Join the GGEZ EXVSMBON Livestream Tomorrow!

As you might have noticed, the GGEZ website has been down for a couple of days, and it now looks completely different! We have ported the site over to a new server and made many changes to boost the speed of the site, so you can get some quick reading in in-between matches!

On an even more exciting note, tomorrow’s the big day— the start of the open access weekends up until the game launches on 30th July! We’re also psyched to announce that this weekend onwards, Kuanyi from the GGEZ team will be livestreaming MBON matches on Twitch, from his PS4 to your optic stems! Kuanyi and the rest of the GGEZ team will be playing together in private shuffle and team free rooms all weekend, and also hosting sessions teaching new and intermediate players on how to improve quickly with minimal effort.

So whether you’re PS4-less or looking to score some tips from veterans who have been playing the MBON series for over 2 years (and still loving it), drop by the stream and say hi!

Kuanyi from the GGEZ Team on Twitch

The stream goes live as soon as the Open Access starts at 12pm Japan Standard Time (GMT+9). Be sure to subscribe to get notified as soon as we’re rolling.

See you all on the battlefield tomorrow!