Destiny Gundam

Model Number: ZGMF-X42S Pilot: Shinn Asuka
Cost: 3000 Hp: 680 Transform: X Form Change: X


The ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam is a high-performance, general-purpose MS based on the Impulse Gundam and Shinn Asuka’s combat data. It is designed to handle any combat situation with a single set of high-powered armaments. One of its most defining features is its Voiture Lumiere propulsion system that allowed it to move with unparalleled speed, and even leave behind after images. The light effect generated by the system was known as the “Wings of Light”.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 6 75 Low ammo
Charged Shooting High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon 150 Single-shot Forced down
Charged Melee High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon (High Output) _ 21~231 Sweeping Gerobi
Sub Flash-Edge 2 Beam Boomerang 1 18~93 Input 5AB to throw the boomerangs straight ahead.

Input 4/6AB to throw the boomerangs in a V-shape.

Special Shooting Afterimage Dash 1 Special Movement that cuts tracking
Beam Rifle (Barrel Roll Shot) (6) 90 AC~A. Shooting Derivative.  
Burst Attack “Arondight” Beam Sword Combo _ 301(F)/280(E)/282(S) Melee rush. Super armor at the start of the animation
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 256 Last hit is a beam projectile
8B 8BB 153 Main Tool, high priority
4/6B 4/6BBB 173
2B 2B 90 Bounce
CC8B CC8BB 166 The first hit has poor performance but deals high damage
BC BC 129~159 Mash B to increase damage
BC~2B 143 ~173 Heat End. High damage, sends the target flying very high up in an untechable state

Cancel Routes:





AC: AB, various melee, BC, ABC

Various melee (whiff): AC

All melee except BC: AC, BC(only when hit)

BC (whiff): AB, AC


The Destiny Gundam is a 3000 cost all-rounder with outstanding mobility and wide array of tools for the close to mid-range. It has a very fast rising speed and pretty good falling speed, which means it can use boost dash jumps very effectively. Building on top of this, Destiny has plenty of cancel routes, meaning that it can easily preserve red lock on enemies in close proximity and on higher or lower elevations, attacking from unorthodox angles and positions that are hard for enemies to return fire towards. With its afterimage dash AC its speed is further boosted, and it can easily catch horizontal movement with its boomerangs which puts foes under intense pressure.

However, Destiny’s ranged weapons travel on very easy-to-read trajectories and it has a short red lock range, so you cannot expect to do well in neutral, mid-range shootouts. It’s important you add Destiny’s powerful melee attacks into the mix, such as its vicious 8B and strong vertically-tracking BC. Destiny has many good combo choices available, many leading to good damage. However the startup of its melee attacks is only average, so they are more suited for chasing and assaulting rather than direct clashing. 

Against vigilant enemies who are savvy to Destiny’s tricks, it can be hard to push in both with shooting or melee attacks. In such cases, do not meekly back down— take advantage of your mobility to stay in your effective range, and make the right reads to get your hits in. All you really need is one good attack to deal good damage and turn the tables around, so be calm and wait for the opportunity to strike. 

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle
Beam Rifle with a low ammo count. Can be canceled into AB, AC, or BC.
As AC~A also fires shots drawing from this ammo pool, and your only other way to score quick downs is CSA, you’re going to spreading this ammo pretty thin so use it sparingly and carefully. 3 seconds reload per ammo count.

Charged Shooting: High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon
Destiny stands in place and fires a high-power beam. This attack has a slow startup, inherits no inertia prior to firing, and has average travel speed and muzzle correction. Looking at these properties alone it’s clear that this is not an easy weapon to hit. While it’s difficult to use at close-range, at mid-range it’s more than good enough for catching landings, and it is useful for applying pressure on the opponent when you reposition between front and back. This has a charge time of 2 seconds, 1.4 seconds in Burst.

As Destiny’s highest damaging one-shot attack at 150 damage, this can be used as a melee combo finisher or with the second impact technique for ranged combos. The slow start-up hampers the usage of CSA, but being able to successfully integrate it into your gameplay will bring out one of the true merits of Destiny. However, as it consumes more boost compared to melee finishers like 5B, 4/6B, 2B, and BC~2, it’s ultimately up to the player’s preference as to whether or not this tool should be used as a combo finisher.

CSA can be canceled into AC and BC, allowing for flexibility when rampaging or closing the gap. When in Overheat, performing CSA before canceling into AC~A to keep moving or continue attacking is a valid option. Just note that changing locks to the other target player during this action will NOT change your attack target as this is treated as a cancel route.

Charged Melee: High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon (High Output)
Destiny stands in place and fires a gerobi. No PoV shift. This has a 3-second charge time, and can be canceled into AC and BC. You can sweep this gerobi using directional inputs, but if you change targets when firing the gerobi can no longer be moved. This has a slow start-up, but excellent bendability, muzzle correction, and good travel speed makes it an excellent choice at the mid-range and beyond. Note that Destiny is a 3000 cost and likely the vanguard of the team so you should only aim to use this if you have been driven to the backline. This can be said for all bendable Gerobis; it’s easier to hit this the further away you are from your target. The charge time is reduced to 2 seconds during Burst, though there are few opportunities to use it during Burst. Also note that during Burst even if you land all 20 hits of the gerobi no hard knockdown will occur due to the decrease in down value.

Sub: Flash-Edge 2 Beam Boomerang
Destiny throws 2 boomerangs with a wider-hitting AOE compared to most other boomerang weapons. The boomerangs have can hit enemies both on the way out and on return. The manner in which the boomerangs are thrown is affected by directional input or lack of. This can be canceled into AC or BC. There is a 1-second reload time after returning.

5AB: The boomerangs are thrown directly forward. The wide AOE from the 2 boomerangs and the muzzle correction is effective for intercepting incoming enemies, applying pressure, okizeme, and more. The closer the enemy is when the boomerangs are used, the more effective they are.

Directional AB: The boomerangs are thrown in a V-shape from infront of Destiny. There’s a bit of inertia inheritance prior to throwing compared to 5AB. This move is good for enemies moving laterally. The number of hits(and thus damage) decreases as the boomerangs are split-up, but as a result more damage can be done from follow-up attacks as there’s less proration. Used this way, the boomerangs will not hit enemies close and infront of Destiny, so be careful that the enemy does not have a direct dash path towards you as you throw these or you may get punished.

Special Shooting: Afterimage Dash
Destiny activates its Wings of Light and moves while producing afterimages. Can be used in Overheat. After the initial activation you can input a direction on the lever to make Destiny dash towards that direction. You can do this up to four times, and the entire maneuver does not cost boost. This has a 14-second reload time with an additional 2-second cooldown time after usage.

This can be canceled into from Main, B (on hit or on whiff), AB, CSA and CSB, and can cancel into all melee attacks (except CC8B), AB, and this move’s ~A derivative.

Since this move carries over tracking from the initial activation, if activated or canceled into from green lock, the attack will not track even if you move into red lock. Another thing to note is that when activated in green lock, the input instead follows the direction Destiny is facing rather than around the target like during red lock activation. 

This move can be used both offensively and defensively and it is an easy way to gain the boost advantage over an enemy. You can use this for moving in Overheat, closing or creating distance, and ensuring a safe landing. It’s Destiny’s strongest tool simply due to the plethora of usages available. 

Special Shooting ~ A Derivative: Beam Rifle (Barrel Roll Shot)
Destiny barrel rolls in the direction towards which you last input the Wings of Light dash, and fires a single BR shot. This shot has the same down value and proration value as your Main, but it deals more damage and also stuns the enemy. The firing angle on this is wide making this very good for hitting in the close range, but because you can’t sidestep before firing this shot it can leave you open to melee counterattacks. 

This is not only good for catching enemies in the close range— it can also be used to force enemies to move so you can maintain the boost advantage, as a last-ditch move when you’re out of boost, etc. When used together with S Burst you can blue step cancel the shot and continue your assault, or in F Burst you can chain from this into a melee attack. Either way this is a great move that becomes even more potent when in Burst. Note that ammo used to fire this is taken from your Main ammo pool, so make sure you’re not on empty when making your engage.

Melee Set

5B: Arondight Beam Sword – High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon
A possible homage to the scene where Shinn disposes of the traitorous Athrun in his Gouf.
Destiny slashes the target once per input for the first 2 stages, then on the third stage it drags the opponent some distance before stabbing it with its High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon and ending the combo with a point-blank shot. This is a simple combo recommended for use when you’re unable to cancel into CSA as it deals a high amount of damage with some cut-resistance. During the third stage of the attack while Destiny is charging forward its Wings of Light are active, giving you cut resistance and some good movement. The finishing shot will not ignore Beam Mantless or barriers as it’s considered a shooting attack. 

8B: Thrust – Uppercut
Shinn’s signature move performed on the Destroy Gundams while piloting Destiny. This is a 2-stage melee attack where Destiny stabs then slashes upwards with the Arondight.
This is one of Destiny’s main melee attacks. The attack’s dash-in distance and speed are fantastic, and the startup speed is average. The sword has a very big hitbox which can catch enemies easily, and the move tracks very well on enemies above you. On the flip side against enemies below Destiny the tracking is quite poor. Take note that the priority on this move isn’t high so it’s not suitable for direct clashes, especially against melee specialists.
Even so, 8B is an excellent move when used from AC, and can even be considered a staple for Destiny. The damage proration rate on this attack is also good, but it’s not recommended that you use this as a combo part. During F Burst, the plunge speed and stab speed are increased significantly and you can also cancel directly into this from your shooting attacks, making for fearsome setups.

4/6B: Arondight Beam Sword – Somersault Kick
A 3-stage attack involving 2 initial slashes before a flip kick. This has a good wraparound on the dash-in, but the reach and dash speed are poor which makes this unsuitable for chasing down enemies. The startup is somewhat fast, but the priority on the initial slash is low, so you’re unlikely to win out in direct clashes with this. This can still be used as a quick swing in the close range, for rainbow step wars, to follow up after a hit boomerang, or as an additional combo part. This only causes a Regular Down on the final hit, so if you want to score a hard knockdown modify your combo accordingly.

2B: Arondight Beam Sword (Bamboo-splitting Slash)
Destiny’s finishing attack on the Destroy Gundam. This is a one-stage attack that makes Destiny rise upwards slightly before slashing the Arondight downwards, smashing the opponent into the floor. The startup on this is not fast, but its priority is high. The amount you rise upwards is not as much as with Epyon’s 8B, but it’s still enough to leap over smaller projectiles like Beam Rifle shots. However this is not good enough to be used as a pyonkaku. The priority on this move is higher when attacking enemies below you, and in certain situations it can even win out against Master’s ferocious 4/6B.

The attack takes place and finishes almost instantly, smashing downwards and bouncing the opponent off the floor. It’s easy to follow up after the Bounce Down, and you can ad-lib a follow-up combo that best fits the situation. Hitting an enemy approximately 3-4 mobile suits in height above the ground makes it difficult to follow up consistently as the enemy may be bounced into your green lock zone. 

CC8B: Slash-through
A 2-stage attack where Destiny first slashes through the opponent before turning back to slash-through it again. The first hit has low priority, slow rush speed, and slow startup so it’s not even recommended to use as a follow-up from a step or Afterimage Dash. Even after getting a safe hit-confirm by hitting with your Main first, the overall move is too slow in all aspects and shoulders a big risk when using as a follow up as the knockback grace period is small.

On the other hand, the second hit has excellent tracking, good rush speed, and causes a Dust Down. The combo also deals a lot of damage and has good proration, making it suitable as a combo part.
Landing the first hit and canceling into BC (before the explosion), and looping this combo over and again is a good way to buy time or keep one opponent out of the fight while dealing high damage.

BC: Palma Fiocina Palm Beam Cannon
Destiny’s second staple melee attack. 

Destiny grabs the opponent with its left hand and “throws” it forward in an explosion as seen on TV. This can be canceled into from every move except for the AC~A derivative. This can also be canceled into AB and AC.

This move has good rush speed and tracking as well as excellent reach, enough to reach enemies both above and below Destiny. The hitbox for this grab attack is also large to the point of being unfair. Once the startup is done and the move is fully active, all incoming melee attacks at all-rounder level or lower are one-sidedly beaten out. 

During the grab you can mash B to add more hits and damage. As Destiny moves quite a distance doing this, it has good cut resistance at the expense of lengthening the combo. Because this move does good damage even without the extra hits, depending on the situation it might be preferable to throw the enemy ASAP and move on. By mashing out extra hits you can also restrain the target for a longer period of time, and buy time to charge up CSA for a final blow.

As it has good tracking, chasing potential, and reach, one might feel like using this melee attack in any given melee situation, but due to its slow startup and straight dash trajectory this move can leave you open for counterattacks when used incorrectly. This move also consumes a lot of boost, so using it too much will put Destiny at a disadvantage. Note that this attack is considered a grab, so if you released the AB boomerangs before catching the enemy with BC, the returning boomerangs will hit the opponent and Destiny will release the grab.

Because this attack can be canceled from various shooting attacks, you can inherit the red lock when canceling into BC from your Main or Sub to attack enemies above or below you in green lock. This makes for nasty surprise attacks, and you can even link multiple attacks together such as A~BC(whiff)~AB~BC.  

The throw and explosion at the end puts the enemy in a Regular Down state, and you can step forward to follow up with another melee attack or end the combo with a CSA shot. Chaining multiple Palma attacks together moves the enemy a great distance, and is useful for setting up 1-on-1 situations or restraining a target for a long period of time. Being able to separate enemies with this move is yet another one of its great advantages which you should be taking full advantage of. 

BC-2B: Palma Fiocina Palm Beam Cannon (Heat End)
Lifts the opponent up and blows it up dramatically, sending it flying upwards in an untechable state.
This does slightly more damage than the regular BC explosion finish, and it’s useful for putting one enemy out of commission for an extended period of time. Canceling out of BC~2 is a good way to extend combos being performed near the ground, where the opponent is likely to fall and enter yellow lock.

This derivation is performed without the B input, and in the case B and Down were input together B is registered to take place before Down. This attack can also be used as a way to prevent dropping the opponent when a returning boomerang cuts the combo. In that instance, should Destiny lift the target upward when interrupted there is still a chance to land a follow-up attack. 

Burst Attack

ABC: Arondight Melee Rush
Destiny activates its Wings of Light and charges in with Arondight, throws the Flash Edge 2s, and continually strikes the enemy before grabbing it with its Palma Fiocina, lifting the target upward and ending with an explosion like BC~2.
Super armor on startup. This combo is long and will consume a lot of Burst Gauge if used early on. The trade-off is that it deals high damage. If the target has an active shooting guard, the Ranbu will end when Flash Edge 2 is thrown and the hit fails to connect. Use this at high altitudes, or when the opposing partner is unable to cut your attack.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Combo
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 158 Zunda
A~5AB>>A>>A 159 Wastes main ammo
A>>BBB 222
A>>BB>2B 169
A>>8B>2B 199
A>>8B>BC~BBBBB~2B 223
A>>4/6B>2B 190
A>>2B>2B 190
A>>2B~BC~2 or ~BBBBB 216(222)
A>>CC8B~CSA 246
A>>CC8B>>2B 221
A>>CC8B~BC~2 or ~BBBBB 233(237)
A~BC~BBBBB>5BBB 220 Use BC~2 before step cancel right before the explosion in order to successfully hit 5BBB even when close to the ground
A~BC~BBBBB>8B~CSA 233 Step cancel BC before explosion
A~BC~BBBBB>2B~BC 233 Step cancel BC before explosion. Press B during the 2nd BC til explosion
A~BC~BBBBB>2B 228 Step cancel BC before explosion
A~BC~BBBBB~CSA 220 Can be done with no boost
5BB>4/6BB 211 Quick Finish
5BB>8B~CSA 248
5BB~BC~BBBBB~2B 224 Effective against Mantle units. Press B all the way till explosion for max damage.
8BB>BBB 271 Cancel into BC for 283
8BB>8BB 229 Good cut resistance
8BB>4/6BBB 250
8BB>CC8B 251
8BB>2B~BC~BBBBB~2B 271
8BB~BC~BBBBB~CSA 274 Fundamental Combo
8BB~BC~BBBBB>2B~CSA 293 Step cancel BC before explosion. Start charging CSA after stepping. 
4/6BB>4/6BBB 220 Quick combo.
4/6BB>BBB 242
4/6BB>8BB~CSA 256
4/6BBB~BC~BBBBB~2B 260 Fundamental Combo
4/6BBB~BC~BBBBB~CSA 267 Fundamental Combo. Throw then CSA
2B>4/6BBB 220
2B>BBB 270 Finish with BC for 286
2B>2B>2B 198 Slam Dunk
2B>>CC8B~CSA 286
2B~BC~BBBBB>2B>BC~BBBBB~2B 284 Continually press B during both BCs
CC8B~BC>BBB 296 Step before explosion
CC8B~BC>BC~2 290 Step before explosion for 1st BC
BC~BBBBB~CSA 234 No Boost Combo
BC~BBBBB>>BC~BBBBB>>BC~BBBBB~2B 254 Palma x3. Link with forward Boost Dash Cancel
BC~BBBBB>BBB 305 Step before explosion
BC~BBBBB>8B~BC~CSA 313 Step before explosion
BC~BBBBB>2B>BBB 302 Step before explosion


  • Destiny works best at the close-to-mid-range. Play safe while looking for an opening to go in with your wide array of tools. Use Main sparingly as the ammo count is low, Sub and CSA are recommended substitutes.
  • Look for chances to attack in the mid-range with your boomerangs or melee attacks to get your offense started. 
  • One of Destiny’s strengths is its ability to adapt to both the enemies and your partner, as its tools allow it to run a variety of strategies depending on the combat situation. Destiny is also a unit that is very good at protecting its partner.
  • As the frontline fighter, Destiny can force enemies to lock onto it, and together with its partner they can down the enemy frontliner, following which Destiny can use its AC to close in on the lower cost enemy target and pick it apart. This is the ideal situation you want to set up. 
  • However your partner might be a lone-wolf type who does better in 1-on-1 situations, and if so Destiny does well in setting those situations up as well. Don’t just rely on one strategy and playstyle— Destiny can be played in so many ways that it would be a waste to fight every enemy the same way.  
  • As Destiny’s melee combos can either knock down an opponent quickly or deal a lot of damage, memorize both high damage and quick combos to be able to match your current situation accordingly.
  • Compared to other close-range frontline units, Destiny can hold its own in a mid-range shooting battle, making it more of an all-rounder type. This is also one of Destiny’s strengths.
  • Without freefalls nor assists Destiny might look like it is lacking in self defense or mobility options, but it can still fall back on its boomerangs and good melee move pool to come out on top in a scuffle.However it doesn’t have the ammo pool or a wide enough variety of ranged tools to fight a prolonged ranged battle. In such situations, what’s required is intense focus and situational awareness to know where the enemies are and when is the right time to make a violent push for damage. If you miss out on too many such opportunities, your chance of winning is significantly lowered.
  • Use Afterimage Dash carefully, as there is a hefty reload time of 14 seconds on top of a 2-second cooldown after usage. It is Destiny’s mainstay tool #1 and one will have trouble applying pressure on a cost 3000 unit without it.
  • F Burst provides Destiny with increased movement speed, rush speed, and improves the already powerful Palma Fiocina. It also allows canceling from AC~A which is normally not available, and done right one Burst is enough to turn the tables with the high damage output provided. However, with the introduction of E Burst, one must be careful when plunging in to deal damage as the opponent can flip out with E Burst and counterattack. High-risk-high-reward burst choice.
  • E Burst doesn’t provide much beyond a safety net. Recommended for beginners and shuffle play.
  • S Burst makes up for Destiny’s lack of ammo by skyrocketing reload speeds, Afterimage Dash included. This Burst provides Destiny with a freefall, allows for cancels from any melee into Main (including Palma and Burst Attack) and allows for quick intervals between uses of Afterimage Dash, the mainstay of the suit. Destiny already has excellent melee damage, therefore choosing this burst does not hinder its CQC capabilities. Overall, S Burst improves Destiny’s already excellent flexibility and covers up for some of its more glaring weaknesses.
  • Destiny pairs best with 2500 cost teammates that can match its strategies. Teammates that can perform well in 1-on-1 situations like Impulse, The O, and Altron, or those that have the high self defense necessary to support Destiny like Strike Noir are preferred.