PV, Move Summary for Build Strike and Farsia!

As announced on the stream, Build Strike and Farsia will be the two new DLC for Jan and Feb!

GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam (Full Package)

Cost: 300            Pilot: Reiji
Series: Gundam Build Fighters
Release date: 6 Feb 2018

Bonus BGM:
-wimp ft. Lil’Fang (from FAKY) (youtube)

Command Weapon
Main Beam Rifle (Chargeable)
Melee Beam Saber (Chargeable)
Sub Large Beam Cannon
Special Shooting Launch Build Booster (Assault)
Special Melee Chobham Shield (Rush)
Burst Attack Full Package Combo




From the PV, it shows the unique function of the Build Booster to be detached and sent out for an attack by itself. The Special Shooting attack sends the Build Booster out for 2 Beam Cannon shots, and the single-use CSB sends it out to fire a gerobi with explosion at the target. Its Special Melee is a forward dash towards the target with Shooting Guard, with a 200HP limit.

Xvb-xd Farsia

Cost: 300        Pilot: Yurin L’Ciel
Series: Gundam AGE
Release date: 30 Jan 2018

Bonus BGM:
– The 100-Year Story (youtube)

Command Weapon
Main (Chargable) Beam Vulcan (Chargeable)
Melee Beam Saber
Sub Beam Vulcan (Focused)
Special Shooting Farsia Bit
Special Melee Zedas Rush /Gerobi
Burst Attack Zedas Combo & Farsia Bit Gerobi


There’s no PV out for Farsia yet, but based on the screenshots and pictures from their official Twitter page, it looks like it will be very similar to the one in MBON currently. The Farsia in MBON has Zedas as a permanent Assist unit which fires in tandem with Farsia’a Main (Beam Vulcan), and is used to do the Rush or Gerobi attack with Special Melee command. It can also send out a set of 5 Farsia Bits to execute an all range attack.

And the PV from MBON for those who are interested。We’ll update when the GVS PV is available!









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