Gundam AGE-FX

Model Number: AGE-FX / AGE-FX BURST Pilot: Kio Asuno
Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: O

The “FX” designation stands for “Follow X-Rounder”, referring to the fact that this Mobile Suit is specifically built to keep up with the abilities of an X-Rounder pilot. It is equipped with remote-controlled blades known as “C-Funnels” that only X-Rounders can utilize, as well as the FX Burst Mode that raises the AGE-FX’s mobility to the maximum in exchange for decreasing its attack accuracy. When used to its full potential, it is able to single-handedly defeat legions of enemies.

AGE-FX Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Stungle Rifle 7 75 Thick beam shot
Charged Main Daidal Bazooka 130 Forced Down
Sub C-Funnel  (Launch) 2 30~102 Melee-based ranged attack
Special Shooting  AGE-1 Full Glansa Assist 2 34~140 5AC: Gerobi with missiles
138 *AC: AGE-1 tackles the enemy and then fires a shot
Special Melee  AGE-2 Dark Hound Assist 1 22~136 5BC: Anchor spin
*BC: Special movement
Special Mode FX Burst Mode Changes to Burst Mode when HP is 260 and below or during EX Burst
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BBB 184 Simultaneous attack with C-Funnels
5B~A 169 Launches
8B 8BB 116 Shooting Guard on the first stage
8B~A 164 Same as 5B~A
4/6B  4/6BB 125 Lightly launches the target
4/6B~A 169 Same as 5B~A
2B 2B 100 Counters, launches target with C-Funnels
CC8B CC8B 75 Single slash-through, untechable.

Cancel Routes: 

A:  AB, AC, BC



5BC: Any AC

*BC: Melee except CC8B

AGE-FX Burst Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Stangle Rifle 6 75 Same as Normal
Sub C-Funnel (Assault) 2 25~88 Assaults immediately after input
Special Shooting  Dash 1 Charges in with an active shooting guard
Special Melee  C-Funnel (Self/Partner) 100 A shooting barrier that protect yourself with 5BC or your partner by lever input
Burst Attack The End of a Long Journey 326(F)/303(E & S) ABC: Combo Attack Special
True Savior 340(S)/323(F & E) 2ABC: Fires a Nuke upwards
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B  5BBBB 222 High-power melee
5BB~8B 164 Forced down
8B 8B 180 Grab into a throw
4/6B  4/6BB 171 Bounce down
4/6B~8BB 242 Forced down
2B 2B 84 Jump melee with Bounce down on hit
CC8B CC8BBBBB 258 Rapid Slashes combo

Cancel Routes: 

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B

AC: AB, 5B, 4/6B, 2B, 8B (8B becomes CC8B)

5B(on hit), 4/6B(on hit), 2B(on hit): AC


The Gundam AGE-FX has two modes, the default Normal mode which you start off with, and the FX-Burst mode which you automatically enter when your health is 260 or below, or when you Burst. Normal is a versatile all-rounder with access to father and grandfather assists, whereas FX-Burst is a high-mobility melee-focused unit. Both modes have excellent self defense as well as escape capabilities, and in those regards they are top class in the 3000 cost bracket. 

Play safe in Normal and poke with your attacks while dodging fluidly, while FX-Burst offers big comeback potential, and allows you to switch playstyle entirely into a more aggressive role. Protip: shouting “AHHHHHH” together with Kio when entering Burst allows you to draw out the full power of an X-Rounder from within.

Normal Mode Ability Details

The Normal mode is only able to boost dash up to 6 times and it has average mobility, but its Dark Hound assist allows it to move very quickly across the map, completely negating the above weaknesses. While its offensive loadout is rather simplistic with its single-shot CSA or a C-Funnels for the close range, but the AGE-1 Full Glansa assist is very good, allowing you to fulfill your roles and responsibilities as a 3000 cost shooting unit. However it is easy to run out of ammo as a whole, so unless you’re careful your ammo loadout GUI will be nothing but red. 

One of Normal mode’s biggest weaknesses is that it has no weapons that create a lot of pressure and allow you to dominate the enemy, so savvy players may choose to ignore you and focus on your partner. For this reason a common strategy with AGE-FX is to simply aim to be destroyed after your teammate. Once your teammate has been destroyed once the enemy will typically focus on you, and you can then use your strong self defense options to counterattack and put them in their place. If your teammate is a 2k or 2.5k, dying second will mean you get to respawn instantly in FX-Burst mode. Even if you are playing passive as AGE-FX, you are recommended to occasionally go for aggressive plays when the opportunity arises. 

Overall, Normal mode has simple-to-use tools but it does not tend to yield good results when played as a frontliner. This does not mean that it is bad by any means, it just means that this is not a typical frontline 3000 cost shooting unit. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Stungle Rifle

A standard Beam Rifle except that the projectile is thicker than average. 3-second charge time per shot. Overall, this is a good Main which you will be quite dependent on using. 

Charged Main: Daidal Bazooka

AGE-FX stands in place to fire a beam that causes an instant hard knockdown on hit. 3-second charge time. This is similar to Destiny’s CSA, however it has a slower startup and projectile speed in exchange for having excellent muzzle correction and good inertia inheritance prior to firing. This is good for catching landings, as a combo ender, and you can use it with the Second Impact technique well. You can also cancel it into BC to keep it safe.

Sub: C-Funnel (Launch)

“I’m not here to kill you!”

AGE-FX deploys 4 C-Funnels to surround the enemy, before attacking simultaneously. Firing a single Main shot and hitting all 4 C-Funnels will knock an enemy down. The range on the funnels is short, similar to 00 Qan[T]’s Sword Bits, but the funnels are smaller and hard to see. Reloads in 7 seconds on empty.

The funnels have a fast traveling speed, excellent tracking, and attack quickly after the initial surround. You can use this to restrict the movement on enemies advancing on you, and because deploying the funnels does not cause vernier you can use these often at no discount on mobility.  

Going beyond that, you can use these funnels to freefall by rear-firing your Main and canceling into Sub. Adding a sidestep prior to this maneuver is also recommended.

Since the effective range on the funnels is short, it is recommended that you avoid using this in the mid range. Note that you cannot guard with the 360-degree shield when the C-Funnels are deployed, so use the funnels wisely.

The characteristic of the shield changes depends on how the C-Funnels are being used.

When not in use: A 360-degree shield can be deployed
When one set of Sub funnels have been deployed: Cross-shaped guard with the C-Funnels in front of the unit.
When two sets of Sub funnels have been deployed: A fan-shaped guard with the C-Funnels deployed in front of the unit.
When the larger C-Funnels have been used in the melee to shooting derivative: AGE-FX guards with just its arms. Functionally similar to the above two guards.

Special Shooting: AGE-1 Full Glansa Assist

Enter Kio’s Grandfather: Flit Asuno. The AGE-1 assist is an offensive one, which performs different attacks depending on directional input. Both 5AC and directional AC can be canceled into BC. Reloads in 12 seconds on empty.

-5AC: Gerobi with Missiles

“Focus your fire on that target!”

Fires the Glastron Launcher and six Missile Launchers at the same time. The missiles cause pink explosions upon contact, and have high down value.

The gerobi’s travel speed is slow and damage is dealt slowly, but the beam is quite thick and the muzzle correction prior to firing is good, making this rank pretty highly as an assist-fired gerobi.

The missiles spread out slowly and do not track well at the start, merely following their trajectory. But then all of a sudden they start curving horizontally fiercely.

Thanks to the gerobi’s large hitbox, this is very good when used as an oki gerobi setup, and it’s especially effective against ground-running MSes.

-*AC: Tackle > DODS Hammer Twin Shot

“Everyone is fighting too!”

AGE-1 tackles the enemy before firing it’s DODS Hammers. The tackle causes a heavy stagger, and the shots cause a hard knockdown.

This assist has one of the worst tracking abilities in the game— it mostly flies straight ahead and will not track enemies vertically at all. A common tactic used with assists is to release them from close range in a higher elevation from the enemy, almost dropping it like a bomb. By using a cancel route like Main to Assist to inherit red lock, you can even drop assists on enemies in your green lock range and get good tracking. This dirty and useful setup cannot be used with AGE-1 because it lacks vertical tracking. 

However, this assist travels very quickly and has amazing muzzle correction, even catching targets that are diagonally behind AGE-FX in the close range.

This is an assist you should be using in close range, together with CSA these tools are great for pushing in on enemies. You should be using a good mix of both this and 5AC in their appropriate use cases. 

This assist also keeps an enemy restrained for a relatively long time, and because the first hit has good damage proration you can rack up good damage by attacking the target before AGE-1 downs it with the final shot. AGE-1 will do the full combo on anyone it comes into contact with, so be careful not to hit a teammate with this.

Special Melee: AGE-2 Dark Hound Assist

Kio calls upon the AGE-2 Dark Hound, piloted by his pops, Asemu Asuno. True to the source material, while Flit is a war-mongerer hell-bent on committing mass genocide in his AGE-1 Full Glansa, Asemu Asuno in the Dark Hound is just here to protect his son. Aww. Reloads 1 ammo in 8 seconds.

The Dark Hound performs one of two options depending on your directional input.

-5BC: Anchor Shot (Spin)


Dark Hound appears in front of the AGE-FX and rapidly rotates its Anchor Shot.
This is a melee attack that comes with an active shooting guard similar to a raider’s hammer spin. Dark Hound is completely stationary during this attack, so the only way an enemy will get hit by this is if it charges straight into it. 

This can be used as a melee intercept, or to cover your landings. Only this version of the assist can be canceled into your AC assists.

-*BC: Hyper Boost

“Through there!”

AGE-FX calls upon the Dark Hound in Strider Mode (MA), and quickly grabs onto it to fly towards the input direction. You can dash in 1 of 4 directions according to your directional input. AGE-FX will dash towards the input direction while facing the enemy.

This move cuts tracking at the start of the dash, There is no boost consumption during this animation, and because you move relatively fast during this dash it can be used in a variety of ways, including retreating, advancing, and aligning your axie with the enemy,

After advancing for a certain distance, AGE-FX will get off the ride and somersault before free falling. Note that if you activate Burst during this move you will inherit the inertia from the ride and begin to freefall.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber & C-Funnels Combination Attack

A combination attack using the Beam Saber and C-Funnels. During the 2nd stage of the melee the C-Funnel’s will attack. This attack’s proration with the multi-hit C-Funnels makes it hard to deal decent damage during a combo, but the entire combo itself does good damage. Note that once the C-Funnels have begun to attack you can Boost Dash cancel out and they will still continue to attack.

5B, 8B, 4/6B~A: Derived C-Funnels 

AGE-FX leaps a great distance backwards and deploys the Large C-Funnels to slash the enemy. The funnels will continue the attack animation even if FX gets flinched or downed. This attack only causes a Regular Down, so if you want to put the enemy in a Forced Down state there’s not much of a reason to use this move. However the attack will continue automatically after the second stage, so it’s useful for tying up one enemy while you and your teammate assault the other.

8B: Side Sweep > Beam Saber Slash

AGE-FX deploys a C-Funnel Barrier in front of itself and charges at the enemy to perform a slash with its Beam Saber. The first stage has the shooting guard property, the startup for the barrier is quick, and the dash-in speed on this attack is average, which is considered relatively fast for a melee attack with a shooting guard. Even when in Overheat, you can cancel this into a CSA, then cancel into *BC to escape and gain distance. You can also use this attack at point-blank range to dive in with the barrier.

Since the shooting guard can be “flinched” with hit stop, you can actually guard against an entire gerobi if the alignment is just right. However, much like other shooting guards it can be penetrated by explosions caused by missiles and the like.

4/6BB: Side Sweep > Rotating sweep

A two-stage melee combo that launches the target.
The first stage has a good wraparound curve as you’d expect from a 4/6B attack. The reach on this attack is also pretty good, so you can find some success with using this as a counter. The dash-in speed on this move is also not bad. The first stage damage output is higher compared to 8B’s, so do be mindful about it’s damage scaling.

2B: Melee Counter
“Despite all that, I’ll-!”

AGE-FX poses in a cross guard stance.
If the counter is successful, the enemy is launched the stunned by 6 large C-Funnels. This does not consume Sub ammo, and can be followed up with a CSA to force down the target.

CC8B: Slash-through

A one-hit slash that launches the enemy in a special down state.

Its reach and travel speed are quite excellent for a Normal mode melee.

That being said, Normal mode is more suited for shooting battles than melee scuffles, so you will mainly be using this as a follow up from confirmed projectile hits in the close range.

However, if enemies are not looking at you, this can be used effectively as a sneak attack. Even if you don’t manage to catch up to enemies you’re unlikely to get punished, so you can confidently throw yourself at the enemy in such situations and not worry about hard retaliations. 

On hit you can fuwastep forward and fire a Main shot as a follow up. This will not cause vernier due to the angle, and you will be able to fall nicely after your shot. If you want to follow up with a melee attack, fuwastep backwards instead.

FX-Burst Mode Ability Details

“Activating FX Burst Mode!”

The FX-Burst mode increases the power and maneuverability of the suit in exchange for a shorter red lock range. There are two ways to enter this mode: using your Burst, or reaching 260 or less HP. On the second method the form change becomes permanent (until respawn), and there is a short activation animation during which you will be invulnerable.  If you use Extend Burst or any other Burst to flip out of a hit that brings you to under 260 HP,  you will still get the transformation sequence after the flip out, so generally you don’t want to flip out of damage when your health crosses the threshold.

Kio ditches his dad and gramps when entering FX-Burst Mode, but in exchange the AGE-FX becomes a fighting-focused, all-purpose unit with all-new armaments aside from its Main. It is extremely agile, the reach on its melee attacks is greatly increased, and it gains a shooting guard dash-in. However the unit exhibits even poorer overall performance in mid-range shootouts. The Main and Sub remaining ammo count is carried over from Normal mode, and its red lock range is shorter than Normal (7.5 blocks to 6).

Even in this form, FX’s self-defense is still very good, however it has a special barrier that requires about 30 seconds to charge up for use after changing into FX-Burst mode, and if you don’t do a good job of staying out of trouble you may end up dying without getting to use it. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Stungle Rifle

The exact same move as in Normal. While Burst Mode AGE-FX is less reliant on its Main thanks to its improved Sub and melee attacks, it also loses out on CSA and the Flit assists so you might still be coming up short on ammo often if you’re not careful.

Sub:  C-Funnels (Assault)
“Take this!”

The C-Funnels behave in a completely different manner compared to Normal mode. Instead of surrounding the enemy and then attacking together, the 4 C-Funnels are deployed from the front of AGE-FX, and from that position they assault the enemy one by one. This has the same reload time as the Normal C-Funnels.
The travel speed and tracking on the C-Funnels are good, and the tracking on each C-Funnel is re-applied each time unless tracking gets cut. It is also difficult to see the C-Funnels making them even easier to hit, however their range limit is short and they will simply disappear after traveling a fixed distance.

It can be used for freefalling and self defense just like with the Normal’s AB, but you can use this in even more ways such as for a hit confirm off Main, set play with your melee attacks, etc. This is a very important tool for AGE-FX, and a potentially very deadly one.

Due to the funnels hitting 1 by 1 instead of all at once, the enemy is locked in place longer. However a Main to Sub does not fully down the enemy, so be ready to follow up if necessary.

Special Shooting: Dash
“I’ll brute force my way through!”

AGE-FX dashes at the enemy with an active shooting guard in front of it. This can even block Pressure attacks, and no hit stop is applied when you take hits, so not even rapid shots like machine gun fire can impede your advance. However, be careful of dashing into gerobis with long active times. However much like all shooting guards, this loses out to attacks that cause explosions like bazookas and missiles. This has a 7-second reload time.

You can cancel from Main into this, and from this you can cancel into AB, 5B, 4/6B, and 2B. You will freefall if you cancel into Sub.

While dashing, you can input 8B to perform your CC8B with further increased reach. This is an incredibly powerful way to approach an enemy, however if this is all you spam then enemies will be ready to counter attack you easily, so be sure to mix up your options and occasionally cancel into Sub, sidestep and fire a Main shot, etc.

In green lock AGE-FX will dash towards the direction it is facing with the shooting guard active in its front. This can be used as a great escape tool especially when canceled into Sub to freefall after.

Special Melee: C-Funnel (Self/Partner)
“It’s protecting me…”

AGE-FX deploys the C-Funnels to guard itself (5BC) or its partner (*AC). This only blocks ranged attacks, not melee attacks. This can be used to protect landings, prolong lives, protect someone performing combos, deter enemies, etc. However this tool starts at 0 charge, and takes 28 seconds to fully reload. It is active for about 8 seconds at most. Among all barrier type weapons this has the longest reload time, and unless you play passively it’s going to be hard to survive long enough to actually use it. The entire gauge also resets after your Burst ends. 

Depending on the situation, it might be better to give this to a partner than yourself. One other thing to note is that if you use your shooting barrier AC dash to close in on an enemy and get shot, your barrier takes damage instead of your shooting guard, so it becomes a bit of a waste in some cases. You can avoid this by activating the barrier while your AC is on reload. Experiment with ways to use this tool to its full potential.

Melee Set

While Normal mode shows lackluster melee performance, AGE-FX in Burst Mode is a melee beast. Note that you can cancel from the last hit of any melee attack into AC, which can be very helpful when in Overheat.

5B: Beam Saber Combo
“I won’t kill you, but I’m taking down your unit!”

Performs a set of consecutive strikes and ends with a kick. The melee’s motion is long, but AGE-FX moves a lot during the combo so its cut resistance is moderate. This has a higher DPS than your CC8B combo.

5BB~8B Derivative: Launch

A single attack that launches the enemy upwards in a special down state.

8B: Stab > Max Output Stab> Swing

AGE-FX stabs the enemy, increases the size of the blade plunged into its foe, and then flings the foe away. On grab, the viewpoint changes. The animation is relatively long and AGE-FX does not move much, offering little cut resistance.

The first hit has 0 down value and the grab property, and the last hit causes a hard knockdown. The first hit also deals poor damage and has poor damage proration. However you can still spam the first hit multiple times as long as you have boost, which you can use to keep an enemy restrained for a long period of time.

4/6B: Slash Combo

A 3-stage combo. There is a change of viewpoint at the third hit which is quite slow, but causes Bounce Down. The reach and dash-in speed on this attack are average for a 3000 cost all-rounder, which means that this is not often going to be your melee starter of choice. 

4/6B~8B: Spin Slash

A long and cool combo.

The second slash has a strong stagger and it launches enemies high, making it easy to chain it into another melee combo. However, AGE-FX will be stationary when performing the move so do be mindful of your surroundings before using this..

2B: Jump Slash

AGE-FX quickly leaps at the enemy and slashes at it. Causes Bounce Down on hit, so you can use this to chase enemies or as a combo part. The dash-in speed is only average, but AGE-FX can leap very high and easily catch enemies above itself. You can also cancel into this from Main, so you should have many opportunities to use this. This might seem inferior to CC8B and AC, but make no mistake that this is still a useful move. 

This does not have a landing property so once the animation ends you will simply fall. Look for opportunities to use this in the close range.

CC8B: Continuous Slashing
“This should do it…. I’ll end this!”

A 6-stage melee combo. This has a forced PoV switch on the 2nd stage, and on the 4th stage onwards AGE-FX slashes very rapidly while moving in an infinity-symbol pattern.

This has very good cut resistance thanks to the constant movement, but note that AGE-FX barely moves vertically when performing this attack so you are liable to get hit by gerobis. 

Note that even if you start this combo with a Main or other melee combo starter, you will not get a hard knockdown unless you end the full combo. For this and a few other small reasons, it is always recommended that (if possible) you finish the full combo instead of canceling out into another combo. If you want to end the combo quickly, cancel out after the first hit and go into another combo route.

Burst Attack

Faithfully created from the anime. FX has two different burst attacks, of which 2ABC will be hardly used. 

The End of a Long Journey

“This is the end!!”

On a 5ABC input, the AGE-FX will slash the enemy, leap backwards, and send the C-Funnels to assault its foe before maximizing it’s output and charging  into the target. The third hit takes a relatively long time, and offers little cut resistance.

The first hit’s performance is excellent and has super armor. You have many ways to land this raw, such as by using the BC shield for added protection, or canceling directly into this from your AC dash.

The True Savior

“Grandpa.. Let’s stop fighting.” 

On the 2ABC input, the AGE-1 Flat appears and fires a Plasma Diver Missile into the sky. On activation, AGE-FX will temporarily revert to Normal mode to reenact the scene where Flit tries to destroy the Vagan’s colony.

The missile is fired straight up without any tracking or muzzle correction. The missile explodes in the air and causes a large AOE explosion, but even if you fire this from ground level the explosion will not reach ground level.

This is honestly a really difficult Burst Attack to land, and is best used for area denial. You might catch enemies who like to fly to higher altitudes, but landing this consistently is still a lot to ask.

Recommended Combos


Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 158 Zunda. However try to conserve Main ammo
A>>A>>CSA 180 Second Impact
A>>A~*AC 176 Better than a Zunda
A>>CC8B~CSA 193
A>>CC8B>>CC8B 166 Good cut resistance
5BB>5BBB 221
5BBB>>CC8B~CSA 249
8BB>>CC8B~CSA 224
4/6BB>>CC8B~CSA 233
CC8B>>CC8B>>CC8B 180

FX-Burst Mode

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A~AB 135 No hard knockdown
A~AB>>A 164 BnB
A>>5BBBB 201 BnB
AB>>A 139
5BBB>5BBBB 252 BnB
5BBBB>2B>8B 276 Best damage from 5B starter
8B(2hit)>4/6BBB>8B 203
4/6BB>4/6BBB 217
4/6BB~8BB>4/6BB~8BBB 255
CC8BB>>CC8BBBBBB 266 Best CC8B combo
5BBBB>2B>ABC 326(F), 300(E&S) Burst Attack combo
CC8BBBBBB(3hit)>>CC8BBBBBB(3hit)>8B 339 F Burst only


  • For AGE-FX, not taking damage can mean never getting to power up into FX-Burst Mode. In Normal mode, AGE-FX has middling-at-best performance for a 3000 cost unit, and it runs the very high risk of simply being ignored. You might find yourself all but powerless to save your teammate getting aggressively beaten up by two enemies.
  • If you use your Burst on your first life and respawn without Burst, smart enemies will simply leave you alone and give you no chance to build Burst or enter FX-Burst mode. 
  • Here are the 3 available tactics for AGE-FX:
    • Die before your partner. This requires frequent use of all of your defensive moves (dad taxi, etc.) and good HP management. When the time is right you can go on a rampage and because you get to Burst twice, you get double the chances to make big plays. However you will need a partner with high self defense to survive well when it is focused by two enemies, and when it respawns in Overcost.
    • Shift between the front and back role in a flexible manner. This tactic works best if you have a partner who is strong in 1-on-1 situations. You can draw the attention of one enemy while your partner (hopefully) wins its 1-on-1. You can also let your partner die first in this setup.
    • Aim to not die from the start. Let your partner take all the lives, and try to survive as long as you can and stay in FX-Burst mode for a long time. If your partner is in on this strategy, it can work very well.
  • If you’re playing in shuffle, simply picking one tactic without your partner knowing what you’re up to is not recommended. 
  • At the end of the day, if your partner can survive well, even if you are ignored then the enemy will be in a bind when facing two immovable boulders. 
  • FX-Burst mode has better swivel speed and mobility, and is strong in both offense and defense. Its damage output is more than enough to make up for any earlier damage deficit, and in this form you can finally show performance worthy of a 3000 cost unit.
  • However, once you enter FX-Burst mode your job is not to simply go on a rampage, but rather to maintain the frontline positioning. If you just go in all Rambo-like you might leave your teammate behind in a position where it is unable to support you, and you’ll end up dying in isolation. Upon respawn a smart enemy may choose to ignore you entirely and focus on your partner.
  • Remember that just knowing that you have such powerful melee tools puts a lot of pressure on enemies, so merely existing in the frontline is favorable for your team.
  • Putting all of this together, in FX-Burst mode your job is to create a strong frontline that allows your partner to operate freely. You can choose to target the enemy’s backline, and if the enemy frontliner goes for your partner you can use your AC dash to quickly catch up and score a sneak attack. If the frontliner instead chooses to try and save his backliner, your partner can come in and attack him. Remember that if you land a CC8B full combo on one enemy, you and your partner will then have ample time to gang up on the remaining enemy.
  • F Burst seems like an obvious choice for FX, greatly powering up your melee attacks and giving you godlike speed. However because of the way FX often has to die second, you might not have the HP to make risky plays. 
  • FX is a defensive character to begin with, so E Burst makes a lot of sense. You’re guaranteed to not die before reaching FX-Burst mode when using this Burst, and you also get extra mobility which helps.
  • S Burst allows you to spam your thick Main shots and score easy downs, which AGE-FX typically struggles with. You also get to reload AC much quicker, which is a huge benefit. Using a half Burst still guarantees at least 2 uses of AC. This is the best Burst for closing out games, and while it doesn’t have the highest returns it comes with low risk. This is a great choice for shuffle games.
  • FX pairs best with 2500 and 2000 cost partners. If they die first, FX will respawn in Overcost with enough HP to instantly enter FX-Burst mode. Note that this is not possible with 1500 cost partners, so the best strategy might simply be to let that partner take every life while you do not die at all. One good partner for FX is Susanowo, who can die twice and thus use Trans-Am up to 3 times.