Rising Gundam

Model Number: JMF-1336R Pilot: Rain Mikamura
Cost: 1500 Hp: 420 Transform: X Form Change: O

The Rising Gundam was developed not to compete in the Gundam Fight, but to combat the Devil Gundam. Although it was developed together with the Shining Gundam, the Rising Gundam was equipped with tools for real warfare, including the Beam Bow and Heat Naginata. The Rising Gundam was only used in combat once by Rain Mikamura. 

Normal Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Beam Machine Gun 60 13~126 Staggers on 3 hits
Charged Main Love Love Tenkyoken (1) 240 Usable once per life
Sub Sure-hit Rising Arrow 2 95-120-150 Hold to charge
Special Shooting God Gundam Summon (God Finger/God Tornado) 2 104 Grab into explosion
90 Shooting Guard
Special Melee Rising Shield 100 Form Change
Melee Beam Bow 65 Can fire up to two times
Burst Attack Zero Range Sure-hit Rising Arrow 300 (F) / 254 (E) (S) Grapple, high damage
Melee Input DMG Notes
2B 2B 80 High priority tackle

Cancel Routes:

A: 5B, AC, BC

5B: AB, BC


BC: Mobility(AB)


Mobility Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Armament Ammo DMG Notes
Main Vulcan  90 5~66 Head Vulcan
Charged Main Rising Finger (Gerobi) 14~69 Stuns
Special Shooting God Gundam Summon (God Finger/God Tornado) 2 104 Grab into explosion
90 Shooting Guard
Special Melee Rising Shield 100 Form Change
Melee Input Attack Name DMG Notes
AB  AB Rising Finger 127~177 Deal more damage by mashing B
5B 5BBB Heat Naginata 166 Slight launch


Hundred Stabs 157~224


Travels a great distance
8B 8BB Uppercut 124 Untechable
8B~2B Hundred Stabs 152~219 Travels a great distance
4/6B 4/6BB Cleave 158 Untechable Down


Hundred Stabs 152~219


Travels a great distance
2B 2B Melee Counter 85 Has Shooting Guard
CC8B CC8B Stab 108 Good dash speed

Cancel Routes:




BC: Normal(AB)

5B, 4/6B(B): AB

8B: AB



Despite being from G Gundam and officially a Mobile Fighter, Rising doesn’t run on the ground, instead hovering like a regular Mobile Suit. She has 2 forms, Normal and Mobility, each specialising in ranged or melee combat. Her overall damage output is also pretty low at mid~long ranges, and has to rely on sneaky snipes and cancel routes into her assist to survive. On top of that, Mobility mode will be cancelled when the shield gets depleted which kills her defensive options. You will need to get as much damage in as possible with Mobility or else you’ll lose out in the damage race. This will be especially true if you picked Fighting Burst. 

Normal Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Machine Gun

Beam type machine gun. Fires 3 shots per button tap, up to 12 shots. Reloads on empty, 6 seconds to reload.  Average tracking and needs to be aimed properly for it to land just like your typical machine gun. Play safe while trying to get this to hit due to Normal mode’s low mobility. The reload for this move is rather long (6 seconds), so be sure to deplete the ammo to start the reload early if you only have a few shots left. Delay your shots while aiming at your opponent’s landing to get a hit in. On a stagger, cancel into 5B for a knockdown. 

5B: Beam Bow

Unlimited ammo ranged attack with fast projectile speed. The projectile speed clashes with the tracking so you will need to get used to when to fire this attack. Can be fired up to twice in succession. 

Charged Main: Love Love Tenkyoken

Fires a King of Heart projectile. Same attack as God Gundam’s 2ABC. Usable once per life. After travelling its maximum distance, it explodes and generates a very large explosion bigger than Double X’s satellite cannon’s. You can cancel the forced PoV with the down input. Also will explode after it travels the maximum possible distance. Has an extremely long startup (1.5 seconds), but very cool. Take note that nothing will happen if you release CSA while you have an AC assist out. Mostly used as okizeme to seal off your enemies’ escape routes.

Sub: Sure-hit Rising Arrow

Chargeable ranged attack with 2 levels. Reloads on empty, 7 second to reload.  Good muzzle correction, and the startup and projectile speed increases with each charge. This move does have tracking, but with the bullet speed that fast you can treat it like a snipe. The same move that Rising does from Spiegel’s assist. 

Use your Main to force the opponent to move before cancelling into this for the knockdown. You will also fire at whoever you’re aiming at instead of being stuck with the target when you first input AB. The good muzzle correction helps when you are using this for self defence, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a vernier move. Cancel into BC for the shield as a defensive option when others try to fire stuff at you to stop the snipe. 

Special Shooting: God Gundam Summon (God Finger/God Tornado)

Shared ammo with Mobility mode. Reloads on empty, 14 seconds to reload. 

-5AC Exploding God Finger: God Gundam charges at the target, grabs it and then causes it to explode. The explosion launches the target, allowing for follow up with AB. Not suitable for close range due to the slow travel speed at the start and only average muzzle correction. Fortunately, God Gundam will gain speed as he moves. Use Main and 5AC to get your opponent to move with their difference in travel speed, then land hits with AB.

-*AC God Slash Typhoon: God appears in front of Rising and performs God Slash Typhoon after a very short delay. Has shield properties, and God Gundam will always appear in front of Rising regardless of your directional input. Your main defensive option when landing. Also usable as anti-melee as the typhoon does have a hitbox.

Special Melee: Rising Shield

Swaps to Mobility mode, gains a barrier facing front that takes up to 100 damage. Inherits some momentum. Once the barrier breaks, you’ll be forced back to Normal mode (while in yellow lock for a short while) and can’t swap until this ammo recharges. Rising will face the enemy she’s locked on to when using this move. 

Melee Set

2B: Tackle

A high priority one hit melee which can win many other melee attacks, even those coming from higher cost units. However this move has short reach and a small hitbox, which can be easily sidestepped and countered. If used in green lock, Rising will tackle in the direction she’s facing, thus can be used to fake your landing a little. 

Burst Attack

Zero Range Sure-hit Rising Arrow

Grapples the enemy then fires a Rising Arrow at point blank range. Has superarmor during the initial dashing animation and has very good tracking and reach. However the dash speed is only average. Furthermore, the Rising arrow animation makes Rising stands still thus makes her very vulnerable but thankfully the animation is relatively short. Overall, a useful Burst Attack.

Mobility Mode Ability Details

A melee-centric form. You cannot guard during this mode. 

Ranged Weapon

Main: Vulcan 

Fires 5 shots per button press, up to 15 shots on long hold. Reloads on empty, 6.5 seconds to reload. Typical head vulcan, used to stagger your opponent while moving around. Not extremely reliable. 

Charged Main: Rising Finger (Gerobi)

Fires a short 5-hit gerobi that stuns. Has a fast start up and good muzzle correction, relatively easy to hit while in close range. The downside is the long charge time (3 sec). Try to cancel out of this attack ASAP after it hits as each hit will generate more proration and down value. 

CSA is also used as a psuedo cancel route from the final hits of your melee into Sub by doing melee~CSA~Sub. 

Special Shooting: God Gundam Summon (God Finger/God Tornado)

Shared ammo with Normal mode. Exactly the same move. 

Special Melee: Rising Shield

Shared ammo with Normal mode. Exactly the same move. 

Melee Set

Sub: Rising Finger

G Gundam series’ famous head grapple attack. Has super armor during the starting animation. The start up, dash speed and reach are all average, but that’s a given as this is only a 1500 cost suit.  Furthermore, the priority is weak and will lose to other melee attacks easily. This move is good to get some damage in as Rising’s other melee attacks don’t deal that much damage. 

5BBB:Heat Naginata

The orthodox 3-stage melee. The first hit has good priority and can be used to challenge other melee attacks. The final hit launches the target slightly only, so you will need to step forward or Boost Dash forward to combo into another melee. 

5B(B), 4/6B(B), 8B~2B:Hundred Stabs

One of Rising’s main damage sources. Pushes the target forward while stabbing them. Press B for more attacks, minimum 4 stabs and up to 16 stabs. This move moves Rising forward quite a bit, allowing you to drag the target away. However it’s still not enough to avoid the tracking of a regular BR, so you’ll need to pay attention to the other enemy. In Fighting Burst, the stabs and movement is greatly improved allowing you to dodge BRs at the very least. 


An uppercut attack that launches into a untechable down. Great move when you’re simply trying to get a fast knockdown to stall time. The first hit has fast startup so you can use this attack as an opener.


PoV change on the last hit. Good curve on the dash trajectory, long reach and good priority, but in exchange the start up is slow at extreme close ranges. The last hit knocks the target downwards but doesn’t cause a bounce, making it hard to follow up. Use this when you want to use the curve to dodge things or get into position for a CSA (especially in Fighting Burst).

2B:Melee Counter

Melee counter that has Shooting Guard. On a successful counter, stuns the target and flings them behind you. Has a balanced amount of proration and Down Value thus it is still possible to deal decent damage by following up with a melee combo. However this move has slow start up, so you will need to predict ahead of time to press this. The Shooting Guard is able to block long gerobis like FAZZ CSB, but is relatively small and attacks with explosions like bazookas will go through.


A multi-hit stab attack. This move has good dash speed and reach. Rising will also stick out the Naginata after start up thus the hitbox is out almost immediately and will be able to win other melees that needs swing time. However it’s difficult to follow up after this hit as it knocks the target away, so you’ll even need to step forward to combo into other attacks. If you hit an enemy who’s on a slope at a higher elevation, good chance you’ll knock them into the terrain and they’ll be downed. This move has terrifying speed in Fighting Burst. On hit, cancel into Sub for good damage.

Recommended Combos

Mobility Mode

Ranged Weapons
Input DMG Notes
CSA>>5BBB~AB 229 Basic Combo. 
CSA~AB 204 Basic combo. Good for offence and defence
AB(before explosion)>5BB~2B(13 hit)>AB 261 Only usable when at least 1 unit height above the ground. 
5BB~2B>AB 246~253
5BBB>AB 241 High damage
8BB>8BB 199 Launches high. Fuwastep to the right.


  • Fighting Burst is the most ideal for Rising to be used in Mobility mode. It enhances her strong points and has a long Burst duration due to being a 1500 unit. Bet the farm on this Burst. 
  • Extend will help Rising get away from sticky situations and makes it possible to counterattack with a long melee combo immediately. Good burst for beginners. Unfortunately you won’t be able to deal any extra damage from the Burst. 
  • For the Beam machine gun, learn to burst fire (tap, release, tap ) instead of holding it down all the way. This way each time you press you’ll get muzzle correction.
  • Normal mode: A fully charged AB can fly across the map to catch your opponent’s landing. Very useful to make them waste boost while your ally harasses them in other ways. 
  • Mobility mode: It’s best to swap to this when an enemy is coming at you. You move faster and have more options. Your best bet at warding them off will be CSA. Past that, use *AC as your defensive option.