Model Number: ZM-S24G Pilot: Katejina Loos
Cost: 2000 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: O

Gedlav rides into battle on the Einerad, a tyre-shaped support unit which provides most of Gedlav’s weapons and mobility. The Gedlav is able to generate powerful beam shields, which completely covers the Einerad and itself while simultaneously attacking with a wide array of powerful armaments.

Normal Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 75
Charged Main Assault Mode Change to Assault Mode
Charged Melee Hover Mode Change to Hover Mode
Sub Beam Cannon 60 27~154 5AB to face front, *AB to shoot at in the direction Gedlav is facing
Special Shooting Beam Shield (Gerobi) 1 25~197 Shooting Guard during startup
Special Melee Missile Launcher 2 45~140 Fires 6 missiles
Burst Attack I’ll mince you up! 279 (F) / 259 (E & S) Can OTG
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 171
5BB~BC 199
8B 8B 192 Can move around while swinging. Press C to move upwards.
8B~A 14~150 Mash A to fire more shots
4/6B 4/6BB 142
2B 2B 166
CC8B CC8B 164 Takes the target for a ride

Cancel Routes:


Assault Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Cannon 60 28~136 Shared ammo with Normal Mode’s AB
Charged Melee Hover Mode Change to Hover Mode
Sub Beam Cannon (Rapid) (60) 30~144 Cancels Assault Mode, shared ammo with Normal’s AB
Special Shooting Beam Shield (Gerobi) 1 25~197 Cancels Assault Mode, shared ammo with Normal’s AC
Special Melee Missile Launcher 2 55~165 Shared ammo with Normal with Normal’s BC
Burst Attack I’ll mince you up! 279 (F) / 259 (E & S) Can OTG
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 181
8B 8B 166 Stomp. Same as Normal 2B
4/6B 4/6B 90
2B 2B 166 Same as 8B
98 Permanent melee hitbox in front

Cancel Routes:


Hover Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 75 Can rapid fire up to 3 times
Charged Main Assault Mode Change to Assault Mode
Sub Full Salvo 1 30~172 Shooting Guard while inside Einerad
Special Shooting Beam Shield (Gerobi) 1 13~231 Gerobi downwards, has explosion
Special Melee Cancel Hover Mode Cuts tracking
5B Launch Einerad 95
2B Dive Can be rainbow stepped
Burst Attack I’ll mince you up! 279 (F) / 259 (E & S) Can OTG

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, BC, B



Gedlav is a difficult unit to control due to its heavy weight and ground-based dash. Moreover, her weapons are also rather unique, and you’ll need to master all 3 Modes to bring out the unit’s best. Managing your CSA and CSB to use as movement maneuvers when out of boost will be especially important. Her weapons in general don’t have high parameters and will take a bit of effort to get them to hit. Overall, Gedlav having 3 forms and the Einrad gimmick makes it plays a bit more like a 1500 cost unit rather than a 2000 cost. 

In Normal Mode, Gedlav should be played like a regular unit with only her AC as a unique move. Her Sub and BC have to be fired facing the front for best effect, which will hinder her movement and make it difficult to dodge attacks.

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Beam Rifle attack that tracks a bit lesser than standard BR. You’ll have occasional problems landing Zundas and trying to catch landings with this. Standard 3-second reload per shot.

Charged Main: Assault Mode

Mode change to Assault Mode, check Assault Mode’s section for move details. 2-second charge time.

Enters Assault Mode, which lasts for 8 seconds. Gelav will start moving forward automatically in the direction it was facing. Assault Mode will consume boost as you’re moving, and it will continue to run even when you’re out of boost. Gedlav gains Shooting Guards on its sides and a melee hitbox to its front. During this mode you cannot Step or keep boosting upwards, and Boost Dashing will cancel Assault Mode. You can input C for a shot hop like those used by Mobile Fighters. There’s a slight delay after the transformation before you can input another command, so be careful.

A popular escape method for Gedlav is 2B (hop) > CSA > while Assault Mode is running charge CSB> CSB~BC to gain height and distance, together with the CSB-BC that cuts tracking. 

Charged Melee: Hover Mode

Mode change to Hover Mode, check Hover Mode’s section for move details. 2-second charge time.

Jumps upwards and stands on the Einerad,  hovering in mid-air while sustaining the same height. Hover Mode consumes a small amount of boost over time, and will be sustained as long as you have boost. The mode is automatically canceled and you will return to Normal Mode when you’re out of boost or after a Boost Dash. 

You can press C to boost upwards like usual, and can Step as well. You can also move the lever to move around mid-air normally, and it’s fast enough to barely dodge regular BRs. Hover Mode is also canceled if you get flinched. Your Red lock range is also extended in this mode. There’s a slight delay after the transformation before you can input another command, so be careful.

Sub: Beam Cannon

Fire the beam cannon mounted on top of the Einerad. Reloads on empty, reloads to full after 5 seconds. Hold AB to fire up to 6 shots. Staggers on 2 hits. This move works more like a machine gun than a cannon, so you can sidestep and move around while firing. 

5AB: Faces the target and fires. Can be used to face front and land if you’re not doing a turnaround shot. This maneuver can be used even if you’re out of ammo. A useful technique is to fuwastep then fire this to land while facing front and shooting. The muzzle correction is constantly re-applied as long as your opponent does perform a tracking-cut move. Also, if you land while firing 5AB and perform a sidestep, then cancel into AC or BC, your boost will recover while attacking at the same time. Works even when your 5AB has no ammo. If you input 5AB during a Boost Dash, it will fire in the direction you’re moving in just like with *AB.

*AB: Fires the beam cannon in whatever direction Gedlav is facing. Use this like a MA mode’s beams where you aim for okizeme and fire in the direction your opponent is moving towards. 

Special Shooting: Beam Shield (Gerobi)

Gedlav turns to her side to fire a gerobi. Reloads in 11 seconds. There is an active Shooting Guard during the startup (does not black bazookas or things with explosions). The startup is slow but it’s somewhat safe with the barrier,  and the beam is very wide. The muzzle correction goes on all the way until it’s fired, but the start up and the beam speed makes it hard to hit. This reloads pretty fast, so feel free to use it often. This deals 10 hits total outside of Burst, which is increased to 12 hits during Burst. If the shooting guard gets hit by a multi-hit attack, you’ll get hitstop and there will be a longer delay prior to firing the gerobi. The good muzzle correction on this tool helps in ensuring the shooting guard faces your target. Just be careful of beam attacks that are fired towards you after your gerobi is fired. 

Special Melee: Missile Launcher

Faces the target to fire a set of 6 missiles. Forced down if all missiles hit. Reloads on empty, 6 seconds to reload. The projectile speed is so-so, and the tracking is also not really good but better than your Main’s. The reload speed is decent for such parameters, so you can use this regularly.  

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber

Spins the entire unit while slashing, and finishes with a slash-through. The slash-through moves quite a bit so can be considered safe. It’s easy to combo after the last hit, use this after a stagger. 

5B~BC: Eineard Grapple

Loops one wheel of the Einerad over the target and tackles. Inflicts Regular Down.

8B: Einerad Twirl

Throws one wheel of the Einerad forward, then swings it around Gedlav clockwise. Hold B to keep swinging, and input any direction to hover around (like CSB) while the spin is going on. Slow start up, and the swinging is also very slow. Heavy stagger on hit. You can swing it around up to 6 times. Press A to fire your Beam Cannon at the same time (see below for more details).

Generally you can swing this while moving up or down, or use it against enemies spamming pyonkakus. The swing speed is also too slow to be used like how you would with a whip. The hitbox also isn’t very big despite how the tyre looks, and the maximum range is shorter than that of some anchor moves in the game. Still, it can be used as a pseudo far-reaching melee attack. This attack is still considered a melee attack, so you’ll be knocked back if your target is guarding. Note that you cannot charge CSA or CSB during 8B.

8B~A: Beam Cannon

Press A during 8B to fire the Beam Cannon mounted on the Einerad whilt it is being swung around. This move consumes AB ammo and can do some damage, but given that you’re swinging the Einerad around, it’s really difficult to purposely aim for these beams to hit. 

4/6BBB: Tackle

Tackles, then slashes downwards with the beam saber. This has a fast startup that will allow yout o beat out melee attacks used by all-rounder units. However this move has a short reach, so use this with proper timing.

2B: Jump> Grind

Hops upwards, then stomps downwards. On hit, Gedlav grinds the target on the ground while remaining stationary. The hop helps to dodge attacks, but the grinding animation makes Gedlav stand absolutely still. The hitbox is also very narrow. Even if you miss, Gedlav will still grind the ground for a short while, making her extremely vulnerable especially when in Overheat. Make sure you have CSA charged up and ready when that happens.

CC8B: Drag

Charges forward to grab the target. On hit, drags the target forward then hits one last time after a set distance. If you hit the enemy while they’re in the air, Gedlav will definitely drag them all the way down to the ground. Input a direction to move around and take your target for a ride. Does 1 extra hit during the drag in Burst.

Assault Mode Ability Details

Gedlav cruises in the direction she was facing when CSA is activated, and gains Shooting Guard on the sides with a melee hitbox in front.  You cannot sidestep or boost upwards, but you can press C for a hop. Using AB, melee or a Boost Dash will cancel this mode. Assault mode will allow you to keep moving even when you’re out of boost. Press 88 to face forward immediately. Sidestepping out of any melee will make you return to Normal Mode, but if you finish any of the melee’s full strings you will remain in Assault Mode.  The movement speed of Assault Mode is almost the same as your regular Boost Dash, but performing the hop will give you a short burst of speed. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Cannon

Fires in the direction Gedlav is facing. Does 28 damage instead of 27 while in Normal Mode. Shared ammo with Normal AB. Fire this like you would with MAs to cover a wide area and catch enemies in motion. 

Charged Melee: Hover Mode

Mode change to Hover Mode, check Hover Mode’s section for move details. 

Sub: Beam Cannon (Rapid)

Cancels Assault Mode and fires AB in Normal Mode while facing the front. Fires 3 shots, shares ammo with Normal’s AB. Each beam does 30 damage (60 per pair) unlike CSA-A and regular AB. Use this move just as your CSA timer is running out to reduce recovery time. 

Special Shooting: Beam Shield (Gerobi)

Same move as AC in Normal Mode.

Special Melee: Missile Launcher

Fires 6 missiles in the direction Gedlav is facing. Shared ammo with Normal Mode. The missiles have below average tracking. You can press BC then 88 to sweep the missile in an arc to create a wall of missiles. However it’ll be very difficult for all 6 missiles to hit, so you’ll need to follow up somehow if you want to score a hard knockdown.

Melee Set

5B: Ram

Gedlav executes two consecutive tackles while flipped on its side. Much faster than the one in Normal Mode and is resistant to being interrupted. Step forward after the 1st hit to combo into another melee attack.

2B/8B: Jump>Grind

Same motion as Normal’s 2B. Use for incoming melee or as a dodge. Similar to 2B while in Normal mode, the animation is very long on both a hit or whiff so avoid doing so unless necessary.

4/6B:  Drifting Tackle

Does a drifting attack with a long reach. Knocks the target a short distance away making it hard to combo after.

Einerad Assault Mode: No input

You have a perpetual melee hitbox in front of Einerad during Assault Mode which continuously damage anything that it comes into contact with.

Hover Mode Ability Details

Gedlav hops upwards and stands on the Einerad. The Einerad has Shooting Guard properties on its underside(the beam shield is permanently open). Performing any of these actions will cancel Hover Mode: Boost Dash, 5B, AC, BC, or running out of Boost. Gedlav has a longer red lock range with and its loadout consists primarily of ranged attacks. You can input sidesteps and Gedlav will perform it while maintaining Hover Mode. Just like Assault Mode, there is a delay after the transformation before you can input anything, so don’t transform too close to your opponent. Do remember that you can still perform a Guard normally. Gedlav will also always be perpetually facing the opponent while in this mode.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Fires the Beam Rifle, this can rapid fired up to 3 times. Shares ammo with Normal Mode. There is no cancel proration for this move, and you can move while firing. 

Charged Main: Assault Mode

Changes into Assault Mode.

Sub: Full Salvo

Gedlav hides in the Einerad and fires the Beam Rifle, missiles, and Beam cannon together. Reloads in 7 seconds. The projectiles travel faster than your regular BR. If you landed a hit with BR, you can use this to score a knockdown. Just like Main, you will get muzzle correction all the way while firing. Quite a good move in general. While Gedlav is crouching inside the Einerad, she gets 360-degree Shooting Guard. However, there is a slight delay in the crouching animation and you might not make get it up in time against a projectile flying at you from mid-range. 

Special Shooting: Beam Shield (Gerobi)

Gedlav fires a Gerobi directly downwards that generates an explosion. Reloads in 9 seconds. The explosion is rather big and if you’re about 2 Hover mode heights above the ground, it might still hit you. Similar to AC in Normal Mode, the projectile speed is slow. Don’t cancel too early or else the explosion radius won’t appear. 

Special Melee: Cancel Hover Mode

Gedlav flips to the left or right while returning to Normal Mode. Cuts tracking. Fire your Normal Mode Main or Sub immediately for a freefall. This is an important lifeline for staying alive.

5B: Launch Einerad 

Gedlav kicks the Einerad at the target which cancels Hover Mode. The projectile speed is fast with some tracking, and the projectile is also big. This move’s only downside is its slow startup. Gedlav will perform a reeling action regardless of a hit or miss, therefore it’s better to Boost Dash Cancel once you confirm the results. The Einerad will immediately disappear if you Boost Dash Cancel.

2B: Dive

Dives downward. You can rainbow step cancel out of this.  

Burst Attack

I’ll mince you up!

Same Burst Attack across all 3 forms. Gedlav charges forward to grab its target and take it for a ride. Gedlav then kicks it away after dragging it for a distance. The first stage’s reach and tracking isn’t very good, making it dangerous to throw out randomly. However, it is able to pick up for a downed target and continue the attack (OTG). The dragging animation makes Gedlav travel pretty quick so you won’t be easily interrupted. 

Recommended Combos

Input DMG Notes
5BB~BC>>CC8B 251 Only against wall or high up in the air
5BBB>ABC 308 (F) / 272 (E&S)


  • You want to be fighting at maximum red lock distance. 
  • From a grounded dash, you can perform a short hop and cancel that into AB to land. Using this together with 2B will allow you to traverse the field while firing off your various projectiles. 
  • In general, Assault Mode is not used for actual assaulting, rather it is used as a self-defense measure to run away while in Overheat.
  • Thanks to your wide array of shooting armaments and the cancel routes needed to switch between them, Gedlav can have a strong presence in the mid to long range. 
  • On the flip side, Gedlav is weak in close combat, so run to your partner for safety. You can also opt to use 8B as an intercept against melee attacks, but Gedlav’s wheel is designed for running away from your problems, not facing them head-on.
  • Extend is best Burst given Gedlav’s poorer-than-average self defense. 
  • Shooting also works to reload her weapons quickly and allows you to cancel into Sub for freefalls.
  • Learn to judge when you start charging CSA or CSB for the appropriate mode to escape or attack. Generally having a CSA ready is always good so you can escape behind terrain, then use AB to force stop the CSA.
  • Master the timing for CSB~BC for a pseudo fuwastep.