Next Wave DLC?- Gundam Pixie and Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)!

While rumors have been circulating regarding these two suits for the past couple of days, the rumor finally seems viable enough to share here. Maybe coming soon to GVS are the Gundam Pixie and Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)!

Coming in from the Missing Link series, both suits are rumored to be 300 Cost. Gundam Pixie is said to drop early February, while the Efreet releases late January.

Gundam Pixie 

Main: Beam Dagger Throw

Sub: Machine Gun

Special Shooting: Special Movement

Melee: Beam Dagger

Burst Attack: Beam Dagger Combo

Based on the rumored info, we think it’s highly likely that the Gundam Pixie is equipped with Beam Daggers, and may use them in combat. Impossible to be 100% sure. /s



Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)

Main: 35mm Gatling Gun

Sub: Shotgun

Special Shooting: Heat Lance (throw)

Special Melee: Heat Lance Jump Slash/ Heat Lance Slash

Burst Attack: Heat Lance Combo

I think it uses a Heat Lance. This suit is not to be confused with the Efreet Schneid, which is also an Efreet and purple. You know which is why because Efreet (Schneid’s Unit) does not have cool kunais sticking out everywhere.


We’ll let you guys know once the rumors are officially confirmed/debunked.






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