Mark your calenders, we got a release date!

After so much waiting, we finally got a global release date for PS4 MBON! (source: Bandai Twitter)

Gundam Extreme Versus Maxiboost ON for the Playstation 4 will release on 30th July 2020 (Thursday)! A new trailer was revealed at the same time.

Montero from Reconguista in G is also being added to the game! Its 2000 cost unit with many unique moves utilizing his Beam Javelin.


Gundam Barbartos Lupus Rex from Iron Blood Orphans is the 3rd unit that was teased in the previous livestream.  Rex is a 3000 cost unit which is able to utilize its tail blade to attack autonomously while performing other attacks. It will be available as the early purchase bonus.

 Free Navigators for all!

Navigators are back, and we’ll be getting Kudelia, Atra, and Fumina in the base game! We can also see that there will be subtitles for the navigators when they talk, and also subtitles when you enter Burst.

Flavourful voice lines now fully subtitled!
Navigator costumes are still in as unlockables


The new trailer introduces MBON and the many new functions in this PS4 port.

Most importantly, we get offline LAN support. This will surely make tournaments and get-together so much easier to play as a group!

A new set of missions called the Maxiboost Missions are available, aimed at solo players. You can gain levels and experience for your suits and modify their stats, win missions and collect trophy. There will even be a ranking system implemented in the future.

Branching paths for Maxiboost Missions
Upgrade your unit with modifiers like “Extend Red Lock Range” and “Physical Projectile Defence Up”
PVP Room has been redesigned, slick!

A quick look at the character selection screen. 

A closed beta test will be held will be held from 25th April to 27th April.  183 units will be playable (the 3 new units will not be in), and modes playable will be Player Match, Casual Match, and Free Battle. Sign up for the beta test here.

The game will come in 3 versions:

Regular Edition: 8200yen. 

Premium G Sound Edition: 11200 yen

Collector’s Edition: 14500 yen

There will be an extra early purchase bonus that comes with any of the physical copies: A special sticker decal for your Banapass and a code for Gold Frame Amatsu Mina to be used in EXVS2.

The Premium G Sound Edition will come with extra OSTs to be used in the game.

The Collector’s Edition will come with the HG 1/144 Extreme Gundam + Eclipse Face F-Parts (EXVS 10th Anniversay Colour Ver.) model kit and the Premium G Sound version! 

We’ll keep everyone updated on the latest news regarding PS4 Maxiboost ON. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest EXVSMBON news!

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