Strike Rouge

Model Number:MBF-02+EW454F Pilot: Cagalli Yula Athha
Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Strike Rouge was a mobile suit built using spare parts for the Strike Gundam while it was being repaired at Orb. A near-identical copy of the Strike Gundam, the Strike Rouge has an operating system customised for use by Naturals. Now outfitted with the Ootori Striker Pack, the Strike Rouge boasts a wide range of armaments to handle various situations.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo Damage Notes
Main Beam Rifle 7 75 Deals slightly more damage than the average BR
CSA Beam Launcher (High Output) 20 ~ 211 Bendable Gerobi
CSA (During Burst) Full Salvo 199(S) / 178(F & E) Faster charge timing, deals maximum damage much faster
Sub Beam Launcher  2 120 AB input, fires a high -power beam. Shares ammo with 2AB.
Railgun 2 90 2AB input, fires a high-velocity physical projectile. Shares ammo with AB
Special Shooting Missile Launcher 1 26 ~ 144 Fires a total of 12 missiles at the target
Special Melee Murasame Squadron (Defence Order) 1 3 Murasames for a barrier around the Strike Rouge
Murasame Squadron (Attack Order) 60~156


Single Murasame fires a salvo before following the Strike Rouge.

(Commanded fire damage)

2B Large anti-ship sword 80 Stuns on hit.
Input Melee Damage Notes
5B 5BBB 179 Average melee combo
5BB~8B 170 Launches target into the  air
5B~A 158 Armor Schneider stab into vulcans

(Able to rainbow step out of the stab but unable to step out of vulcans animation)


5BB~A 186
5B~BC 223 Somersault kick to Armor Schneider stab


5BB~BC 244
8B 8B 90 Nothing exemplary, common thrust melee attack
4/6B 4/6BB 121 Two-stage melee that launches target
4/6B~A 158 Same as 5B
4/6B~BC 223
CC8B CC8B 186 Bounces target upon final hit
CC8B~A 158 Same as 5B
CC8BB~A 192
CC8B~BC 232
CC8BB~BC 257
2B 2B~A 156 Same as 5B
2B~BC 214
ABC ABC 271(F)
Melee combo with Strike Rouge’s Anti-Ship Sword

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, AC, BC, 2B




The Strike Rouge is an all-rounder with a bigger focus on ranged combat. With a multitude of ranged armaments, the Strike Rouge is well-suited in supporting its partner with its Murasame squadron assist and its missile launchers.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Functionally similar to most Beam Rifle weapons, though its damage is slightly higher at 75. Continuous reload at a rate of 1 shot every 3 seconds. While the Strike Rouge has a wide variety of ranged weaponry, the Beam Rifle is one of the very few options that does not cause vernier. Keep a close watch on its ammo count, especially if you intend to use the freefall options that are available after using its BC assist.

Charged Main: Beam Launcher [High Output]

Fires a gerobi at the target and has a 3-second charge time. Decent muzzle correction and the beam can be curved during the animation. One thing to note is that the startup and charge time is lengthy. Thus, while it can indeed be used as a traditional gerobi,  this tool is better used as a net of sorts, by aiming at the target but dragging the beam towards his rear guard instead. 

While it is not a key tool for the Strike Rouge, the tool does have its strengths and opportunities for usage. Do note that it is not usable while in Burst.

Charged Main (During Burst): Full Salvo

Fires the beam launcher, railgun,  and head vulcans in unison. Fast startup and good muzzle correction, though the hitbox is narrow. While the charge time is faster than normal, it still takes up 2.5 seconds, during which you are unable to shoot your Main and Sub. Furthermore, you may end up wasting precious Burst time if you charge this for too long and not use it decisively. A key point to note is that using S Burst does cut the charge time significantly.

Sub: Beam Launcher/Railgun

Strike Rouge fires either the Beam Launcher or Railgun depending on directional input. Ammo is shared for both types. Continuous reload; takes 8.5 seconds per shot.

AB: Beam Launcher

Fires a large beam that causes Down upon hit. Note that Strike Rouge is pushed back a bit due to the recoil. The beam has good tracking and projectile speed, doing 90 damage when canceled into. However, due to its slow startup, it’s recommended not to use this raw. While visually similar to Gunner ZAKU’s Main, the overall performance is far inferior. Thus, it is best used as a finisher for combos to deal more damage or used to hit-confirm your Beam Rifle shots.

2AB: Railgun

Fires a high-velocity physical projectile. Does 65 damage when canceled into. Due to its fast projectile speed, this is best used for catching landings or finishing off suits with low hp. While also useful as a self-defense tool against incoming melee suits or against suits with ABC mantles, try not to rely on this too much as the muzzle correction and tracking are mediocre. Hence, it may not be enough to protect you consistently.

Special Shooting: Missile Launcher

Strike Rouge fires 12 missiles from its wing-mounted missile launchers. 7-second reload time. While firing, Strike Rouge is pushed back slightly due to the recoil of the missiles. Strike Rouge will also freefall if this move is canceled into BC while Murasame Squadron [Attack Order] is active. 

While the missiles initially disperse when fired, they will eventually converge upon the target. The projectile speed is fast and tracking is decent. Due to the wide firing arc and the sheer volume of missiles, it can also be used as a self-defense tool against incoming melee units.

Special Shooting: Murasame Squadron Assist

Summons 3 Murasames to assist, with a 20-second reload time. The performance of the assist is different depending on the directional input. This move can also be canceled into Main upon summoning to freefall. When summoning the assist, the Strike Rouge does not automatically face forward, so do take extra care to not accidentally vernier if you intend to use the ability for freefalling. Reloading starts only after the assists have disappeared. Do note that while the assist ammo does not replenish upon Burst, they do reload faster under the effects of Burst.

The assist has two variations:

  1. BC: Summons 3 Murasames in a defensive formation

    The general performance is similar to Gun-EZ’s defensive assists, though it cannot be assigned to your partner. While they have lower durability compared to Gun-EZ’s assists, their active time is long at 35 seconds.

Do take note that explosive, boomerang, or whip-type weapons have the potential to destroy all three assists at once, so do take care when fighting against suits with these weapons. Strike Rouge’s front is also momentarily exposed when firing, leaving you vulnerable to ranged attacks during that small window. 

In short, it is far better to prioritize the other assist type over this one as that allows you to freefall. However, there are scenarios where using this variation is optimal. These include having an extra layer of protection to safeguard your landings when you are close to death, or having additional insurance when going for melee. 

  1. BC with any directional input: Summons 3 Murasames in an attack order

3 Murasames appear before firing a salvo. The Murasame in the center will rush forward while firing, and the remaining 2 will accompany Strike Rouge, firing in conjunction with it. The durability of both assists is average. If BC is input again while the assists are out, the assists will still fire. However, this input can be canceled into Main, allowing you to freefall.

This assist variation is a key tool for Strike Rouge and is useful for both offense and defense. When paired with S Burst, the assists will also fire repeatedly, resulting in a huge barrage of Beam Rifle shots.

2B: Anti-ship Sword [Throw]

Strike Rouge throws an anti-ship sword at the target. This move stuns on hit, is cancellable from Main, and can be rainbow-stepped. The actual hitbox is larger than it appears, and the weapon has good muzzle correction and fast projectile velocity. However, the startup is a bit slow and the tracking is mediocre. This move also inherits any inertia from any previous movement, and the effective range is roughly up till your maximum red lock range. Interestingly, this throw can be canceled into both the A and BC derivatives.

Similar to most thrown projectiles, the main purpose of this tool is in ammo conservation, and as a cancel route from Main with infinite ammo. Since it stuns upon hit, you will have a wide range of options for followup.

While doing this carries a larger amount of risk, it can also be used to intercept incoming enemies. Since this move can directly be canceled into the 2B melee derivative, there are large returns for pulling this off. However, due to the long startup, this may also backfire as well. Thus, it is essential to observe the situation and react as the situation calls it.

Due to the existence of the ~A melee derivative, it is not possible to cancel from 2B immediately to Main while in Shooting Burst. Keep this in mind so as to not accidentally move towards the enemy when you intended to use the move for its freefall cancel.

Melee Set

5BBB: Anti-ship Sword Combo

Standard 3-stage melee combo. This move has a viewpoint change in the third stage and is cancelable to the 8B derivative before the last hit. This move has average performance all around.

5B(B)~8B: Anti-ship Sword Combo > Launch

Finisher that launches the target into the air. This also has a viewpoint change, but is easy to follow up on.

5B(B)~A: Armor Schneider Pierce > Vulcans

A derivative that can be canceled from most melee moves (see table above). Strikes the target with the Armor Schneider combat knives before retreating backwards, while firing its vulcan machine guns. There is poor tracking on the vulcan shots and is more akin to a random spray of bullets.

The animation of this derivative is fast and particularly cut-resistant, but the overall damage is unreliable as the shots from the vulcans are all over the place. Overall, it is a derivative that can be mostly forgotten. However, if you are performing a melee combo in Overheat and feel the need to put some extra distance between yourself and your target, then it is advisable to go for this. This is also applicable if you foresee yourself being interrupted mid-combo.

5B~BC: Somersault > Armor Schneider Pierce > Outwards Slash

A derivative that can be canceled from most melee moves (see table above). A more damage-focused derivative that Forced Downs the target on hit. However, this combo has little cut-resistance. The stabbing motion has no Down value, so finishing off the combo with a shot from Sub may be preferable compared to dealing more damage. 

8B: Anti-ship Sword Thrust

Single-hit thrust that does respectable damage. This move has a decent startup and reach, and can be used as an alternative combo finisher of sorts if there is no AB ammo remaining, or if the target has anti-ranged defenses equipped.

4/6BB: Horizontal Slash

This two-stage melee launches the target while not having any viewpoint change.The reach is average but the wraparound angle is decent. Easy to follow up on, but the damage may be a little tricky to maximize due to the move’s damage proration.

CC8B: Slash-through > Horizontal Slash > Overhead Swing

A three-stage melee where Strike Rouge does a slash-through before returning and following up with another melee combo. Bounces the target upon completion, allowing for an easy follow-up. While the move’s speed is average, its reach and tracking are both above average. The Down value inflicted by this combo is higher than most CC8B moves. Hence, if you follow-up after this combo, it is likely that the target will be in a state of Forced Down before the following combo can be completed.

Burst Attack

Ootori Pack Separation Combo

Like most Burst Attacks, the first stage of this attack has super armor. While it may look cool, the combo offers little cut resistance. The attack itself is rather lengthy and will take up valuable active Burst time if used early. Even though it does decent damage, it is not a compulsory attack, so there is no need to force yourself to use it. 

Do take note that the stage where the Strike Rouge ejects its Striker pack at the target is counted as a ranged attack, as do the following Vulcan shots. As a result, any damage from these attacks will be nullified by any active barriers with Shooting Guard properties, such as Deathscythe Hell’s Active Cloak.


  • The Murasame assists form a key tool for the Strike Rouge. As mentioned, do prioritize usage of the 4/6BC over the defensive assist. As the assists allow for both freefall cancels and provide an extra pair of beam rifle shots, it is both useful in both offense and defense.
  • While the general melee performance of the Strike Rouge isn’t terrible, it still loses out in most engagements with higher cost suits. Hence, even though one should not write off its melee entirely, it is more important to focus on supporting your partner with salvos from Strike Rouge’s wide assortment of ranged tools.
  • The 2B sword throw has infinite ammo, so do not forget it as a cancel route option if you happen to run out of AB ammo.
  • Most of Strike Rouge’s ranged tools cause vernier, so aim to be more clinical with your shots so as to not to expend unnecessary boost.