Gundam X Divider

Model Number: GX-9900-DV Pilot: Jamil Neate
Cost: 2500 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Gundam X Divider is a repaired and refurbished version of the Gundam X following its defeat at the hands of the Bertigo. With the Satellite Cannon now damaged beyond repair, a number of new equipments made from various salvaged parts were added on to the Gundam X, including the iconic Divider Shield

X Divider Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Machine Gun 50 15 ~ 120 Excellent tracking
Charged Melee Gundam DX Assist(Melee) 70 5CSB: DX Assist does a melee Thrust
Gundam DX Assist(Shooting) 65 ~ 137 *CSB: DX Assist fires 3 Beam Rifle shots
Charged Melee (During Burst) Gundam DX Assist(Twin Satellite Cannon) 15 ~ 232 (S)
14 ~ 222 (F & E)
DX Assist fires its Twin Satellite cannon. Useable only during Burst
Sub Hyper Bazooka 3 85 Performance changes depending on directional input
Special Shooting Harmonica Beam Cannons 1 15 ~ 252 Fires a wide gerobi at the target. Damage varies depending on the number of beams hit
Special Melee Harmonica Blade 2 12 ~ 87

(17 ~ 120)

Damage can be boosted by holding down the button.
Burst Attack Satellite Cannon 310(S) / 296(F & E) Fires a large gerobi alongside 4 G-Bits
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 171 Mediocre performance
8B 8B 129 Pierces target before kicking it away
4/5B 4/6BB 129
2B 2B 67
2B~A 147 Forced Down
CC8B CC8B 123 Good reach


Cancel Routes:





The Gundam X Divider is a range-focused suit that primarily does best as a rear guard. It is the only 2500 cost unit that is land-locked, though it does somewhat make up for it with its smaller hitbox. Despite being land-locked, the damage potential of the X Divider is excellent, as it has a wide array of ranged tools to support its partner from the rear.

While its melee damage potential is low, the performance of the Harmonica Cannon and Harmonica Blades is good, and thus the X Divider can perform well in most ranges. However, the X Divider’s key weaknesses are related to its mobility. As it is land-locked, and has vernier on most of its ranged armaments, its movements are easier to predict. The X Divider thus requires a significant time investment to learn the intricacies of its movement.

X Divider Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Machine Gun
“Please let this hit…!”

Fires 5 shots with a single input, up to a maximum of 10 rounds when the button is held. Reloads on empty, taking 6 seconds for a full reload. Since it is a beam weapon, it won’t be neutralized by any incoming shots, though it will be nullified by Beam mantles. 

This weapon has a wide firing angle, excellent tracking, excellent bullet velocity and a relatively tight spread. The ease of hitting this at medium ranges makes this top-class. However, being tied to a land-locked suit like X Divider hampers its overall performance somewhat. However, a key weakness is its long reload time of 6 seconds, which may leave you vulnerable during that period.

Regardless, the BMG is useful in any situation and is the only weapon in X Divider’s arsenal that does not cause vernier. Due to its long reload time, careful ammo management is necessary, though X Divider still has plenty of other ranged options to fall back on. Rather than committing to a full BMG salvo, you can instead cancel into the other ranged cancel routes to quickly down your enemy.

Charged Melee: Gundam DX Assist

Summons Gundam DX to assist. Has a charge time of 2 seconds. Performance of this assist differs depending on directional input, and any subsequent assist cannot be called until the first is either destroyed or has disappeared. Generally good performance for a 2-second charge time assist. However, you will be locked out from using AB and BC whilst charging this. Regardless, you won’t be completely vulnerable as the assist does have some uses as a self-defence tool, so just release the assist whenever necessary. Furthermore, it has uses at all times as a supplementary ranged tool. 

Because it charges quickly and is universally useful in most situations, it is not practical to forego this assist simply because it locks you out of AB and BC. While the assists have low odds of hitting enemies directly, they do force the enemy to consume boost to avoid them, allowing for more openings to land your shots.

The assist has two variations:

  1. 5CSB: Gundam DX charges forward and does a beam saber thrust.
    “Garrod, it’s all on you!”

    Stuns the target upon hit. Useful for medium distances. The assist itself is durable and can tank at least a single Beam Rifle shot. The initial rush speed is excellent and can be used to surprise any incoming enemy. Vertical tracking is decent, though the same cannot be said for horizontal tracking. 

Its key strength is its fast rush speed and thus it’s useful as a self-defense tool in melee ranges. Furthermore, the stun attribute inflicted by this assist allows for easy follow-up. However, it is not too useful as a general purpose assist, so use the other variation below when you want to lay suppressive fire instead.

  1. *CSB: Gundam DX fires three consecutive Beam Rifle shots
    “Follow my cue!”

Gundam DX fires three shots from its Beam Rifle. The general performance is similar to a standard Beam Rifle, but seems to track better at longer distances. The muzzle correction is mediocre and thus not really reliable at close-medium ranges. The durability is also weaker than the melee assist and will be destroyed by a single Beam Rifle shot. However, as the tracking is decent and the shots have no range limits, this is the go-to option for support fire at long ranges. Like most ranged assists, you use this for harassing the enemy and forcing boost consumption. Due to its “infinite” ammo and fast charge time, this is a good tool to supplement your ranged options.

  1. CSB (during Burst): Twin Satellite cannon
    “Do you read me? Fire!”

Fires a large gerobi with a wide blast radius. All your CSB during Burst will become this move. In S Burst, the charge time of this attack becomes 1.5 seconds. However during the animation, you would most probably fire a maximum of 2~3 time during the span of your Burst. Even if the gerobi does not hit, the large hitbox serves as a blockade of sorts, allowing you to influence the enemies’ movement. Additionally, the explosion radius can also catch your target unawares, allowing for follow-up. While it’s definitely not mandatory to spam this during your Burst, it is advised to use it at least once since it is a low-risk, high-reward tool.

Sub: Hyper Bazooka
“I’ve not lost my touch!”

X Divider fires a round from the Hyper Bazooka at the target. Reloads on empty, takes 4.5 seconds for a full reload. Unlike most bazooka-type weapons, there is no secondary explosion on the bazooka shot although the projectile speed is above average. Retains inertia from previous movement. The recovery period after firing with or without is ammo is very short, so you can use it as a zusakyan. The Hyper Bazooka has two variations depending on directional input.

  1. AB: Direct shot

Fires the Hyper Bazooka straight at the target. Since there is no hitbox on the explosion, it does not bypass any shields. Mainly used at medium ranges to hit-confirm from Main.

  1. 2AB: Arcing shot

Fires a shot that arcs upwards before falling back down. The trajectory is similar to shots from Ez8’s cannon. Unsurprisingly, this has little chance of hitting at close range, and due to the long travel time, has a lower chance of hitting if cancelled from Main.

Special Shooting: Harmonica Beam Cannons
“Kid, I’ll be using this!”

Fires six thin gerobis in a fan-shaped arc. Reloads on empty, takes 13 seconds to reload. Damage varies depending on your distance from the target, and the number of beams hitting the target. The range is roughly the same as X Divider’s red lock distance. This inherits inertia from previous ground boost-dashing movement. The gerobis deal maximum quickly and it is possible to deal maximum damage before the target can even do a Burst recovery. On average, it is likely that you will hit 2-4 beams on a target. When hitting at point-blank range, it’s entirely possible to deal maximum damage near instantaneously.  Due to the wide spread however, there may be times where only one beam connects and does not down the target. 

The range and projectile velocity are both respectable and it is best used at close-to medium ranges. This forms one of the key tools for catching landings and interrupting units at close range. However, the startup is relatively slow and at times may not be fast enough to catch an incoming enemy. Exercise caution before committing to this attack. As it has huge damage potential (along with the Satellite Cannon assist), this remains one of X Divider’s key tools, and victory depends a lot on how proficient you are with it.  

Special Melee: Harmonica Blade
“Don’t throw your life away!”

X Divider forms a blade with the harmonica cannons and fires it. Continuous reload at 3 seconds per shot. The damage can be further increased by holding down the input. This move does 12 damage per hit by default and 17 per hit when charged. While the input can be held, the projectile itself will track whichever target the X Divider is aiming at upon the moment of release. If you begin the charge while your opponent is in red lock and it moves into green lock at the moment of release, your shot will not track. Muzzle correction is constantly applied up until the moment of launch. This move also carries over any momentum from the previous movement.

The blade has a horizontal orientation when released with a 5/4/6BC input and has a vertical orientation when released with a 2/8BC input. When cancelled into each other, the Harmonica Blade will always fire in alternate orientations, even if 5BC is inputted twice.

As it deals damage in multiple hits, it can reliably penetrate moves with a HP-based Shooting Guard, such as Cherudim’s Bits and ABC Mantles. Furthermore, unlike X Divider’s Main, it staggers immediately upon hit and has a longer range than AC. Overall a flexible tool that can be used across any range. You can use this move to Zusakyan even when you are out of ammo. 

Due to its wide hitbox, you can use the horizontal version to catch landings and the vertical beam blade for targets that are ascending away from you. The vertical beam blade also has better vertical tracking, thus more suitable when there’s a height difference between you and your target. The performance of the charged Beam Blades is strong, so try and land those charged shots whenever possible.

Melee Set

5B: Large Beam Sword

A generic three-stage melee attack with average priority and start-up. While useful enough to be used in direct melee clashes, there isn’t anything else particularly noteworthy about it as both CC8B and 4/6B are better options overall.

8B: Stab & Kick

Grapple attack whereby X Divider stabs the target before kicking it away. Unlike most grapples, X Divider will continue with the animation even if the first hit incurs Forced Down. Damage, Down value and proration are similar to the second stage of the 5B melee combo, but the hitbox is bigger here. 

4/B: Shield Bash > Horizontal Slash

While the startup is slow, the move has excellent swing speed and close-in speed, and is the go-to move for starting combos. As the first hit causes a heavy stagger, you can easily side-step and cancel into your Burst Attack for a guaranteed hit. Upon the last hit, you can step forward to link to most ranged and melee attacks..

2B: Beam Sword Slash

Single-stage melee that launches the target, Has heavy damage proration and deals its maximum damage relatively slowly. It is fine to forego this move entirely except for extremely niche situations.

2B~A: Beam Machine Gun finisher

Fires a pair of beams from the BMG. Launches the target and inflicts Forced Down upon hit. The Down value of this move is extremely high and it’s capable of inflicting Forced Down on even CPU Boss units.

CC8B: X-Slash

A multi-hit attack where X Divider rushes forward and does an X-shaped slash with both beam swords. Has good dash speed and startup, and inflicts Forced Down on the target when followed up with another CC8B. To compensate for X Divider’s low overall mobility, players can incorporate the surge in speed and boost distance gained from the CC8B into their general movements instead.

Burst Attack

Satellite Cannon
“I won’t let you have Lucille!”

Transforms into Gundam X and summons 2 G-Bits on both sides before firing a total of 5 Satellite cannons at once. Has Superarmor until Satellite cannon is fired. Only the Gundam X’s satellite cannon generates an explosion at the point of impact.  This explosion will occur, even if the attack is blocked. While each beam has a relatively thin hitbox, the muzzle correction of each beam is decent and each G-Bit has its own separate muzzle correction. The G-Bits also fire in a staggered manner, so there will be times you see the beams criss-cross if your target is moving really quickly.

However, the G Bit’s will disappear if GX dies during the attack and also don’t have much hp (they get destroyed by one Epyon whip during AC). On the contrary, once the G-Bits have started firing they will continue even if GX is downed.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A(10hits) 120
A(5hits)>>AB 133 Direct canceling does 121 damage. Almost the exact same damage numbers for canceling into Harmonica Blade (BC)
AB>>AB 145
AB>>BC 141
BC>>AC 161-210 Damage depends on how long you charge the Harmonica Blade, and how many beams of your Harmonica Cannon hit
4/6B>4/6BB>AB 197 Standard combo after you win a rainbow step war
4/6BB>5BB>AB 215
4/6B>AC 217 Very fast, good damage
CC8B>>CC8B 175 Cannot be done on a slope
CC8B>8BB>2AB 195


  • X Divider boasts superior ranged armaments coupled with multiple Zusakyan options, and is great for laying down oppressive barrages. While it doesn’t have a Beam Rifle, it’s still categorized as an unorthodox all-rounder.
  • You are generally very difficult get hit by melee attacks due to its multiple projectiles that hit wide as well as its Main. 
  • It is one of, if not the best 2500 units for close~mid range. All his weapons pose a threat and it’s impossible to leave X Divider unchecked.
  • You want to constantly align your firing angle with the enemy and while firing your Main. Like all machine guns, it’s a great tool to use in conjunction with the fuwastep motion.
  • For Zusakyan, the recovery after each move differs. The recovery for each ranged weapons in ascending order are: AB (while no ammo)>BC>5AB>2AB (no ammo)>everything else .
  • You can cover the ending of the zusakyan with a jump cancel as well but that will cost Boost.
  • On retreating enemies, 2AB or Harmonica Blade are very effective. You can also force enemies to move using your Main, and then hit your Harmonica Cannon once they have exhausted themselves. This can be a very difficult setup for enemies to escape.
  • 2AB is especially strong at your maximum red lock range. You have your Main and 2 versions of Harmonica weapons to attack enemies with direct projectiles in the close to mid-range, so it’s ok to use all your AB ammo for long range encounters. 
  • X Divider is also very good at launching direct melee attacks, however your Harmonica weapons are so good in that range as well you almost don’t need to take the risk that comes with melee attacks.
  • CSB charges quickly, and you want to be able to weave it seamlessly into your ranged offense. However charging CSB means limiting the use of your AB and BC, which are key tools for X Divider. But this is not a good enough reason to not use your useful CSB assists. Find the right time and place for it, including at mid range, or charging it up when you have been knocked down.
  • The Satellite Cannon Burst Attack does great damage, has a huge AOE and can be combo’d into, but using it leaves you completely vulnerable for a long time. Use it only if you’re going to close out the game, or if you are certain you won’t get punished.
  • X Divider’s weaknesses are that it has poor damage proration numbers for mid-ranged combat, and its difficulty in attacking enemies on higher elevation. The first weakness is somewhat offset by how easy its moves are to hit, but there is really not much you can do about the second. X Divider is also especially weak to funnel-type weapons, attacks that have a big shotgun-like hitbox, and moves with strong tracking. It’s also poor at saving teammates who are getting slapped in a melee combo high off the ground. 
  • X Divider also does not have melee attacks or shooting attacks with lightning-fast startup, which puts it in danger in the extreme close range. 
  • However, as far as horizontal movement goes, X Divider with its multiple zusakyans is king. Against enemies with nothing but a Beam Rifle for ranged combat, X Divider with its fast movement and small hitbox can easily run circles and dodge shots for all eternity.
  • X Divider can get some benefit from F Burst, powering up its melee strings and gaining the shooting~melee cancel route. However its base mobility is still poor, and its melee attacks are still only “rather good”, so the overall synergy with this powerup is average at best.
  • E Burst is the standard burst you’ll be picking as a support unit. It’s a good Burst for X Divider who has poor mobility overall and can struggle to get away.
  • S Burst may look terrible on X Divider because of its machine gun Main, but it’s actually a better offensive Burst for it than F. Powering up its shooting attacks and gaining the ability to blue step is great, and being able to cancel between your powerful ranged options freely is a great bonus. CSB also charges faster during S Burst, giving you quicker access to a powerful assist.
  • X Divider is a rare exception to the meta, where it’s better played as a frontliner 2500 cost unit than as a support. It teams best with 2000 or 1500 cost partners functioning as a mini 3000 cost unit.