Model Number: MSN-02   Pilot: Char Aznable  
Cost: 2500 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: △ (Zeong Head)

A suit developed at the end of the One Year War. Due to its leg parts not being completed in time, it was deployed as a Mobile Armor. However, it still possesses overwhelming firepower, and has the ability to launch all-range attacks with its wired arms.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main 5-barrel Mega Particle Gun 8 55 ~ 111 Fires 5 beams from each finger.
Charged Main Mega Particle Gun 80 Zeong head detaches and fires in any direction. 
Sub 5-barrel Mega Particle Gun (Focused/Spread) 1 130 (one-hand only: 65) 5ab: Fires a pair of fat beams.
Special Shooting Waist Mega Particle Gun 1 21 ~ 211 Good muzzle correction.
Special Melee  Wired Arms 6 50~140 Release Wired Arms to fire Finger beams. Input 4 or 6 to send out one arm only.
Burst Attack Beam Volley 286(S)/258(F & E) Fires gerobi from head, arms and waist. 
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B/4B/2B 5B/4B/2B 80 5B,4B,2B are all the same moves. Zeong punches with one Wired Arm. Press B again to punch with the other Arm. Cannot punch twice with the same arm.

Rocket Punch!

8B 8B 74 Stomp attack. Jumps and stomps down. Has landing property. You get the same move if you do CC8B.

Zeong Head Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Head Mega Particle Gun 6 54 Low-power “beam rifle” shot
Sub Mega Particle Gun (Focused) 1 22~173 Thin gerobi

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, BC, AC, 5B, 8B

4/6BC: A


Zeong is a truly unique Mobile Suit in the EXVSMBON roster, not just in appearance but also in what it brings to the table. Zeong specializes in being a shooting-type MS in the close to mid range, laying down cover fire that’s hard to avoid from its wide variety of beam weaponry. It’s also extremely mobile, with freefalls and ways to ensure that your landings are both hard to predict and hard to punish. Zeong also specializes in intercepting the enemy’s offense, and also trapping the opponent in strong okizeme setups.

Like Hyaku Shiki, Zeong has a “revive” form where it will survive a fatal attack that would otherwise end the game. Zeong survives with only its head intact, which you can maneuver around the battlefield and attempt to buy some time for your teammate to end the match. As you’d expect the head has a small hitbox, making it slightly easier to survive.

Zeong’s main weakness is its large size, and a drastic reduction in firepower and options in the long range. If you enjoy peppering your opponent with constant pressure while remaining difficult to hit, Zeong’s unique playstyle might be for you!

Ranged Weapons

Main: 5-barrel Mega Particle Gun

Fires 5 beams from each finger in a cone. Also called Finger Beam. Doesn’t track much, good for the mid-range. You need at least 2 beams to hit the enemy to cause a stagger.

Due to the wide effective range of this move, it’s a really strong weapon in the close to mid-range. If you have sent out your arms with BC to attack the enemy, they will fire their beams when you press A. 

One unique aspect to this move is that If you fire main right at the same moment your boost dash recovery frame ends, the main shot will have no recovery thus leading to a freefall if you do a vernier Main.

Charged Main:  Head Mega Particle Gun

Zeong head detaches and fires at the enemy. This move has no blindspots, Zeong’s head can fire in any direction regardless of how neck joints work in real life. Will not cause vernier no matter the situation. 

One unique factor to this move is that it will not cancel any existing action you are doing. Whether you are in the middle of your pyonkaku or firing a gerobi, Zeong’s head will fire this weapon while you are executing any other action. This is very useful for many situations.

This is a vital technique for Zeong players to learn, as it covers a lot of situations that would otherwise be points of vulnerability for the MS. 

Sub:  5-barrel Mega Particle Gun (Focused/Spread)

Fires a pair of fat beams from Zeong’s hands. If one hand has been sent to attack the enemy, only the remaining hand will fire a beam. 

This is one of your lifelines in the close range, as the beams are rather large and good for intercepting incoming melee attacks or catching landings.

Special Shooting:  Waist Mega Particle Gun

Fires two thin gerobi. Good muzzle correction but considerably lesser damage and thinner than a standard gerobi.

There’s quite a bit of a startup to this move, so ordinarily this is not something you can hit on opponents who are looking at you. Use it as a surprise attack or for catching landings from long distance.

Special Melee: Wired Arms

Release Wired Arms to fly towards your target for an attack. Doing so will change what your A and AB inputs do. Refer to those sections for the full details.

When releasing the arms, if you input 4 or 6 you will send out only the left or right arm respectively. 4/6BC~A is a cancel route that causes you to freefall. Pressing BC again or releasing the other arm will then deploy the other arm separately. 

2/8BC will send the arms out to grab the enemy and cling on to it. 

While you can still guard if you have one hand remaining, you will not be able to guard against incoming attacks if you send out both arms. 

Your arms behave like funnels in that they will move towards the enemy even at green lock. This allows you to fire your Main at the enemy over a long distance, allowing you to contribute to the battle even at a very safe range. 

You can also choose to input B to make the arms punch much like your regular 5B. If you have one hand out and one attached to you, inputting B twice will make both arms punch from wherever they are. 

Overall, there are many ways to use this move, making it really flexible and useful for a variety of situations.

Melee Set

5B: Rocket Punch

Zeong sends out its wired arms to punch the enemy from a distance. Pressing B twice executes a one-two. 

This move has a fast startup, but poor muzzle correction and horizontal tracking, making it somewhat unreliable. There is also no follow-up available on hit. There are moments where this move is useful, but in most cases it should be treated as a last resort.

Note that this is treated as a shooting move, so you cannot sidestep cancel this. However, if you pick S burst, you will be able to sidestep cancel this during Burst.

8B/CC8B: Colombia 

Zeong boosts into the air, and then crashes down on the enemy like a meteor. This move is called ‘Colombia’ in the Japanese circles because of some meme of a guy who is famous for doing a similar pose while shouting the catchphrase ‘Colombia’. 

This is a key move in Zeong’s kit. Right before touching the ground, you can do (sidestep)~4/6BC~A to zusakyan, refilling all of your boost near instantly. You can also fire CSA right when you land to remove the rigidity of landing in overheat.

While this move has a great big hitbox and can be used to intercept melee attacks, it’s main use is as a movement tool. 

Burst Attack

Beam Volley

[Fires gerobi from head, arms and waist]

Wired Arms will also return immediately to execute the attack, resulting in delayed firing if the Wired Arms are detached.

As far as Burst Attacks go, this one’s pretty good. It has a very big hitbox and is pretty easy to hit. 

Revive Mode

After taking fatal damage, Zeong survives with 100hp and only its head intact. You can only fire a weak beam from your head or a gerobi, meaning this form is mostly for trying to survive to drag out the game, buying your teammate time to hopefully close things out.


  • Send out one arm with BC to fire at the enemy from a separate angle from you, setting up a flank situation. Zeong is adept at punishing horizontal movement with his finger shots. If the enemy evades by going vertical, wait for them to land and punish them with your Sub or AC.
  • Get comfortable using CSA, and look for times where you can use it to cover the gaps in your offense or defense.
  • The other main thing you need to practice is the zusakyan using Colombia and 44~BC~A. Try it out in training room, and watch your boost gauge. If you execute the technique correctly, your boost should refill while you are firing the Main. Watch Zeong matches on Youtube for reference.
  • That being said, don’t always rely on the zusakyan. Mix up your landing patterns and keep the opponent guessing.
  • E burst is the standard burst for 2.5k support units. That being said, S burst Zeong is also extremely strong, as it has a wide range of powerful armaments that take full advantage of S bursts bonuses. Use S burst if you are taking the front role or if you are confident in your ability to survive.