EX-S Gundam

Model Number: MSA-0011 [Ext] Ex-S Pilot: Unknown
Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: O Form Change: X

The Ex-S Gundam is the upgraded version of the Sentinel Gundam. As part of Task Force Alpha, the it was fielded against the New Desides faction in UC 0088. Besides its wide range of armaments, the Ex-S was also equipped with the A.L.I.C.E system, an advanced Artificial Intelligence that helps co-pilot the Ex-S. 

MS Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Smart Gun 10 80 Thick BR
Charged Main Incom 30 ~ 81 All-range attack, does not cause vernier
Sub Beam Cannon 2 70 ~ 140 Large hitbox; high damage
Special Shooting Beam Smart Gun [Snipe] 1 120 5AC: Fast projectile speed, Downs on hit
Beam Smart Gun [High Output] 24 ~ 190 2AC: Thin gerobi that can be controlled
Special Melee Reflector Incom 1 110 Releases a reflector INCOM, followed by an all-range snipe attack upon additional input.
Burst Attack Will of ALICE _ 282(F)/267(E)/302(S) Lengthy combo that ends with a sizeable explosion
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 134 Launches the target

(during Burst)

5BBB 186(F)/171(E&S) Bounces target
8B 8B 157 EX-S remains stationary while headbashing, no cut resistance.
8B (during Burst) 8BBB 170(F)/157(E&S) Launches target
4B 4B 75 Single hit, use this for a quick Down
4B (during Burst) 4BB 151(F)/140(E&S) 2-stage combo that Downs target 
2B 2B 85 Single-hit melee counter
CC8B CC8B 116 Flying Kick
CC8B (during Burst) CC8B~N 150(F)/136(E&S)
CC8B~ A 148(F)/142(E)/156(S) Forced Down

MA Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Smart Gun 10 80 Large hitbox, shares ammo with MS Mode
Sub Beam Cannon 2 140 Same properties as MS Mode. shares ammo with MS Mode
Special Shooting Beam Smart Gun [Snipe] 1 120 Shares ammo with MS Mode
Special Melee Reflector Incom 1 _ Ex-S is only able to release the INCOM but cannot perform the follow-up shot while in MA Mode
Melee (5B) Thigh Beam cannon 120 Fires rearwards

Cancel Routes:

MS Mode:


MA Mode:




The Ex-S is primarily a ranged-focused suit. Featuring the longest red-lock distance in the game, the Ex-S excels at sniping and maintaining a strong keepaway game. While it can function as the vanguard, the Ex-S is unique amongst 3000 cost units in that it is best utilised as a rear guard instead to take advantage of its strong ranged tools and red lock distance. The Ex-S’ simplicity and ease of use makes it well suited for beginners as it rewards strong fundamentals. Players who are familiar with the basics of exploiting landings and hitting consistent beam rifle shots will find themselves easily racking up damage against their opponents. While it does have some melee options, the Ex-S is easily outclassed when caught in a 1v1 situation with agile suits, so take care not to get jumped on by the opposing team.

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Smart Gun

Beam Rifle with a large hitbox, excellent damage, wide firing angle and a fast continuous reload time of 3 seconds. It handles very similarly to most Beam Rifle armaments, and is overall easy to use. As this weapon and Ex-S’ CSA are the only weapons that don’t cause Vernier, it is a very important tool at close and medium ranges. Due to its high damage potential, this is a very potent weapon when used in conjunction with S Burst.

Charged Main: INCOM

Ex-S releases an INCOM from its head that tracks the target before firing three shots at it. 1.5 second charge time. This is an all-range attack that functions similarly to a funnel. Once the INCOM is released, CSA cannot be charged until the INCOM has returned.

Since the INCOM can be released regardless of the suit’s orientation and does not cause vernier, it can be used as a freefall option and also to erase any rigidity that might occur after inputting BC. Since this tool has a fast charge speed, you can incorporate this regularly to add pressure on your targets and/or add some extra mobility into your general movement.

The beams are fired rapidly from the INCOM, and while the first shot has decent muzzle correction, the following second and third shots have poor muzzle correction. Regardless, a single shot will stagger the target, allowing for easy follow-up with any one of Ex-S’ ranged tools. 

The INCOM returns only when the Ex-S is downed, so you may also use it to self-cut any opponent’s melee combo. Additionally, the INCOM returns immediately if the Ex-S transforms, so you can exploit this and have your INCOM return immediately after firing. This is an overall great tool that has uses both in offence and in defence, so make sure to use this plenty. However, despite being a wired tool, the INCOM is still affected by Gundam Unicorn’s Psycommu attack, so do take note when fighting against one. 

Sub: Beam Cannons

Ex-S fires a total of 4 shots from its back-mounted beam cannons. Can be cancelled from main. The total damage is extremely high and is an extremely potent tool especially after factoring in Ex-S’ long red lock range. It also has an extremely large hit box and excellent tracking, making it well- suited for interrupting targets.

This is one of Ex-S’ key tools and is effective at all distances. Its anti-melee performance is respectable, thus it should be fired off at least once when an enemy is approaching. However, practise caution when using this move as the startup can be somewhat slow. Due to Ex-S’ long red lock range, you can exert a lot of pressure on your opponents just by utilizing the usual main~sub cancel routes. When fighting against the Ex-S, this is one of the tools the player simply cannot ignore.

As the cannons are mounted on Ex-S’ back, the downward angle of fire is rather lackluster, though its upwards angle of fire is good. This makes it an excellent anti-air tool and very useful against high-flying targets. However, it does have some weaknesses in that it only has two ammo, and has relatively long reload time (8 seconds) and a lengthy start-up.

Special Shooting:  Beam Smart Gun

This attack has two variations depending on directional input. 7 second reload time

5/4/6 AC: Beam Smart Gun [Snipe]

Fires a thin, high-speed beam at the target that downs on hit. Functions similarly to Cherudim’s Main. Slides to the side before firing if lateral input is done.

While the muzzle correction is slightly worse and the actual beam is even thinner than Cherudim’s Main, the general performance is still excellent.. While you usually use this to catch landings, shoot retreating enemies along the same vector, or for interrupting an opponent’s melee, a key strength of this snipe tool is that it can be directly cancelled from Ex-S’ Main. Since the projectile velocity is extremely fast, you can also use this to quickly Down any units firing a Gerobi or any similar moves that cause Vernier for an extended time.

Despite the strong muzzle correction, you may not be able to see this in effect at close ranges due to the extremely fast projectile speed. For targets at close ranges, it’s best to rely on Sub instead. Due to the quick startup, you can also use this to hit-confirm from your Main if you have no Sub ammo. 

2 AC: Beam Smart Gun [High Output]

Fires a thin gerobi that can be swept around. Forced Downs a target upon a full hit. Like most sweeping gerobis, you can use this to sweep towards a target’s rear guard and catch him instead.

Special Melee: Reflector INCOMs

Deploys the Reflector INCOMs that float by the target on the first input, while the following input fires a high-speed beam at the target. Ammo is consumed when the beam is fired and not when the INCOM is deployed. As with the CSA, it is also susceptible to Gundam Unicorn’s Psycommu jack. The INCOMs lasts for about 10 seconds before returning to Ex-S automatically. Input direction when first releasing the INCOM to float in that relative position at your enemy.

The INCOMs will always be targeting whoever it was released onto and even if you change target and press BC for the reflecting attack, the shot will be fired at your initial target. You can make use of this to attack your enemy in a No Lock situation (no warning arrows on the sides of the screen). The INCOMs are treated as all-range weapons, and have their own muzzle correction. The reflecting shot works better on targets travelling horizontally. The beam fired out from Ex-S gun and reflecting the INCOMs do have a hitbox, so if a unit happens to be along the line of fire during the reflect, they will get hit too.

By inputting a direction during the initial release of the INCOM, you can decide which area the INCOM will float, using your viewpoint as reference. 4/6 will make them float beside the enemy on your left or right, 2 will make it float between you two, 8 will float behind them. This is somewhat helpful if say you set them at 4 (your left) and they start boost dashing to your right, it is much easier to hit them as compared to them boost dashing forward or backward as the INCOM will need to muzzle correct lesser. Similarly, if you know your target is going to run backwards more often, setting it at 2 would be more helpful; if they are going to Guard, 8 is more useful etc.

While the reload time is long, the payoff is excellent due to the fact that it can hit targets in green lock at the other side of the map and often strikes the rear of the target. This allows the Ex-S’ to strike safely from any distance and is excellent at closing out matches without putting the Ex-S at risk. Thus, the Reflector INCOMs are to be used like a tool for sniping, and players are encouraged to look out for the same cues as they would when using the AC. Understandably, due to the immense game-ending potential of this weapon, the reload time is also long, at 10 seconds.

While the utilisation of INCOM causes Vernier and may make it unsuitable for most mid-range engagements, it does have the ability to shoot a shielded opponent from behind, so keep this in mind. The INCOMs will still hover a target that has been Downed, so you can also use this as an Okizeme attack.  

Melee Set

The Ex-S has middling melee performance overall, as is expected from a range-focused suit. However, its melee moveset changes while in Burst.

5BB: Downwards Slash > Launch

Ex-S’ go-to combo if you absolutely have to melee. The second stage of this melee launches the target and can be easily followed up with Main, Sub or Special Shooting. Overall easy to follow up with another melee or any ranged option of your choice.

5BBB [During Burst]: Beam Saber Slashes > Cross Slash

Three-stage melee during Burst. Bounces target upon hit.

8B: Grab > Head Bash

Grabs the target before performing a headbash. This move has no cut resistance, has a forced viewpoint change, and is difficult to follow up with. Recommended to forego this entirely in favour of 5BB.

8B [During Burst]: Consecutive Slash combo

Ex-S does a series of slashes that launches the target upon completion. Has a viewpoint change at all stages. 

4/6B: Horizontal Slash

Single hit slash that Downs the target. While the startup is relatively fast, this move offers a low return in that there is little potential to extend the damage dealt to the target. Depending on your own boost and altitude, this move could potentially backfire on you as your target will reach the ground first and potentially recover and counterattack before you even land.

4/6BB [During Burst]: Horizontal Slash > Rotating Slash

The first stage is visually identical as 4/6B when not in Burst except that it staggers the target instead. When in Burst, this or CC8B are usually the go-to options for starting a combo.

2B: Melee Counter

Ex-S raises its Beam Smart Gun before jabbing with its Beam Saber if successful. Launches the target upon hit, allowing for additional follow-up. However, as the start-up is slow, it’s better to rely on your ranged tools to deter melee units in most cases. Unlike Ex-S’ other melee moves, the Ex-S retains this move even when in Burst.

CC8BB [During Burst]: Slash-through > Reverse Stab

Recommended as a combo starter as it is easy to hit and follow-up. Has a wide horizontal hitbox, allowing it to catch targets that are caught unawares or boost-dashing along a horizontal vector.

CC8B~A [During Burst]: Slash-through > Thigh Beam Cannon

Melee derivative whereby Ex-S shoots rearwards at the target instead.

Burst Attack


Length melee combo which ends with a nuclear explosion. The nuclear explosions overall have a massive hitbox as it consists of two individual explosions. However, if no movement is made after the attack’s conclusion, you will take damage (up to 60!) from the explosion itself. If you are in Overheat upon completion of this attack, make sure to time your block so as not to get hit by the ensuing fallout.

This Burst Attack does big boi damage, so don’t be afraid to use it if the opportunity presents itself. Like most melee Burst Attacks, the first stage has super armor, making it useful as a defensive measure against incoming melee units.

MA Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Smart Gun

Fires the beam Smart Gun towards the front, cancellable to both AB and BC. General performance is identical to MS Mode.

Sub: Beam Cannons

Fires the Beam Cannons towards the front. General performance is similar to MA Mode.

Special Shooting: Beam Smart Gun [Snipe]

Ex-S points its nose at the target, verniers and fires the Smart Gun. As Ex-S remains in MA Mode, boost consumption is high due to the rotating motion. Furthermore, the gerobi variation cannot be fired while in MA Mode.

Special Melee: Reflector Incoms

Ex-S deploys the Reflector INCOMs. Take note that while the INCOMs can be deployed without incurring Vernier, EX-S cannot fire off the INCOMs without having changed back to MS Mode first.

5B: Thigh Beam Cannons

Fires two beams toward the rear of Ex-S. Does not consume any ammo. “Tracking” is excellent overall. However, the tracking for the thigh beam cannons work slightly differently in that it bends towards the position of the target at the point of shooting rather than actively curve towards the target. Additionally, the projectile will bend even if shot while in green lock. 

While Ex-S’ MA mode has poor turning performance, the actual speed is respectable. Thus, this tool is best used in conjunction with the MA mode to deter any oncoming enemies. 


  • Ex-S should primarily be utilised in a supporting role to take advantage of it’s huge red lock range. Keep calm and support your partner with a barrage of shots.
  • Maintain a strong keepaway game by swatting away your opponents with the Sub which has a huge hitbox.
  • Consistency is key! All of Ex-S’s ranged options do good damage at minimal risk, so you can really rack up that damage by hitting consistently.
  • The CSA charges fast and consumes no ammo. Use this frequently to either harass your target or as a freefall option to keep your movement slippery.
  • Simply deploying the Reflector INCOMs adds a lot of pressure on your targets as the subsequent shot usually hits from behind. Use it against targets who are more preoccupied with your partner and catch them unawares.
  • F Burst is somewhat viable on Ex-S, powering up your melee attacks and giving you good mobility, but overall it’s a very high risk choice that might not mesh well with your team lineup. E might seem like the best defensive choice, but S actually raises your defense in ways. Being able to rapid-fire your large projectiles, gaining access to blue step, and of course adding in freefalls can really raise your defense through the roof, all while also further increasing your offensive capability. It’s overall a low-risk, mid-return option. 
  • Ex-S does some of its best work when paired with lower cost units that have a strong frontline presence. Usually this means a unit that has strong self defense and can endure a double red lock barrage despite being a lower cost unit. Some of the units include
    • The O, an all-rounder with high mobility and good self-defence
    • GP03, a ranged-focused suit that not only has excellent mobility and self-defence, but also has the potential to lay down a barrage of missiles and complementing Ex-S’ ranged options
  • Despite performing well as a rear guard, 3000 cost partners are still not recommended due to Team Gauge having only 6000 value. However, such team-ups are often unavoidable given the random nature of Shuffle rooms. In these scenarios, focus primarily on staying alive and less on dealing damage; the Ex-S has more than enough red lock range to support effectively. Furthermore always keep a stock of at least 1 AB ammo for self-defence.