Wing Gundam Zero

Model Number: XXXG-00W0 Pilot: Heero Yuy
Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: O Form Change: X

The five scientists who developed the Tallgeese gave no regard to cost or practicality in order to develop this super high performance suit. The suit’s Zero System allows pilots to “predict the future” and see all possible outcomes on the battlefield. However, only a pilot with a resolute and strong will can hope to take full advantage of the system.

MS Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Twin Buster Rifle 5 75 Thick BR shot.
Twin Buster Rifle (Focused) 38~144 Moving gerobi.
Charged Main Twin Buster Rifle (Charge) Changes Main from BR into the moving gerobi.
Charged Melee Zero System 100 One use per life, cuts tracking when active.
Sub Machine Cannon 60 8~124 A scattering spray of machine gun pellets.
Special Shooting Twin Buster Rifle (Focused) 1 35 ~ 212 (38 ~ 231) 5AC. Increased damage and projectile size if CSA is charged. Fires a single gerobi.
Rolling Buster Rifle 130 (160) 4/6AC. Increased damage and projectile size if CSA is charged. Fires two gerobis while spinning.
Special Melee Quick Transformation Changes to MA mode.
Burst Attack I…I will not die here!! 294(F)/282(E)/295(S) 3x slash into a gerobi.
Melee Input DMG Notes
5BBBB 212 Standard melee
5B(BB)~8B 118~194 8B derivative
5B(BB)~2BB 179~230 2B derivative  
5B(BB)~2B~8B 166~222  
8B 8B 163 OTG
4/6BBB 178 Good wraparound.
4/6B(B)~8B 113~164 8B derivative. 
4/6B(B)~2BB 174~211 2B derivative.
4/6B(B)~2B~8B 161~201  
2B 2BB 170 Bounces, good proration.
CC8B CC8BBB 178 Good chase distance.

MA Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Twin Buster Rifle 5 60~120 Ammo shared with MS mode.
Twin Buster Rifle (Focused) 36~162
Charged Main Twin Buster Rifle (Charge) Changes main from BR into gerobi.
Charged Melee Zero System Shared with MS Mode, doesn’t cause vernier while in MA mode.
Sub Wing Vulcan 60 6~108 Fires vulcans directly forward.
Special Shooting Rolling Buster Rifle 1 130 ~ 160 Changes back to MS mode to perform this move.
Special Melee Quick Transformation Cuts tracking.
Melee Input Dmg Notes
5B 5B 100 Quick transformation to MS mode and slash

Cancel Routes:

A (Beam Rifle): BC, 5AC, 4/6AC

A(Gerobi): all melee except CC8B

A(Beam Rifle)(MA): 5AC, 4/6AC, BC

A(Gerobi)(MA): BC


The Wing Gundam Zero (henceforth referred to as WZTV), is a high-mobility, all-rounder unit with good swivel speed and an MA mode. It has two different Mains: the first is a standard Beam Rifle, but the second is activated by charging CSA, at which point it becomes a moving gerobi move which is a potent tool for assaulting the enemy at close range. 

Instead of duking it out with the enemy in the mid-range as most 3000 cost all-rounder units do, WZTV does its best work when committing aggravated assault in the close range, using its gerobi Main and Machine Cannon vulcans to lay on thick pressure. This low-risk, mid-return strategy is what WZTV specializes at. It is also good in 1-on-1 situations, utilizing its gerobi Main~melee cancel routes and its Zero System.

As far as weaknesses go, WZTV has only one projectile that actually tracks enemies in its limited-ammo Beam Rifle, and for a high-mobility suit it is noticeably lacking a freefall maneuver. It’s also the kind of unit that is more prone to accidentally hitting its teammate, its damage output is only average, and its HP is also rather low. Lastly, if WZTV is forced to take the rear position it can do very little to support a teammate from long range.

Still, WZTV has more than enough strengths to make up for its weaknesses. It does well with all Burst types, especially S which allows it to rapid-fire its Main with no fear of running out of ammo. WZTV must be played conscientiously while making the right reads, and staying on top in the damage race from start to finish. 

MS Mode Ability Detail

Ranged Weapons

Main 1: Twin Buster Rifle

A pretty standard Beam Rifle. Although the projectile fired appears to be two separate shots, hitbox-wise  it’s actually just one thick beam. While the reload time per shot is standard at 3-seconds, the ammo count on this weapon is rather low at only 5. This means that ammo conservation is very important, and that you should use tools such as Main 2 frequently to help spread your ammo out more. Overall, the projectile is thick and easier to hit than your average BRs in close range, and it’s a perfectly good tool for setting up your offense. You can mix in side or back fuwasteps in with the usage of this move to stay mobile while attacking. 

Main 2: Twin Buster Rifle (Focused)

After CSA has been charged this becomes your Main for one shot. This is a pretty standard moving gerobi move, where as long as you don’t fire this weapon out of angle you will remain in motion. While firing this move you can perform any mobility maneuver except for boost dashes which cancel the move. This means you can still sidestep, fuwastep, boost upwards, or hop. 

While this move is similar to WZEW’s Main, WZTV’s version has a faster startup, better muzzle correction, has a bigger hitbox, and a wider firing angle. The large size of this move’s hitbox and its fast projectile speed makes this a very strong tool that’s easy to hit in the mid to close range. However, if you miss this move in the close range you are susceptible to being punished. 

You can cancel this move into all melee attacks except for CC8B (and MA mode melee, obviously). The shooting to melee cancel route is a powerful one on any MS, and WZTV is no exception. This is great for pressuring enemies in the close range, and it can be very hard for enemies to defend themselves from this type of assault. Of particular usefulness is 8B, which has good priority and can even OTG, allowing you to pick up enemies that have fallen to the ground but have not yet entered a yellow-lock, knocked down state. 

“A large gerobi with average muzzle correction, that can be hard to land every single hit of”— 8B has perfect synergy with this move, perfectly covering all of its weaknesses and providing the perfect follow-up, on hit or not.

This is your main damage source. Aiming to hit this and then following-up with a melee attack is your main offensive strategy with WZTV. You can use it to conserve Main 1 ammo, catch landings, or push on enemies in the close range. This is easily one of WZTV’s most important moves, and learning to hit it effectively is key to succeeding with this unit.

Charged Main: Twin Buster Rifle (Charge)

Changes your Main to the moving gerobi type, changes your MA mode Main to the moving gerobi type, and improves the performance of your AC and MA mode Main. The charge will be consumed once you use any of the aforementioned moves (even if you cancel out immediately). When charged the weapon will glow with a special effect, so enemies will know when you are charged up. 

Charged Melee: Zero System

2-second charge time, is active for 5 seconds. Only one use per life. Cuts tracking as long as you are moving while Zero System is active (think F91’s MEPE). Charge gauge can be carried over between MS and MA forms. 

This is best used when trying to escape or to close in on the opponent. You stand still to activate this move, so take caution to not get hit when activating this as it will instantly cancel the power up. Damage taken while Zero System is active is also increased to 1.5x, so avoid traveling in straight lines or staying still for too long or you can still get hit and take massive damage. 

Overall this is a very important move for WZTV, although it only lasts 5 seconds how well you use those 5 seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Sub: Machine Cannon

WZTV fires a spread of machine gun pellets. Landing 4 pellets staggers the enemy. Reloads on empty, taking 6 seconds to fully reload. You fire 10 pellets with a single button tap, or you can hold the buttons down to fire up to 30 pellets.

This weapon is more like a shotgun than a machine gun. This move has a rather fast startup and a wide spread, making it easy to stagger enemies that wander too close. You can also easily score a down by holding the buttons down to fire more pellets. 

As long as you’re not firing it out of angle, you can fire this move when landing to cover your landing and remove a lot of the landing rigidity. Just remember that this move has a very tight firing angle, so you cannot use it in this manner for every landing situation.

You can fire this while moving, but the firing angle on this is extremely tight so you may very well end up standing still when firing. You might be better off thinking of this move as being one that forces vernier. This move is best used in the close range for pressuring enemies with its wide hitbox, or as a means of anti-melee self defense. The pellets can even be used to destroy incoming physical projectiles like missiles. Muzzle correction is constantly reapplied when firing this, so it’s an extremely good means of self defense against enemies attacking you with arcing melee attacks while sidestepping. 

This is such an effective anti-melee move that you can think of it as an anti-melee barrier that you can activate at will. The shots also cause a lot of hit stop and quickly downs enemies when repeatedly fired, making this an excellent tool for beating out super armor. You can also beat out other Zero System users or anyone that cuts tracking (MEPE, Mirage Colloid) with the constant muzzle correction and wide shotgun-like spread. You can also use this move to chase enemies down if you constantly realign your axis with them to catch them at the right angles.

Special Shooting: Twin Buster Rifle (High Output)/Rolling Buster Rifle

There are two types of input for this weapon. Damage and the size of the beams for both inputs will increase if the Twin Buster Rifle (CSA) is charged.

-5AC: Fires a gerobi. If the Twin Buster Rifle is charged, it will cause an explosion upon contact with terrain. Overall this is a very average gerobi that is perhaps outstanding only in regards to the size of the hitbox. You can use this for okizeme if your CSA is charged up. 

-4/6AC: Wing Zero’s signature spin to win. WZTV spins 360 three times total. The direction of the spin is determined by your input (4 or 6). Charging CSA increases the size of this move, which is further boosted during Burst. 

You want to input the spin direction to ensure that the spinning beams will hit the enemy as soon as possible (if the enemy is on your left side, you want to spin left to right). While WZEW’s version of the move (CSA) spins faster, WZTV has an easier time setting this move for many reasons. Not having to charge CSA to perform the move means WZTV can whip it out at any time, and is not restricted from using its Main. Basically if you see the opening, you can take it anytime. 

The startup on this move is fast, and you can use your Main to set this move up nicely. The return off hitting this move is also good. Just be careful as good players learn to guard against this move on reaction, so be prepared with a possible follow-up to your offense.

Special Melee: Quick Transformation

Change to the Neo Bird Mode while rising upwards. 4/6BC will make WZTV transform and fly towards the input direction. The initial velocity on this maneuver is extremely fast, and you can use this to travel long distances quickly. You can cancel into this move from Main 1, but not Main 2. The boost consumption of this move is rather high, so be careful.

Melee Set

5BBBB: Beam Saber combo

A standard 4-stage combo. There’s a forced PoV change on the last stage, which deals multiple hits. This move is by no means bad, but compared to the excellent 8B and 4/6B this move just falls short of greatness and as such gets a lot less use. You can still use it as a combo part.

5B or 4/6B~ 8B derivative: Slash-through

A quick slash-through that launches the enemy in an untechable down state. The 4th hit of 5B deals many hits, and you can cancel out right before the last hit into this to rack up damage. In general this is a good move to end a combo quickly.

5B,4/6B~ 2B derivative: Beam Saber Rush

A flashy beam saber combo with multiple hits. Forced PoV change throughout this move. The damage on this is good, but with the long combo time the overall DPS is not very good. But if you have all the time in the world, this is a good combo option. 

8B: OTG Stab>Flash Kick

Wing Zero’s main melee attack. This is a OTG (Off The Ground) attack, meaning it will scoop up Downed enemies (not yellow lock, just on the ground) to perform the full combo. Moreover the attack ends with a kick which launches the target, allowing for another follow up, usually just a BR shot. Cancel your Charged Main to this melee quickly (if you land a hit) to ensure you get maximum damage output.

The startup speed and priority of this move are excellent, however the reach of this move is not very good so make sure you’re within the move’s effective range before performing it. If you’re trying to score an OTG after hitting an enemy with Main 2 and its too far away for 8B to reach, if there’s enough time you can step forward after the first 8B and perform 8B again to reach it. 

It’s been mentioned before, but Main 2~8B is WZTV’s calling card. A lot of the time your goal should be trying to hit this combo on enemies in the close range.

4/6BBB: Horizontal Slash> Shield Stab

A 4-stage combo. The startup and priority of this move are above average but the wraparound curve is excellent. Aside from 8B, you can also cancel from Main 2 into this to catch enemies. Just bear in mind that the reach of this move is only average, so do not try too hard to chase down faraway foes. 

2BB: Uppercut>Helmsplitter

Forced PoV change on the second stage. Useful as a combo finisher.

CC8BBB: Slash-through> Saber Slash

Forced PoV change on the second hit. This is WZTV’s furthest reaching melee move. You can use this to chase down enemies who refuse to pay attention to you. The damage off this is also good. Just remember that the cut resistance on the second hit is not very good, so be prepared to move to safety at any time. 

Burst Attack

I…I will not die here!!

Slashes the opponent twice, launches it, and fires a gerobi at it. The whole animation takes about 3 seconds to complete and during that time, Wing Zero will remain almost completely stationary. The damage won’t change even if you have the Twin Buster Rifle charged.

Take note that when using this Burst Attack against an enemy with shooting guard equipment, the equipment will absorb some damage from your gerobi finish. With super armor startup this move can be used as a sneaky attack, or you can directly combo into this for some nice, quick damage. 

MA Mode Ability Detail

Wing Zero’s MA Mode consumes very little boost and moves very quickly. You also have a few good moves during this mode. You can use this mode for everything from closing in on enemies quickly, attacking, or running away by transforming into MA mode, canceling the transformation, and transforming again repeatedly.  

Ranged Weapons

Main 1: Twin Buster Rifle

Shares ammo with your MS mode’s Main. This knocks enemies back on hit. This also does more damage than your regular Main, so you can transform into MA to fire this move as a follow-up zunda. However this is a difficult move to hit because you will need to properly align the muzzle to where you want this to fire. 

Main 2: Twin Buster Rifle (Focused)

An MA gerobi, similar to Harute’s or Arios’. On full hit this knocks the enemy down. You can use your MA maneuvers to move the muzzle of the beam and make it sweep across various axises. This is a difficult move to master, but it is also one of WZTV’s greatest strengths. You can also cancel this move into BC anytime to keep it safe. Because of the long CSA charge time, try and charge this up in green lock before entering red lock to fire it. 

WZTV has a poorer swivel speed in MA mode than Arios or Re-GZ, making this move more difficult to hit at times. You also have no moves to hit the enemy with first before comboing into this. However, you can still use this both on offense and defense to attack enemies even if they are airborne and typically unpunishable. 

Charged Main: Twin Buster Rifle (Charge)

Same as MS Mode. Charge carries over, so you can start charging in MS Mode and finish in MA mode, or vice versa.

Charged Melee: Zero System

The effects are the same as with the MS mode except that it does not cause vernier upon activation. The charge gauge is carried over between MS and MA form.

Sub: Wing Vulcan

Fires vulcans directly forward. Separate ammo from your Sub. You automatically reload this ammo back to full when transforming into MA mode. This is a very difficult move to hit because there is no muzzle correction applied, but you can still use this to simply scatter shots across the battlefield.

Special Shooting: Rolling Buster Rifle

Changes back to MS mode on input and fires gerobi from both buster rifles while spinning.

Special Melee: Quick Transformation

Change back to MS mode with a quick side roll that cuts tracking. Input 4 to roll to the left, 2/6/8 will roll to the right. Has long recovery frames before you can input another command. 

Melee Set

*B: Slash-through

Transforms back to MS form for a cleaving melee attack that launches the enemy in an untechable down state. The reach, startup, damage, and priority of this move are all excellent. You can cancel from 4/6BC into this move for a quick and effective surprise attack. 

Recommended Combos

A1 is Main 1 (Beam Rifle), A2 is Main 2 (moving gerobi). 

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A1>>A1>>A1 158 Standard zunda but takes up precious ammo
A1>>A1~BC~B 168
A1>>5BBB~2B 209
A1>>BC~B>8B 175 Freefall after the last hit of 8B
A2(1hit)~8B>BC~B 210
A2(4hits)~8B 184 (163) () damage indicates OTG. BnB.
A2(5hits)>8B 185 (170) () damage indicates OTG. BnB.
5BBB~2B(3hits)>5BBB~2B 267 Restrain the enemy with a long combo.
5BBBB>A1 243
4/6B~8B>4/6B~8B ?? BnB
8B>4/6BBB ??
CC8BB>5BBB~2B 248
MA mode B>5BBB~2B 280
MA mode B>CC8BBB>A1 259


  • WZTV is meant to dominate the mid to close range. With its two Mains and good mobility, it can dance circles around the enemy and essentially bully them.
  • Main 2 is especially powerful, allowing you to hit enemies at angles that Beam Rifles cannot. You can also follow-up with a melee attack like 8B to pile on the pressure. Essentially, use your mobility to set up opportunities to hit your Main 2, or simply force them to evade Main 2 and spend boost to present punish opportunities.
  • Sub is your go-to anti-melee attack, and you have the Rolling Buster for catching horizontal movement. BC is your mobility skill and can be used similar to Hambrabi’s, ducking in and out of battle quickly.
  • Your melee attacks allow you to go toe-to-toe with even melee-centric units, although it’s not recommended that you take big risks thanks to WZTV’s low health pool. 
  • Using Zero System right is very important. Pick the right time to use it and be careful not to get hit by stray shots or wide attacks like gerobis. 
  • Don’t push hard with Main 2~8B against enemies that are strong in the close range, such as melee 3000 cost units. Instead, stay in the mid range and pick them apart slowly. Play according to the enemy you’re facing, and try to do whatever it is you think they’ll hate you doing most.
  • F Burst gives your melee a good power up, but WZTV doesn’t really have the HP pool to make big risky plays. E Burst as usual is the safest option, if your teammate dies first you can still Burst twice if played right. You can even Burst 3 times if you block frequently and Burst ASAP each time. S is the best option, allowing you to rapid fire your Main or charge your Main 2 quicker. S Burst has the best synergy with Zero System allowing you to attack in near complete safety, and it is also the best Burst for going up against melee-oriented units with F Burst. S is the best not for making big comebacks, but for staying ahead or evening out the damage race.
  • WZTV pairs best with 2500 and 2000 cost partners. It can pair with units with good self defense and support like GP03 or The O, or pair with front partners like Arche and Heavyarms Kai. In the latter you can both launch a joint assault, but HP and cost management still has to be taken into consideration.