Blitz Gundam

Model Number:GAT-X207

Pilot: Nicol Amalfi

Cost: 2000 Hp: 520 Transform: X Form Change: X


One of the five GAT-X series mobile suits, the Blitz specialises in covert operations against enemy forces. The Blitz was piloted by none other than Nicol Amalfi, who was only 15 and loved to play the piano. It has a stealth function incorporating Mirage Colloid technology that not only renders it undetectable by radars and sensors, but even the naked eye.


Move Summary







Beam rifle



Average BR


Lancer Dart



Physical projectile, Heavy stun on hit

Special Shooting

Aegis Gundam Assist



Fires a gerobi


Rushes forward and grabs the target before self-destructing

Special Melee

Mirage Colloid


Cuts all tracking while active

Burst Attack

Trikeros continuous attack

267(F)/249(E & S)

Melee ranbu combo. Has mirage colloid during the animation








Average melee combo 



Launches the target before firing a launcher target. Cause Weak stun.



Forced Down





Melee combo with mirage colloid. Cuts tracking during the entirety of the animation, but cannot be cancelled at all




Thrust followed by a kick to the right. Untechable on final hit.




Average melee combo



Launches the target before firing a lancer dart. Cause weak stun.



Forced Down



Melee combo with mirage colloid




Anchor attack that pulls in distant targets 






Cancel Routes:


AB: 2B, BC


Any melee (other than A, 8B, BC derivatives): 2B

2nd hit of 5B melee string: 8B

5B/4B melee string (before last hit): BC

2B: A, AB, any melee other than 2B or CC8B



The Blitz Gundam is an all rounder unit with good chasing capabilities and great self defense. The Blitz sports great mobility and a tight turning radius compared to its peers in the 2000 bracket cost. While its main ammunition is rather low, the Blitz has a respectable variety of armaments. The Mirage Colloid serves to be the Blitz’s most defining feature, and has uses both in offence and defense. However, as the Blitz has only 520 Hp which is the lowest amongst all 2ks, users are advised to exercise both caution and also be willing to take calculated risks to do well with this suit. 


Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average BR. It pew pews.

Sub: Lancer Dart

Fires 3 darts that stuns on hit. This physical projectile has good speed and tracking, but also causes vernier. Its range is slightly beyond Blitz’s red lock. While it can be cancelled from main, it is perfectly feasible to utilize this tool raw as it has a low down value.

As it can be canceled into 2B’s rocket anchor, it also creates safe openings for melee.

Special Shooting: Aegis Gundam Assist

Summons Aegis Gundam to assist. Despite having 2 ammo, any subsequent assist cannot be called until the first is either destroyed or has disappeared.

The assist has two variations:

  1. AB: Aegis fires a gerobi from its Scylla cannon.

    While the gerobi itself is relatively thin, it packs a decent punch. As the active time of this assist is fairly long, it can also be used as a net of sorts to catch any unsuspecting targets.

  2. AB with any directional input: Aegis grabs the target in its MA form before self-destructing.

    Chase speed, muzzle correction and tracking are good, and the assist has a good chance of hitting at close to medium ranges. However, suits under the super armor effect or have guard properties similar to Alex’s Chobham armor will not be grabbed by the assist. When the assist self-destructs, it leaves a huge explosion similar to Zaku II Kai’s bombs, and can hit multiple targets (including your own ally!). If the assist is hit by a projectile after it has grabbed a target but before it self-destructs, it simply disappears with no explosion.

    Although the down value incurred from this attack is high, damage proration itself is low. For example, a follow up CSA shot from a friendly Strike Freedom can do up to a total of 250 damage. Thus it’s recommended that players try to follow up on the explosion with a BR shot as the Lancer Dart sub has a high likelihood of being destroyed by the explosion. 

Special Shooting: Mirage Colloid

Blitz renders itself invisible and cuts all tracking for the duration of the Mirage Colloid. Can be activated even in overheat and does not cause vernier. Effect can be ended early either by inputting BC again or doing any attack. However, Mirage Colloid can only be used when the counter is full at 100. Cancelable from main, AB, and AC, and can even be used as a turnaround freefall as a result. However, any damage incurred while in this form is increased 1.5 times. Don’t use this in front of any suit with whips, you’re just cruisin’ for a bruisin’.


Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber Combo

A 5 hit combo which hits the opponent up into the air after the 2nd hit, and deals high damage. Cancelable to 2b upon the last hit for a follow up.

5B~A: Slash>Uppercut>Fire Lancer Dart

Launches the target into the air before firing Lancer Darts. Stuns the opponent on hit. The dart itself does not explode and the target can be followed up on with another attack. However, this move cannot be rainbow stepped.

5B(B)~8B: Slash>Horizontal slash>Downward slash

3 hit combo which launches the target into the air followed by a downward stab. High down value.

5B~BC: Mirage Colloid Combo Attack

A 5 hit combo with mirage colloid. Does not use BC ammo. During the entirety of this attack, any tracking is cut BUT this move cannot be cancelled by any means, even with a boost dash cancel and any damage incurred will be increased 1.5 times. Due to the high down value of the attacks mid-combo, it is entirely possible the enemy will be downed before the animation ends. A very high risk move overall.

8BB: Uppercut>Kick

Blitz launches the target before kicking it to the right.

4/6BB: Slash>Uppercut

A 2 hit combo which hits the opponent up to the air after the 2nd hit. Priority is decent and swerve distance is decent. Like the 5B melee string, is cancellable to 2B.

4/6B~A: Slash>Uppercut>Fires Lancer Dart

Alike to 5B~A combo.

4/6B~8B: Slash>Downward slash

Alike to 5B~8B combo.

4/6B~BC: Mirage Colloid Combo Attack

Alike to 5B~BC combo.

2B: Grapple Hook

Fires the Grapple Hook and pulls the opponent towards you. Aside from simply drawing an enemy closer, it has a multitude of other uses. In addition inputting Main after the anchor connects will result in a freefall. As it can be cancelled mid combo from any melee string (asides the melee derivatives) users can finish a combo quickly and ensure a Forced Down on the target by inputting 2B mid combo > followed by main. 

The initial hit of the anchor actually stuns the target, so users are to avoid using the Burst Attack right after a successful 2B pull.

CC8B: Trikeross Stab

A normal stab which causes multiple hits. Has good chase speed but is difficult to follow up on, especially on uneven terrain with slopes. Used in the anime against Sword Strike Gundam, this kills the Nicol.


Burst Attack

Trikeross Continuous Attack

Melee rush combo with super armor on startup and stuns the target upon first hit.. Unsurprisingly, the 2nd to 5th stages of this attack render you immune to enemy tracking, and the Burst Attack is very cut-resistant as a result. Due to its erratic animation, ease-of-use, and guidance cut properties, this is a good Burst Attack overall. 

However, users are to take care not to utilize this right from a 2B anchor as it will likey miss the second hit and beyond.



  • Shadow the opponent and utilize any openings made by your partner. Due to Blitz’s low HP and low ammo count, a hit and run method will suffice and utilize the assists and multitude of tools to quickly down your opponents.
  • Due to AC’s long duration, it can be used as a net of sorts to catch the opponent. Activate AC on the opponent you are presently targeting, but instead intend to hit the other opponent currently tailing your target.
  • While Mirage Colloid can be used defensively, it adds a layer of unpredictability when used as an offensive tool. This creates multiple opportunities for Blitz to launch attacks when they least expect it.
  • Know thy enemy. Multiple suits have sweeping or wide area attacks that disregard Mirage Colloid (X1/Gouf Ignited’s whip, Hot Scramble’s Beam Sweep, explosions from certain gerobis). Take special note of these matchups and exercise caution when using Mirage Colloid.

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