Infinite Justice (Lacus)

Model Number:ZGMF-X19A Pilot: Lacus Clyne
Cost: 1500 Hp: 420 Transform: Form Change: X


Mobile Suit built as a successor to the Justice Gundam. It was used for a short while by Lacus Clyne, who piloted it to transport the Infinite Justice to the Archangel. Lacus did not directly engage in combat while piloting this unit. 

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 70 Average BR.
Charged Main Beam Salvo 119 Fires 3 beams.
Sub Lifter Charge 1 90 1-hit down, Infinite Justice’s Mobility decreases when the backpack is deployed.
Special Shooting Beam Boomerang 1 9~78 Normal Boomerang.
Special Melee Strike Freedom Assist 3 126 Fires 3 BR
Burst Attack Strike Freedom Full Burst 272(S)/237(FE) Summons Strike Freedom full burst gerobi
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 162 3 stages, slow startup
8B 8B 85 Charge with the Lifter
8B 70 Kick attack if Lifter is deployed
4/6B 4/6BBB 157 Quick combo
2B 2B 10 Anchor
CC8B CC8BB 154 Untechable

Cancel Routes:


AC, 8B: AB


5B, 4B(B): 8B, 2B

2B: A, AB, AC, Any melee except 2B and CC8B


While it has very similar tools to the 2500 cost version, many of Lacus IJ’s weapons have been downgraded from the original. With lower damage all across the board, it also loses many of the melee derivatives and chains the original has. It also has low HP, partially due to the fact that it has most of the tools the original 2500 cost version has. 

This is still the only 1500-cost unit to have a boomerang and an anchor. It has good self defense, and can display similar self-defense prowess to the original.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average BR, use this in conjunction with your other shooting tools to conserve ammo. Do take note that your BR damage is lower compared to the original. 3-second charge time per shot.

Charged Main: Beam Salvo

2-second charge time. Infinite Justice will shoot two shots from its backpack and one shot from its BR. There are some things to take note of when using this move. This move does not inherit any inertia at all, making Infinite Justice stay stationary for the shot which can be highly detrimental. The only way you achieve a 1-hit down is when all three Beams hit, getting hit by only 1 or 2 of the beams will only result in a knockback state. When you use this move with your backpack deployed IJ will simply fire one shot from its Beam Rifle. 

Take note that the performance of this move is slightly weaker than the original unit. There is a short delay between the shot from your BR and the Lifter. This means that trying to hit the entire salvo might be tricky. Note that the damage from the BR is 55, while the two Lifter beams do 40 each. The delay also means you might accidentally cancel the Lifter shot.

Sub:  Lifter Charge

IJ deploys the Fatum-01 backpack to charge at the enemy. This move seems very straight forward, but care must be taken when using this move. While it is a very strong one-hit down, does a decent 90 damage and can be cancelled from Main, it does not have very good tracking nor does it have good travel speed. Furthermore, Infinite Justice will have reduced mobility while the Lifter is deployed, making it very vulnerable during this timeframe. Hence a good way to make use of this move is using this as an alternative to finish up your Zunda instead of using a BR. These are the factors that will cause the Lifter to return to Infinite Justice, 

1) The Lifter has reached its maximum distance. 

2) Lifter has hit something, either a mobile suit or a collidable obstacle.

3) Infinite Justice is downed, or stunned.   

When the Lifter is deployed, your CSA and 8B performance drops, and you will not be able to enter your MA mode. 

Hence you would want to use this move only when you can confirm the hit with it. Do not use this RAW unless you know it is going to hit, although it is a difficult move to hit raw to begin with.

Special Shooting:  Beam Boomerang 

Throws a large boomerang at the opponent. Can be canceled from Main. Using this move stops Infinite Justice, however the angle of fire is wide and has excellent muzzle correction, making this a very powerful tool in self defense and its main weapon in the close range.

A~AC~AB will down an opponent instantly, and is a great self defense combo. Depending on the distance from the enemy the boomerang does a varying number of hits, up to 10. The boomerang reloads in only 1 second after returning meaning you can use this sparingly.

The boomerang has a hitbox on the way out as well as when it returns, which is good in many situations, but be careful that a returning boomerang does not mess up your melee combo.

Special Melee: Strike Freedom Summon

Calls out Strike Freedom to shoot 3 BR shots. It has great guidance and muzzle correction. Each shot does 60 damage and 3 hits will down an opponent. 

This is a vital move for Lacus IJ. Unfortunately you cannot cancel from this into your Main to freefall. However it still tracks well, and you can set it up for example by fuwastepping backwards while firing your Main, then using this move right before you land.

Melee Set

5B: Double Beam Saber 

A 3-stage combo. Has no cut resistance, but after the last hit, you are able to follow up with a BR. However unlike the original unit, you cannot chain the melee at any stage to the upkick BC, which Lacus IJ cannot perform.

8B: Fatum-01 charge/Somersault Kick

IJ charges at the enemy with the Fatum-01. The startup of this move is only average but once the move is active the priority and hitbox are excellent. This reaches pretty far but its still hard to chase enemies down with this. This can be used as an intercept to melee or as a combo part. 

If you have already deployed your Fatum-01 and input 8B, IJ executes a kick instead. This attack reaches far but the startup is slow and the priority is weak.

4/6B: 3-hit Kick Combo

PoV change on the last hit. The wraparound and reach of this move is weak, making it poor as a challenge to incoming melee attacks. You can use this after hit confirming from a hit boomerang or other ranged attacks.

2B: Grapple Stinger

Shoots out a grappling hook from the shield that on hit, reels in the target to you which leaves him open for a melee combo. It does retain some inertia when you use it, and it has long range albeit slow speed. It has good tracking and muzzle correction. An added bonus if you hit, you can cancel into BR, which results in a free fall. However when you hit the BR you will remove the stun on your opponent and your opponent will not continue to be pulled towards you.

If your boomerang hits the target as you grapple it, your opponent will not be pulled towards you and he will not be stunned. Hitting your opponent 2 times in a row with your grappling hook results in the same stun. You can rainbow step cancel this move. 

CC8B: Slash-through

Infinite Justice will do a two-stage melee combo that launches the enemy. The reach of this move is good, and the startup and dash-in speed are average. The vertical tracking, especially downward, is poor. You can use this as a sneak attack or after hitting a Main or boomerang. If you hold down the boost button during the combo IJ will ride the Fatum-01 after the combo ends.

Burst Attack

Strike Freedom Full Burst Attack

Summons Strike Freedom to perform a Full Burst Attack. Forced PoV change. The muzzle correction on this is rather good. You can move after the Strike Freedom has fired, making this a rather safe move to throw out.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A>>A>>A 147 Zunda
A>>A~AB 155 Higher damage than Zunda
A~BC 136
A>>CC8B 168 Launch forced down
5BBB(1hit)~CSA 190
5BBB(1hit)>>5BB>>A 208
5BBB(1hit)>>4/6BB 207 Basic
4/6B>5BBB>BR 197 Launch forced down
4/6B>4/6BBB 178 Basic rainbow wars combo
4/6B>>CC8B>BR 200 No tracking cut but launches opponent high
CC8B>5BBB>BR 202 Stable but lacks cut resistance.


  • Lacus Infinite Justice, while being a 1500 cost, still has most of the same tools as the original Infinite Justice. 
  • Use BR and CSa regularly, and take advantage of your good self defense.
  • Lacus Infinite Justice does not have the chasing power at all. Even the original has problems chasing enemies down, so don’t bother trying. Play this in a more defensive manner.
  • BC and Sub are the bread and butter of this suit. Know how to use them well.
  • E Burst is good for mobility, while S allows you to rapid fire your Main and freefall from your other projectiles. F is not recommended.
  • Lacus IJ pairs best with 2500 cost partners, including the Athrun Zala-piloted IJ.