GVS To MBON Changes

Although the core mechanics of GVS and MBON are very similar, there are some big differences that you should be aware of if you are a GVS player migrating to MBON. Generally, games are more fast-paced and less lenient than GVS, especially with the changes in Burst and removal of Boost Dive.

Here’s the reverse engineered full list of changes taken from the JP MBON Wiki!

Striker System

The striker system has been removed. Some suits have attacks that summon a units to attack, similar to a Striker. These attacks are commonly referred to as ‘Assists’.

Boost Dive

The Boost Dive maneuver is not in MBON.

Gear to EX Burst

Blaze and Lightning Gear has been changed to the Burst (Awakening) system. Commonly referred to as ‘Burst’. For details, see this page here.

Dying in Burst

There is now a penalty for dying while in Burst. You will lose all remaining Burst meter when you die during your Burst, respawning with 0% of your gauge. 

Change in Unit Cost

Unit cost has been changed from 500/400/300/200 to 3000/2500/2000/1500. The total team cost has changed from 1000 to 6000. Cost over now has a bigger impact as the unit will spawn with less health when comparing the same cost bracket.

Example: 500/300 cost team in GVS, 500 cost dies, then 300 cost dies, team cost is left with 200. The 300 cost respawns with 200/300 = 2/3 of his hp. 

3000/2000 cost team in MBON, 3000 dies, then 2000 dies, team cost is left with 1000. The 2000 cost units respawns with 1000/2000 = 1/2 of his hp.

Overheat Penalty

The forced penalty of being completely paralyzed and unable to move after spending too long in overheat now kicks in after 25 seconds instead of 2 seconds.

Landing recovery and swivel speed

The time taken for your boost to recover when landing with half or lesser boost is reduced in MBON. General swivel speed is also faster. 

Freefall moves

Some cancel routes into non-vernier moves will allow your unit to freefall, allowing you to land more quickly. It acts similar to a boostdive but can only be used by certain suits, and does not cost boost. 

Dummy property

Some moves like F91’s CSB now have a Dummy property whereby incoming assist attacks will target the projectile with the Dummy property instead of the unit. 

Mobility debuff attacks

Attacks that causes mobility debuffs can be removed by one of the 3 methods:
  • Wait out the duration of the debuff
  • Entering Burst
  • Killing the unit who used the debuff attack (NEW)

Cancel proration

In GVS, cancelling INTO a ranged attack (eg. Gundam’s Beam Rifle to Bazooka) incurs a flat 70% damage proration rate. This is no longer the case in MBON; in general, the proration amount now varies across different suits.

Charged Shot Cancel Routes

Certain suits have cancel routes that starts from charged attacks. 

Simultaneous hit proration

Attacks that hit the target at the same time (e.g. Turn X’s CSA, F91’s Sub) now do full damage for both hits, instead of a prorated amount.

Example: In GVS and MBON Forbidden’s Main deals 45 damage per shot and has 15% proration.

In GVS, it would be calculated as (45*1.0)+(45*0.85)= 84.
In MBON, it would be calculated as (45*1.0)+(45*1.0)= 90. 


Unsheathe animation

Some units now have an unsheathing animation when pressing the B (melee) button in green lock. 

Forced PoV while in melee combo

When performing an attack with a Forced PoV, you cannot cancel it even by switching targets. You will need to switch targets before the Forced POV animation.

Ground running over terrain height changes

A ground running suit which runs off a platform down towards a lower platform will now stop the Boost Dash running animation and simply freefall, as opposed to GVS where the unit will change into its Air Dashing animation. 

Damage display

Damage received will not be displayed and has been removed. 

Ally’s viewpoint during respawn

When you’ve been shot down and in the midst of respawning, a small window will appear on the left side of the screen displaying your ally’s viewpoint. 

Team cost display

The Team cost on the top left of the screen has been changed from a circle to two horizontal bars.

Unit position marker

The Unit position marker (the small orb that is green/white/orange) has been removed.

Result scoring system

The Lock Bonus in the scoring system has been removed.

Various animation changes

  • The pre-battle screen has been changed.
  • The Pilot cut-in animation will now only appear for your unit.
  • The screen will get a blue filter if an ally enters Burst, and a red filter if an enemy enters Burst. 

Boss units

Boss units no longer have multiple parts, and destructible parts have been removed. Boss units only have 1 lock just like any other unit.

Size of maps

Maps are generally smaller in MBON.

BGM during matches

The BGM for the match will be selected based on the units in the match. There is a Victory BGM instead of the previous BGM continue playing.



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