Raider Gundam

Model Number: GAT-X370

Pilot: Clotho Buer

Cost: 2000 Hp: 580 Transform: O Form Change: X


A unit from the X300 series that has a similar inner frame to the Aegis Gundam. It transforms into a bird-like Mobile Armor form, allowing for high speed movement within Earth’s atmosphere. It excels in hit-and-run tactics.

MS Mode Ability Summary







Hyper Velocity Shield Cannon


12 ~ 124

4-hit stagger machine gun
Can fire up to 12 shots in a


Zorn 100mm Energy Cannon



Forced Down upon hit

Special Shooting

Mjolnir Spherical Breaker

32 ~ 92

Causes Vernier

Burst Attack

Nuclear Missile

308(S)/292(F & E)

Large AoE. Very high damage











Bounces target at end of combo




Bounces target at end of combo







32 ~ 136

Blocks ranged attacks, attack animation is extended when button is held




Launches target into the air

Special Melee (BC)



Kicks and launches target into the air



Finishes off with a transforming Issen attack that leaves the target in a cartwheeling Down



Launches target into the air with Mjolnir hammer

Cancel Routes:

MS Mode:


BC, 2B (upon hit): AC

Any melee (except last hit of melee string): BC

MA Mode Ability Summary







Machine Cannons





Zorn 100mm Energy Cannon



Forced Down upon hit. Fires towards whichever direction Raider is facing. Shares ammo with MS Form

Special Shooting

Special Movement (AC)

Raider does a rapid movement towards the target. Cancellable into Main and Sub.

Special Movement~Main


24 ~ 93

Raider does a rapid movement before firing off from its machine cannons. Shared ammo with MS form.

Special Movement~Sub



Raider does a rapid movement before firing off from its Zorn energy cannon. Forced Down on hit, but does 10 less damage than usual. Shared ammo with MS form

Special Melee

Rapid Transformation

Rapidly transforms back to MS form. Cuts tracking




Raider transforms and does a shoulder tackle. Dust down.

Cancel Routes:

MA Mode: 



BC: AB, AC, any melee (except CC8B), BC(MS Mode)

B(upon hit): BC


Raider is a general-purpose suit, albeit one with a relatively short red-lock range. While its tools are generally short in range, the Mjolnir hammer and Zorn beam cannon have relatively high down values to make up for it. Your main role is as a “disruptor”, who comes in close to unsuspecting enemies, down them quickly, and creates more favorable 2v1 situations. Thus, proper shot placement is essential when playing Raider, as both its melee and ranged options are rather mediocre.

Raider’s general mobility is decent and has an MA mode. With its below average red-lock range and overall mediocre damage output, Raider is certainly not beginner-friendly, and will require only the most seasoned of pilots to fully bring out its potential.

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: Hyper Velocity Shield Cannon

Fires 2 rounds per “shot”, thus has a slightly larger hitbox. Fires 12 shots per input. Staggers on 4 hits.

While tracking and projectile speed are average, the firing angles on this tool are rather narrow. Take caution so as not to accidentally turn around while shooting and be placed in vernier. As it is difficult to keep up the damage race using this alone, it serves a good starting point to cancel to other moves like AB, AC and BC

Sub: Zorn 100mm Energy Beam Cannon

Causes Vernier when used. This tool inflicts Forced Down on any target it hits, has good projectile speed and tracking, but muzzle correction and startup are poor, thus limiting its usefulness at close range. Its main usage often involves hit-confirming and catching landings. Due to its Down properties, it serves useful as a deterrent against enemies with Super Armor moves.

Special Shooting:  Mjolnir Spherical Breaker

Essentially a Gundam Hammer, Raider throws a hammer towards the target. Does damage in multi-hit stages and also launches the target into the air. Despite its appearance, this tool has a Ranged attribute and thus will be blocked by any attacks that has Shooting Guard and also cannot be Rainbow-stepped from. However, it will destroy any projectile that comes into contact with it and does not require any ammo to use. useful tool to fall back upon when ammo for both Main and Sub is scarce.

Tracking is respectable as is its damage. Similar to the Turn A’s hammer, damage can be racked up quickly if used in a zunda. However, more care must be taken when doing this as the Raider, being a 2k cost suit does not have the same boost reserves as the Turn A and is more likely to fall into Overheat when zundaing with its hammer. Lastly, asides from causing Vernier, there is also a noticeable delay in boost-dashing to cancel from this move, so do take care when using this move.

Melee Set

5BBB: Horizontal hit > Horizontal hit > Kick

Standard 3 hit combo. Raider does a series of horizontal hits with its hammer before launching the target into the air with a kick. Generally average performance and not cut-resistant

5BB~2B: Horizontal hit > Horizontal hit> Series of Kick

Similar to the basic 5BBB combo but Raider ends off with a series of kicks instead of launching the target into the air. Higher damage than the 5BBB combo and ends with target in Yellow Lock but still not cut-resistant.

8BB: Kick > Kick > Downward Kick

Series of kicks that ends in a downward kick on target. Bounces target on last hit.

4/6BB: Hook > Kick > Upper

Horizontal series of hit that ends in an uppercut. While transition from 2nd to third stage is fairly slow, the last hit launches the target, allowing for easy followup with sub or AC.

2B: Mjolnir Spin

Raider spins the Mjolnir hammer with a wide radius. Blocks any incoming projectiles and attack animation is extended the longer B is held. Blocks projectiles safely with small explosion radius like bazookas also as the blocking area is slightly in front of Raider. While this move carries some momentum, it still causes Vernier. Furthermore, as this move only blocks against Ranged attacks, melee moves such as whips will still bypass it.

Some other moves include:
– Whips from Epyon, Gouf, Master
– Gusion Rebake Full City’s BC, Gold Sumo’s I Field bunker, Excelia’s 8AC

CC8BB: Backhand > Kick

Low damage but high down value. While not great as a combo starter, it’s long reach makes it useful to chasing units.

BC: Mjolnir Rush

Raider rushes forwards with its Mjolnir. Can be cancelled into B, 8B or AC.Does not have any Shooting Guard properties whatsoever, but has fast start up with hitbox appearing almost immediately. Weak directional correction, not recommended to use at extremely close ranges. However, this move does not consume boost, and also has a hitbox on units that comes into contact with it.  

BC~5B: Mjolnir Rush

Raider rushes forwards with its Mjolnir before kicking then launching the target into the air.

BC~8B: Mjolnir Rush

Raider rushes forwards with its Mjolnir finishes off with a transforming Issen attack that leaves the target in a cartwheeling Down.

BC~AC: Mjolnir Rush > Hammer Throw

Raider rushes forwards with its Mjolnir before ending off with its hammer throw.

Burst Attack

Nuclear Missile

Raider summons a nuclear missile from a pocket universe and fires it at the enemy.  Startup is rather slow and may leave Raider vulnerable but the attack does very high damage and has a wide area of effect. Due to these properties, it is recommended to use at least once right before the end of Burst or on opponents about to wake up.

MA Mode Ability Summary

Ranged Weapons

Main: Machine Cannons

Raider fires its nose and shoulder mounted machine cannons. Fires towards whichever direction Raider is facing. Tap forward twice before firing to reorient the Raider towards the target.

Sub: Zorn 100mm Energy Cannon

Fires Raider fires its Zorn cannon. Fires towards whichever direction Raider is facing.

Special Shooting: Rapid Movement

Raider does a rapid spinning movement towards the target. Will dash towards the target if it’s in red lock, if not Raider will dash in the direction he is facing.  Can be canceled into A, AB, B

1) AC ~ A: Raider spins forwards while firing the machine cannons. Shares ammo with MA form’s Machine Cannons, but flinches target with 1 shot.

2) AC ~ AB: Raider spins forward before shooting off a shot from the Zorn Energy Cannon. Forced Down upon hit but does 10 less damage than usual. Consumes ammo from sub as per usual.

Special Melee: Rapid Transformation

Raider spins to the side before transforming back to MS form. Cuts tracking. Raider faces forward after the transformation. Weirdly enough, while Raider cannot directly cancel to main, it is able to cancel to melee immediately after this move.

Melee Set

B: Shoulder tackle

Raider quickly transforms and does a shoulder tackle on the target. Mediocre performance but launches target upon hit.


  • Raider has pretty lackluster Red Lock range in MS form, general rule of thumb is to stay in MA form at long ranges and MS form at close ranges
  • Raider has plenty of tools with high down values and melee combos that are short; get in quickly, down the enemy and quickly retreat.
  • Due to the short duration of most of its attacks, Fighting Burst is recommended to maximize the damage output from its short combos.
  • What Raider does best is defend itself. You do have decent self-defense options in your machine gun, sub, 2B, and AC. MA mode can also be useful for getting away. Against extremely aggressive players, Raider could be a decent counter-pick.