GGEZ Guide Update: Montero, Zaku Amazing, and Red Frame Kai!

For those who think we’ve been slacking off for the last few weeks— you’re dead wrong! So far we have finished roughly 165 guides, with another 20 or so to go before we’re finished with the project! In other words, we are on track to finish every MS guide before the game launches on July 30!

So why aren’t these guides up on the site yet? Because we’re doing our best to proofread and edit every guide before we export everything in one big batch. However, we’ve made a special exception and uploaded Montero, Zaku Amazing, and Red Frame Kai! The former two are of course for all of you itching to try out new stuff for the first time this weekend, and RF Kai is for.. those of you who can’t wait to disregard the meta and go nuts with a giant buster sword (we don’t judge).

Note that damage values and move descriptions for Montero and Zaku Amazing are taken from the JP EXVS2 wiki, so if damage numbers and the performance of moves don’t match up (they probably won’t), don’t throw a fit. We’ll update the guides as required once we have time to play the game.

Have an awesome weekend ahead, and don’t forget to check out our livestream!