Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)

Model Number: MS-08TX Pilot: Doug Schneid / Fred Reber Cost: 300 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X A high performance close ranged Mobile suit designed for operations on Earth. While combat performance exceeds that of similar units like the Gouf, it saw very limited production, with only 8 known units being manufactured. Move Summary Ranged Armament Ammo DMGContinue reading “Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)”

Gundam Versus Patch 1.12

At last, some changes to the playable units and strikers! The v1.12 patch will be implemented on the Japanese servers on 13 March 2018, 1000hrs JST. No news on any upcoming March DLC however, the GVS twitter is extremely quiet.   Update Content: Addition menu while in Player Match rooms Bug fixes Text fixes BuffContinue reading “Gundam Versus Patch 1.12”

Gundam Pixie (Fred ‘s Unit)

Model Number: RX-78XX Pilot: Fred Reber Cost: 300 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X A customised Gundam-type unit made for close quarter combat under Earth’s gravity. The source of the this particular Pixie unit was never clear- some say it was Unit 2 which was planned to be transferred to the White Base but was lost in transit;Continue reading “Gundam Pixie (Fred ‘s Unit)”

Gundam Versus Patch 1.11

A very quiet update for V1.11 released on 14 Feb 1000hrs JST. Granted, it only fixed two bugs.  Update Content: Bug Fixes Details Bug Fixes God/Burning Gundam: Fixed a bug where 2B was not blocking ranged projectiles Build Strike (Full Package): Fixed text in the pilot description   Buff/Nerf to playable units and Strikers willContinue reading “Gundam Versus Patch 1.11”

Build Strike (Full Package)

  Model Number: GAT-X105B/FP Pilot: Reiji Cost: 300 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: X   A modified Aile Strike Gundam with greatly improved mobility. The two extra large thrusters on its arms grants it excellent acceleration and movement, but only a truly skilled pilot is able to make the best out of it        Continue reading “Build Strike (Full Package)”

God Gundam

  Model Number: GF13-017NJII Pilot: Domon Kasshu Cost: 500 Hp: 750 Transform: X Form Change: X   The Shining Gundam’s successor. The Mobile Fighter’s Ki is harnessed as energy to power the suit’s overwhelming close-combat moves. When its Mobile Fighter achieves a state of Meikyo-Shisui, the entire suit glows gold as if reflecting the nature and power ofContinue reading “God Gundam”

PV for Efreet (Schneid’s unit)!

Efreet (Schneid’s Unit) Cost: 300 Pilot: Doug Schneid Release date: 6 Feb Series: Missing Link Bonus BGM: -Foolhardy (youtube) 2/6(火)配信予定の追加プレイアブルモビルスーツ「イフリート(シュナイド機)」の紹介動画を公開!機体の詳細⇒ (SP)https://t.co/50p3rdKzvw (PC)https://t.co/sqSW5W3ooV#ガンダムバーサス #G_VS pic.twitter.com/rcCjUqmTIR — PS4『GUNDAM VERSUS』 (@GundamVersus) February 2, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Command Weapon Main 35mm Gatling Gun Melee Heat Lance Sub Shotgun Special Shooting Heat Lance (Throw) Special Melee Heat Lance (Jump Slash/Cleave) Burst AttackContinue reading “PV for Efreet (Schneid’s unit)!”

PV and Move Summary for Pixie, Farsia

Gundam Pixie Cost: 300 Pilot: Fred Reber Release date:  30 Jan 2018 Bonus BGM: -Blitzkrieg (youtube) -Exceed a Limit (youtube) 1/30(火)配信予定の追加プレイアブルモビルスーツ「ピクシー(フレッド機)」の紹介動画をTwitter先行公開!機体の詳細⇒ (SP)https://t.co/EIjsFQoXam (PC)https://t.co/A8C6KoyAwX#ガンダムバーサス #G_VS pic.twitter.com/CvMV51zffm — PS4『GUNDAM VERSUS』 (@GundamVersus) January 26, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Command Weapon Main Beam Dagger (Throw) Melee Beam Dagger Sub 90mm Machinegun Special Shooting Special Movement Special Melee Beam Dagger (Stab) BurstContinue reading “PV and Move Summary for Pixie, Farsia”

Gundam Versus Patch 1.10

The v1.10 patch will be implemented on the Japanese servers on 22 Jan 2018, 1000hrs JST. No unit buff or nerf in this patch, with most, if not all of the info were already announced previously during the livestream covered in this post. Bamco USA’s Twitter also confirmed that God and Master will be implemented onContinue reading “Gundam Versus Patch 1.10”