Wing Gundam Zero (Quatre)

Model Number: XXXG-00W0 Pilot: Quatre Raberba Winner
Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: O Form Change: X

The five scientists who developed the Tallgeese gave no regard to cost or practicality in order to develop this super high performance suit. The suit’s Zero System allows pilots to “predict the future” and see all possible outcomes on the battlefield. The Wing Gundam Zero was originally piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner. 

MS Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Twin Buster Rifle 7 75 Wide BR Shot
Charged Melee Zero System 100 One use per life, cuts tracking
Sub Machine Cannon 30 7~114 Non-vernier machine gun spray
Special Shooting Rolling Buster Rifle 1 150 Spin while firing two gerobis
Special Melee Quick Transformation Change to Neobird mode
Burst Attack Rolling Buster Rifle (Max Output) 297(S)/270(F & E) Buffed version of AC
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 200 Standard melee
5B(BB)~8B 113~185 8B derivative. Untechable down
5B(BB)~2B 110~175 2B derivative  
8B 8B 150 OTG
4/6B 4/6BBB 169 Good chasing arc
4/6B(B)~8B 108~155 8B derivative 
4/6B(B)~2B 151~187 2B derivative 
2B 2BB 128 Bounces, good proration
CC8B CC8BBB 165 Good chase distance

Cancel Routes:


MA Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Twin Buster Rifle 5 55~110 Ammo shared with MS mode.
Charged Melee Zero System Shared with MS Mode, doesn’t cause vernier while in MA mode
Sub Wing Vulcan 30 6~108 Fires vulcans directly forward
Melee Input Dmg Notes
5B 5B 95 Quick transformation to MS mode and slash


A straight downgrade of the 3000 cost Wing Zero piloted by Heero Yuy. Quatre’s Wing Zero is most noticeably missing the original’s infamous CSA that charges the Buster Rifle to change its Main into a moving gerobi-type weapon. In exchange it has 7 ammo on its Buster Rifle instead of 5. 

Losing out on the all-important moving gerobi move and being a 2500 cost, Quatre’s Wing Zero cannot take the front role, nor can it effectively take the back role because it has very limited weapons to do so. The best playstyle available is “hit and run”, going into the close range, dealing damage, and then ducking out.  

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Twin Buster Rifle

A regular Beam Rifle shot that has a slightly larger projectile size. At the cost of losing the moving gerobi CSA, you have 7 ammo on this weapon. 

Charged Melee: Zero System

Only one use per life. Cuts tracking as long as you are moving while Zero System is active (think F91’s MEPE). Charge gauge can be carried over between MS and MA forms. Best used when trying to escape or to close in on the opponent. Causes vernier. Damage taken while Zero System is active is increased to 1.5x.

Sub: Machine Cannon

Fires machine gun pellets in a wide spread. Staggers the opponent after 3-5 shots, and downs after 20 shots. Best used against melee, catching targets with low health, or enemies with cheesing with superarmor. Can even be even used to destroy incoming physical projectiles! Shares ammo with MA Form. The difference between this and the original Wing Zero’s is this one has half of the original’s ammo pool, from 60 down to 30. 

Special Shooting: Rolling Buster Rifle

Wing Zero’s signature spin to win. The direction of the spin is determined by your input (4 or 6). This takes 1 second longer to reload than the original’s. Other than that it’s exactly the same, except for the fact that you cannot power up this move using CSA.

Note that the original’s Twin Buster Rifle move is not available on this version of the Wing Zero.

Special Melee: Quick Transformation

Change to the Neo Bird Mode. 5BC will transform while flying upwards, 4/6BC will make you transform and face the direction input. Due to the BC~ (MA)B cancel route, this BC can be used as method for dodging and countering with a melee with A~BC~(MA)B, then followed by a rainbow step if you wish.

Melee Set

5BBBB: Beam Saber combo

A standard 4-stage combo. Slightly slower startup than the original’s.

5B,4/6B~ 8B derivative: Slash-through

Use this for better interrupt resistance.

5B,4/6B~ 2B derivative: Beam Saber multi slash

High proration makes this derivative not worth using.

8B: OTG Stab>Flash Kick

An important attack, just like it is for the original. However you no longer have a CSA moving gerobi to link this from, so it can be harder to find OTG opportunities.

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash> Shield Stab

Decent priority and start up , also curves well during its start up. Cancel this into the 2B derivative to buy time, or step cancel into 2B for more damage. Travels less far than the original’s. 

2BB: Uppercut> Helmsplitter

Good damage due to it’s low proration. May potentially deal even more damage depending on how high up you were during the Helmsplitter portion of the combo as the slashes continue until you hit terrain. As the first hit of 2B is an uppercut, it works very well against targets that are Bounced or Knocked upwards from other attacks. 

CC8BBB: Slash-through> Saber Slash

Wing Zero’s melee with the best reach while doing good damage. Useful for chasing down targets. Very important melee for Quatre as this is the best option you have for following up on hit Buster Rifle shots. 

Burst Attack

Rolling Buster Rifle (Max Output)

Spins a total of 5 times while firing gerobis from the Twin Buster Rifles. Hitting an enemy 3 times will knock it down. This is a big area denial skill and it can be easy to hit on enemies who are not paying attention to you, but you’re a sitting duck the entire time.

MA Mode Ability Details

Wing Zero’s MA Mode consumes very little boost and moves very quickly, which allows you to spam Transform for gaining distance. Not much of a performance difference from the original’s. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Twin Buster Rifle

Quatre’s Wing Zero seems to have slightly better swivel speed in Neobird mode over the original’s, which makes this move slightly easier to use as well. Aim for where your opponent is going, not where it is.

Charged Melee: Zero System

The effects are the same as the MS Form’s except that it does not cause vernier upon activation. 

Charge gauge is carried over between MS and MA form.

Sub: Wing Vulcan

Fires vulcans directly forward. 

Melee Set

*B: Cleave

Transforms back to MS form for a cleave melee attack. This is probably your best melee attack. 


  • If you insist on using this version over the superior 3000 cost version, play to its strengths. With its additional BR ammo Quatre’s Wing Zero can fire its high-performing BR more often. 
  • If you’re supporting a 3000 cost unit, the attention will probably not be on you. This could make it easier to use your Rolling Buster Rifle.
  • Zero System is still a very powerful tool. Pick the right time to use it and you can land yourself a decent combo, or get out of hot soup. 
  • All three Bursts are valid on this unit. Pick whichever makes you die the least horribly.