PS4 MBON Livestream News: Easy 4-Player Offline/LAN Support For Tournaments? And Zaku Amazing!

During the Home Console Gundam Games Mini-Masuri Stream, we got some new info for the upcoming PS4 MBON!

Zaku Amazing from Build Fighters will be the first new suit!

Zaku Amazing from Gundam Build Fighters will be joining the base roster. It is a 2000 cost all-rounder unit with good ranged attacks, with his unique Reactive Armor equipment that reduces incoming damage. Just like in the anime, it will also purge into the Amazing Booster if you’re down to your last bit of team health.

2 more units to be announced at a later date

2 other units that are currently not in the Arcade MBON roster will be announced at a later date!

A glimpse of the offline Free Battle screen.
Local splitscreen play is back!

The stream also showcased local splitscreen play which will be at 60fps. Now you can play with a friend at home!

The producers also talked about the difficulty of hosting play sessions of tournaments in the previous installments as you will need 4 sets of console and monitor, and also a decent internet connection. They have read comments posted on the various social media channels on the need of simpler method. Currently they have a Skirmish Mode planned, which will ease these problems but the details of what it entails have not been revealed.

There will be a live demo event for players (ballot for your slot) in Japan at the Gundam Perfect Games on 14th March. We should get more information about how the game runs and how local play will work from that.

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