Gundam Kimaris Trooper

Model Number:ASW-G-66

Pilot: Gaelio Bauduin

Cost: 2000 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X

Kimaris Trooper

A relic from the Calamity War that was repaired and upgraded by Gjallahorn. It was remodeled with the image of a mounted knight in mind. In addition to being lighter, it has the additional feature of having its two legs split into four for its “Trooper Mode”.

Ability Summary







140mm machine gun


12 ~ 119

Able to fire up to 12 shots consecutively

Charged Main

140mm machine gun 

18 ~ 156

Can be swivelled during animation, has Shooting Guard




10 ~ 157

Flame Stuns friend(!) or foe upon hit.  

Special Shooting

Trooper Form Advancing Fire


7 – 80

Kimaris Trooper rushes towards target whhile firing from its machine guns..

Burst Attack

Trooper form continuous attack


Melee combo.








Standard melee combo, but has 8B and 2B derivatives



Launches target into the air upon last hit



Does a flurry of lance thrusts. No cut resistance, but high damage overall








Bounces enemy upon last hit. Shares same 8B and 2B derivatives as 5B.



Launches target into the air upon last hit



Does a flurry of lance thrusts. No cut resistance, but high damage overall




Launches target upwards. Directly cancelable to BC.








Has 3 levels of charge. Charges forward and hit the opponent spinning the air.




Helmbreaker. Kimaris Trooper’s pyonkaku. Useful tool for gaining elevation quickly and to cover landings.

Cancel Routes:



AC: Any melee except CC8B, BC

2B: BC


An all-purpose machine with an unusual appearance, the Kimaris Trooper has below average hp but has plenty of movement techniques to make up for it. While general mobility is only average, the Kimaris Trooper’s AC, BC and CSA provides it with additional options for escape and self-defense. While his moves are generally risky, dealing lots of damage to a higher cost unit will make it worth it. Users should take note of the Kimaris shortcomings like its low HP and capitalize on hit and run tactics to win the damage race.

Ranged Weapons

Main: 140mm machine guns

Kimaris main ranged option. Kimaris fires up to 12 shots when Main is held. Reloads only when all ammo has been expended. While average damage per bullet is slightly lower, the hit box for this tool is relatively wide. Tracking is above average and this is an excellent machine gun tool overall. 

Charged Main: 140mm machine gun Continuous Firing

Kimaris Trooper stops in place while firing with its shield up. While active, Kimaris gains Shooting Guard and the firing animation can be swerved with directional input. 

While the range of the projectiles are fairly short, the projectiles fired are released in a spread like pattern and requires only two hits to connect before the opponent staggers.

Sub: Mine

Kimaris Trooper deploys explosive mines that float while advancing very slightly forward. Said mines detonate and causes Flame Stun to any mobile suit (friendly or otherwise) that comes into contact with it. Useful both offensively to pressure enemies or as a self defense tool to deter approaching enemies.

Asides from being cancelable from main, the mines will also reorient Kimaris Trooper back towards the target even if in green lock.

Special Shooting: Trooper Form Advancing Fire

Kimaris Trooper transforms to its Trooper Form and advances forward while firing its machine guns and automatically freefalls at the end of its charge. The Trooper reorients itself towards the target even in green lock. Despite Kimaris Trooper firing its machine guns, it does not consume main ammo. This move has interesting characteristics as it can be cancelled into any melee (except CC8B) but cannot be rainbow stepped from, or even freefall with Main while in Shooting burst.

The muzzle correction at startup is good tho tracking during the animation is mediocre. Because of the distance covered by the charge, it is possible to overshoot and charge past the enemy, leaving yourself vulnerable. As the charge itself has no Shooting guard, it can also be interrupted by and projectile attack. However, when used in a 2v2 setting, it can be used to charge quickly towards an unsuspecting opponent.

In addition, it can also be cancelled into CSB mid charge, allowing for more options to attack.

Melee Set

5BBB: Destroyer Lance Combo

Last stage of this melee string is multi-hit and incurs Down on target. Has 8B and 2B derivatives/ Overall a lengthy combo for little payoff. Recommended that users ignore this move entirely in favor of 4/6B as per jp wiki. 

5B(B)~8B: Slash through

A slash-through derivative that has low down value, and only inflicts a regular Down unlike other slash-through attacks. Mainly used to extend combo due to the low down value, even into another melee that launches the target. Be careful not to use this if you’re out of boost as your target will be able to tech out and retaliate quickly

5B(B)~2B: Flurry

Kimaris Trooper does a series of jabs with the Destroyer Lance. Does high damage but is not cut-resistant as Kimaris is stationary during this attack

8BB: Destroyer lance Jab

Two-stage attack with multiple hits. While damage is high, this string is not cut-resistant as Kimaris does not move much.

4/6BBB: Lance hit > Jab > Shield bash

Swerve distance and priority and ends with a shield bash that bounces the target. As target is bounced at the end of the combo, there is no danger of the opponent recovering even if the next combo is whiffed or if Kimaris Trooper is in Overheat. Shares the same melee derivatives as 5B

2B: Destroyer Lance Thrust

A single thrust that launches the target into the air. Can be cancelled directly to BC. While not particularly damaging, 2B > BC provides a quick and cut resistant option to down your enemy. Useful when there is little opportunity to perform a lengthy combo without being interrupted.

CC8B: Lance Stab > Saber Slash

Kimaris Trooper stabs the target with the lance before slashing with its saber. Has good chase properties and tracking. Useful when distance is too close for AC to be used reliably or to catch and unsuspecting enemy by surprise. 

CSB: High-speed Assault

A high-powered single hit thrust that causes Forced Down upon hit. Can be charged up to 3 levels and power and speed of charge is enhanced accordingly. Has no Shooting Guard nor Superarmor during entirety of attack, thus Kimaris is vulnerable during the duration of this attack. While difficult to rely on consistently, this attack is one of Kimaris Trooper’s defining features as it boasts high instantaneous damage in a single hit.

Because this attack is single hit, it is impossible for target to utilize Extend Burst to minimize the damage taken. However, unless the enemy is completely ignoring you, it is difficult to catch a target unawares with this. Furthermore, as it requires the B button to be held, the Kimaris’ overall mobility and self-defense is hampered as users will not be able to utilize BC during the long charge duration.

Overall, a high-risk-high reward move that requires users to fully commit to this attack.

BC: Helmbreaker

Kimaris Trooper’s pyonkaku. Can be cancelled from Kimaris Trooper’s 2B. Useful for disorienting enemies and also to gain elevation quickly. As a machinegun user, Kimaris Trooper will benefit from the quick elevation whereby he is able to apply pressure. Boost consumption is also small and thus can also be used to make melee combos more cut-resistant with little fear of overheat.

Burst Attack

Trooper form continuous attack

Melee Combo with superarmor properties on startup. Second stage of this attack is not cut resistant, so do exercise caution when utilizing this burst attack.


  • Shadow the enemy and apply pressure with the machineguns. When you see an opening rush in with AC to deal damage quickly before zipping out.
  • Unfortunately, as Kimaris Trooper only has the machine gun as its ranged option, users must be more willing to take calculated risks to do more damage
  • Keep yourself unpredictable. Utilize Kimaris Troopers mobility and vast offensive options to mix up your attack and keep your opponent guessing.