Efreet Custom

Model Number: MS-08TX [EXAM] Pilot: Nimbus Schterzen
Cost: 1500 Hp: 500 Transform: X Form Change: O (EXAM)

The Efreet Custom is a modified MS-08TX Efreet with a new, distinct feature: the EXAM system. This special system increases the performance of the mobile suit, allowing it to perform as though it is being piloted by a Newtype. It was a formidable rival for its fellow EXAM system user, the Blue Destiny 1.

Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Grenade launcher 4 70-126 2 shots fired consecutively 
Sub Missile Pod 1 34-64 Flame stun on hit
Special Shooting Special movement 100 Special movements that consumes EXAM gauge
Special Armament  Exam system 100 Performance drops when EXAM gauge is empty
Burst Attack Heat Saber Hyakuretsu Tsuki 317(F)/274(S/E)
100 stabs
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 183[164] Fighting rush




Shoots grenade launcher during the combo, does not consume ammo


213 [192]

228 [207]

Pushes forward as you slash the enemy
8B 8BBB 130[117]
8B~A 114[97] Shoots grenade launcher during the combo, does not consume ammo
8B~BC 188-364 Damage will increase base on the altitude
4/6B 4/6BBB 132[115]
4/6B~A 112[95] Shoots grenade launcher during the combo, does not consume ammo
4/6B~BC 210[191] Pushes forward as you slash the enemy.

Similar to 5B~BC

2B 2BBB 120[108]
2B~A 106[94] Shoots the grenade launcher during the combo, does not consume ammo
2B~BC 208[193] Wraps around the enemy while performing a combo
CC8B CC8BBB 157[139] Cannot perform as part of melee rush attacks
CC8B~A 179[158] Shoots the grenade launcher during the combo, does not consume ammo
BC BC 140[122] Explosion at the end of the combo

Cancel Routes:



AC: AB, all melee except CC8B


Efreet Custom is a melee-focused, 1500-cost all-rounder unit. This unit is equipped with the “EXAM system” like Blue Destiny 1. However instead of being a one- time powerup, Efreet’s EXAM system has a dedicated gauge with a limit of 100.

This gauge is consumed by using AC, but it can be refilled by using BC melee combos and derivatives.

This is a unit that can feed itself by using the mobility from AC to score melee hits, recharge EXAM with BC, and then repeat the cycle again.

Efreet is only armed with a pair of heat sabers in addition to the grenade launcher and missile pods, which often feel like they aren’t enough. It can feel inferior to the Gouf Custom in terms of shooting performance and firepower. That does not mean that Efreet is a weaker MS: it just means that the Efreet is closer to being a melee purist than the Gouf Custom.

If you use special movement and you do not refill the EXAM gauge with BC, EXAM will run out and the MSes’ performance will weaken, so it is important to maintain the momentum of attack.

Efreet’s boost speed and turning ability during EXAM are excellent. On the other hand, if EXAM runs out, its mobility and fighting power will decrease.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Grenade Launcher

Fires two grenades. It is possible to shoot only one grenade if you cancel the animation after the first shot. The grenade travels at a relatively average speed, but the muzzle correction is weak. For a melee MS, this is a pretty good ranged option to have. It might even be a better Main that what some all-rounder MSes have.

Since you can shoot the grenade launcher while remaining in motion, it’s easy to keep shooting while avoiding enemy attacks. In addition, since the grenade launcher is installed on both arms, so the shooting angle is excellent (especially horizontally). Overall this is a strong Main with a good reload speed (4 shots reloaded in 3 seconds). However, don’t expect to win simply relying on this weapon.

Sub: Missile Pods

Reloads in 4 seconds. Efreet launches 6 missiles horizontally. Although the 6 missiles shot together cover a wide area, the missiles have no tracking whatsoever. Inputting a 4/6 direction will cause the missiles to be fired slightly more to the left or right, respectively. 

This is a great technique for okizeme, and stepping backwards and firing this attack is a very strong option for melee interception and close-range mixups. 

On the other hand, the damage is low and the damage proration is bad, so it is very difficult to really rack up big damage using this as a combo starter. Although this causes a flame stun, you can rarely get too many follow up attacks after this due to the high down value. It is probably best to go straight into a BC combo. Since the stun duration is not very long, if you’re unable to reach the enemy in time with a melee attack opt to Down the enemy with a Main shot instead.

Special Shooting: Special Movement

There are two special movement options available:  a dash with a shooting barrier, and a strafing, sliding motion similar to Blue Destiny 1’s. Mutual cancellation is possible between fighting and special movement (B~AC~AC~B etc.). This technique consumes both EXAM gauge and boost gauge.

5AC travels very fast and is a great distance closer. Just note that Efreet’s pilot shouts very loud while charging in, which can easily alert enemies. There is also an orange effect on the shooting barrier. This movement costs 30 EXAM gauge to perform.

You can sidestep cancel from this move, and perform it even in Overheat. While this costs a good amount of EXAM gauge to perform, you still want to use it liberally to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Because hit stop is applied even if you guard shooting attacks, be wary of charging in at MSes with machine guns or gerobis because rapid hits will prevent you from advancing. It’s also common for enemies with fast startup melee attacks to simply hit you out of your dash before you can cancel into your own melee attacks. 

This shooting guard can even block ballistic explosions (like bazookas or missiles), and Pressure attacks. This can block 00 Raiser’s Raiser Sword, but not Turn X’s Moonlight Butterfly. No one knows why.

4/6AC is a sliding strafe which costs 20 EXAM gauge and cuts tracking. Unlike BD1’s version of the move this has a long period of rigidity after the move ends, and does not move any distance backwards. You can cancel this into any melee or shooting attack, so you can use this to extend your melee combos as well. If you fire your Sub while sliding you’ll get a nice sliding motion.

You can chain this move into itself repeatedly but each usage costs EXAM gauge. Using AC in a combo and then BC to refill the EXAM gauge is a valid and useful technique.

Special Armament: EXAM system

As opposed to starting a match without a powerup and then powering up as the match progresses, you can think of Efreet Custom as starting the match powered up, with a full EXAM gauge depletion powering down the MS. Efreet will have a red aura surrounding it as long as it is powered up in EXAM. If EXAM is depleted fully, the gauge will reload back to full automatically in 20 seconds. However, hitting your BC attacks will top the gauge up, so it’s possible to keep the gauge filled perpetually. The gauge is also fully restored when you Burst.

If the gauge reaches 0, Efreet’s mobility and melee damage are reduced, and AC movement techniques cannot be used. If you’re using an AC technique when the gauge reaches 0, the power down will only occur after the AC move is completed. Therefore, instead of boost dash canceling or sidestepping after an AC that expends your EXAM gauge, cancel directly into a melee attack to maintain the powered up state, hopefully long enough to get in a BC combo to refill the gauge.

Melee Rush

Efreet has a rush combo style where you can cancel the first stage of each melee into the first stage of another melee without the use of step or boost dash. However, doing so will decrease the damage and down value of the canceled melee attacks. Rush melee have a rough 12% damage decrease overall. You can also cancel directly into various BC combo derivatives.

Overall, Efreet’s melee attack priority is unreliable. 4/6B has a fast startup so it is your best tool in rainbow step wars and for sneak attacks. When performing melee combos, you may have to pick and choose between dealing optimal damage, having cut resistance, or building EXAM gauge. Switching targets to keep an eye on your target’s partner in the middle of rush combos is an important technique you should be using.

Melee Set

5BBB: Heat Saber

Three-stage slashing attack with poor performance for a melee unit. This attack has the worst priority out of all of Efreet’s melee attacks. However the damage dealt is good, so it can be used as a combo part.

5B~A: Grenade Launcher

Stops the melee combo and shoots 2 grenades from both arms at the same time.

The firing animation takes a long time and the damage dealt is below average.

5B~BC: Continuous Slashing

Slashes 5 times while moving forward. This deals the most damage out of all ~BC derivatives, but it causes a hard knockdown at the end of the combo, which can either be a blessing or a curse.

8B: Stab 

A 2 hit combo which thrust both swords into the enemy and slash them.

This combo does not have any movement, which leaves you open to being punished. However this weakness is overcome by the ~BC derivative which gives you a lot of movement when done from a high altitude. Refills 5 EXAM gauge per hit for the first 4 hits, and 10 on the final hit for a total of 30.

8B~BC: Pinwheel Slash

Performs a rolling slash all the way to the ground. This move has the best cut-resistance compared to the other melee options since you are moving down at a relatively high speed.

If this move is performed at a higher  altitude, the damage dealt will increase and the cut-resistance will improve. Refills 10 EXAM gauge on the first hit, and 10 more on the last for a total of 20 EXAM gauge gained.

4/6B: Horizontal Slash

This attack has a fast startup, making it your go-to combo starter. However as far as priority goes this is at the level you’d expect from an all-rounder unit, not a melee unit. If you’re going up against other melee units, utilize your rainbow step and do not aim for direct challenges. If you used 4B the enemy will be knocked away in the opposite 6 direction, and if you used 6B then the enemy will be knocked away in the opposite 4 direction. The ~BC derivative here is the same as 5B~BC.

2B: Rising Slash

A multi-hit melee combo which launches the enemy. You can cancel into ~A to fire the grenade launchers to score a hard knockdown. You’re more likely to use this as a combo part than as a combo starter. 

2B~BC: Spin Slashes

Slashes the enemy repeatedly. You can cancel into the ~A derivative after the last hit. You gain 5 EXAM gauge on the first hit and 15 more on the second last, for a total of 20. 

CC8B: Slash-through

The reach and priority of this attack are the best out of Efreet’s melee attacks. The vertical tracking on this move is poor so don’t try too hard to chase down enemies high above you. You cannot connect into or from rush melee attacks with CC8B, and no ~BC derivatives are available. But you can fire the ~A derivative grenade launchers at the enemy after the last hit.

BC: Heat Saber Slash-through

Slashes through the enemy and then poses before the enemy explodes. Efreet Custom’s signature move. After the explosion this refills 30 EXAM gauge. The dash-in speed on this attack is slower than 5B, but the chase distance is long. Priority-wise, this is the worst out of all of Efreet’s melee attacks. Don’t use this to start combos unless you’re certain the enemy won’t challenge you, or as part of a melee combo. The down value dealt by this attack is low— it’s possible to chain this up to 3 times on an enemy. 

After the explosion you can cancel directly into 5AC to continue the combo. Enemies that you are not locked on to who get hit by the first stage of the attack will be stunned.

Burst Attack

Heat Saber Hyakuretsu Tsuki

Efreet will stab with the right saber, followed by 2 stabs while wrapping around the enemy to face the back, Efreet will go on a stabbing spree and stab the enemy 100 times in the back, ending the combo with an explosion. Super armor on startup.

Completing the combo will net you 50 EXAM gauge. The combo is rather long but the EXAM gauge refill amount and damage dealt makes this combo worth doing. You can cancel into this from your AC dash, or simply do it raw for a high chance to hit. 

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
A(1 rocket)>>BB 208
A(1 rocket)>>B~BC 237
A(1 rocket)>>CC8B 189
5BB>5BBB 236 Basic combo
5B~4/6B~5B~4/6B~5B~BC 290
5B~BC>5B~BC 245
5B~BC>5B~BC>BC 276
5B>BC 248 Recovers 30 EXAM gauge.
8B~BC>5B~BC(4 hit)>BC 281- Damage increases based on altitude.
8B~BC>BC 234- Recovers 50 EXAM gauge.

Damage increases based on altitude.

8B~BC>8B~BC>BC 286 Recovers 70 EXAM gauge.

Damage increases based on altitude.

4/6B>4/6BB 260 Basic starting combo.
4/6BB~BC 259 Recovers 30 EXAM gauge.
4/6B~BC>4/6B~BC>BC 284 Recovers 70 EXAM gauge.
4/6B~4/6B~BC>BC 286 Recovers 50 EXAM gauge.
CC8B>>CC8BB 205
CC8BB>BC 222 Recovers 30 EXAM gauge.
CC8BB~A>>BC 236 Recovers 30 EXAM gauge. Cancel into 4/6AC to link safely into the BC.
CC8BB>8B~BC 248-
CC8BB~A>8B~BC 265-
BC>8B~BC 266- Damage increases based on altitude.


  • Your main strategy as Efreet is pressuring the enemy with your Main and Sub, while looking for openings to close the distance and hit the enemy with surprise melee attacks.
  • Although Efreet is a fighting MS, the priority of its melee is weak, therefore when fighting against another melee-centric MS, try to aim for rainbow wars or intercept with Sub.
  • If you manage to land a melee hit, check the situation by changing the camera view to look at the enemy partner. If the enemy partner is unable to cut you, you can recover the EXAM gauge by using your BC attacks.
  • When the EXAM gauge reaches 0 (Efreet stops emitting a red aura), its mobility is reduced and its melee damage is reduced (about a 10% reduction). In addition, you will no longer be able to engage enemies using your AC, and it will become easy for your partner to get bullied under double lock, so try to avoid ever reaching 0.
  • When Burst is activated, the EXAM gauge will be fully refilled. You can use this to your advantage by using your EXAM gauge more before bursting to refill it. 
  • Since melee units love challenging Efreet’s notoriously poor melee attacks, you can use your Burst Attack to give them a nasty surprise.
  • Don’t rely solely on your melee attacks to start your combos. Even a combo like A(1hit)~4/6AB>4/6B~BC~A(2hits) can deal good damage and refill your EXAM gauge. Learn as many combos as possible so you can always pick the best one for the situation.
  • F Burst provides an increase to Efreet’s melee damage, allowing it to deal ridiculous damage for a 1500 cost. Since F Burst allows you to cancel from shooting to fighting, you can easily chase the enemy after shooting your sub to catch them. However, since Efreet needs to close the gap in-order to deal great amounts of damage, the enemies will normally be more cautious and focus on the Efreet when it activates Fighting Burst. Due to the long combo length of all BC combos, Efreet can get cut by the enemy partner easily. Aim for quick, cut resistant combos unless you’re certain you won’t be disturbed. This is by far Efreet’s best Burst.
  • E Burst allows efreet to escape from a dangerous situation or if it loses in a melee fight. Unlike other 1500 cost MSs, Efreet has the option to force his way into a melee fight after flipping with the use of special movement since activating Burst will refill the EXAM gauge. However, when compared to fighting Burst, extent Burst does not provide any offensive benefits other than having a slightly lower down value. This might be a good Burst to use if you are a beginner trying to learn Efreet.
  • S Burst allows you to chain your shooting attacks but this is obviously not your best option.
  • When teaming with 3000 cost units, it’s better to have a partner who can take the frontline for you (God, Master) over ones that give you the frontline (Ex-S, Zabanya). Efreet does not do well on the frontline, it specializes in sneak attacks when the enemy’s attention is on someone else.
  • Efreet teams best with 2500 cost units. It allows Efreet to respawn more often and Burst more. A partner that can defend itself well while remaining in the front position is preferable.
  • 2000 cost partners are also OK if your partner can defend itself well. This partnership gives you the most freedom to operate and more opportunities to Burst.