Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City

Model Number: ASW-G-11 Pilot: Akihiro Altland
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Gundam Gusion utilises mechanical data from the Calamity War era, as well as brand-new additions based on its pilot, Space Guts’ Akihiro Altland’s combat data. Featuring a wide range of both melee and ranged weapons, the Gusion Rebake Full City is well equipped to flexibly adapt to any situation. A key weapon of the Gusion Rebake Full City is its Scissor-Variable Rear Armor, which can be used both as a handheld shield, or as a giant scissors for crushing enemy suits.

Move Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main 120mm Long Range Rifle 7 70 Physical rounds
Charged Main Rocket Gun 39 ~ 76 Flame Stun on hit
Sub Dual 300mm Smoothbore Gun 2 85 ~ 141 Fires two shots per input
Special Shooting 4x 120mm Long Range Rifle 1 50 ~ 100 Fires 4 rounds in a wide arc
Burst Attack I’ll do it myself! 323(F)/288(E)/292(S)
Melee Input DMG Notes
8AB Yakuza Kick 60 Launches target

5BBBB 237 Good damage, increases elevation during combo
5B(B)~8B 141 ~ 182 Bounces
5B(B)~A 179 ~ 210 Rifle finisher, forced down.

8BBB 182 Launches
8B(B)~A 184 ~ 211 Rifle finisher, forced down.

4/6BBB 173 Fast animation
4/6B(B)~8B 141 ~ 182 Bounces
4/6B(B)~A  179 ~ 210 Rifle finisher, forced down.

2BB 134 Has Shooting Guard in the first stage
2B(B)~8B 146 Bounces
2B~A 184 Rifle finisher, forced down.

CC8BBB 189 Untechable Down
CC8BB(B)~A  184 ~ 219 Rifle finisher, forced down.
BC BC 135 ~ 187 Continue pressing B for more damage
8BC 169 Has OTG properties

Cancel Routes:




8AB: any melee (except 2b and CC8B), BC

All melee except final hit and shooting derivative: BC


The Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City is primarily a ranged specialist which uses physical ammunition. While its maximum red lock range is fairly mediocre, it’s Boost Dash speed is good, allowing it to keep up with the pace of most engagements. Its armaments are all well suited for engagements at medium-close range, allowing the Gusion to perform well in its niche.

Despite its role as a ranged suit, it has excellent self-defense capabilities. Gusion’s BC (Giant Scissors) not only has a fast startup but a large hitbox that extends  a good distance in front of the Gusion itself, allowing it to deter any melee unit that tries to come close.  

However, most of its ranged tools incur vernier, its pivot speed is fairly slow, and it has little in the way of mobility options (freefalls, etc.). Furthermore, its ranged weapons all fire physical projectiles which can easily be destroyed by other attacks. While the Gusion has little trouble in 1v1 engagements, it can easily get broken down when facing multiple opponents at once. 

Ranged Weapons

Main: 120mm Long Range Rifle

Fires a physical round from either rifle. Continuous reload at 3 seconds per shot. Can be cancelled to AB, AC, and BC. While it is visually similar to Barbatos Lupus’ Main, its performance is more similar to the average beam rifle. This is Gusion’s only ranged armament that does not cause vernier, so make sure to always leave around 2-3 shots for emergency situations. Also, instead of zunda with main after the first main hits, you can opt to finish the combo with Sub instead. If Boost Dash Cancelling, Main>>Sub will deal 160 damage while a regular zunda does 147. 

Charged Main: Rocket Gun

Fires two rounds from both arms. Charge time of 2 seconds.The rounds automatically explode upon contact or after slightly beyond the red lock range. Each individual warhead does 39 damage (after proration), with the warhead itself doing 30 damage plus an additional 10 from the explosion. Tracking is rather weak as is the startup, though it does cause Flame Stun to anything it hits. Because the rounds themselves explode near the sides of the suits, there is a possibility of this tool bypassing shields.

Sub: Dual 300mm Smoothbore Gun

Gusion fires the Smoothbore guns sequentially. Reloads on empty, takes 4 seconds to reload. While it fires two rounds, this only consumes one ammo. Can be cancelled into 8AB (Yakuza Kick) after either shot. Downs the target upon a hit, though does not incur Forced Down even if both shots hit.

The tracking and bullet velocity are both good and is comparable to Barbatos’ Main. While it does cause vernier, this is one of Gusion’s strongest tools, due to the properties listed above as well as the fast reload time. However, the startup is fairly long, thus it’s best to use this as a follow-up from Main rather than being used raw.

Special Shooting: 4x 120mm Long Range Rifle

Gusion fires four rounds in a fan-shaped arc with the middle two rounds being centred and closer to one another. 9 second reload time. Has little vertical tracking and no horizontal tracking. While this is ideally used to catch targets on a horizontal axis, the gap between the centre and side is still wide enough for some units to slip through and avoid getting hit. However, the startup, bullet velocity, and muzzle correction on this move remains above average. 

At medium to close distances, this is one of Gusion’s key tools. Hitting even a single shot with this incurs strong stagger that allows for an easy follow-up. The wide arc and fast startup also makes this a good self-defence tool. However, there is no direct cancel route from this and you’ll have to rely on boost dash cancelling for your next move. 

Use this to catch landings, to maximize chances of hitting targets clustered together, or those moving in a horizontal axis. However, enemies who are familiar with Gusion’s tools are also likely to read your moves as well and block during their landings instead. Thus, mix up your game and keep the enemy guessing. Furthermore, due to the wide hitbox, make sure not to accidentally hit your partner when acting as a rear guard.

Melee Set

While not a dedicated melee, unit, Gusion, generally performs well in close range. The first stages of its melee set have good startup and priority, though his reach is fairly short and the combo times are often long.

8AB: Yakuza Kick
Gusion surges forward and does a forward kick while holding the Smoothbore Rifles by its sides. Can be cancelled into any melee (except 2B and CC8B) and BC.

5BBBB: Gusion Halberd Combo
5-stage melee combo with Gusion’s halberd. Viewpoint changes from 3rd stage onward, has some cut-resistance when it rises upwards. Long combo but high damage. 

5B(B),4/6B(B), 2B~8B: Twin Mace finisher
Finisher whereby Gusion launches the target with the halberd before finishing it off with a downwards slam with the Twin Maces. Cancellable to BC except from the final stage. 

Deals low Down value, but the combo ends quickly and it bounces the target. However, the short animation length does mean you can rely on this to end your combos early if you foresee yourself getting interrupted. Since the finisher bounces your target, it is still easy to finish up your combo with a ranged attack.

5B(B),4/6B, 2B, 8B(B), CC8B~A: Rifle Finisher
Gusion finishes off its combo with point-blank shot from its rifle. Forced Down upon completion. However, since the final hit counts as a Ranged attack, it will not work against suits with a barrier active (Nu Gundam’s Fin Funnel barrier, 00Quanta’s Shield Bits etc.).

4/6BBB: Gusion Halberd Combo
Three-stage melee combo with Gusion’s halberd. Relatively fast startup, and while not cut-resistant, it has a relatively short animation. Can be cancelled to both ~A and ~8B derivatives from the first and second stage. Also cancellable to BC prior to the last stage of the melee combo.

2B: Shield Bash
Gusion charges forward with its shield up before performing a downwards shield bash. First stage has Shooting Guard. Can be cancelled to both ~A and ~8B melee derivatives from the first stage, and it can also be cancelled to BC prior to the final stage. While this does have Shooting Guard properties, the startup and rush speed are both poor, and it does not guard against explosive weapons.

CC8B: Shoulder Tackle > Slash
3-stage combo with good reach that ends with the target in a cartwheeling Down. Cancellable to both ~A and ~8B derivatives as well as BC in the first two stages. 

BC: Scissor-Variable Rear Armor
Gusion grabs the target with its scissors. Has two variations depending on directional input. Like most grab-type moves, the Gusion will freefall if the target is Forced Down upon the first hit. The BC has two variations:

-BC:Gusion rushes forward while holding the scissors in front of it. Damage increases with addition B inputs. No change in viewpoint during the melee, and the target is launched upon this move’s completion.

This move has fast startup as well as great tracking at close ranges. While the chase speed is fairly slow, it has a large hitbox in front of it. Because the actual hitbox is in front of the Gusion itself, this grants this move high priority, and Gusion is likely to win most direct confrontations with this. As the tracking, startup and priority of this move are all top class, this makes it an excellent self-defence tool. While it has no cut-resistance, the benefits far outweighs the negatives of this move. Do take note that it is difficult to chase a target with this raw, so try to create situations that lead to this move instead.

-8BC: Gusion grabs the target with the scissors facing downward. While it does less damage than BC and cannot boost its damage with additional inputs, it instead has the OTG property, allowing it to grab targets that are lying on the ground but have yet to enter Yellow Lock. However, unlike the regular BC input, Gusion is completely stationary during the entirety of this move and thus is vulnerable to being interrupted. 

Burst Attack

“You’re mine to kill, that’s all there is!”

Melee Combo utilising the Gusion Halberd, its rifles, and a finisher with its scissors. Like most melee Burst Attacks, the first stage has super armor. While it is fairly mobile in the first stage, the latter stages leave Gusion stationary, thus it is liable to being interrupted during this period. 


  • While the Gusion relies heavily on ranged attacks, a good source of its damage is its BC. 
  • The Gusion has poor melee rush speed, so try to create situations whereby you can close in with your ranged tools before cornering the target and then abusing the scissors while they are busy trying to dodge your shots at close range.
  • Opponents who are accustomed to fighting Gusion are likely to avoid fighting it at close ranges; take this opportunity to lay more suppressive fire unhindered.
  • Your main game plan is lurking in the close to mid range while looking for opportunities to hit the AC, or execute the A~BC cancel route. While AC is on reload you can play more passively. This simple playstyle is enough to pressure many enemies. 
  • Against enemies who constantly try to keep you at bay with shooting attacks, show them 2B with the intention to make them think twice, opening up the opportunity to hit A~BC. 
  • While Gusion’s self defense is solid, enemies that know the matchup well will try to bait out your common moves. Be aware of that, and play calmly to analyze your enemy’s gameplan and react accordingly.
  • Gusion is a rear guard with melee attacks who can also play a shooting battle effectively. This strength is something you should be taking full advantage of.
  • Gusion, like all its IBO brethren that have erasable physical projectiles, has bad matchups against units with moving gerobis, large beams and plenty of spam, and units with high mobility and good freefalls. While common sense might dictate that it’s important to stay far away and play it safe, this is actually the worse play because Gusion will get beaten down even harder at longer ranges. Instead, cast aside your fear and go in. One of the key weaknesses of moving gerobi moves is that they are often easily punishable in the close range, which Gusion is capable of doing. 
  • Gusion has average mobility, which can make it hard to chase and escape enemies. Gusion also has little ammunition and it can often be left behind and ignored by the enemy, while they target its partner mercilessly. In times like this, AC is your best option, so make sure you hit it right.
  • F Burst gives Gusion good cancel routes like A~2B and AC~BC. It also powers up its already good melee attacks.
  • E Burst is the standard choice if you’re partnered with a 3000 cost partner. 
  • S Burst is the less risky powerup compared to F burst. Getting more uses of AC is nice, and being able to freefall and blue step is great. 
  • Gusion pairs well with 3000 cost partners that are on the more aggressive side, like God, Epyon, and Qan[T]. It’s risky, but since such units go in so deep your shorter red lock is less of an issue. However the reverse is also true, with partners like Zabanya who can take the back line and let Gusion take the front role.