Model Number: RX-104FF Pilot: Lane Aime
Cost: 3000 Hp: 700 Transform: X Form Change: O

Developed by Anaheim Electronics, the Penelope is a large, fifth-generation MS featuring a compact Minovsky craft flight unit. The Penelope is actually a combination of the RX-104 Odysseus Gundam and the FF (Fixed Flight) armor unit.

Penelope Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 10 80 Fires a thick BR and 2 missiles 
Main Follow up Composite Weapon unit _ 73~134 Fires in conjunction with Main.
Charged Main Mega particle cannon (Side Swipe) 130 Pseudo whip that swipes from left to right
Charged Melee Mega particle cannon (Swipe down) 130 Pseudo whip that swipes top-down
Sub Funnel Missile 3 22~153 Deploys 6 funnel missiles
Special Shooting Mega Particle Cannon 2 14~238 Fires a gerobi, slow travel speed, decent muzzle correction
Special Melee Special Movement Spin hops according to the direction of input
Passive Fixed Flight Unit 280 Purges into Odysseus when ammo reaches 0.
Burst Attack Full Salvo 302(S)/264(F & E) Fires a thick gerobi and missiles, has super armor on startup
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 207 Standard 3-stage
5BB~ 8B~A 198 Slash-through and shoot
5BB~2B 254 Strong damage
8B 8B 90 Slash-through, sends opponent up, untechable
4/6B 4/6BBB 178 Knocks target backward
2B 2BB 246 Strong damage
CC8B CC8B 142 Stab with decent priority, ~2B derivative available after the first hit.
CC8B~2B 138 Slash-through, untechable

Cancel Routes:



*BC: A, AB, AC, *B

1st hit of any B and specific melee: BC

Odysseus Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Rifle 5 75 Standard BR, low ammo
Sub Beam Rifle (Spin Shot) 1 65~137 Fires 3 shots of BR while cartwheeling towards the input direction
Special Shooting Mega Beam Cannon 2 110 Stuns on hit, has startup similar to Zeta’s Hyper Mega Launcher.
Special Melee Equip Fixed Flight 100 Starts from 0, when it reaches 100, Inputting BC turns Odysseus back to Penelope.
Removes the Fix Flight Unit Ammo Passive.
Burst Attack Mega Particle Cannon(Full Output) 266(S)/236(F & E) Thin gerobi as compared to Penelope but faster startup
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 190 Quick combo, standard 3 hit
8B 8B 85 Multi hit with Dust Down, strong melee priority
4/6B 4/6BB 127 Bounce Down
2B 2BB 156 Can be canceled from 5B and 4/6B
CC8B CC8BB 144

Cancel Routes:





— Penelope —

A form of the Odysseus which is equipped with a FF (Fixed Flight) Unit utilizing Minovsky Craft technology, along with numerous missiles and funnel missiles. This is the starter form of this unit, it will always launch as Penelope unless in Overcost. At first glance it looks like it has very similar performance to its nemesis the Xi Gundam, but comparing their base performances Penelope has better mobility and a higher potential to be played aggressively.

CSA, CSB, and BC are moves that Xi Gundam do not have, and they complement the strength of Penelope’s Main and Sub.

Its playstyle is completely different from Xi as it’s Main missiles track better at close range as compared to Xi’s missiles which track better at mid-far range.

Considering the fact that Penelope can swing those 2 charged shots with good boost performance (up to 8 consecutive boost dashes), it can be said that the performance of Penelope is close to that of 00 Riser. Instead of getting a powerup however, getting hit too much will turn Penelope to its Odysseus state and that’s where its firepower drops for a while, but the self defense of the unit increases thanks to it’s spin shot to Main freefall.

Much like Xi, Penelope is extremely dependent on its Main, and every shot has to be used with great care. Do not shoot recklessly and get punished in return, and be aware of Penelope’s hitbox too as it’s larger than other units.

— Odysseus —

Penelope’s form after purging the Flight Unit, taking on a slimmer appearance. It’s good to note that this form did not appear in the original novel and it was rather vague whether or not it was a Gundam in the first place. However in later years during the event “Anaheim Gundam 20th Anniversary”, Odysseus was added in the form of a retrofit.

During this time, a setting called “Odysseus Gundam + Penelope Unit = Penelope” existed, however it has been adopted in the games so far where Odysseus is equipped with the Flight Unit.

During the match, if Penelope receives more than 280 damage, Penelope will be forced to purge into this form. However that is not fully a bad thing as Odysseus is superior to Penelope in the area of “avoiding attacks”, this is because the fall speed of Odysseus is faster than Penelope and the strong freefall of Sub-Main becomes available.

However, since its BD speed will be decreased and its armaments are more suitable for self-defense, it will be difficult to go on the offensive. If this is left unattended, it will put a heavy burden on Odysseus’ partner, so while paying attention to positioning, it would be best for Odysseus to play more aggressive to make the enemy attack it so it can use its self defense tools effectively.

Penelope Ability Detail

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Fires two missiles in conjunction with a thick beam rifle shot. Reloads 1 shot every 3 seconds, standard for a BR.

The beam travel speed is a little slow, trading shots with an enemy using a standard BR can lead to your loss. The beam is also thinner than Xi’s. It’s possible to cancel into Sub, AC and BC.

Penelope’s missile fires straight from the arm with the beam rifle, so it flies more directly at the enemy than Xi’s. When this is used in combination with BCs, missiles may even curve directly above or below.

Since the missile travels slowly towards the target, it is possible to hit the first missile before being hit by a subsequent missile as there’s a time lag before the second zunda stagger.

Therefore, it is possible to down an enemy with 2 zunda shots. Once you see the first beam hit, you can fire a second shot and then instantly switch to targeting the next enemy fully confident that your first target will get Downed. This technique is also important for conserving Main ammo.

Do take note however, that the missiles are physical and can be erased easily.

Overall, it is a very powerful Main and Penelope’s lifeline. Of course, this goes very well with S Burst. 

Even though the Main has an above average ammo count, it is easy to over rely on the Main and deplete all ammo so be careful with your ammunition management.

Charged Main: Mega Particle Cannon (Side Swipe)

2.5-second charge time. A pseudo whip that is lashed out from the mega particle cannon on the left arm before sweeping towards the right. Directional inputs do not affect the sweep direction. 

Unlike the similar type of move used by Rozen and Sumo, it is able to ride the inertia a little and slide a short distance before attacking.

It is best used during a close-range battle, if you use this move with the sense of range, the opponent will get caught consistently. It deals a good 130 damage and helps you stay safe.

In terms of input, it can be difficult to utilize your Main and Sub while charging this move up, so it is necessary to operate with planning. You can use your Main to chase down the enemy while charging this up, and use this move to catch landings or zusakyans. 

This does not Down the enemy, but if you hit an enemy higher than you it is possible to follow-up with a second attack.

Charged Melee: Mega particle cannon (Swipe down)

2-second charge time. A pseudo whip that swings downwards vertically with the Mega Particle Cannon on the right arm. The damage power is the same as the Charged Main but this has a stun attribute and it is quite easy to chase with it. This move is difficult to use with the BC, however it is quite easy to follow up with this while shooting Main.

The main usage is to save ammo by canceling the Main, and using the rising animation prior to whipping to get the height advantage for landing Main shots. The range isn’t particularly long so therefore it’s considered a rare move to do as Penelope, which can be used to gain the surprise factor.

Sub: Funnel Missile

Deploys 6 Funnel Missiles and sends them towards the opponent , it does not cause vernier, and can be used as a freefall when canceling from Main to Sub. 

As with other all-range attacks, it will continue to chase the opponent if Penelope doesn’t get shot down. The missiles will be forcibly stopped by Unicorn’s Psycommujack. Reloading only starts after the third and last deployment of Funnel Missiles. Takes 9 seconds to reload the 3 ammo.

Compared with Xi Gundam, the missiles travel quicker after deployment, the travel distance and tracking at the time of traveling is also better. Given these excellent factors, this tool can be used as a barrage to keep the enemy moving until they are in the perfect position to get hit by a Main shot.

Due to the fixed positioning the funnel missiles will deploy in around the enemy, it will be terrible to use this against some ground suits as the funnel missiles will make contact with the ground and explode at nothing.

The funnel missiles can easily hold off units that are guarding, allowing Penelope to get behind them.

Special Shooting: Mega Beam Cannon

Fires both Mega Particle Cannons mounted on its arms, this is a simple gerobi with no missiles. Cancelable from Main/ BC. 15-second reload time.

Compared to Xi, you have a higher ammo count but it is inferior in the beam thickness, no missiles are released, and the speed of the gerobi is way slower. The muzzle correction stops before the beam is actually fired, so if an enemy moves within that split second Penelope will fail to hit it. 

Nevertheless, this gerobi can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as punishing less-suspecting opponents who underestimate it, or following up after the Sub has made the opponent move. It is easier to guess the opponent’s landing rather than relying on the muzzle correction. You can also use this for sniping high jumpers, intercepting melee attacks at mid range, and more. This can be used as more than just a gerobi you throw out and hope enemies run into..

Special Melee: Special Movement

A special movement that moves away by spiraling once, allowing you to move diagonally. BC without a direction moves it to the front left, 2BC spirals Penelope to the rear on the left. Does not cut tracking.

Due to inertia, the position after the movement will be slightly higher than where the move started, Penelope may cancel to almost all actions with this move.

It’s an important movement technique that allows Penelope to make a small flip in movement. Because it always moves diagonally,  Penelope can keep moving in different axises at all times which is very convenient when shooting and falling.

However it has a poor boost consumption so if this move is spammed, Penelope will definitely get punished. It is best to mix with other movements.

When Penelope finishes the movement, Penelope will fall smoothly down. This movement can be used as a combo connector between melee attacks, but you won’t cut tracking like you would with a regular rainbow step. 

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber 3 Slashes

Standard 3-stage melee combo, forced POV change on the third hit. On the second hit you can cancel into 8B or 2B.

5B~8B~A: Slash-through>Turn around, Beam Cannon

Slashes through, turns around and fires the beam cannon on Penelope’s shoulders, pushing the opponent away. Note: Doesn’t one-hit down.

5B~2B: 4 Sword Slashes

Slashes with 4 sabers emitting out from the mega particle cannon. It’s a slow combo with little cut resistance, but it deals a lot of damage.

8B: X-Slash Through

A single-stage slash-through with two crossed swords. It is really powerful if you cancel from Main~BC. Good for quick combos.

4/6BBB: Right Slash>Left Rising Slash>Head Butt

The third hit sends the opponent flying away. Forced PoV switch on the last hit. Performance-wise this is underwhelming for a 3000 cost all-rounder, but if you mix this in with your BC movement you can catch enemies by surprise.

2BB: Right Slash>2 Saber Stab & Funnel Missile barrage

Untechable down with forced PoV, poor cut resistance as it doesn’t move at all. However it deals really high damage.

CC8BB: Right Stab~Left Slash

A 2-stage combo attack. After the last hit you can step forward and follow-up with A, 5B, or 8B. You can also boost dash cancel diagonally left or right and follow-up with your CC8B. 

CC8B~2B: Somersault Slash Through

After a multi-hit stab, Penelope will somersault and slash through with a forced POV. Inputting 1 or 3 will make Penelope do a diagonal slash through, whereas 2B will be a slash through done in a straight line, Although you can choose a direction to slash through, it won’t matter too much as there’s no tracking cut.

Burst Attack

“This is my true power, the power of Penelope!!”

Super Armor during startup before firing the Full Salvo from all 4 Mega Particle Cannons. Has strong muzzle correction, really fast projectile speed, but a really slow startup .Usually not worth it as Penelope will become a sitting duck. It does not produce as many missiles as Xi’s burst attack, but it is far more practical due to the super armor startup and gerobi speed. High risk and high reward. 

Odysseus Ability Detail

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Beam rifle with good performance but a small ammo pool, and no missiles. Able to cancel to Sub, AC and BC. Best to cancel to Sub and back to Main during defensive play. Standard 3-second reload per shot.

Sub: Beam Rifle(Spin Shots)

Shoot 3x shots of Beam Rifle while cartwheeling horizontally.  Neutral Sub will cause Odysseus to spin only to the left. Only spins to the right when the directional input is right. Reloads one shot every six seconds.

This moves Odysseus a good distance, and since inertia is inherited just before it fires, it moves with a great deal of momentum. However when trying to move in the opposite direction upon activating the move, the momentum drops considerably. 

The tracking of the shots  is moderate to strong, the bullet speed is also considered good. One hit will allow the subsequent hits to follow up.

Since the muzzle correction is loosely applied every time, the first shot may miss sometimes. As this weapon  greatly contributes to Odysseus’s self-defense, unnecessary shooting is not desirable. Cancelling into ~A will allow you to freefall.

Special Shooting: Mega Beam Cannon

Fires a single, thick shot from the Mega Beam Cannon. There’s a weak stun attribute upon hit, when canceled from Main the damage drops to 75. However it’s possible to link this move to the Sub. 5-second reload.

There’s inertia inheritance upon firing the Mega Beam Cannon, but Odysseus will stop in its tracks to fire it. The muzzle correction and tracking are moderate but the beam speed is noticeably slow and is difficult to hit directly. It is not a strong performance shot that can be shot randomly, it does have moderate tracking and a stun attribute so we can use this as a punish move when someone Overheats.

It’s possible to ride the momentum by doing a side-step AC, followed by the Sub-Main freefall. 

Special Melee: Equip Fixed Flight

Equips the Fixed Flight and reverts back to Penelope. Takes 24 seconds to fully reload.

As a result, the gauge for the Fixed Flight Unit unit disappears after the replacement is done, and Penelope has no way to revert back to Odysseus

It’s possible to become Odysseus again on the second life or upon an Overcost, but unless there’s a special reason, it’s best to stick to Penelope mode.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam saber 3 slashes

Right slash, Left Slash and a heavy Right slash. There’s a forced PoV on the last hit.

It is similar to Penelope that the 3rd hit is a multi-hit, but here the damage of the 2nd hit is standard and the damage of the 3rd hit is also lower.

You can cancel into 2B upon the first hit or second hit.

8B: Stab

One stab with multiple hits, Strong melee priority. Easy to follow up on.

4/6BB: Rising X-Slash>Downward X-Slash

A two-hit combo where the saber extends out from both arms and is used to form a X-Slash upwards before slashing back down with the same X-Slash.

This doesn’t travel very far but has a fast startup speed, making it your opening melee attack of choice., The hitbox is wide and has a chance of beating Master Gundam’s 4/6B.

On the other hand, the tracking is not so good, the further you are away from the enemy, the weaker it becomes. You can cancel into 2B after the first hit.

2BB: Rising Slash>Roundhouse Kick

A two-input, three-hit combo in which both arms are used to perform the first slash before turning around for a kick to push back the opponent, the time it takes to trigger the kick is really slow, the chase speed of the first hit is also noticeably weak. Therefore it’s best to use it as a combo extender if you land a 5B or 4/6B as it can be canceled from those melee, and is especially useful for extending combos in Overheat.

CC8BB: Rising Slash>Slash Through

Slash upwards with the left arm before slashing through with the right arm, comes with a forced PoV on the slash-through.

Upon finishing the slash-through, it’s possible to take off to a higher altitude. It has good rush speed and the attack animation is quite fast.

It is usually used from Main and is used as a sneak attack, it can be used as a feint move before countering with the Sub-Main.

Burst Attack

“This is my true power, the power of Penelope!!”

Simultaneously fires two gerobi from the Mega Particle Cannons on both arms and has the same performance as the Penelope’s version except there’s no missiles.


As Penelope

  • Penelope is a unit that has better performance on almost all of its weapons except its gerobi. 
  • Just using your Main and Sub are enough to pressure the enemy, and your charged shots also deal a good amount of damage. BC is also good for tricky movement, being able to cancel into and out of it easily is a big plus.
  • However, Odysseus as a whole is still a weakness you have to deal with potentially twice a match. It can easily lead to situations where your partner gets bullied and there’s little you can do to stop it. In such a situation, your best option is to defend yourself until you can revert back to Penelope, and aim to stay in that form permanently.
  • At the start of the match, it’s good to get into a position where you are able to kite the opponents with your Main/Funnel Missiles, keep your distance enough for you to abuse your CSA/CSB while maintaining safe distance to not get hit that much.
  • Penelope’s noticeable speed issue with all of it’s tools can make it so the opponent team will just ignore you and target solely on your partner, in such a scenario it’s best to just use every ammo to draw attention back to yourself. Hitting a good gerobi usually does the trick.
  • Penelope’s CSA is a really strong anti-melee tool as it’s a pseudo whip with a good pushback, it also does really good damage. 
  • Keep applying pressure to the opponents with your barrages of Main/Sub but also find openings to punish them heavily with your AC.
  • With how Penelope’s missiles work, it’s best to get in mid-close range for maximum accuracy on the missiles.

As Odysseus

  • It’s preferable to get in close to abuse the Sub-Main free fall but don’t be so predictable with it. As a person who is prepared for that can use a shield property move and punish you
  • It’s okay to play as an aggressive Odysseus so long you know how to use the Sub-Main to get away safely 
  • During a melee trade, practice feinting with the 8B as it has a strong melee priority, before immediately side stepping and Sub-Main to punish that opponent. At point blank, the Sub-Main will have 4 individual tracking Beam Rifles that is really difficult to side step from, even if the melee user manage to side step it, it’s highly likely Odysseus has gotten away with that high momentum of Sub-Main.

General Advice

  • As you would expect, Shooting Burst is the standard go-to option, although Fighting and Extend are not terrible. 
  • 2500 cost partners are the best for Penelope. 2000 cost partners can work too, but they have a harder time defending themselves when double locked, which means that if your opponents force you into Odysseus your partner is more likely to get bullied.