PV for Efreet (Schneid’s unit)!

Efreet (Schneid’s Unit)

Cost: 300 Pilot: Doug Schneid
Release date: 6 Feb
Series: Missing Link

Bonus BGM:
-Foolhardy (youtube)


Command Weapon
Main 35mm Gatling Gun
Melee Heat Lance
Sub Shotgun
Special Shooting Heat Lance (Throw)
Special Melee Heat Lance (Jump Slash/Cleave)
Burst Attack Heat Lance Combo


Finally the PV! There’s additional info from this tweet stating that using BC will automatically activate the Smoke Discharger, which has 2 ammo and also cuts tracking. That would mean you get 2 melee that cuts tracking, after which your BC will be the regular version without the smoke until it reloads. Efreet’s main looks very similar to Gouf Custom’s Main, and has a shotgun which causes vernier. His Heat Lance (Throw) looks very wide like Barbatos’, easy for catching enemies trying to land. All in all looks promising for a melee suit that has useful tools to sneak his way in with BC, and also offer ranged pressure with the wide 35mm Machine gun and Heat Lance (Throw).

Efreet (Schneid’s unit) will be released together with Build Strike on 6 Feb on the Japanese servers.





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