MBON Update ver1.05 Brings 1v1 Mode and Other QOL changes

A new EXVSMBON update patch has just dropped, bringing us the greatly-anticipated 1v1 game mode, as well as other nice features for an improved Player Match or Ranked Match experience.

Below is a translated list of the patch notes.


  • [1v1] game mode available in Player Matches, with a minimum of 2 players per room.
    • You will not raise unit proficiency while playing 1v1 matches,  winrates will not be recorded, and replay data will not be saved.
  • When creating Player Match rooms, you can now input a Room ID. Players can search for and join your room via inputting the ID.
    • Room creators can still set private slots for rooms with Room IDs. Players joining the room may only do so if the remaining slot(s) are not private.
    • Private slots can be filled both by Friend Invites and Room ID Search. If you want to make sure your friends are in the room, confirm that your friends are in the room before you make your Room ID public, or only tell your Room ID to those specific people.
  • You can now choose to create Player Match rooms with special cost limitations, including banning the use of 1500, 2000, 2500, or 3000 cost units.
  • The connectivity map is now shown for Ranked Matches.
  • When confirming whether to enter a Ranked Match, players with DC penalties will have their names displayed in the corresponding colors.
  • Ranked Match confirmation timer changed from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Other stability improvements have been made.