Gundam Double X (DX)

Model Number: GX-9901-DX Pilot: Garroad Ran + Tiffa Adill
Cost: 3000 Hp: 700 Transform: O Form Change: △ (Burst)

The Gundam Double X was renowned for its outstanding performance and mobility, surpassing the original Gundam X. Its all-new Twin Satellite Cannon was capable of destroying an island in a single shot, and when docked with the G-Falcon it could enter a Mobile Armor mode that further boosted its mobility. 

MS Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Buster Rifle 8 75 Standard BR. Can input 8B after the main to quick transform into
Charged Main Hyper Beam Sword Throw 70 Short stun
Sub Gundam Leopard Destroy Assist 2 25~140 5AB. Missile salvo
Gundam Airmaster Burst Assist 70~147 *AB. 3 consecutive BR shots while moving
Special Shooting Twin Satellite Cannon 2 18~286 High damage gerobi
Special Shooting EX Twin Satellite Cannon (G-Falcon dock) 25~340(S)


Gains Superarmor during startup
Special Melee G-Bit Assist 1 30~60 Timer-based assist. 
2B Beam Javelin 90 Arcing projectile, stuns
Burst Attack Twin Satellite Cannon (G-Falcon dock + G-Bit) 340(S)/322(F&E) 3 gerobis shot simultaneously by DX & 2 Bits.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 210 High Damage four-stage combo
5B(BB)~BC 284~296 G-Hammer
5B(BBB)~A 121~240 Same move as CSA
5B~8B 129 Launches the opponent
5B~8B~BC 300 G-Hammer
5B~8B~A 167 Same move as CSA
8B 8BB 144 Bounces the opponent. Can input 8B after the attack to quick transform into
8B~BC 295 G-Hammer
8B(B)~A 132~189 Same move as CSA
4/6B 4/6BBB 173 Main Tool
4/6BB~BC 284~292 G-Hammer
4/6B(BB)~A 116~211 Same move as CSA
4/6BB~4/6B 177 Slight damage increase, untechable
4/6BB~4/6B~A 215 Same move as CSA
CC8BB 134 Stun on 1st hit, Bounce on 2nd hit.
CC8B(B)~A 125~184 Same move as CSA

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B

CSA, any melee’s A derivative: both AB, AC ,BC, 2B, any melee other than CC8B

AB: Alternate AB, BC

BC [Summon]: A, AB

MA Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Scattering Beam Cannon  2 75-150 A pair of thick beams
Melee Infrared Homing Missile Pod  2 35~159 High tracking

Cancel Routes:



Double X (commonly referred to as DX) is a 3000 cost all-rounder front unit with great firepower. His signature weapon, the Twin Satellite Cannon, can dish out massive damage. He also has a good set of melee attacks and the BC G-Hammer derivative which also deals tons of damage. DX is a generally easy to manage suit without difficult inputs, and is also blessed with a timed assist which also grants him the ability to freefall during the uptime. His loadout is evenly distributed with regular beams, physical projectiles that track well, and also attacks that stun. 

DX is able to enter MA Mode, which automatically docks him with the G-Falcon support unit. The MA Mode has excellent travel, turning, and vertical movement speed, all of which are great enough to avoid regular attacks simply just by swerving around. To top it off, it has 2 great weapons to supplement the BR ammo in MS mode. Do note that DX has a slightly bigger hitbox while in MA mode. 

Overall, DX is quite simple to use with the exception of the MA mode and there’s always that easy comeback potential with the damage from the Satellite Cannon.  

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: DX Buster Rifle

Your regular Beam Rifle, and the only attack that does not cause vernier. This is the only attack that DX can throw out while trying to get close to land a good melee combo, so conserve your ammo accordingly. 

Main~8B: Quick Transform

Transforms into MA Mode. The initial transformation moves DX quite a bit forward. DX will transform and fly in the direction DX is facing. This is useful to cover a short distance quickly without spending as much boost as a boost dash. 

Charged Main: Hyper Beam Sword (Throw)

Throws a small but fast beam sword directly forward with almost no tracking. Fast startup and very little recovery time. 

Very useful in intercepting incoming melee, and to also overwrite your landing recovery (release this right as you land). The stun is rather short, so cancel into the other moves quickly. Your best bet is to cancel into 5AB to launch the target away, or if they’re close enough cancel into a melee attack. 

This is also the same move that DX will do for his ~A derivative from any melee. You will usually not cancel into this unless you’re out of boost or want to do the melee~A~5AB combo that launches the target far away. Damage wise, just cancel your melee into the ~BC derivative (G-Hammer). 

Sub: Gundam Leopard Destroy/Gundam Airmaster Burst Assist

Assist units that have very low reload time (6 seconds for 2 ammo), no cancel proration, and good damage overall. You can summon both of them together, but not two of the same assist. Use these assists more as an offensive tool and throw them out freely rather than just a combo ender after a hit confirm.

-5AB (Leopard Destroy)

“Roybea, I’ll leave those to you!”

Fires a set of 6 missiles with good tracking and projectile speed. Used for both offence and defence. Due to the being missiles fired in a diagonal line, it often does not get a full hit. Regular-sized suits will get hit with 4 missiles, while big units like Kshatriya and Ex-S will get hit by all 6. Be sure to confirm whether your target gets knocked down or not. Each missile has a down value of 0.5 (Forced down is at 5.0). 

-4/6AB (Airmaster Burst)

“Witz! I’m counting on you!”

Airmaster appears and fires 3 BR while strafing in the input direction. 4AB to the left, 6AB to the right. One of the shots will miss if your target is too near due to Airmaster’s movement and his limited firing angle, so use this in the mid~long range. A great tool to keep your opponent in blockstun. Once you see your opponent guard your Main, cancel into Airmaster, then boost hop above him and fire Satellite Cannon for a confirmed hit. 

Special Shooting: Twin Satellite Cannon

“I’ll give…my power to you”

A pair of gerobis with have average startup and muzzle correction, but deal tons of damage if the beam portions hit. Each beam from the cannon is calculated separately. A explosion is generated if the beam comes into contact with any terrain, with the explosion dealing 152 damage. It takes 18 seconds to reload 1 shot of this weapon.

This is where the true skill of a DX player is tested- oftentimes you will need to successfully land a hit with this to make a comeback. The damage is huge and easily takes off almost half the life of most units in the game. The explosion is also very useful for okizeme or to keep your target in blockstun. Fire this gerobi from a higher elevation than your target to generate the explosion more easily. During Burst, the performance of this attack is enhanced (see below).  

Special Shooting EX: Twin Satellite Cannon (G-Falcon Docked)

“No way I’ll let you destroy Earth!”

Only in Burst (any type of Burst works). Gain super armor during the startup until the beam is fired, and greatly improves performance for the following parameters: muzzle correction, startup, damage, and explosion radius. Each beam can also deal a higher number of maximum hits (20 > 25) but has slightly more proration (4% to 5% per hit). All in all, dealing at least 330 damage on a raw hit is bound to make a huge difference in the game, coupled with the amazing muzzle correction and super armor on start up. However, don’t be rushing off to press this attack just to try and make it hit and waste precious time on your Burst timer. Only use it when the situation calls for it like okizeme with the explosion, after a hit confirm from your other attacks, or on a clearly overheated target. 

Special Melee: G-Bits Assists

“Help us…”

A pair of timed assist that follow DX around slowly. The initial BC input will summon them, subsequent input will command the G-bits to attack. For ease of explanation, they will be referring to as BC [Summon] and BC [Attack]. Each of them will stand still and fire a yellow beam when DX fires his Main (works in MA form also), or when you use BC [Attack]. The BR fired by the G-Bits have the same tracking and muzzle correction as any regular BR. Each G-Bit have about 200 hp, so they can survive quite a few hits. There are two freefalls available for this move. BC [Summon] into Main while front facing, or Main (vernier works too) into BC [Attack]. 

Due to the G-Bits moving much slower than your regular Boost Dash, you can easily create a L formation with it. Use BC to command them to fire, then quickly Boost Dash into another direction. Unsuspecting enemies who simply boost dash will get hit by the attacks from the G-Bits. Due to the very short recovery frame from pressing BC [Attack], you can also do the same as what funnel units do- use BC [Attack] then immediately guard an incoming melee attack. It is very important to build up a boost advantage by using the freefall from G-bits and the delayed attacks from your Sub, 2B and MA Mode missiles to chase down enemies then land a devastating melee combo.

Be sure to check whether your G-Bits have expired by looking at whether the ammo for G-Bits are reloading. You wouldn’t want to try and freefall but end up getting stuck because the G-Bits are long gone. 

2B: Beam Javelin

Throws a physical projectile in an arc that stuns on hit. Good muzzle correction and better damage than a regular BR. Can be rainbow stepped. 

Very useful in hitting enemies who are Boost Hopping away from you as this is an arcing projectile. Also perfectly usable as a simple additional attack that is flying in from a slightly different angle. Try out using Main~2B at odd intervals to catch your enemy off guard. This move also has a very wide vertical angle, and can hit targets almost directly above or below you. A~2B to a fuwastep is also a useful cancel route for facing forward and can be used as a landing technique.

Melee Set

5BBB: Punch Combo

Barehanded 4-stage combo. Fast start up but since it’s not using a sabre, the reach is a little short. The better option when you’re real close to your target or during rainbow wars. The overall animation is also very fast.

5B~8B: Uppercut Derivative

Launches the target. Only available on the first hit of 5B. 

8B: Beam saber uppercut> Helmsplitter

An uncommon case of 8B not being a stab. Launches the target, then slashes down causing a Bounce Down. Good method to buy time if you’re both at a high elevation.

4/6BBB: Cleave>Kick

Good curve on the dash trajectory, and also good dashing speed. Your go-to melee on DX. The swing speed of the sword is also very fast, somehow matching those from melee units. The ease of use for this melee coupled with the high damaging BC derivative makes DX a real powerhouse even in melee range.

4/6BB~4/6B: Launching Cleave

A rare case where a side melee has a side derivative. DX performs another swing to launch the target away. Higher damage than the usual 4/6B string and also causes untechable down. However it has high down value, so if you want a longer combo, skip this. 

CC8B: Slash-through

A slash-through that stuns, then bounces. Only has average reach and dash speed. No real reason to use this when DX has many other better melee options. In Fighting Burst this gains a healthy reach from the melee and movement speed buffs. The stun on the first hit will also overwrite any previous stun, allowing for a long stun combo if so desired. 

BC after any melee excluding the final hit and CC8B: G-Hammer

Tons of damage. The whole melee derivative will be executed automatically from 1 press of the BC. This melee even has no forced point of view change, making it safe as you can swap targets and see if there’s any incoming attacks. However this attack might miss halfway through if you are too close to the wall. Start charging your CSA during the animation so you can release it at the end of the combo to have lesser recovery time. 

A after any melee hit: Hyper Beam Sword (Throw)

Exactly the same as your CSA. 

Throws a small but fast beam sword directly forward with almost no tracking. Fast startup and very little recovery time. 

You will usually not cancel into this unless you’re out of boost or want to do the melee~A~5AB combo that launches the target far away. Damage wise, just cancel your melee into the ~BC derivative (G-Hammer). 

Burst Attack

ABC: Twin Satellite Cannon (G-Falcon dock + G-Bit)

“I’ll be the one who protects Tiffa…to the end!”

Fires the Twin Satellite Cannon together with 2 G-Bits. The gerobi from DX itself has even better muzzle correction. The G-Bits’ gerobi are also widely spaced apart, making it possible to hit targets who try to avoid this by boost dashing to the sides, but the G-Bits’ gerobi have bad muzzle correction. However, your enemies can still dodge in time right after the beam is fired out as there will be no more muzzle correction after that. Definitely not an attack to throw out simply for it’s absurd damage as DX also has great tools especially in Burst.  Both DX and the G-Bits gerobi will create explosion on hit, making it easy to hit an opponent guarding while he’s close to the ground. 

If this Burst Attack is used when your BC is deployed, they will be recalled back to DX’s side after the animation. 

MA Mode Ability Details

“Paula, let’s go!”

Docks with G-Falcon and switches weapon. This MA Mode is among the top most tier in terms of boost efficiency, turning rate, vertical movement, plus having great weapons in MA Mode makes it great for a shootout. The overall boost efficiency is so good that you can lasts up to 10 seconds. Fake your landings by doing a manual transform to gain a short burst of distance, especially with A~8B. However, you do not have any moves that cuts tracking while in MA Mode and have a slightly bigger hurtbox. Make use of your superior turning rate to swerve out of harms way, and avoid suits trying to melee you. Make sure you learn how to maneuver MA Mode to supplement your ammo while in MS Mode.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Scattering Beam Cannon

Fires a pair of thick beams with individual hitboxes. This attack has no horizontal muzzle correction or tracking. Conversely, due to this property you can use it as an okizeme by firing in the rough area where your opponent will land and rely on the vertical tracking of the beams. Aim at roughly where the enemy will be after their boost hop or where they will be landing. If you have G-Bits active, they will fire together.  There’s almost no demerit in firing this once you’re in MA Mode, since you can cancel to the missiles immediately.

Melee: Infrared Homing Missile Pod 

Fires 6 missiles from slightly below DX with very good tracking. One of DX’s best moves. The missiles travel fast and curve very well, and can even turn 180 degrees. Fire this slightly off to the side to let it curve towards the target, so even if they try to sidestep to their left and right to dodge your frontal attacks, the missiles would still be attacking from their sides. You can even opt to fire one set to the left, and another set to the right.

The missiles are capable of hitting targets almost directly below you. Using the A~8B cancel route, try hopping towards your target (assuming both of you are facing each other) and perform the A~8B, then just as you’re flying by right above your target, fire these missiles and immediately swerve to the sides. The missiles should hit, and the swerving should dodge most attacks as it would become a turnaround shot with no muzzle correction. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A~AC 227 Simple hit confirm into Satellite cannon
5BBB>>AC 265 Combo to destroy barriers and mantles
5BBB~A~5AB 253 Forced Down while launching the target away
4BB~4B~A~5AB 243 Launches even further than above 
4BB~BC 284 For pure damage. 
CC8B>AC 257 Simple and clean gerobi combo
CC8B>5B~8B 213 Launches upwards, forced down
During Fighting Burst only
5B~BC (12hits) > 5B~BC 353 For the first BC, let the 4 spins go through, then stop right before final G-Hammer stab.


  • DX has many attacks that attack from different angles and at different intervals. Take full advantage of these attacks to score hits even on enemies in perpetual motion.
  • During the neutral game, on top of firing your Main and Sub, opt to mix in some attacks from your MA Mode. you need not worry too much about getting hit except for attacks with very good muzzle correction or from funnels. 
  • Practice okizeme with your AC. Try and get your opponents near terrain to hit them with the explosion. If firing from green lock, fire it when the target is closest to the ground for best effect.
  • Conversely, you can gerobi a terrain and get hit by your own explosion to incur some proration and down value in case you’re being chased down very hard. This will cause you to take minimal damage. 
  • When your G-Bits are active, that is the time to go in as they allow you to freefall and provide extra suppressive fire. 
  • Both Fighting and Shooting Burst work well. Fighting will augment your melee damage and overall movement speed, while Shooting is easier to manage as DX has a lot of ranged attacks. 
  • Your MA Mode has one of the best turning speeds. You can dodge many attacks just by simply making a U-turn or travelling in a S shape.