Marasai & Gabthley

Model Number:RMS-108 / RX-110 Pilot: Jerid Messa
Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X/O Form Change: O

The Marasai and Gabthley were two Mobile Suits used by Jerid Messa. The Marasai was an advanced Mobile Suit for its time with advanced beam weapons, while the Gabthley was a transformable Mobile Suit with high mobility and the ability to perform melee and grapple attacks even in its Mobile Armor form. 

Marasai Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam rifle 4 65 Able to fire 4 shots consecutively. Manual reload when ammo is at zero
Charged Main Fedayeen Rifle (Gerobi) 193 Enough power to annihilate a mountain
Charged Melee Swap Units Swaps which unit you respawn into
Sub Fedayeen Rifle 1 120 Instant knockdown
Special Shooting Marasai Summon

(Beam volley)

2 96 5AC: Summons a Marasai to tackle the enemy
Marasai Summon


137 *AC: Summons a Marasai which fires 3 BR shots
Special Melee Beam Saber (Throw) 50 Throws a beam saber, stuns. Has a follow-up melee move.
Burst Attack Fedayeen rifle (Full power) 305 (S) /273 (F & E) No chance of surviving
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 173 Orthodox 3-stage
8B 8B 79 High priority.
4B 4BB 125 Decent travel curve
2B 2B 75 Launches
CC8B CC8BB 130 Good reach
BC BC~B 110 A jump to the sky turns to a rider kick

Cancel Routes:

A, AB,Any melee except 8B: BC


2B: AB

5B(B), 4B: 2B

Gabthley (MS) Ability Summary 

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Fedayeen Rifle 6 75 High damage BR
Charged Main Fedayeen Rifle (High Output) 120 Instant down
Charged Melee Swap units Swaps which unit you respawn into
Sub Mega Particle Cannon 2 60 Almost 360 degree firing angle
Special Shooting Gabthley Summon (Grapple) 2 49 Summons 1 Gabthley, grapples for ~4seconds
Gabthley Summon


149 Summons 1 Gabthley, fires a Gerobi
Special Melee Quick Transformation Cuts tracking, transforms to MA form.
Burst Attack Gabthley Melee Combo 293 (F) /272 (E & S) Melee combo
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBB 179  
5BB~BC 264 High damage melee route. Forced down.
8B  8BB 134  
8B~BC 245 High damage melee route. Forced down.
4/6B 4/6BBB 171  
4/6BB~BC 259 High damage melee route. Forced down.
2B 2B 79 Fast startup and high priority
CC8B CC8BB 138  
MA form melee *B 80 Same melee as MS form 2B

Gabthley (MA) Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Fedayeen Rifle 6 100 High damage, instant down.
Charged Main Fedayeen Rifle (High Output) 120 Change to MS form to fire the same CSA.
Sub Mega Particle Cannon 2 70 Wide firing angle
Special Shooting Gabthley Summon (Beam Volley) 2 147 Summons 2 Gabthley, fires sets of beams. Non-vernier
Special Melee High-speed Transformation Cuts tracking, transforms back to MS form.

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, Any AC, Any BC, 2B

AB: Any BC

CSA:  Any AC, Any BC, 2B

Any AC: Any BC

2B:  Any AC

MA-A: AB, AC, Any BC, MA-B




Two of Jerid’s units from Gundam Zeta. This unit is actually two separate units, which you can change only upon dying. Use the CSB command to choose which unit you will spawn in. Both units have their own playstyle and knacks to learn, especially Gabthley which you won’t get much chance to practice in an actual match. Study the units well and swap which unit you respawn in on the fly to better suit the situation.

Marasai is your typical all-rounder unit with a rapid fire Main and a freefall. His moves are all pretty standard, making it very easy to pilot. The beam saber throw into kick is also very powerful at close range. On the downside, his Main has low tracking and all his projectiles are pretty standard in terms of performance. This will lead to you having to go in closer than usual putting you in danger more often than a regular 2000 back suit. 

As if Jerid is salty about dying in Marasai, he can swap to Gabthley after his first life. Gabthley is arguably the better of the two forms. It’s a slippery cockroach who is very capable of evading attacks with the quick transformation, and scoring knockdowns with well placed MA Main. He even has a high damage melee combo that will put many overcosted units into the kill zone or even outright finish the game. 

Marasai Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Able to fire 4 shots in one go, manual reload upon zero ammo. The shots have weak tracking, so there will be times where a regular BR would hit but this won’t. The reload action can be done when Marasai is facing any direction.

Make some effort to aim for landings due to the weak tracking. Be careful not to tap the A button too much as it will cause you to vernier if the game already received the input when you already move out of firing angle. For the same reason, it can also prevent you from canceling into BC.

Charged Main: Fedayeen rifle (Focused)

Verniers to fire a gerobi, cannot be moved around. The beam width is rather thick, making it easy to use as an okizeme or when your target isn’t paying attention. The travel speed of the projectile is good enough to catch landings.  

Charged Melee: Swap Units

Chooses the MS you respawn in after death. Defaults to Gabthley. Charge to change to Marasai. You don’t have to release the melee button to activate this move, it will automatically swap the units once the bar is full. 

Sub: Fedayeen Rifle

Fast projectile with good tracking but bad muzzle correction. Instant knockdown. Does good damage, but due to the bad muzzle correction it’s rather hard to effectively land this outside of a hit confirm. If you have the boost and the situation is safe, try to end your combos with this. 

Special Shooting: Marasai Summon Beam volley/Tackle

Assist attack. Also your freefall move by cancelling AC~A, front facing only. Any direction works if the A is a reload action. Only either one of the assists can be on the field at any point of time. A very strong move in Marasai’s arsenal which has a low 10-second reload time too. Don’t be afraid to use it. This move reloads on empty, so throw out the remaining assist if you want to just expand the ammo. 

– 5AC: Tackle: Summons 1 Marasai on the left which charges at the enemy with a tackle animation. On hit, it performs 2 more slashes which ends with a uppercut and launches the target. Causes Spinning Down (can be teched out after a short while). The initial tackle attack has good travel speed and tracking, and can turn almost 120degrees. It is also able to travel quite a long distance, until slightly past Marasai’s red lock. The tackle also has a huge hitbox, and even if the enemy Guards the tackle, the assist will still continue the other two hits (an uncommon occurrence). However, this move has bad muzzle correction so it’s not good to use it against an enemy charging at you hoping for a self-cut.

– *AC: Beam volley: Summons 1 Marasai on the right which fires 4 BR shots. Good for making your own L formation due to how long it fires. Also good for inheriting your red lock by using AC~A then continuing to fire your Main 4 times. You can then even cancel into Marasai’s BC Beam Saber Throw. If you want to reload this move’s ammo to full, feel free to simply throw out this version of the Assist. 

Special Melee: Beam Saber (Throw)

Throws a Beam Saber forward which stuns. Inherits some momentum, and can be Rainbow Stepped. Input 4 or 6 to spin to that direction while throwing, if not it would default to moving backwards. Great for suppressive fire as the saber has decent tracking, unlimited ammo, and can be rainbow stepped out of. Also used as an anti-melee move (use 5BC), or as a general defensive move by using BC>AC~A. 

BC~B Derivative: Flying Kick

Executes a flying kick in an arc. The initial Beam Saber Throw does not have to hit to cancel into this move. If kicking towards a target who’s far away, Marasai can end up flying over any incoming projectiles due to the flying arch. Marasai can kick even targets directly above or below him even if they are in green lock due to the red lock carry over system. The lock can be inherited all the way from AC~A~BC~B. On hit, sidestep to combo into other melee. As the kick inflicts Dust Down, you have some leeway for your follow up move.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber

Orthodox -stage. Nothing too special. Step forward to combo into Sub, or Fuwastep forward to combo into Main.

8B: Tackle

Good startup and priority. Use this to challenge other melee attacks.

4BB: Cleave

The last hit doesn’t lift the target up much. Fuwastep forward to combo into Main. 

2b: Uppercut

Launches, untechable. Good move to buy time, and can cancel into Sub for more damage.

CC8B: Right hook, Uppercut

Has good reach. The last hit launches,  step forward to combo into Sub, or Fuwastep forward to combo into Main.

Burst Attack

Fedayeen rifle (Full power)

Fires a thick gerobi with good muzzle correction and start up, and has super armor until the gerobi is fired. Great for sniping even when not comboed into. However like all gerobi Burst Attacks, if you miss you’ll be wide open for attacks for a long time. 

Gabthley (MS) Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Fedayeen Rifle

A BR with slightly higher damage than normal (75 compared to 70). The max ammo of 6 means you can’t freely spam this, especially since you would be respawning in overcost and want as many non-vernier attacks as possible. 

Charged Main: Fedayeen Rifle (High Output)

Forced down. Good damage, fast startup and relatively thick beam size. Only downside is the tracking is only so-so, appropriate for a 2000 cost unit. Mix this attack in between your BR. Also since you can cancel this into BC (which cuts tracking), you can do 2/4/6BC~CSA~2/4/6BC to escape while firing this. 

Charged Melee: Swap Units

Exactly the same function as the one in Marasai. The only difference is that this defaults to swapping back to Marasai first. 

Sub: Mega Particle Cannon

A pair of beams from the shoulder cannons with an almost 360-degree firing angle and good muzzle correction. You will never do a turnaround shot from this attack, but you won’t be able to hit targets directly below you.  An extremely powerful attack as the projectile speed and start up is just like a normal BR, with the exception of a slightly longer reload time of 4 seconds (instead of 3 sec like a BR). With this attack, you can use all your boost to chase down an enemy, and even if both of you land without boost and not landing a hit on each other, you’ll have the upper hand by firing a AB at the end. This attack will cause a heavy stagger, and give you enough time to fire a BR when your recovery frames are over. There will be times where due to the firing angle, only 1 of the 2 beams will hit. Each beam has an individual hitbox so there’s no need to worry about that happening. 

You can do a freefall by doing a turnround A~AB. Very useful when you are using 2BC to escape and need a quick drop. 

Special Shooting: Gabthley Summon (Grapple/Gerobi)

Both are rather strong assist attacks much like with Marasai, but they have a longer reload cooldown. Also used during MA mode to lay down suppressive fire. Pick your timing to use this properly. Much easier to use now that you can cancel this from Main.

– 5AC Grapple: 2-hit melee that ends with a long, roughly 4-second grapple. At the end of the grapple, it simply lets go of its target and Downs it. The tracking isn’t great but the longer grapple means it helps you buy a lot of time to either recover boost or make a quick getaway.

– *AC Gerobi: Assist fires a gerobi. Mostly used as an okizeme, but you wouldn’t get to use this much unless you’re hanging back as 5AC and MA-AC are much better attacks. 

Special Melee: High-speed Transformation

Cuts tracking, transforms to MA form. 8BC will move you upwards slightly while transforming forward; 2BC moves you even higher up and transforms backwards. 4 and 6 will transform towards the respective direction. Although this move doesn’t inherit much momentum, it’s still great due to the many cancel routes and the fact that it cuts tracking. Don’t forget to use your normal Transform command ( tap any direction twice + boost) also as that costs lesser boost to perform.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber

Standard 3 hit that ends with a multi-hit stab. You can cancel into CSA after the last hit for more damage.

8BB: Rifle Bash

Untechable on the last hit. Has a slight curve in the initial dash trajectory, with a slightly larger hitbox than usual. Might hit targets who sidestep too slowly. 

4BBB: Cleave> Dual wield slash

Decent startup, last hit knocks the target away. Curve during the initial dash trajectory is good also. 

2B: Movable Frame Claw

Great start up and priority. This move can even out-prioritize most melee attacks from pure melee suits. The reach is nothing fantastic, so don’t use this on a target who’s running away. But be ready to use this at a moment’s notice in case your target turns around and tries to melee you. 

Oddly enough, you can cancel into AC from this move. Cancel into 5AC after a hit to lockdown the target while you run off. *AC would most likely miss when cancelled from 2B. 

A~2B is a really strong cancel route in close range engagements. 

CC8BB: Slash-through

Slash-through, then heads back to the target to execute an uppercut. More easily interrupted than your typical CC8B due to the latter uppercut, but still deals decent damage and the uppercut causes an untechable down.  

Any melee other than 2B~BC: Claw grab

Grabs, then stabs 4 beam sabers into the target which explode while Gabthley hops off, causing Forced Down. The explosion will still occur if you cancel out right after the stab connects. Prone to being interrupted as Gabthley stays still, but the overall animation is fast and does good damage. Very important attack for Gabthley to deal tons of damage.  Despite being a grab derivative, it still has a tiny amount of Down value, which might cause the whole attack to whiff. 

You can cancel into this move from any melee except their respective final hit, and not from 2B. 

Burst Attack

Gabthley Melee Combo

A long melee combo that is prone to being interrupted. Nothing too special, but the animation isn’t too long. If you have your AC assist out when you use this Burst Attack, a Marasai will appear instead of a Gabthley. 

Gabthley (MA) Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Fedayeen Rifle

A BR that instantly knocks down the target in red lock. Due to the placement of the rifle being locked in place to face front during MA mode, the firing arc is very small. The beam itself has decent tracking, and can be used as a okizeme by roughly pointing the muzzle towards where the enemy will land and firing to let the shot track towards the target.

Charged Main: Fedayeen Rifle(High Output)

Cancels MA form to fire the same CSA as in MS form.

Sub: Mega Particle Cannon

Similar to the one during MS Mode, except this time it won’t hit targets directly below or to the sides due to the placement of the cannons. Good move to use as an opening shot to force your opponent to start moving.

Special Shooting: Gabthley Assist (Beam Volley)

Summons 1 Gabthley that’s in MA mode which moves forward while firing both its rifle and shoulder cannons. The beams have good tracking and cause heavy stagger, so this is what you’ll be aiming to hit with while in MA Mode. You can even transform to MA mode, use this, then immediately cancel with 5BC to land. 

Special Melee: High-speed Transformation

Transforms back to MS mode. 5BC transforms downwards, but does not have landing property. 4/6BC transforms sideways and cuts tracking. The recovery frames are short enough for you to fire one more AB after transforming back to MS mode. 

Melee Set

B: Movable Frame Claw

Same as MS Mode 2B. Using this will cause Gabthley to instantly transform back and do the kick. 

Great start up and priority. This move can even beat out most melee attacks from pure melee suits. The reach is nothing fantastic, so don’t use this on a target who’s running away. But be ready to use this at a moment’s notice in case your target turns around and tries to melee you. 

Oddly enough, you can cancel into AC from this move. Cancel into 5AC after a hit to lockdown the target while you run off. *AC would most likely miss when cancelled from 2B .


  • As Marasai, you will need to go in a little bit closer than usual due to the sub-par tracking on the BR. Side step and use the freefall strategically while laying down lots of suppressive fire with your reloadable Main and Beam Saber throw.
  • Also make use of your red lock carry over from AC~A A A A~BC while backing off.
  • If your enemies are sticking to the ground a lot, use CSA for okizeme.
  • Feel free to use BC~B to go in together with your ally when your ally is in Burst.
  • BC is great against people trying to melee you too. The Beam Saber comes out really quickly, too.
  • As Gabthley, you have BC that cuts tracking which allows you stay alive very long. Only use it when there’s actually something flying at you, and don’t use it when your enemy is close. Their 4/6B can hit you rather easily.
  • Gabthley will have a harder down chasing down targets, but is able to deal a burst of damage with the BC derivative.
  • Gabthley also isn’t too suited for long drawn out matches as compared to Marasai. If the opportunity presents itself, go for the kill.