Model Number: GNT-0000

Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei

Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O


00 Quanta

As a successor to the 00 Raiser, the 00 Qan[T] sports an improved Twin Drive System, a Quantum System that exceeds the capabilities of the 00 Raiser’s Trans-Am Burst System, and is armed to the teeth with close-combat weapons including the GN Sword V and Sword Bits. 00 Qan[T]’s most distinguished feature is its ability to quantize long distances, making it capable of instantly teleporting across the universe.  

00Qan[T] Ability Summary







GN Sword V Rifle mode



Low ammo count

Charged Melee

Quantum Burst


Form change to Quantum Burst mode, recovers 100HP


GN Sword bits [Launch]



5AB: Melee-based all-range attack

GN Sword Bits [GN Buster Sword]

2AB: Change GN Sword V to Buster Sword mode. 

Special Shooting

Gundam Zabanya summon



Gerobi assist with shooting guard

Special Melee GN Sword Bits [GN Field] 200 _ Ranged projectile barrier
Burst Attack GN Sword V Melee Combo _ 297(F)/270(E)/271(S)
Melee combo whilst quantizing. 







210 [225]

Decent damage but long animation


235 [247]

Triple kick. Unteachable, good damage




Last shooting after launching the target up with an uppercut.



Sword Bits combo. Unusable in Buster Sword mode.




Multi hit stab



Fast stab & throw. Only usable in Buster Sword mode.



173 [186]

Fast melee but only cause a regular Down



Sword bits uppercut combo. 




Last shooting after launching target up with an uppercut.



Sword Bits combo. 



90 [95]

Jump melee.



178 [191]

Untechable Down


292(F)/254(E & S)

[303(F)/276(E & S)]

Burst only. Increase the amount of hits during Trans-Am

Cancel Routes:


AB: A 

Quantum Burst Mode Summary







GN Sword V Rifle Mode



Ammo recovery upon quantum burst.


Gundam Harute Summon


60 ~ 126

GN cannon 3 shots+GN missiles

Special Shooting

Gundam Zabanya Summon


13 ~ 165

Ammo recovery upon quantum burst.

Special Fighting Quantize Dash 1 173 Dash towards target while quantizing. Input BBB to follow up with a three consecutive hit melee.
8B GN Sword Bits Launch 30~168 Long range physical attack
Burst Attack GN Sword V “Quantum” Sword 317(S)/200(F & E) Gerobi
Melee Input DMG Notes
5B 5BB 116 Typical 5B
4/6B 4/BB 112 Knocks target away
2B 2B 80 Melee counter
BC~B BC~B 173 Usable only after BC

Cancel Routes:

A: BC, 2B


5B(First hit), 4/6B(First Hit): AB, AC, BC, 8B


An all-rounder suit that specializes in melee combat. 00 Qan[T] (henceforth referred to as 00Q) has the GN Buster Sword power-up which greatly improves its melee capabilities, and GN Sword Bits that can attack or form a barrier. 00Q can also Form Change to Quantum Burst mode, recovering HP and getting new attacks but at the cost of lowered mobility and reduced melee prowess. While in normal form, players will need to be aware of when to melee with Buster Sword and when to just stay in the neutral, as 00Q can’t do both at once due to the GN Sword Bits being shared among 3 of his main moves. Quanta also has low HP, making it more risky to go ham with his Buster Sword. 00Q may look simple to use, but you’ll need to be very aware of what sort of attacking style you should be committing to.

00Qan[T] Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Sword V Rifle Mode

A BR with typical performance, but with much less ammo count than usual and a narrower firing arc. Quanta’s only non-vernier attack. You’ll be using this a lot due to the freefall cancel route, so only fire this when necessary. 3-second reload time.

Charged melee: Quantum Burst mode

1.5-second charge time. Mode change into Quantum Burst (QB) mode. Emits a Pressure attack, stunning all units within the radius and recovering up to 100hp, but your hp cannot go over 620. Also reloads Main and AC ammo. Short recovery time, allowing you to input a Step or Guard very quickly. The charge bar will disappear if your GN Sword Bits are not with you (AB, 2AB, BC, melee with bit derivatives). 

QB mode changes Quanta into a more mid-ranged attack unit without any sort of melee pressure. While it gets 2 freefall moves, all his weapons do not have great tracking or muzzle correction, and can be easily ignored altogether if you don’t time your shots well. As much as you might want to go into QB twice per round (in a Team Free setting), refrain from doing so if both you and your teammate’s health are low and your teammate is in immediate danger. However if your low cost partner dies first, feel free to go into QB. You can opt to use the HP healed from QB to take damage just to gain more Burst meter. The pressure attack when you go into QB can also be used as a (risky) okizeme. Boost Dash right after and lookout for melee attacks with fast startups.

Be careful not to hold on to your melee charge for too long during your long melee combos as this move charges rather quickly. 

Sub: GN Sword Bits [Launch]

Sends out Sword Bits which form a ring above the target and attack simultaneously.The bits move quickly and are also hard to see, making them difficult to dodge unless you pay attention. This attack is considered a physical, all-range attack. 

Release the sword bits at mid range while heading in for a melee attack. The bits will force your opponent to move and spend Boost. Mix in your BR and 2B while closing in to mess up your opponent’s viewpoint. The bits can also be used as self-cut in case you get melee’d. 

Shares the same set of GN Sword Bits as 2AB and BC, and any melee attacks that use GN Sword Bits. 6.5-second reload time, starting from when the bits return. 

Down Sub: GN Sword Bits [GN Buster Sword]

Combines the GN Sword Bits with the GN Sword V to form the GN Buster Sword (hereby referred to as BS in the guide) which improves only Quanta’s melee capabilities (mostly improved priority due to the large sword) and changes your 8B.  This powerup lasts indefinitely until you input 5AB or BC. The Bits need to fully combine with the GN Sword V to actually execute the powered-up melee attacks. If you Boost Dash right after using 2AB (especially in Burst/Trans-Am), the bits might not catch up with your sword resulting in you performing the regular melee attacks.

Shares the same set of GN Sword Bits as 5AB and BC, and any melee attacks that use GN Sword Bits.

Special Shooting: Gundam Zabanya Assist

Summons Zabanya in front of 00Q with its holster bits deployed, which fire a very wide gerobi. The holster bits have a shooting guard and the gerobi itself has good muzzle correction. The gerobi will stop if Zabanya is damaged. 00Q will inherit some momentum when summoning Zabanya. 

A move with a wide variety of uses: defensively with the shooting guard just before you land, okizeme, securing a knockdown after your BR hits, self-defense from melee by running into the gerobi, etc. Cover your landing by performing a sidestep, then 5AB~A~AC. You’ll release the GN Sword Bits, freefall, and while sliding summon Zabanya to provide a shooting guard. You can also physically push Zabanya to move the gerobi. 

While it has good muzzle correction, the gerobi appears a bit too quickly. Enemies who move vertically will easily dodge this. The beam in the center will down targets more quickly as an additional number of hits are dealt by Zabanya itself.

Special Melee: GN Sword Bits [GN FIeld]

Deploys GN Sword Bits around 00Q, which will form a shield at the direction of incoming ranged attacks. The shield has a short lag time before it can block in a different direction, be careful not to get into a position where you can be shot from 2 different directions easily when your shield is up. The ammo will decrease over time and also when it gets hit. As long as this move has ammo, you can reactivate it at any time. 

While this shield helps you in getting in, it also removes a lot of power from Quanta due to the lack of Buster Sword. His sub-par melee capability without Buster Sword will cause your opponent to definitely try and challenge you with their own high-priority melee. Instead, you can use the shield to draw your opponents’ attention and push forward, but don’t go too near. There’s no harm turning the shield on just for a safe landing, then turn it off. 

Shares the same set of GN Sword Bits as 5AB and 2AB, and any melee attacks that use GN Sword Bits.

Melee Set

5BBBB: GN Sword V

A 4-hit melee combo with good reach. More suitable for enemies trying to escape with vertical movements. With BS, it is very obvious to enemies that you’re doing a 5B with no curving movement whatsoever, so be ready to side step any incoming attacks. Use CC8B against such enemies instead. The 4th hit inflicts a regular Down, but in BS it changes to a Bounce. 

5BBB~8B Derivative: Triple Kick

Canceled from the 3rd hit of 5B. This attack does good damage while having low proration. Use this in long combos to increase your damage.

5B(B)~2B Derivative: Uppercut – Last Shooting

Launches the target upwards and fires a Beam Rifle shot. The target is launched up very high, and the launch itself is a untechable down. You can opt to stop the combo there and deal with the other enemy. Be careful of units with Barriers or Mantles which will block the last BR shot.

5B~2B~A Derivative: Uppercut – GN Sword Bits 

Input A right after the uppercut. Releases sword bits to stab the target. Due the Sword Bits attack being a multi hit, the overall damage is greatly reduced if you used this after another melee attack. Furthermore, you cannot use this attack when your Sword Bits are in BS, deployed due to BC or 5AB. The regular Last Shooting move is also better at delaying your opponent. Only use this when you’re trying to flex. 

8B: Thrust

Multi-hit stab attack. Like the typical 8B stab, this move has good priority and start up. However it’s difficult to follow up after landing this move while grounded as it only inflicts a regular down and does not push the target up. Use this when you have BC deployed and your enemy tries to melee you. 

8B: Stab – Throw (Buster Sword Only)

During Buster Sword, the entire 8B changes. 00Q stabs with the sword, then throws the target backwards. The entire motion of stab + throw will be executed with just one 8B input. Decent dash speed, but the huge sword with fast startup makes this a terrific move. The startup is even faster than 4/6B. The first stab is considered a grapple attack; if the stab makes the target’s Down Value go over 5.0, Quanta will simply freefall. 

Due to the high priority and startup of this move, it’s great as a combo starter provided you cancel out before the throw. Side step before the throw and go for 5BBB~8B for best damage, or CC8BBB>2B for a high movement combo. You still can chain into other moves after the throw, you just need to sidestep ASAP into a 4/6B.

Consider using this to separate your enemy team also, given that the throw will fling the target backwards.

4/6BBB: Cleave

A very mediocre 3 hit horizontal melee combo, but with an additional derivative that launches (if you have sword bits ready). Do not use this when you’re close to the target unless you have BS.

With BS, the dash speed, curve, reach, and hitbox are all massively improved. Your go-to melee during BS. The huge hitbox can even hit enemies who side step when they’re too near the edge of the map, and catches even some half-hearted backsteps. Aim for the short recovery frame after a Boost Dash or a Step. Despite all the good points, it’s not good to use BS 4/6B while face-to-face with your opponent as it can still lose to some melee with very fast start up. Try and use this at a short distance away. 

4/6BB~8B: GN Sword Bit uppercut  

Long combo animation with GN Sword Bit, but good damage with untechable down. You cannot use this attack when your sword bits are in BS or deployed due to BC or 5AB. Just like all Sword Bit derivatives, you won’t get to use this much. 

4/6B~2B Derivative: Uppercut – Last Shooting

Same derivative as the one from 5B

4/6B~2B~A Derivative: Uppercut – GN Sword Bits 

Same derivative as the one from 5B

2B: Pyonkaku

Very fast jumping melee with landing property on the downward motion, but the downward motion does not go too far. If you try to use this about 1~1.5 unit length above the ground, you won’t touch the ground at the end of the motion. Nevertheless, this pyonkaku is a great maneuver to gain height, escape, fake your landings etc. Inflicts a regular Down during normal GN Sword V, but inflicts Bounce during BS. Do remember this move does not cut tracking, and you will get hit by moves with wide vertical firing angle. The hitbox during the downwards chop is a bit iffy and will occasionally not hit. 

CC8B: Slash-through (+ Thrust during Burst)

00Q performs 3 consecutive slash-through attacks. This move will still hit quite accurately even if 00Q rams into the edge of the map or buildings. The last hit inflicts an untechable down, so it’s quite safe to use this move until you Overheat. Quanta moves a lot during this attack, and won’t be easily interrupted. Another one of your go-to melee as it’s difficult to be interrupted and does good damage too.

During BS, the hitbox greatly expands. Due to how Quanta swings the sword during the first hit, this move can easily catch enemies on the left of Quanta, even if they sidestep to your left.

During Burst, this move gains an additional slash-through followed by a multi-hit stab. Quanta only moves forward very slightly during the final stab, so he’s vulnerable during that part. Just this move itself can deal 300 damage in Fighting Burst. However, the entire animation is rather long so you’ll also be using up your Burst timer. You can opt to cancel out after the 4th hit and end the combo with a 2B for even more cut resistance and also end up close to the ground. 

Be careful not to mash B too much during this long animation that you accidentally charge your CSB. You can also stop the combo and not input anything else during the 2nd and 4th hit to let Quanta slide along using the inertia from the CC8B.

Burst Attack

GN Sword V Quantizing Slash

A rather long melee combo that ends with a few Quantizing slash towards the second half. The damage of the melee portion increases during BS. There is a portion where Quanta fires 2 beam shots. If your target has a mantle or a barrier, the 2 shots will not hit and the Burst Attack will miss entirely after that. 

The first hit of this Burst Attack is pretty good, couple with the movement speed from Trans-Am and possibly your BC shield deployed to protect you from being interrupted during the first half of the combo. Feel free to use this when the chance presents itself. 

Quantum Burst mode Ability Details

QB mode changes 00Q into a more mid ranged attack unit with lower mobility, and also without any sort of melee pressure. While it gets 2 freefall moves, all his weapons do not have great tracking or muzzle correction, and can be easily ignored altogether if you don’t time your shots well. As much as you might want to go into QB twice per round (in a Team Free setting), refrain from doing so during your first life, or if both you and your teammate’s health are low and your teammate is in immediate danger. However if your low cost partner died first quickly, feel free to go into QB depending on the situation.

Overall, going into Quantum Burst Mode lowers the overall performance of 00Q. It works better with proper communication with your partner, and also as a last ditch effort with the Pressure attack.

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Sword V Rifle Mode

Same performance as your regular BR. Ammo reloads to full upon entering QB. QB mode’s only ranged attack that doesn’t cause vernier. The low max ammo count is still here, and you will be using this a lot for the freefalls. Use it only when absolutely necessary. 

Sub: Gundam Harute Assist

Harute appears on the left and moves forward while firing GN Missiles upwards and GN Cannon forward. Freefall by cancelling to Main, works even when facing backwards. The missiles do not have any tracking and will land at the last position of your target, while the GN Cannon only has slight tracking. 

You can think of this assist as just another typical assist that appears to fire BR shots. It also can’t be used for self-cut due to Harute moving forward, and neither does it have any shooting guard property. Don’t sidestep to the left as you’ll collide with Harute. 

Special Shooting: Gundam Zabanya Assist

Exactly the same as the one during normal mode, except that now you can cancel into main for freefall, works even when facing backwards. The reload time is also shortened by 5 seconds.

8B: GN Sword Bits Chase

Sends 1 GN Sword Bit to launch the target up before the rest of the sword bits attack together. The maximum range for this is shorter than your red lock range, and the muzzle correction of the first sword bit is only average. You’ll find it difficult to hit a moving target with this attack. Furthermore, there is no momentum inherited for this move, and Quanta will stand absolutely still. It also has quite a long start up before the first sword bit starts flying out. Try not to use this except in a cancel route.

Melee Set

5BB: GN Sword V

Standard 2-hit that ends with a Down. Only lifts the target very slightly at the end of the string. Boost Dash or step forward if you’re trying to go into another melee combo.

4/6BB: Cleave

Knocks the opponent away at the last hit of the string. 

2B: Counter

Melee counter. On a successful counter, attacks with GN Buster Sword. Works even if your bits are sent out.

Special Melee: Quantize Dash

After a short start up, dashes forward while Quantized, making Quanta totally invulnerable. Also does not consume boost during the dash. The dash will continue going toward the enemy until the enemy performs a move that cuts tracking. Ammo starts at 0 and takes 13 seconds to reload. Also does not reload when entering Burst. One of QB mode’s best move, but the long reload time is quite restrictive. 

BC~B Derivative: Quantize Dash – 3 hit GN Sword V

Slashes with BS at the end of the Quantize Dash. Has long reach and long dash distance. Quanta will materialize the moment you press B, and will be vulnerable to attacks again. This slashing attack does not re-track, so if your target cuts tracking during the dash, this melee attack will definitely miss. This attack will still continue if your sword bits are out, and Quanta will just slash with GN Sword V with no change in performance 

Burst Attack

GN Sword V Rifle Mode Gerobi

Gerobi attack that you can sweep around using directional inputs. Good start up and projectile speed, but the muzzle correction and the gerobi thickness is so-so for a Burst Attack. You can’t use this Burst Attack if your GN Sword Bits are not with you.  

Recommended Combos

Normal mode

Ranged Weapons





187 (196)

Saves ammo and not easily interrupted. Finish off with a 2B if you’re close to the ground to land


2005 (214)

Best damage off a BR starter


5BBB~8B>8B (BS)


Go-to combo for 5B with BS. Freefall from the last hit. BS only


263 (277)

Fast and good damage



Best damage, but prone to being interrupted



Good damage, BS only



Good damage, usable with regular Sword V also

CC8BBB>2B>8B (BS, 1hit)


High damage. Step to the front after the 2B to connect into the 8B. BS only


  • Fighting Burst is the way to go. 00Q has no real ranged attacks, and he needs the boost + improved melee to deal good damage. Needless to say, Fighting Burst with Buster Sword, coupled with Trans-Am and Fighting Burst’s speed boost makes 00Q a beast.
  • Make use of 2B, 5AB and AC to slowly push forward, and let your ally deal the damage.
  • Only equip BS after you have slowly moved up and into melee range. It would be painfully obvious if you just waltz in with BS equipped.
  • Aim to not get double locked when you’re going for the melee attacks, even if you have BC up.
  • You can opt to use CSB just to regain the hp to take more damage and charge up your Burst.