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As you might have noticed, the GGEZ website has been down for a couple of days, and it now looks completely different! We have ported the site over to a new server and made many changes to boost the speed of the site, so you can get some quick reading in in-between matches! On anContinue reading “Join the GGEZ EXVSMBON Livestream Tomorrow!”

Gundam F91

Model Number: F91   Pilot: Seabook Arno    Cost: 2000 Hp: 520 Transform: X Form Change: X An prototype unit developed by Earth Federation’s Strategic Naval Research Institute under their Formula series. Equipped with a Biocomputer (meant to be the next generation of Psycommu) , it directly links with the pilot’s mind, greatly improving precise and mobileContinue reading “Gundam F91”

RX-78-2 Gundam

Model Number: RX-78-2 Pilot: Amuro Ray Cost: 2000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X A prototype RX series anti-mobile suit unit developed under the Earth Federation’s Operation V. It’s the grandfather of all Gundam-type units, and sports the signature V-fin and Twin Eye Camera on its head. Move Summary Ranged Armament Ammo DMG NotesContinue reading “RX-78-2 Gundam”


Model Number: LM111E02 Pilot: Junko Jenko Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X League Militaire’s Mobile Suits developed as a part of the Victory Project. Although it does not have the V Gundam’s ability to split and combine parts, it is able to fully utilize a variety of optional weapons, giving it great versatilityContinue reading “Gun-EZ”


Model Number: MS-18E  Pilot: Mikhail Kaminsky Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X Actually spelt “Kämpfer”, this assault Mobile Suit was created during the One Year War. It boasts high maneuverability at the cost of being less heavily armored, and uses physical projectiles over beams to help reduce drain on its generator. TheContinue reading “Kampfer”

Gundam Deathscythe Hell (TV)

Model Number: XXXG-01D2 Pilot: Duo Maxwell Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: X Form Change: X A stealth-type Gundam which can use it’s Active Cloaking to prevent detection from radar and various sensors. It usually closes it’s cloaking armor when travelling, but it opens up during combat, giving it the silhouette of a bat.  A “clone”Continue reading “Gundam Deathscythe Hell (TV)”

Mack Knife (Mask’s Unit)

Model Number: CAMS-05 Pilot: Mask Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: O Form Change: △ (Booster) A transformable Mobile Suit designed for use in Space, deployed by the Capital Army. While the mass production Mack Knife uses mono-eye sensors, this model has been redesigned for use by Ace Pilots and has Twin Eye Sensors. It alsoContinue reading “Mack Knife (Mask’s Unit)”

Gundam Barbatos

Model Number: ASW-G-08 Pilot: Mikazuki Augus Cost: 2000 Hp: 600  Transform: X Form Change: X One of the 72 Gundam Frames that was left behind in the aftermath of the Calamity War. Because it was found in the desert of Mars in a state of disrepair, it is not able to display its true combatContinue reading “Gundam Barbatos”

Blitz Gundam

Model Number:GAT-X207 Pilot: Nicol Amalfi Cost: 2000 Hp: 520 Transform: X Form Change: X One of the five GAT-X series mobile suits, the Blitz specialises in covert operations against enemy forces. The Blitz was piloted by none other than Nicol Amalfi, who was only 15 and loved to play the piano. It has a stealth functionContinue reading “Blitz Gundam”