GGEZ’s EXVSMBON Guides Announcement + FAQs!

To all you Gundam Meisters, G-Fighters, Gunpla Battlers, etc..

We’re proud to officially announce that we will be doing guides for the newly-announced console release of EXVSMBON!

We’ve been lurking on Reddit and various Facebook and Discord groups for awhile, and we can see there’s a clear demand for guides that can help both old and new players get all the information they need to dominate on Side-7. 

We’ve actually been hard at work for the last few weeks since the announcement, and we’d also like to take a moment to answer some of the more common questions we see on the various EXVS platforms.

Who’s behind GGEZ?

We’re a team of about 10 guys living in Singapore. We’re all long-term fans of the EXVS series, and we have been fortunate enough to have been playing MBON since it came to Singapore about 4 years ago. Most of us also read and translate Japanese, and have been referring to the Japanese Wiki for MBON religiously.

What guides will you be working on?

For now, we’ll be working primarily on getting guides up on the 183 Mobile Suits coming in MBON. We will also be doing guides on notation, terminology, and various techniques.

When will the guides be up? 

At the moment, we’re doing the guides as plain text documents. We’ve been working hard since the official announcement, and so far we’ve done 50 guides. We’re focusing on converting existing GVS MS pages to MBON, but we’re not just removing all mentions of ‘Boost Dive’ and changing a few moves- we’re also adding combo tables, strategies, and tacking on a lot of extra content that we didn’t translate before. 

We don’t have a fixed timeline yet on when we will start putting the guides up on the site, but we aim to finish the whole task before MBON even launches on consoles, which we predict will be in the later half of this year.

Will you be doing guides on changelogs from GVS to MBON, or FB to MBON?

No. We see this request very often, but we don’t particularly see that content type as being the highest priority to translate. 

If you’re super duper curious, or if you really want to win a bet against a friend and that information is crucial to your victory, drop us an email. We might translate it for you quickly, if we feel like it!

How much of the guides are translations from the Japanese wiki, and how much are your own opinions?

It’s hard to give an exact percentage figure, but to share our guide writing methodology: we never contradict what is written in the Japanese Wiki. We might add our own thoughts on, maybe a bad joke or two, but we never swim against that strong Japanese current. Why? Because the Japanese players are the best in the world. 

Why don’t you guys just work on Dustloop?

This is a bit of a strange question that we see floating around. We don’t see why this has to be a Highlander situation where there can be only one! GGEZ is simply the Singapore EXVS community’s passion project— we want to help others fall in love with this series as deeply as we have. 

We are especially excited to be working on MBON guides because we’ve been playing the game for a long time, and we love it to death. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to play the game we still can’t get enough of 4 years later.

Stay tuned for more updates! Let’s meet on the battlefield, as long as the netcode allows it!

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