Knife Spin

Psycho Crusher-style attack. This has a slow startup but travels rather far. This can catch enemies in the close range who don’t expect you to pull out a melee move.

Burst Attack

Bullet Dance

A melee combo with the Army Knife. Does around 260 damage. This doesn’t have much cut resistance and can leave you very vulnerable. 


  • This is a very tough unit to master. In order to use this unit efficiently, you have to master all cancel routes and know when to use the correct ones at the correct timing. Pulling off the right acrobatic moves at the right time are crucial.
  • While this is a lower cost poor man’s Heavyarms EW, you have all of the same weaknesses as the original so this is not a bad side option.
  • F Burst lets you cancel from your shooting weapons directly into 8B or 2B, which can be useful. But you gain very little actual extra damage. E is the safe choice. S gives very little benefits as you already have all the cancel routes you need.