Wing Zero (EW)

Model Number: XXXG-00W0 Pilot: Heero Yuy
Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Wing Gundam Zero Custom as it appeared in Endless Waltz, bearing a unique angelic silhouette. It is the same unit that appeared in the Gundam Wing TV series albeit aesthetically different, but still bearing the same high-powered Buster Rifles. 

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Buster Rifle 10 38 ~ 144 Moving gerobi
Charged Shooting Rolling Buster Rifle 160 Spins counterclockwise while firing gerobis from both guns. 176 damage if both gerobis connect.
Charged Melee Zero System Cuts tracking for 5 seconds. Once per life.
Sub Tallgeese III Summon (Focused/Spin Shot) 2 17 ~ 125 5AB: Gerobi.
65 ~ 137 4/6AB: Spins and fires 3 BR.
Special Shooting Twin Buster Rifle (Focused) 1 38 ~ 231 A gerobi that causes an explosion upon hitting terrain. 
BC Soar 1 (2) Command jump. Executes a hop.
2B Dive Fast falls
ABC / 2ABC Twin Buster Rifle [Maximum Output] 307(S)/277(F & E) ABC: Jumps directly upwards to fire a gerobi downwards, has explosion
Twin Buster Rifle [Triple] 280(S)/254(F & E) 2ABC: Jumps directly upwards to fire 3 gerobis
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 181
5BB~8B 202 Multi slash
5B(B)~2B 133~177 Launches
8B 8B 162 Can scoop target off the ground
4/6B 4/6BBB 174 Go-to melee
4/6B(B)~2B 133~177 Launches
CC8B CC8BB 153 Slash-through

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B

Any AB: A, AC, BC, 2B


During any melee (even on whiff, except for 8B): BC

BC: Anything else other than BC


The Wing Gundam Zero Custom from the Endless Waltz OVA is a light, floaty unit with a gerobi as his main attack. Its playstyle revolves around taking advantage of its high mobility and aims to score knockdowns as his main gameplay. Even though it has a long red lock range, only his 4/6 Sub can actually hit anything from long range so you’ll need to actually go nearer for anything to hit. Wing Zero also only has beam attacks, of which almost all are gerobis and do not have projectile tracking. This makes it not as easy to land shots as other standard beam rifle units as you’ll have to mostly aim for landings, or bait your targets into running at your gerobis instead of relying on a projectile’s natural tracking.   You’ll need to make good use of ths Soar (BC) and AB~A freefall to maintain pressure from mid-range. Wing Zero excels in chasing down lower cost tier suits (2000 and 1500), but has low DPS in general. 

Overall, this unit will need to play it slow and drag out the game to make the best out of all his armaments. It would be a fresh experience as the suit is fast and floaty with a gerobi main, a unique combination in this game (for now). 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Buster Rifle

A moving gerobi attack. There is a slight delay before the beam appears when pressing the button, but the beam projectile moves quickly once it’s out and has astonishing vertical muzzle correction. It’s mainly used for catching landings, but can also hit enemies who are mid-air and rather close. While this attack does more damage than other moving gerobis, it has bad horizontal muzzle correction. 

It’s rather difficult to hit targets moving from mid~range range, and Wing Zero is also susceptible to 4/6B melee attacks with good wraparound curves when you’re at close range. Also due to the startup of this attack, you will do a turnaround shot if your gun is out of angle when it tries to fire. You’ll also consume more boost than usual when doing so. The same will happen if your gun moves out of angle while it’s firing. 

Make use of the multitude of cancel routes and movement options of this unit to carefully adjust the distance between your target. Try not to fire turnaround shots when trying to fend off enemies with this attack, instead use the Soar (BC) command to move backwards while facing front, AB~A freefall, or simply use Dive (2B) to get into your target’s green lock. Even though it has a great amount of max ammo (10 shots), it has a longer reload time of 4 seconds per shot.

Charged Main: Rolling Buster Rifle

4-second charge time. Wing Zero closes its wings before firing gerobis from both guns while spinning. 360-degree guard while the wings are closed, and Wing Zero’s guns have an active hitbox while it spins (melee damage). Very strong muzzle correction, fast projectile speed, and Wing Zero spins very fast. The muzzle correction starts when the wings are closed, and ends when they open up. The beams have a maximum length, which is about 5 unit lengths shorter than your maximum red lock.

Due to the spinning nature, the actual time taken from the beams to spin into your target differs. For best results, make Wing Zero face 4 or 10 o’clock before releasing this attack. Great move for okizeme, attacking the target you’re not locked on to, attacking from behind buildings etc. Still, this move takes a while to get used to.

Charged Melee: Zero System

2-second charge time. Cuts tracking while not in an attacking animation (any ranged, melee attacks, inclusive of 2B). Takes 1.5 times more damage while active, and the buff disappears when the gauge hits zero, or when flinched or downed. Does not inherit any momentum during activation. 

Compared to other similar moves like MEPE, this suit actually does not benefit as much from this as others do. This is due to many of his moves having long animation, and the suit being floaty with a slow descent speed. Long attack animations means the cut tracking buff isn’t active, and being floaty means your enemies have an easier time aiming for your landings. 

Save this for a clutch moment as you would only get to use this twice per match at most. Usually used defensively when you’re running out of boost and getting chased down, or when your enemies are in Burst. However don’t hold on to this so long that you die without using it. 

Sub: Tallgeese III Summon (Gerobi/Spin Shot)

Reloads in 14 seconds on empty. Both types of assists have great performance, and are also used for Wing Zero’s freefall cancel route, AB~A. However, if you’re doing a turnaround A~AB~A to freefall, the first A will have a longer delay before you can cancel into AB. Try to cancel a turnaround A into BC instead. 

Your options will be governed by how much ammo you have left for this attack and given that this reloads only on empty, do not spam this needlessly. Cycle between AB and BC to stay afloat. 

-5AB Mega Cannon (Gerobi): Good muzzle correction and startup. The gerobi lasts a bit longer than usual and has a longer range than your Main, thus it can be used as an okizeme or to lock your target in a Guard. Also used as a pseudo wall to discourage your target from moving across the gerobi so you can catch him on the other side. Use this combo while facing front A (sidestep) ~ 5AB ~ A to catch an opponent using its own freefall, while at the same time cutting tracking with your own sidestep+freefall. If you’re trying to intercept an incoming enemy, opt for 4/6B, backstep AB~A. 

-4/6AB Mega Cannon (Triple shot): Tallgeese appears on the side of your direction input and spins in that direction while firing 3 beam shots. The only move that Wing Zero has that uses a projectile’s tracking to land a hit. Every shot from Tallgeese will have muzzle correction as long as your target doesn’t sidestep. This makes it a great move for self-cutting and defending against an enemy meleeing you. In long ranges where your Main is easily dodged by one Boost Dash, this assist will help to score a hit. If all 3 beams from Tallgeese hits, the target will be knocked down into Yellow Lock.

Special Shooting:Twin Buster Rifle (Focused)

Takes 17 seconds to reload. Gerobi with an explosion. Cancel forced PoV change with down (2AC). Decently fast startup with good muzzle correction and beam speed, this can be used when your target is very close to you as long as they don’t do any moves that cut tracking. On the downside the reload is a bit longer than similar attacks, and no momentum is inherited at all when using this attack.

What’s unique about this is that you can cancel from Main into this attack. While your target tries to move away from your Main, you can cancel into this attack. Even if the main beam doesn’t hit, the explosion mightl. Especially since Wing Zero descends slowly and your enemy will land first then get below you, the explosion radius will be useful in catching them. If your Main hits, you can still cancel into this attack for more damage.

Special Melee: Soar

12-second reload. A command jump that cuts tracking during activation, and a key part in Wing Zero’s moveset together with Sub. Consumes Boost to use. Unlike typical cancel routes, cancelling from and into Soar does not force you to fire at the same target, meaning you can face Target A, Main~BC, switch to Target B and fire main- the second main will fire towards Target B. During Burst, this move’s max ammo is increased to 2, and the jump distance is increased. There isn’t much that can catch Wing Zero when this happens. This command has different variations depending on directional input and also if Wing Zero was doing a Boost Dash or a Step.

-5BC: Flies directly upwards, does not make Wing Zero face the target nor does it inherit any momentum. There aren’t  many opportunities for you to use this with the exception of trying to immediately gain height to escape certain moves with average-to-low tracking or to escape melee attacks. It can also be used in tandem with 5ABC to fly extremely high real quick. 

-*BC: Jumps towards the input direction while immediately turning to face the opponent. If there is no input after the jump, Wing Zero will just decelerate and stop. Make sure you cancel into Main to make the jump inertia continue so Wing Zero can fly in a beautiful arc. You’ll need to use this move more to get a hold on the exact spacing and speed it provides so as to adjust your relative position.

While you can use 8BC to jump towards the opponent, be careful not to overshoot and end up with a turnround shot, in green lock possibly no less. 2BC is great for backing off, just take note of the lock in case you jumped too far back and entered Green lock without realising it. 2BC as an escape also has the same problems as Boost Hopping backwards, whereby you’re still flying in the same direction of an incoming projectile and you end up landing onto the projectile due to having similar travel speed with the projectile. 4/6BC would be used simply as side movement to maintain the line. Pretend it’s another type of Boost Dash that you’ll be using to dodge stuff, but with vertical movement. 

This move is the cornerstone of your movement in both offence and defence. 

-BC during a Boost Dash or a Step: A jump with high movement speed in the direction of the previous action. Does not cause Wing Zero to face the target, but does not have the decelerate gimmick unlike *BC. You can even input Jump once more after this Soar ends to make Wing Zero do another hop with the momentum inherited. During moves that inherit momentum like sidestep AB~A, you can input direction + BC during the A to perform this version of BC also.

Can be used for both running away and closing the distance between you and your target. Spam Guard after the jump, or do a hop to fake your landing. You can use a CSA/CSB to cancel the jump right before the ammo is used up to cancel the jump, but still get the tracking cut property. 

CCCBC: A Super Jump. This version of BC is done by inputting the Jump button 3 times in quick succession, holding Jump on the 3rd press while also releasing any directional input, and finally immediately releasing Jump and pressing BC the moment you see Wing Zero EW perform a hop. If done correctly, Wing Zero EW should perform a giant leap upwards with some momentum inherited from the Boost Dash in the direction the suit is facing. This is an important technique for WZEW, and can serve as a very powerful tool for escaping tight situations like getting pushed by a strong melee MS that is in Burst. As doing this version of the jump only takes up a quarter of your Boost Gauge, it will leave you with plenty of boost to escape or launch a counterattack. This technique can also be done in burst, although the timing becomes tighter due to the faster startup of your Boost Dash Jumps. However, if done perfectly twice in quick succession, you’ll reach the very top of the map while consuming only a third of your Boost Gauge. Mastering this technique and knowing the situations that call for its use can make this a truly game-changing move, greatly improving your overall mobility in both offensive and defensive situations. Refer to the video below for a showcase on this technique performed both in and out of Burst.


2B: Dive

Dives directly downwards, cannot be used in Overheat. Wing Zero will face front after diving. This move is to cover for the slow falling speed of Wing Zero. Use 2B when you gain too much height from BC, or when you want to land immediately after using AC to generate the explosion; to immediately dive behind a building; to suddenly end the green lock of an enemy close trying to melee you etc. 

Unlike Tallgeese’s downwards Super Vernier, Wing Zero’s Dive does not make him go all the way down. It will dive for a set distance then continue to freefall. If you Dive and touch the ground, Wing Zero will suffer from 2B’s recovery and also landing recovery, making a huge opening for your enemy to attack you. Instead, input a long sidestep (press any direction twice, and hold that direction) right after inputting 2B. This way you’ll perform the sidestep right after 2B’s recovery is over, and you can even input AB~A freefall after the sidestep for a smooth landing. It’s a useful technique, but the entire sequence will cost about 30% of your boost. Use it wisely. Also, if you’re almost touching the enemy and he’s on the same horizontal plane as you, you can do a A~2B~88~8B OTG combo. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber

The standard 3-stage combo which ends with a regular Down. Rather slow startup but rather good priority also. Reach and dash speed are somewhat okay. Cancel into the derivatives if you landed this while in Overheat.

5BB~8B: Multi-slash

A multi-slash attack that ends with a slash-through, untechable down.

5B(B)~2B: Uppercut 

Quick uppercut that does good damage. Use this to end combos or to buy time.

8B:Stab>Machine Gun

A stab that leads into a point blank machine gun then a kick. The first stabbing action has terrible reach and speed, but it is able to win against many other melee attacks, even those from melee oriented suits. This move is also a OTG (off the ground) move, which can pick up enemies who are downed and lying on the ground to continue the full combo. The first stab attack is a Grapple attack, allowing for freefall if the target reaches 5.0 Down Value after the stab hits. The momentum from the stab carries over, so you can even do a hop afterwards for a long hop. The final kick attack causes an untechable down, but since it kicks the opponent forward, you’ll need to step forward after a slight delay to combo into other melee moves, or Boost Dash forward immediately if you want to combo into CC8B. 

The point blank machine gun shooting is a physical ranged attack, so it will be blocked by barriers but the enemy will still be held there, and will combo into the kick properly. It also does not get a damage buff from Fighting Burst. Not much of a need to purposely use this attack to break barriers since Wing Zero’s main is already a gerobi and will decimate barriers easily. 

4/6BBB:Left Hook and Wing Attack

Decent startup, but good priority with a big hitbox coupled with a decent reach. Can hit enemies who are directly beside Wing Zero. The last hit comes out really slowly, recommended to use the 2B Uppercut derivative.

4/6B(B)~2B: Uppercut

Same as the 5B~2B derivative. 


Executes 2 slash-through attacks which both will launch the target up. Wing Zero moves a decent amount during this, so it’s somewhat reliable in dodging incoming attacks, but nothing fabulous like Quanta’s CC8B. The priority of this is also low, don’t try to use this against other melee. The first hit only has decent startup and dash speed. However, the second hit inflicts an untechable down and launches with quite good proration. This makes it suitable to use as a long combo starter. Unfortunately, you can probably only use this after your 4/6AB hits, or after your partner lands a stagger as all your other attacks will down the target.

Burst Attack

5ABC: Twin Buster Rifle [Maximum Output]

Jumps upwards very quickly and fires a gerobi downwards with a large explosion radius. Has super armor during the initial jump until he fires. Good for okizeme or getting out of angle to aim for the explosion to hit. During the Burst animation, the fixed camera can be cancelled by inputting and holding 2 immediately after 5ABC.

2ABC:Twin Buster Rifle [Triple Shot]

Fires gerobi 3 times with a delay between each shot. You can change targets in between each shot to shoot at different targets. Has fast startup, but no super armor and the entire animation for the 3 shots altogether is quite long. You’ll get counter attacked very easily. 

Recommended Combos

Input DMG Notes
5BB~8B>CSA 271
5BB~2B>5B~2B 236
4BB>4BB>8B 214 Freefall from the 8B stab
CC8B (1~2hit)>4BB~2B>>CSA 271-279 Whiff combo. Side step to the left right after 2nd hit of CC8B and do the 4BB. The first hit of 4B will whiff but second hit will connect. AFter the ~2B derivative, boost dash to the right and release CSA for the hit



  • You can go with any of the 3 Bursts, pick whichever fits your playstyle
  • Fighting would boost his movement speed and make up for the lack of his general melee performance, and also allow for easy melee follow up when close to the enemy with Main~melee cancel route. However, he doesn’t have any melee that is naturally strong and can be used as a strong pressure tool, which makes it a bit hard to go in just to swing your sword around.
  • Extend fits the current metagame for Wing Zero, as it would help him escape from long melee combos, and can escape easily with BC. You can also use Extend Burst and run into the enemy team with the intention of breaking up their formation, and be fully prepared to take the damage and counterattack with Extend. The lack of damage modifiers from Extend doesn’t really matter since Wing Zero’s maximum damage output is low anyway. The downside is that you can’t make good use of having a long Burst duration with 2 ammo for BC due to Escape Burst taking out a chunk of Burst meter
  • Shooting Burst gives many benefits such as increased ranged damage, overall reload time reduction, Blue Step, and an amazing 2-second reload time for BC. With good spatial awareness and game sense, you’ll actually have more survivability with Shootin Burst than Extend. Your CSA also charges faster, allowing for smoother Second Impact to increase your damage output. 
  • Like all moving gerobi attacks, learn to sidestep or fuwa while the gerobi is firing to ‘leash’ the gerobi into your opponent. 
  • Okizeme with AC is perfectly okay, since you won’t get to use it much anyway.
  • Be very aware when using BC so as not to jump into buildings or terrain.