Model Number: YMT-05  Pilot: Demeziere Sonnen
Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: O

The YMT-05 Hildolfr is neither a Mobile Suit nor a Mobile Armor— it is a Mobile Tank designed for tactical artillery combat on Earth. Despite its relatively large and heavy frame, the tank is surprisingly fast and agile. 

Mobile Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Zaku machine gun 100 7~112 Simultaneously fires both machine guns
Sub 30cm cannon/

High-explosive round (HE)

6 96 Stops moving when shooting, shares ammo with Tank Mode
2sub Zaku II Assist  1 11~135 Shared with Tank Mode
Special Shooting Smoke screen 100 Deploys smoke around Hildolfr to cut tracking, Shares ammo with Tank Mode
Special Melee Mode Switch Switches to Tank Mode
Burst Attack Where Are The Rest Of You Trash! 248(S)/233(F/E) Transforms into Tank Mode, then spins while firing volleys of anti tank incendiary at the target
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BBBB 204
5B~8B 121 Bounces the enemy on the ground
8B 8B 81 8B and 4/6B perform the same move
4/6B 4/6B
2B 2B 80
CC8B CC8B 113

Tank Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main 1 Anti-tank incendiary grenade (HEAT/I Round) 1 115(60) Huge AOE explosion on impact, stuns enemies within the AOE
Main 2 Armor-piercing bullet (AP bullet) 2 115 Fast-moving projectile
Main 3 Anti-Air Shrapnel (Type 3) 1 14 ~ 157 Shoots multiple pellets like a shotgun
Sub High-explosive round (HE bullet) 6 96 Fires while moving, shares ammo with Mobile Mode
2sub Zaku II Assist  1 11-135 Shared ammo with Mobile Mode
Special Shooting Smoke screen 100 Deploys smoke around Hildolfr to cut tracking, shares ammo with Mobile Mode
Special Melee Transforms into Mobile Mode
Burst Attack Where Are The Rest Of You Trash! 248(S)/233(F/E) Remains in Tank Mode. Spins while firing volleys of anti tank incendiary at the target
Special Input DMG Notes
5B 5B Allows you to cycle between various Main weapons
C C Rotates 180 degrees on input, holding it will allow Hildolfr to spin continuously. This can only be done on the ground, and inherits inertia

Cancel Routes:

Mobile Mode AB: BC

Mobile Mode various melee: AB, 2AB


The Hildolfr is a mobile tank with 2 different forms, the first being the Mobile mode which has tools for close range combat, and the Tank mode which excels at bombarding the enemy. You always start the match off in the Mobile mode. While at first glance what stands out for Hildolfr is its powerful shooting armaments, its smokescreen for tracking cutting and its CC8B with extremely high priority for melee encounters are worth mentioning. Its moveset is rounded off with certain maneuvers that allow the Hildolfr to stay in motion, and it is important for all Hildolfr players to master the use of these maneuvers. It’s a unit that requires a lot of time to learn before you will actually start seeing success playing it.

Hildolfr is still a potent force to be reckoned with in MBON, and a player who knows what he is doing can prove that you don’t need silly things like flying or lasers to lay waste to your enemies.

Mode Differences

Mobile Mode

  • Jump is available
  • Sub causes vernier
  • Melee attacks can be used
  • Guarding can be performed
  • Shorter red lock than Tank mode

Tank Mode

  • Jumping cannot be performed, but pressing the C button will make Hildolfr spin
  • Sub does not cause vernier, and has a faster startup than in Mobile mode
  • Melee attacks cannot be used
  • Guarding cannot be performed
  • Longer red lock than Mobile mode


Hildolfr can use 2 zusakyan (aka brake cancel) techniques. These 2 movements are very important as they can make Hildolfr as difficult to catch as a cockroach. Both movements are equally useful for evading attacks, and it is recommended that players learn to use both zusakyan movements instead of relying solely on one of them.

Method 1: Transformation

By executing [BC->step->BC], you are able to zusakyan with a very tiny punish window. This maneuver is rather slow and does not cause you to travel very far, so it is not advised that you use this in the close range when going up against melee units. Your boost is recovered in the instance where you BC, so you can use this technique to refill your Boost even if that BC puts you in Overheat. If you step too fast after the BC you will not refill Boost. Practice this or watch some match videos to get a feel for the timing.

One of the advantages of this technique is that you can step at anytime during a boost dash and start off this technique by cutting tracking. You can loop this maneuver, and because you are repeatedly cutting tracking while refilling your boost, it can be hard for enemies to align their axis with yours making you a hard target to hit. You can even easily evade attacks like Unicorn’s Beam Magnum or Strike Freedom’s CSA. The rigidity period after the BC is also very short, so if you switch modes into Mobile you can easily guard any attacks that would hit you.

You can cancel from the Mobile mode’s AB into BC to make use of this maneuver. You can even perform a loop like [step->Mobile mode AB->BC->step] to attack while staying in motion. Another good chain you can try is [BD->BC->AB->BC->step->Main->BD] to attack frequently while remaining evasive and refilling your boost. Just watch out because you can still get hit if the enemy is close enough.

Method 2: Super Spin

While in Tank mode, pressing the C button will make Hildolfr spin. Holding down the button will make Hildolfr spin continuously while spending boost. When it stops spinning, Hildolfr will recover boost. This technique is referred to as the ‘super spin’.

During the super spin you can step, but you will not be able to step while holding the C button. During the 180-degree spin, if you step ASAP you will not refill your boost gauge. 

This move inherits a good amount of inertia, so in terms of distance traveled while performing a zusakyan this is better than Method 1. Another important point is that you stay in Tank mode while using this technique, as opposed to Method 1 where you’re switching back and forth. 

While executing the super spin, you can fire a shot from the rotating muzzle’s position towards the direction where you expect the enemy to move towards. Using the Sub or explosive Main 1 are best used with this technique. Make sure you don’t fire when the muzzle is facing away from the enemy or your shot will miss entirely and you’ll only be wasting ammo.  [BD->super spin->a shooting attack->BD] is an efficient way to shoot while keeping your boost gauge refilled.

Ranged Weapons

(Mobile mode) Main: Zaku Machine Gun

100 ammo total, reloads in 4 seconds. You can fire up to 20 shots consecutively as 2 machine guns are fired simultaneously.

You won’t be using this move too often, it’s probably best used for melee interception in the close range. Ammo management is important as It will only start reloading when the clip is empty. Unfortunately, it will only reload in Mobile Mode.

(Tank mode) Main #1:Anti-tank Incendiary Grenade (HEAT/I)

When transforming from Mobile Mode to Tank Mode, the HEAT/I will always be equipped first. This shot has a large parabolic trajectory, and a projectile that explodes on impact. The blast remains for a short time at the impact point. It deals 70 damage on direct hit, 60 damage from blast damage. It takes 8 seconds to reload. Enemies that got hit directly or caught in the blast radius will be stunned for a short time. It is possible to follow up with main #2 for long distances and Sub for short distances. The enemy will be stunned for quite a long duration so it’s easy to follow up, however if you don’t the enemy will recover and can move again without having to enter a downed state.

The projectile is rather slow compared to your Sub and takes a long time to reach the point of impact, but it tracks well. From mid or long range it is easy to catch an enemy landing if you make the right read. The explosion hitbox lingers for awhile after the initial point of impact, so you can also use this for okizeme.

Given the above characteristics, this is a good tool for sneak attacks. It’s also very useful when firing during the super spin towards the enemy’s expected position, executing the technique correctly can greatly raise your overall accuracy. It’s easy to hit confirm from and you can rack up big damage with this as a combo starter, so the returns are good as well. Just be careful of hitting your own teammate in the blast. 

One weakness of this weapon is that it takes a long time to reach the target, which means that the enemy has more time to cut tracking and get out of the way. It can be difficult to hit opponents who constantly mix in sidesteps and fuwasteps into their movement.

(Tank mode) Main #2: Armor-Piercing bullet (AP bullet)

Reloads in 11 seconds. A high-speed “snipe” that travels straight, instead of following a parabolic curve like many of Hildolfr’s other moves. The startup on this move is slow, but the projectile travels extremely fast. The shot also tracks as well as Dynames’ snipes, curving when it needs to. Because of the position of the barrel on Hildolfr, enemies that are below you could potentially be out of angle to hit with this move. 

This is one of Hildolfr’s main damage sources so firing this haphazardly is a big mistake. This is best for catching landings, interrupting enemies performing moves that cause vernier, saving your partner from a melee combo, etc. Just note that the slow startup prior to firing can make it hard to catch enemy landings unless they are careless or have little boost remaining.

(Tank mode) Main #3: Anti-air Shrapnel (Type 3)

A bullet that explodes when an enemy is nearby. It doesn’t explode if fired at green lock.

Causes strong stagger on the enemy if the pellets hit. If the enemy is hit by the projectile before it explodes then the enemy is knocked back. 

Although it is possible to follow up with a main #2 or the Sub as the pellet shot staggers the enemy, it is quite difficult to use because it does not have the guidance and range of Main #1 nor the high velocity of Main #2.

Instead, it’s very strong as a melee intercept. Backstepping into this shot is a potent self-defense technique. It’s also effective against enemies who try to fight Hildolfr when it has popped its smokescreen.

This move deals the most damage when the enemy is hit point-blank by the pellets as soon as they explode from the projectile. 

When fired from a distance, the trajectory of the shot will be parabolic, and when fired from a short distance the trajectory changes into a direct shot aiming straight at the enemy.

This is a potentially effective move against super armor as it is the only weapon in Hildolfr’s loadout with the ability to instantly Down the enemy.

(Tank mode): Melee button: Switch Main loadout

Cycles between ammo types to be fired as your Main.

Switching weapons will not affect Hildolfr’s movement. Instead when switching, the center of the body shines with a clicking sound.

Be calm as you can switch even when you are unable to move (even when staggered or Down).

However, since this is also an “action”, the invincible time will be shortened if you perform a weapon switch upon waking up, so be careful.

This action can be seen by the enemy as well.

Sub: 30cm Cannon / High-explosive Round (HE) 

Fires a high-explosive round(HE). This is Hildolfr’s main weapon. 

Although the name of the weapon changes between the 2 different modes, both weapons are similar except for a few nuances.

A direct hit will do 90 damage, while a splash damage will do 25 damage. This weapon reloads on empty, taking 6 seconds to reload back to 9 shots.

Since the weapon causes the enemy to be launched slightly into the air on hit, it is easy to follow up with another attack.

The shot’s trajectory is slightly different in Tank mode, which causes a slight timing difference between the two shot types that players need to take into account. 

While the Mobile mode’s version causes vernier is it more suitable for forcing the enemy to keep moving, so pick which version of the Sub to use based on the situation. 

In Mobile mode, it is possible to cancel from a melee attack into the Sub, or from Sub into 5BC. 

Tank mode’s shot has 10% higher damage proration, which means that your follow up combos in Tank mode will deal less damage. However aside from the shots not causing vernier, the startup is slightly faster. If there is an obstacle between you and the enemy then Hildolfr will fire its cannon from a higher angle, which will greatly increases your shot’s travel time. 

It can be difficult to follow up on shots at long range with anything other than the Main #2 AP Round. Sometimes if you zunda with the Sub, you might hit the first shot, miss the second, then hit again on the third. So unless you’re ready to fire your AP Round on hit it can be hard to score guaranteed knockdowns at all ranges. However this is not an issue in the close range, especially on enemies above you.

2AB : Zaku II Assist

Zaku II appears on the left of Hildolfr and shoots 15 shots from its machine gun. Takes 10 seconds to reload.

Although the muzzle correction will continue to be applied throughout its shots, the projectile speed is slow. Do not expect any self-cutting against melee attacks with this assist.

Hildolfr performs a summoning action to call the Zaku II assist. In Mobile mode you will face the enemy while summoning, but you will continue facing your current direction when summoning in Tank mode. 

The assist may be accidently called out if you are boost-dashing backwards while trying to shoot your sub, so keep your inputs clean.

Special Shooting: Smokescreen

A smokescreen is deployed around Hildolfr which cuts all tracking, similar to Mirage Colloid, Zero System, Active Cloak, MEPE, etc. This is Hildolfr’s self-defense lifeline. In any tight situations like if you’re being attacked by a melee unit, or if you’re being double locked aggressively, or even if you’re looking to go aggressive on the enemy— pick the right time to use this move and it can be a game changer. Whether you’re using this on offense or defense, rather than using it in the close range it’s better to use this a slight distance away from the enemy. 

The ammo count starts from 0 when you spawn. For this reason, depending on your position when spawning, you may die quickly if the enemy is nearby. It takes 18 seconds to reload before it can be used, and the effect lasts for 5 seconds.  

It is necessary to use it in consideration of the pinch such as being close to a melee suit, being double-locked, or when you want to go on the offense.

Special Melee: Transformation

Switches between Mobile mode and Tank mode. You can cancel into this from Sub. After switching into Tank mode you will always start off with the Main #1 loaded up. You can switch forms even in Overheat.

Melee Set

5BBB: Shovel Arm Unit

A fast, 4-stage combo.

5B~8B: Dunk 

Bounces the enemy off the ground. This can be cancelled into Sub, just make sure you have ammo available.

8/4/6B: Cannon Recoil 

The 30cm cannon is driven to the right rear when 8B or 6B is inputted, and to the left rear when 4B is inputted, Hildolfr will fire a grenade on the ground, causing it to push the suit forward. 4/6B can wrap around the enemy.

The grenade fired from the cannon can deal some damage to the enemy. This does not consume any ammo from the Sub. 

There’s a lot of potential tech in setting up how the fired grenade can hit the enemy, but none of it is really practical. It’s best you focus on just trying to hit the actual melee attack. Note that the fired grenade can hit your teammate as well. 

2B: Tackle

Uses the shovel unit to push the suit forward and lift the front of the suit up, this will knock the enemy upwards. This is hard to follow up with a melee attack, but you can land a Sub shot.

CC8B: 360 degrees arm swing

Attacks with the shovel while spinning forward, dealing 3 hits. The hitbox starts as soon as you input the move, so you can occasionally find success with this when used as a melee intercept. However only the arm has an actual hitbox, and whether you can beat out an enemy melee attack depends on your positioning and distance. Don’t put too much trust into this.

Burst Attack

Where Are The Rest Of You Trash!

Hildolfr transforms into Tank Mode, and spins to the left or right while firing 4 incendiary grenades. There is super armor at the start of this attack.

Note that this does not cut guidance, although it moves at a fairly high speed.

Hildolfr moves very fast during this attack but it does not cut tracking while moving. 

Either because the shooting angle is poor or because it spins too fast, but only the first two hits can hit enemies in point-blank range.

Due to its fast movement, it is a great tool as an escape when the Smokescreen is activated.

The first incendiary grenade has guidance. However the following 3 incendiary grenades have no guidance and will not track enemies. 

If you intend to hit the enemy with this, the chance of landing this will be greater if you are running parallel with your enemy at mid range. 


  • Hildolfr has a long red lock range, and generally wants to stay in Tank mode to bombard the enemy from a distance. You can use Sub to force the enemy to move, and then aim to hit Main #1 and #2 to catch landings or punish mistakes.
  • Hildolfr has a slow movement speed, and what’s more it can (mostly) only run on the ground, which can make it an easy target. Your lifeline to counter this is the Smokescreen, but if the enemy simply waits it out and punishes you after you will be at his/her mercy. In order not to Overcost your teammate, it is best to stay far away and hide in the backline.
  • Hildolfr is a unit that is meant to support its teammate, not operate like a lone wolf. It does really poorly in the close range due to its mobility and loadout, so it’s best if you can team up with someone who fully understands Hildolfr’s traits, and can assist in creating the best scenario for Hildolfr to shine. 
  • Don’t think of your Sub as being a tool solely for hitting enemies. Instead, you can think of it as a tool for forcing enemy movement. You can fire roughly 5-6 shots of Main and then follow up with a Main #1 shot. This type of playstyle has a high rate of success. If you hit nothing, don’t force a failed offense and just let your Sub reload and wait for another chance to try again. If your Main #1 hits and stuns the enemy, follow up with a Main #2 snipe.
  • Your Main #2 is very useful in a wide variety of scenarios but it has a long reload, so use it wisely. 
  • In the close range you can try to use Sub, or  Main #2 or 3 to defend yourself. Score a down and then roll away. If you’re out of ammo, try switching to Mobile mode to counter attack or use your Smokescreen.
  • There’s honestly not much of a reason to be in Mobile mode, except in certain close-range encounters. For example, you can use the machine gun Main to intercept melee attacks and then follow up with a CC8B hit, or use CC8B and other melee attacks raw as a counter attack. 
  • When running away, Smokescreen works great, but if you don’t have it then use the zusakyan method 1. It’s also often beneficial for Hildolfr to stay down when knocked down, which can buy you time to reload your weapons (including Smokescreen), or for your teammate to come to the rescue. You can also use your Burst Attack to run away. You get super armor and good movement speed.
  • Hildolfr has many bad matchups, top 3 being Type Leos II, Deathscythe EW, and Zaku II. They all have moves with big explosions that can catch Hildolfr extremely easily. When faced with tough matchups, ask your partner to help you engage these troublemakers and get them off your back, or if you get hit just lie on the ground as long as you can and stall things out.
  • As you would expect, S Burst is best on Hildolfr for obvious reasons. E Burst is not nearly as good but it’s way better than F, at least.