GGEZ’s Introduction Guide To Bael Combos— Now on Youtube!

What’s good everyone! In a surprising twist no one saw coming, GGEZ is now producing video content for MBON! We’re starting small with very specific short guides on techniques we see people asking about, and up first we have an introduction to Bael combos! If you or someone you know NEEDS to be doing optimalContinue reading “GGEZ’s Introduction Guide To Bael Combos— Now on Youtube!”

Gundam Bael

Model Number: ASW-G-01 Pilot: McGillis Fareed Cost: .3000 Hp: 720 Transform: X Form Change: X One of the 72 Gundam Frames used during the Calamity War, the Gundam Bael earned a fearsome reputation as being the suit piloted by the legendary Agnika Kaieru. Now awoken from its long slumber by McGillis during his coup d’etat,Continue reading “Gundam Bael”