Gundam X 

Model Number: GX-9900 Pilot: Garrod Ran & Tiffa Adill
Cost: 2500 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: O

The Gundam X was a limited production Mobile Suit that saw use in the 7th Space War. After the environmental destruction that resulted from said war, one unit fell into the hands of salvager Garrod Ran. Despite being a relic of the previous war, it boasts excellent performance and firepower. Asides from the usual armaments like a Beam Rifle and large beam sword, the Gundam X also packs its signature Satellite Cannon, a weapon that fires a large particle beam blast with immense firepower.

Gundam X Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Shield Buster Rifle 8 75 Long reload
Charged Melee GX-Bit assist 1 15 ~ 195 Usable once per life
Sub Hyper Bazooka 3 85 Fast projectile speed and good tracking
Special Shooting Satellite Cannon 1 21 ~ 270 Explosion upon impact
Special Melee Form Change (X Divider) Changes form to X Divider
Burst Attack Satellite Cannon 291(S) / 270 (F & E) Fires a large gerobi that explodes on impact alongside G-Bit assists
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 129 Mediocre performance
8B 8B 95
4/5B 4/6BB 124
2B 2B 80 Launches target upon hit
CC8B CC8B 130

Cancel Routes:





BC: A, AB, AC, any melee except CC8B

Any melee on hit: BC

Gundam X Divider Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Machine Gun 50 15 ~ 120 Excellent tracking
Charged Melee GX-Bit Assist 1 15 ~ 195 Usable once per life, shares ammo with the default form
Sub Harmonica Blade 2 12 ~ 87
(17 ~ 120)
Damage can be boosted by holding down the input.
Special Shooting Harmonica Beam Cannons 1 15 ~ 252 Fires a wide gerobi at the target. Damage varies depending on the number of beams hit. Slightly slowler startup as compared to Jamil’s X Divider.
Special Melee Form Change (Gundam X) Changes form to Gundam X
Burst Attack Satellite Cannon 291(S) / 270 (F & E) Fires a large gerobi that explodes on impact alongside G-Bit assists
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 164 Mediocre performance
8B 8B 124 Pierces target before kicking it away
4/5B 4/6BB 123 Strong stagger on the first hit
2B 2B 67
2B~A 147 Forced Down
CC8B CC8B 116 Good reach

Cancel Routes:





BC: A, AB, AC, any melee except CC8B

Any melee on hit: BC


Often referred to as a “clone” unit of the X Divider, the Gundam X (henceforth referred to as GX) actually has enough features to make it stand out and operate differently from the base X Divider. Its ability to change forms is actually a key feature of this Mobile Suit due to the multiple cancel routes that are available before and after changing forms. This not only makes the Gundam X a versatile machine, but also one with good mobility. 

The standard Gundam X in turn is better suited for a traditional keep-away gameplay style while the X Divider does better in close quarters and 1v1 situations. 

Gundam X Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Shield Buster Rifle

Fires a beam with a larger than average hit box, however each shot has a slower reload time (4 seconds per shot). While it has plenty of ammo, the long reload time offsets this benefit. Take the opportunity to instead hit-confirm into the bazooka Sub to save ammo.

Charged Melee: GX Bit Assist

“So this… is the Flash System?”

Summons two G-bits that fire their Satellite Cannons. 2-second charge time. Causes an explosion at the point of impact. However, the assist is usable only once per life and is shared across both forms. While the startup is relatively slow, the assists do have good muzzle correction. However, self cutting an enemy’s melee is difficult and you’re better off using other options instead. 

While the gerobi has a short animation length and does not have a large hitbox, the explosion upon impact makes it useful against a target already preoccupied with your partner, or against targets already in a guard animation. The payoff from landing this is quite substantial, especially if you are in GX mode. As the explosion launches the target slightly, you can then follow up with a direct hit from Gundam X’s own Satellite Cannon. 

The assist has low durability however, and is easily destroyed by one BR shot. However, since it offers a good payoff for minimal effort, make sure to expend this assist during each life.

Sub: Hyper Bazooka

Gundam X fires a round from the Hyper Bazooka at the target. Reloads on empty, taking 5 seconds for a full reload. Unlike most bazooka-type weapons, there is no secondary explosion on the bazooka shot although the projectile speed is above average. However, unlike Jamil’s X Divider, there is no option to fire this in an arc by using a directional input. The Hyper Bazooka has mediocre tracking but its fast reload speed and large ammo size makes it a useful option for hit confirming from Gundam X’s Main. This also alleviates the long reload time of the Main. 

Special Shooting: Satellite Cannon

“This is the end for you!”

Gundam X fires its signature Satellite Cannon. Takes 18 seconds to reload. While the gerobi doesn’t have great muzzle correction and isn’particularly thick, it does high damage. Interestingly, Tiffa will voice out a cue when the Satellite Cannon is ready. Furthermore, it also causes an explosion upon impact. You can take advantage of this explosion radius by using it to catch targets that are in Overheat, about to land or against a target about to wake up. As it can be directly canceled from Main, you can use this to deal a punishing followup upon landing your Main. While this move incurs vernier, you can freefall immediately upon completion by inputting BC~A to land.

Special Melee: Form Change

“Anyway, let’s try this!”

Gundam X changes to its X Divider form. Unlike most form changes, a key feature of the Gundam X’s form change is that is is not only cancelable from Gundam X’s A, AB and AC, but is immediately cancellable to Gundam X Divider’s A, AB, AC and any melee except CC8B. This minimizes the Gundam X’s vulnerability after changing form by allowing it to immediately attack or even freefall with both forms’ Mains. Do make sure to use the freefall option if you ever find yourself in Overheat and in need an option to slip away. 

While in X Divider mode, Gundam X’s weapons will still reload, albeit at a slightly slower rate (1.5x). Thus, regular form-switching is a key component of Gundam X’s playstyle and players should familiarize themselves with utilizing both forms equally to maximize this suit’s potential.

Melee Set

5B: Large Beam Sword

Two-stage melee with fast startup and animation. The first stage of the melee travels straight and has average performance. If you’re looking for more damage in a combo, use this over 4/6B.

8B:  Right Hook

GX does a right hook that blows away the target. While it has good reach and damage, it’s performance is mediocre when used solely by itself, so use this as a combo ender instead.

4/B: Large Beam Sword Slash > Slash

Two-stage melee with fast startup and good reach. Due to these properties, this is a good choice for rainbow wars or for following up after a Beam Rifle hit.

2B: Kick

GX does a single kick that puts the target in a Cartwheeling Down. Fast startup and decent hit box. As it results in a Cartwheeling Down, it’s easy to follow up with, and a shot from the Satellite Cannon is likely to hit.

CC8B: Large Beam Sword Thrust

A thrust attack that deals damage in multiple stages. Forced Down upon a full hit. Generally low performance when used by itself, however, due to its good reach, it is a decent followup to GX’s Beam Rifle Main at close ranges.

Burst Attack

Satellite Cannon 

“The whole lot you, get out of the way if you want to live!”

Summons 2 G-Bits on both sides before firing a total of 5 Satellite cannons at once. If Garrod’s Gundam X is in X Divider form, he will automatically change to Gundam X form prior to the attack. Functionally identical the X Divider’s (Jamil) Burst Attack. GX has superarmor until he fires the cannon. 

Only the Gundam X’s Satellite Cannons generates an explosion at the point of impact. This explosion will occur even if the attack is blocked. While each beam has a relatively thin hitbox, the muzzle correction of each beam is decent and each G-Bit muzzle corrects individually. The G-Bits also fire in a staggered manner, so there will be times you see the beams criss-cross if your target is moving really quickly.  

However, the G Bit’s will disappear if GX dies during the attack and also don’t have much hp (they get destroyed by one Epyon whip during AC). On the contrary, once the G-Bits have started firing they will continue even if GX is downed.

Gundam X Divider Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Machine Gun

“Outta my way!”

Fires 5 shots with a single input, up to a maximum of 10 rounds when the button is held. Reloads on empty, taking 8 seconds for a full reload. Since it is a beam weapon, it won’t be neutralized by any incoming shots, though it will be nullified by Beam Mantles. Compared to most machine guns, this boasts above average performance overall and should not be neglected.

The Beam Machine Gun staggers quickly in three hits, has a wide firing angle, excellent tracking, excellent bullet velocity, and a relatively tight spread. As it staggers quickly in three hits, the ease of hitting this at medium ranges makes this top class. However, a key weakness includes its long reload time, which thankfully is mitigated as it still continues reloading even while the suit is in Gundam X Mode.

When compared to the base X Divider’s Beam Machine Gun, this version has worse muzzle correction and a bigger spread, so its effectiveness at close range is not as good though still decent. However, the tracking of the projectiles are identical, so mid-long range performance is largely unchanged as the scattered rounds will converge at long distances anyway.

Regardless, the BMG is useful in many situations and is the only weapon in X Divider’s arsenal that does not cause vernier. Due to its long reload time, careful ammo management is necessary, though X Divider still has plenty of other ranged options to fall back on. Rather than committing to a full BMG salvo, you can instead cancel into the other ranged cancel routes to quickly down your enemy. Additionally, unlike the base X Divider, frequent form switching will also alleviate ammo issues as the number of ranged weaponry is almost doubled.

Charged Melee: GX-Bit Assist

“Activating Flash System.”

Virtually identical to the above form’s assist, see above for details. However, as the Gundam X Divider is landlocked, it’s difficult to carry out overhead surprise attacks with it while in this form. Recommended that you forego using this assist while in X Divider form.

Sub: Harmonica Blade

“This will seal the deal!”

X Divider forms a blade with the harmonica cannons and fires it. Continuous reload at 7 seconds per shot. The damage can be further increased by holding down the input. The shot does 12 damage per hit by default and 17 per hit when charged. While the input can be held, the projectile itself will track whichever target the X Divider is aiming at upon the moment of release and will not track a target that moves from red lock into green lock. Muzzle correction is constantly applied right until before it’s fired. This move also carries over any inertia from the previous movement.

The blade has a horizontal orientation when released with a 5/4/6BC input and has a vertical orientation when released with a 2/8BC input. When canceled into each other, the Harmonica Blade will always fire in alternate orientations, even if 5BC is inputted twice.

As it deals damage in stages, it has good odds of bypassing attacks with a Shooting Guard property. Furthermore, unlike X Divider’s Main, it staggers upon hit and has a longer range than AC. Overall this is a flexible tool that can be used at any range. You can use this move to Zusakyan even when you are out of ammo. 

Due to its wide hitbox, you can use the horizontal version to catch landings,  and the vertical beam blade for targets that are ascending away from you. The performance of the charge Beam Blades are strong, so try and land those charged shots whenever possible.

Special Shooting: Harmonica Beam Cannons 

“Stay down!”

Fires six gerobis in a fan-shaped arc. 19-second reload time. Damage varies depending on your distance from the target, and the number of beams hitting the target. The range is roughly the same as X Divider’s red lock distance. This inherits inertia from previous ground boost-dashing movement. The gerobis deal maximum quickly and it is possible to deal maximum damage before the target can even do a Burst recovery. On average, it is likely that you will hit 2-4 beams on a target. When hitting at point-blank range, it’s entirely possible to deal maximum damage near instantaneously.  Due to the wide spread however, there may be times where only one beam connects and does not down the target. 

The range and projectile velocity are both respectable and it is best used at close to medium ranges. This forms one of the key tools for catching landings and interrupting units at close range. However, the startup is relatively slow and at times may not be fast enough to catch an incoming enemy. Exercise caution before committing to this attack. As it has huge damage potential (along with the Satellite Cannon assist), this remains one of X Divider’s key tools, and victory depends a lot on how proficient you are with it.  

Special Melee: Form Change

“You lot can all come at me at once!”

Changes form to Gundam X. 

Same functionality as swapping from Gundam X to X Divider, except swapping from X Divider to Gundam X while grounded will make the unit stay grounded. This allows for Zusakyan, and also boost recovery if you cancel from BC (Div) ~A (GX). As long as the A (GX) isn’t a turnaround shot, your boost will be recovered to full the moment you cancel into A (GX). 

This boost recovery technique is a unique feature Garrod’s Gundam X has over the base X Divider and is key when going on the offensive while in the X Divider form. As you can sidestep right after a Boost Dash, you can Boost Dash into ground run>sidestep>BC~A to recover boost and dodge attacks at the same time. 

However, this technique will burn through GX’s Main ammo very quickly, so be careful not to abuse it too much.

Melee Set

5B: Large Beam Sword

A generic three-stage melee attack with average priority and start-up. While useful enough to be used in direct melee clashes, there isn’t anything else particularly noteworthy about it as both CC8B and 4/6B are better options overall.

8B: Stab & Kick

Grapple attack whereby X Divider stabs the target before kicking it away. Unlike most grapples, X Divider will continue with the animation even if the first hit incurs Forced Down. The damage, Down value, and proration are similar to the second stage of the 5B melee combo, but this attack has a bigger hitbox. 

4/B: Shield Bash > Horizontal Slash

While the startup is slow, the move has excellent swing speed and close-in speed, and is the go-to move for starting combos. As the first hit causes a heavy stagger, you can easily side-step and cancel into your Burst Attack for a guaranteed hit. Upon the last hit, you can step forward to link to most ranged and melee attacks.

2B: Beam Sword Slash

Single-stage melee that launches the target, Has heavy damage proration and deals its maximum damage relatively slowly. It is fine to forego this move entirely  except for extremely niche situations.

2B~A: Beam machine Gun finisher

Fires two beams from the BMG. Launches the target and inflicts Forced Down upon hit. The Down value of this move is extremely high and is capable of inflicting Forced Down on even CPU Boss units.

CC8B: X-Slash

A multi-hit attack where X Divider rushes forward and does an X-shaped slash with both beam swords. Has good dash speed and startup and inflicts Forced Down on the target when followed up with another CC8B. To compensate for X Divider’s low overall mobility, players can incorporate the surge in speed and boost distance gained from the CC8B into their general movements instead.

Burst Attack

Satellite Cannon 

Same Burst Attack as what is performed in as Gundam X, except you transform to GX to perform the attack.


  • While the standard Gundam X is mediocre by itself, it does have a longer red lock range than the X Divider and a potent game-changing tool in the Satellite Cannon. Using the Satellite Cannon alongside the GX-Bit assist allows you to create cross-fire situations that have the potential to deal massive damage to the enemy.
  • In contrast, the X Divider offers more stable sources of damage. Unlike Jamil’s Divider, you fortunately have the option to switch forms for additional mobility, so do not hesitate to go close in this form. Additionally, as your weapons will still reload even while you are in the standard GX form, you can afford to be more liberal with ammo usage. 
  • Thus it’s a good idea to regularly switch forms to mitigate any possible ammo issues and exert constant pressure on your enemies.
  • A key strategy with the Gundam X is to constantly utilize the cancel routes and freefall options it has at its disposal right after form switching. In this respect, the Gundam X functions unlike most suits with multiple forms as a key strength of this unit lies in the action of form switching rather than the individual forms themselves.
  • While in X Divider, you can back off while firing Main in red lock and even if you reached green, you can continue attacking by swapping forms and follow up with a Satellite Cannon due to the red lock being carried over and your A (Div)~BC~ AC(GX) is a legitimate cancel route. Technically, you can keep looping your weapons since every range attack cancels to BC.
  • The X Divider form here compared to the original has poorer performance in driving enemies away. It also lacks a bazooka in this version, but instead of thinking long and hard about every attack you’re performing it’s better to just throw everything you have at the enemy. X Divider is not your only form, so keep the pressure up by laying a constant barrage at the mid range.
  • All in all this is a difficult unit to master, given that it has two forms with varying movement types. However with DV’s powerful close-range weapons forming the nucleus of your playstyle, it is possible to deal with many different enemy types. 
  • Compared to the original X Divider the Gundam X is more suited for the support role, which is a key difference that you should bear in mind.
  • S Burst is the better offensive burst over F as it greatly hastens your reload times, powers up your powerful shooting attacks, and allows you to freefall easily. Both forms benefit greatly from the S Burst powerup. 
  • However, as a support unit you will most likely be picking E Burst, which helps you survive much longer. If you’re playing shuffle then E Burst is overall the more stable choice as well.
  • As mentioned earlier, Gundam X pairs well with 3000 cost units that take the frontline. It pairs well with units that take an aggressive front position, like Master, Epyon, God, Qan[T], and the Gundam DX.