GOUF Ignited

Model Number:ZGMF-2000 Pilot: Heine Westenfluss
Cost: 2000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

Originally a candidate for ZAFT’s next-generation mass-production MS, the GOUF Ignited, unfortunately, lost to the ZAKU series in its bid. However, due to its high performance, the GOUF Ignited was put in production and assigned to commanders and ace pilots instead. Unlike the ZAKU series, the GOUF Ignited is unable to mount any Wizard Pack but comes with a variety of close and long-ranged armaments by default. 

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main 4-barrel Beam Gun 60 12 ~ 119 Beam Machine Gun
Special Shooting Saviour Gundam Assist 2 120 Beam Cannon
65 Stuns on hit
Melee Input DMG Notes
AB (Heat Rod) 5AB 90 Swings downwards vertically. Bounces the target on hit
4/6AB 95 GOUF Ignited swings the Heat Rod horizontally. Useful for self-defence
5B 5BBB 176
5B~2B 287 Melee derivative with a lengthy animation, but does high damage
5BB~2B 295
8B 8B 134
8B~2B 296 Identical to the 5B derivative
4/6B 4/6BBB 173
4/6B~2B 287 Identical to the 5B derivative
4/6BB~2B 295 Identical to the 5B derivative
2B 2B 90 Standard pyonkaku move
CC8B CC8B 85 Good reach
BC 10~72 Stuns the target with the Heat Rod. Can be followed by multiple shocks
BC~B 96 ~ 149 Same attack as 2B.
ABC ABC 293~303(F)/271~281(E & S) Damage can be increased with addition A input during the Heat Rod phase of the attack

Cancel Routes:


Any melee (except 2B): AB, BC


While the GOUF Ignited isn’t really a melee-only suit per se, it’s lack of ranged options and short red lock distance means it generally has little choice but to close in to maximize its damage. However, while the Gouf Ignited has good self-defense thanks to its Slayer Whip and also fares well in 1v1 situations, the general performance of its melee move-set is mixed at best. Additionally, the GOUF Ignited will face issues when supporting its partner due to its limited range and lack of ranged options. Thus, it’s imperative that players hover close to their partner to maximize the amount of support they can provide while at the same time using its Slayer whip to keep any opponents at bay.

Ranged Weapons

Main: 4-Barrel Beam Gun

Beam machine gun that reloads on emptym 5 second reload. As the beam machine gun is mounted on both arms, this gives the GOUF Ignited a wide initial firing angle. However, the Gouf Ignited will still vernier when it swaps hands while firing so take note of this. Tracking, bullet velocity is decent as is its general performance. 

While it’s all-around a decent weapon, don’t expend ammo haphazardly as there are multiple ways to hit-confirm and ensure a Down when following up from this weapon.

Sub: Saviour Gundam Assist

Summons Saviour Gundam to assist. Despite having 3 ammo, any subsequent assist cannot be called until the first has either been destroyed or has disappeared. Has a reload time of 13 seconds on empty.

The assist has two variations depending on directional input:

-5AC: Saviour Gundam fires is Plasma Beam cannons

High Down value (4.0) and damage. However, while the weapon has good projectile velocity, the tracking is poor and thus is best used to hit-confirm from Main.

-*AC: Saviour Gundam charges at the target before slashing it

Standard melee assist that stuns on hit. Has good overall tracking at all ranges. While there is a slight delay before the assist itself rushes towards the target, the muzzle correction is still strong, so canceling from Main is still effective.

It’s possible to self-cut an opponent meleeing you with this, which adds to its effectiveness at close/medium ranges. Overall a more useful option than the other version of the assist. 

Melee Set

One of GOUF Ignited’s key features is that it is possible to cancel to either AB or AC from most melee attacks. The Heat rod tool also allows it to complete combos and fully Down a target even while in Overheat.

AB: Heat Rod

Whips the target with the Heat Rod. While there is an ammo counter for this tool, the Heat Rod reloads instantly upon the animation’s end. 

The assist has two variations depending on directional input:

-AB: Downwards whip

Hits the target from above with the Heat Rod. While it does have some horizontal muzzle correction, it’s still not easy to hit a target that is moving horizontally, so take note of the target’s axis before using this. However, it remains useful against targets below the GOUF Ignited. This is also the preferred choice as a when mixing into a combo as it bounces the target for an easy follow-up.

-4/6AB: Horizontal Whip

Whips the target away. While functionally very similar to X1 Kai’s screw whip, the reach is a bit shorter. Due to the fast swing speed, this makes a good self-defense tool.

However, the short startup before the swing may leave you vulnerable, so make sure you time and space this move appropriately. This is something you should be able to use instinctively as a melee intercept, or in set play. It’s possible to follow this up with either AB or 4/6AB, but be careful not to whiff as the timing can be quite tricky to get down. While you can follow this up with a melee combo or various other options, factors like the distance from the target and proximity to the map border must be accounted for.

However, do note that the whip has a higher Down value and deals slightly more damage, so you can also use this option if you want to quickly end a melee combo.

5BBB: Beam Sword Combo

3-stage melee combo with a viewpoint change during the last stage. General performance, including its hitbox and tracking, is rather mediocre. Hence, this is best reserved as a follow-up rather than used as a melee starter.

5B(B)~2B: Heat Rod Combo

Melee derivative utilizing the GOUF Ignited’s Heat Rods. Has a viewpoint change during the third stage. As Gouf Ignited is mostly stationary during this melee derivative, it has no cut resistance. Furthermore, the combo cannot be canceled from once the input has been made. However, the damage dealt by this derivative alone is very high so do not write this move off. The bulk of the damage comes during the final stage, so do note that you will suffer a huge loss in damage if you are interrupted mid-combo.

Overall, a high-risk high reward move. Exercise caution before committing to this attack.

8B: Sword Thrust > Slash

A sword thrust followed by an upwards slash with no change in perspective. It can be used as a melee starter and can be followed up with most other melee combos, including BC’s restraint combo. While it appears to have exceptionally high priority due to the protruding nature of the thrust, it still loses out in some cases. While you can win with this in a melee clash against general-purpose machines, don’t get too carried away against dedicated melee suits. Overall a quick combo with good cut-resistance. Cancellable to the 2B melee derivative from the first hit.

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash > Horizontal Slash > Round Slash

Three-stage melee with viewpoint change during the last hit. Has a good wraparound curve during its approach, allowing it to circumvent some retaliatory shots. However, the startup is slow and the hitbox isn’t big, so this isn’t really the best choice for melee approaches. The rush speed is also average at best, so it’s better overall to rely on 8B or CC8B for when initiating a melee combo.

The final hit of this melee also blows the target downwards, resulting in the target being Down early and making it difficult to follow up. While you can cancel into BC to continue a combo, the timing is stricter due to the nature of the final hit. This is even harder to pull off on sloped terrain. Like the 5B melee chain, you can also cancel into the 2B melee derivative during the first and second stages of this melee.

2B: Helmbreaker

GOUF Ignited does a somersault before striking downwards with an overhead slash. This GOUF Ignited’s pyonkaku without any viewpoint change. You can do a Ground Step Cancel with this move and by sidestepping once you have touched the ground, allowing you to recover boost quicker. Do take note that the descent distance is fairly short and if you perform this at a high altitude, GOUF Ignited will not land on the ground but simply stop its animation in mid-air.

Upon hitting the target, the target is blown away from the GOUF and not vertically downwards. Thus, a direct cancel into BC will still connect.

CC8B: Slash-through

GOUF Ignited does a quick slash-through that launches the target. No viewpoint change, though the target may appear off-camera for a moment. As the rush speed, hitbox, and reach of the attack are all pretty decent, you can use this move as a melee starter, during pursuits or incorporated into your melee combos.

Aside from melee, you can also rainbow step before using the Saviour Gundam assist for a quick Down, though this method is unstable at times and you may miss.

BC: Slayer Whip [Stun]

GOUF Ignited extends its “Slayer Whip” Heat Rod and ensnares the target. Various derivatives are possible at this juncture. If no input is made after a certain period of time, GOUF Ignited will automatically transit to the BC~B derivative.

As this move has poor muzzle correction and a somewhat lengthy startup, it’s not recommended to use this raw or as an anti-melee tool. Instead, you can use this to extend your melee combos as it can be canceled from most stages of GOUF’s melee attacks, allowing you to deal maximum damage even when in Overheat.

BC~2: Slayer Whip [Reel In]

GOUF pulls the target towards it. No actual button input is needed, just the direction will suffice. This is cancellable into most melee attacks once the target has been reeled in. You can even freefall if you cancel into Main right after reeling the target in.

BC~A: Slayer Whip [Shock]

GOUF holds the target in place and shocks it. While this move has no cut resistance, the cumulative damage dealt is good and it’s also an excellent tool for delaying tactics and restraining a target for long periods of time. As there’s no change in viewpoint, you can change your camera lock to the other opponent instead. Upon completion of this derivative, GOUF Ignited will automatically transit to the BC~B derivative.

BC~B: Helmbreaker

GOUF Ignited does an overhead slash similar to 2B. General characteristics are similar to 2B.

Burst Attack

Bam Sword Combo

GOUF Ignited does a series of slashes with its Beam sword before ensnaring the target with its Heat Rods and blowing it away. The startup is fairly fast and has Superarmor like most Burst Attacks. As the attack has a fast tempo and GOUF itself moves around a fair bit, it has good cut resistance. The overall damage dealt is pretty respectable, so try to incorporate his into a melee combo if the situation allows for it.

During the stage where GOUF ensnares the target with its Heat Rods, you can add additional A inputs to have Gouf increase the number of shocks, thus extending the duration of the combo and increasing the damage. However, you’re more prone to getting interrupted so do weigh out the pros and cons.


  • Due to the presence of a pyonkaku and the whip, the Gouf’s self-defense is rather high. However, its short-range means that enemies can often ignore the Gouf entirely and go for your partner instead. As mentioned earlier, it’s very important to stick close to your partner at all times.
  • The CC8B’s good general performance means this will be your go-to starter, especially if you’re playing a shadowing role and constantly waiting to close in for a quick hit. 
  • As F Burst further improves on CC8B’s performance and also adds in an option to cancel to a melee move directly from Main, GOUF’s close-range performance and damage output are increased. In addition, the added mobility buffs also make you a much bigger threat, ensuring that the enemy will no longer be able to ignore you..
  • E Burst further increases the GOUF’s self-defense, but the issue is that it provides no increase to the GOUF’s damage output. While E Burst is always a safe pick, the GOUF already has high self-defense. It’s good for the additional insurance but does not offer anything more compared to the other Bursts.
  • S Burst of course hastens the reload rate of the GOUF’s Main and Sub, and adds in an AC~A cancel route and freefall option. The issue here is that GOUF’s ranged weaponry is rather limited, and if your intent is to play a supporting role from the backline, then you’re probably better off picking a more ranged-focus suit instead of GOUF Ignited.