Model Number: xvb-xd  Pilot: Yurin L’Ciel
Cost: 2000 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X

The Farsia was a Vagan Mobile Suit designed for X-Rounder use. Designed to accommodate even pilots with no formal training, the Farsia came equipped with beam-based weapons, and all-range attacking Farsia Bits.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Vulcan 60 14-~127 Beam machine gun
Charged Main Spread Beam Cannon 21~120 Beam shotgun
Sub  Beam Vulcan (Focused) 2 120(60) Forced down if both hits land 
Special Shooting   Farsia Bit (Standby/
10 25~101 5AC: Deploys around Farisa, input AC again to fire
*AC: Sends 5 bits to attack simultaneously 
Special Melee Zedas (Charge) 65 Slash-through, stuns
Zedas (Beam Cannon) 17~125 Gerobi
Special Movement Spins to the side. Only executed during a ~BC cancel route
2B Dive Moves directly downwards, no landing property
Burst Attack Zedas Combination and Farsia Bit Gerobi 289 (F) /271(E & S) Melee combo into gerobi
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5B 82 Multi-hit drill
8B 8B 70 Has Landing Property
4/6B  4/6B 60 Downs
CC8B CC8B 70 Has Landing Property

Cancel Routes:

A: AB, both AC, 2B, BC Derivative

CSA: 8B, 2B, BC Derivative

AB: 2B, BC Derivative

both AC, BC: A, 2B, BC Derivative

BC Derivative: A, AB, both AC, all melee, BC Derivative


Somehow the controller and the controlled got swapped around as compared to the Anime. Here in MBON, you control Farsia instead and use Zedas as a permanent assist. Farsia is a fast unit with many cancel routes, freefalls, and a pyonkaku. The Zedas also has quick cooldowns allowing for more chances at attacks. Farsia (and Zedas) generally don’t deal much damage, and are only effective at mid~far ranges. Farsia’s melee damage is also abysmal, and will get stopped by ABC mantles and barriers easily. A”low risk low return’ and ‘high risk mediocre return’ unit, you’ll need to have a good teammate which can cover for her shortfalls.  Make use of her mobility dodge attacks and land extended staggers for best results. 

Ranged Weapons

Zedas (Permanent Assist) : This assist will slowly follow Farsia around, and stands on Farsia’s left side by default. If you want to make your own L formation, move to the right as Zedas doesn’t move as fast as Farsia and can end up far away. Like many timed or permanent assists, it has its own red lock range, and cannot be destroyed (in a regular game). More details on how to make Zedas attack are covered below.

Main: Beam Vulcan

Fires a beam machine gun. Fires 4 shots per button tap, up to 12 shots. Staggers after 4 hits. Zedas will fire his beam machine gun at the same time (see below). The tracking is pretty okay, but the bullet spread and muzzle correction is only passable. Has a wide firing angle due to the beam being shot from the palms of either hand. Reloads on empty, takes 6 second to reload.

This is also your freefall move, so conserve your ammo accordingly. This is a pretty good move to use against incoming melee attackers.Be careful not to hold the A button for too long to fire this weapon until it ends up as a CSA. Learning to fire the machine gun by tapping is a useful technique all around, too. 

Zedas’ coordinated fire: Zedas strikes a pose then stands still to fire 5 beam vulcan shots.  Naturally the bullets will be fired out a bit slower than the ones coming from Farsia. The beam vulcans from Zedas only have average muzzle correction, tracking, and bullet speed, thus this can’t be overly relied on. 

However they will still hit if the enemy if it is just doing short Boost Dashes without too much movement. This coordinated fire is also good to keep the target locked in Guard while you move to another angle to fire AB. There will also be a short cooldown whenever Zedas performs this move which you can see by the ammo gauge of Zedas turning red (if it’s not on cooldown). This makes it such that you cannot have Zedas perform this coordinated fire, Boost Dash, then immediately use a BC command. Although the cooldown is really short at about 1 second. 

Charged Main: Spread Beam Cannon

Verniers to fire a beam shotgun. Great for setting up a flinch, forcing movement, or as a mid range self-defence option. You get lots of cancel routes for this move, especially 8B and 2B that allows you to stay mobile. Very important move for Farsia as she’s weak in close range. Simple moves like backstep CSA will help greatly against incoming melee attacks as the shotgun will easily hit the target even if they side step, after which you can follow up with a 8B for a Down. 

Sub: Beam Vulcan (Focused)

Fires a pair of beams that causes an instant down if both hits land. Reloads fast (8sec/shot, continuous reload) and has 2 ammo, thus you can use it often whenever you see someone in red lock trying to land. Just don’t spam it until you’re out of ammo, leading you to miss scoring knockdowns when you really need to. An honest instant knockdown move that you can rely on in mid range with its projectile speed. Stay mobile by using the BC derivative.

Special Shooting: Farsia Bit (Standby/Deploy)

Releases 5 Farsia Bits at once, has 5AC and *AC commands. Each command will definitely release 5 bits, which will attempt to use 5 ammo and fire a beam from each bit. The bits will still fire if you have less than 5 ammo, and will fire whatever remaining ammo is available. Continuous reload at 2sec/shot . Each beam has a Down Value of 1.0 and causes Stagger, so you will need to follow up with another move quickly if one of the beams misses. Has a decent reload time of 2sec/ammo. Used to freefall with AC~A, and is also one of Farsia’s important attacks for getting hits in. You can only use either 1 of the ACs at any point in time.

5AC Standby: Places 5 Farsia Bits on standby, which fire when you press AC again starting with the one above Farsia and then clockwise. The bits will hang around Farsia for a short while and return to Farsia even when not fired. 

Not as reliable as the ones used by Strike Freedom or Providence, but still usable in self defence against melee attacks. Can be also used in scoring knockdowns, or when you’re hopping over the enemy while letting the bits attack. 

Use this command if you need a 5AC~A freefall but don’t want to use any AC or BC ammo. 

*AC Deploy: Sends out 5 Farsia Bits to the enemy which form a ring above them before firing one after another in quick succession. The bits travel pretty far, use this like all any other all-range attack, like sending it on an enemy running away, releasing it and Guarding a melee attack, etc. Additionally for Farsia, mix in attacks from Zedas to catch the enemy. The direction input during AC does not matter as the Bits only assume 1 formation when sent to the enemy.

Special Melee: Zedas (Charge/Gerobi) / Special Movement 

Commands Zedas to perform a slash-through or fire a gerobi from his current position. BC~A for your freefall. While both moves share the same reload time of 5 seconds, both moves have different cooldown times which results in the slash-through having a total reload+cooldown time of 6~ seconds, and the gerobi having 6.5~7secs.

Zedas (Charge): A melee-type attack that will go through Barriers and Phantomlight etc. The tracking and dash speed isn’t anything great, but enough to land hits when timed right, especially if the move is coming from your target’s side. Zedas will only dash as far as Farsia’s red lock and a little further, resulting in a slightly longer reload time if Zedas doesn’t hit anything. 

Your only move (not counting melee) against Barriers and ABC Mantles. Use this 5BC to get your Zedas into your L formation. Also useful as anti melee move if your 5BC into a Guard, as compared to *AC into a Guard because your opponent will see the Bits flying out and be aware of it. 

Zedas (Beam Cannon): Zedas fires a thin gerobi from his chest. Fast startup but only average muzzle correction. The gerobi also lasts quite long allowing for some okizeme. This is the preferred BC command in mid~long range. 

-Special Movement: Your BC will be changed to this move as long as it’s cancelled from another move. Farsia does a spin to the sides which also moves her forward ever so slightly. Has landing property,  consumes about 20% boost per use, and is unusable without boost. 

Use this to stay mobile after AB, or to carry over your red lock indefinitely by using A/AB~BC~A/AB~BC (loop). 

2B: Dive

Consumes 20% boost to move directly downwards, has no landing property. Only moves Farsia downwards a set distance. 

Use this to dodge melees, projectiles with average travel speed. If in green lock, using 8B/CC8B while facing away from the target would be a better option.

Melee Set

5B:Beam Saber

Pulls out 2 beam sabers for a forward drill again. Causes a down, but the knockback makes it hard to chain into another melee attack. Finish it off with a AB or BC command.

8B/CC8B: Platform Dive

Jumps forward in an arc to slam the platform Farsia is standing on into the target. The arc is about one unit height high, and can be used to dodge some attacks. The entire animation costs about 20% boost, but this movement goes all the way down and has Landing Property which allows for Zusakyan (brake cancel) with your freefalls. Farsia will recover boost really quickly even if she lands in Overheat with this move. One of Farsia’s best moves. 


A 1-stage cleave attack. Has slow startup and causes down, use this to force funnels to return to your target (funnels will return to a unit if it’s Downed). Also not suitable for rainbow wars, overall not a reliable move.

Burst Attack

Burst Attack: Zedas Combination Attack & Farsia Bit Gerobi

A melee combo from Farsia and Zedas which ends with Farsia firing 2 gerobis from her bits. Farsia stands still after the first tackle animation making her vulnerable. The first animation is a grapple type attack, if it can be used to down the target while getting a freefall. If Farsia gets hit before the Zedas melee attack, the whole attack will get cancelled. 

The reach, dash speed, and hitbox of the first tackle attack is very mediocre. Perfectly safe to opt not to use this Burst Attack. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A (4hit) ~ AB 117 Damage differs based on how much main hits
CSA>>AB 114~129
4B>4B>5BC>>AB 194 Might miss if Zedas is too far
5BC>>AB 161 Basic combo
4B>ABC 279(F)/260(E)/260(S)


  • Extend is the best for her, because neither Fighting nor Shooting fits her that well. All her melee attacks are single stage, and beam MG + funnels don’t benefit from Shooting that much. 
  • Shooting is still playable due to blue step, improved reload times, and new cancel routes for freefalls. A good CSA or two will also help in the damage race.
  • Stay in mid range for best results in landing hits. Main and AB don’t travel that quickly and Farsia also does not have a very long red lock range. 
  • Create boost advantageous situations with your freefalls and *AC. Add on using *BC to make Zedas dash towards the enemy to create your own L formation, and your opponent will have to pay attention to you to dodge appropriately. 
  • You can use A/AB~BC loops while close to the ground to carry over your red lock indefinitely and recover boost whenever you’re on the ground. The only downside is that you only have AB as a fast projectile so the uses are limited.
  • Use 5BC to move Zedas forward to get into L formation. Assuming the enemy team is standing along the same horizontal line spaced apart and Farsia facing them (forming a V shape), send Zedas to the enemy on the left (E1) when your real target is the enemy on the right (E2). This will result in a L formation. See diagram. 
  • F:Farsia; Z:Zedas; E1:Enemy 1 ; E2: Enemy 2.

E1, Z=====E2