Model Number:MSAM-YM03 Pilot: Klim Nick Cost: 2000 Hp: 560 Transform: X Form Change: X The Montero was a general-purpose prototype mobile suit featuring excellent mobility in the atmosphere. It was no slouch in combat either, and carried a wide assortment of ranged and melee armaments making it highly adaptable at varying combat situations. While mostContinue reading “Montero”

Join the GGEZ EXVSMBON Livestream Tomorrow!

As you might have noticed, the GGEZ website has been down for a couple of days, and it now looks completely different! We have ported the site over to a new server and made many changes to boost the speed of the site, so you can get some quick reading in in-between matches! On anContinue reading “Join the GGEZ EXVSMBON Livestream Tomorrow!”

Red Frame Kai

Model Number: MBF-P02Kai Pilot: Lowe Guele Cost: 2500 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: X An upgraded form of the Red Frame, swapping out the flight booster for the Tactical Arms II L. It also sports two katanas, and no shield units. The Tactical Arms can transform into various shapes to fit the combat situation,Continue reading “Red Frame Kai”

Zaku Amazing

Model Number:MS-06R-AB Pilot: Yuuki Tatsuya Cost: 2000 Hp: 540 Transform: X Form Change: △ (Amazing Booster) A gunpla used by Yuuki Tatsuya, aka Meijin Kawaguchi III. It is a remodel of the high-speed Zaku II which gained new weapons and features. The very name of the unit reflects Yuuki’s true moniker (Zaku Ameijingu in hiragana),Continue reading “Zaku Amazing”

Zeta Gundam (Roux)

Model Number: MSZ-006 Pilot: Roux Louka Cost: 2000 Hp: 560 Transform: O Form Change: X A transformable MS developed by Anaheim Electronics and the AEUG. It is a suit that allows for a wider range of tactics thanks to its ability to shift into its ‘Waverider’ form. MS Mode Ability Summary Ranged Armament Ammo DMGContinue reading “Zeta Gundam (Roux)”

Zeta Gundam (Zaku Head)

Model Number: MSZ-006 Pilot: Iino Abbav Cost: 1500 Hp: 420 Transform: X Form Change: X   After losing its head in an earlier battle against the AMX-103 Hamma Hamma and AMX-104 R-Jarja, the Zeta Gundam was hastily repaired by Iino Abbav using an old Zaku II head (due to a lack of spare parts) soContinue reading “Zeta Gundam (Zaku Head)”


  Model Number: GNT-0000 Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O   As a successor to the 00 Raiser, the 00 Qan[T] sports an improved Twin Drive System, a Quantum System that exceeds the capabilities of the 00 Raiser’s Trans-Am Burst System, and is armed to the teeth withContinue reading “00Qan[T]”

00Qan[T] Full Saber

Model Number: GNT-0000/FS Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: X       The 00 Qan[T] Full Saber is the 00 Qan[T] equipped with the GN Sword IV Full Saber equipment. The GN Sword IV Full Saber was developed before the GN Sword V and was equipped with aContinue reading “00Qan[T] Full Saber”

Gundam Legilis

Model Number: xvm-fzc Pilot: Zeheart Galette Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X   The Gundam Legilis was the first Gundam type Mobile Suit produced by the Vagans. Created using extracted data from the captured AGE-3 Gundam and further data gathered from the EXA-DB, the Gundam Legilis was the first Mobile Suit thatContinue reading “Gundam Legilis”

Gundam Harute

Model Number: GN-011 Pilot: Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: O Form Change: O Using Arios and the GN Archer as a base, Gundam Harute was developed as a transformable MS that boasted exceptional speed and firepower that completely outclassed its predecessors. Its Marute System allowed it to be controlled byContinue reading “Gundam Harute”