Zeta Gundam (Roux)

Model Number: MSZ-006 Pilot: Roux Louka Cost: 2000 Hp: 560 Transform: O Form Change: X A transformable MS developed by Anaheim Electronics and the AEUG. It is a suit that allows for a wider range of tactics thanks to its ability to shift into its ‘Waverider’ form. MS Mode Ability Summary Ranged Armament Ammo DMGContinue reading “Zeta Gundam (Roux)”

Zeta Gundam (Zaku Head)

Model Number: MSZ-006 Pilot: Iino Abbav Cost: 1500 Hp: 420 Transform: X Form Change: X   After losing its head in an earlier battle against the AMX-103 Hamma Hamma and AMX-104 R-Jarja, the Zeta Gundam was hastily repaired by Iino Abbav using an old Zaku II head (due to a lack of spare parts) soContinue reading “Zeta Gundam (Zaku Head)”


  Model Number: GNT-0000 Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: O   As a successor to the 00 Raiser, the 00 Qan[T] sports an improved Twin Drive System, a Quantum System that exceeds the capabilities of the 00 Raiser’s Trans-Am Burst System, and is armed to the teeth withContinue reading “00Qan[T]”

00Qan[T] Full Saber

Model Number: GNT-0000/FS Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: X       The 00 Qan[T] Full Saber is the 00 Qan[T] equipped with the GN Sword IV Full Saber equipment. The GN Sword IV Full Saber was developed before the GN Sword V and was equipped with aContinue reading “00Qan[T] Full Saber”

Gundam Legilis

Model Number: xvm-fzc Pilot: Zeheart Galette Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X   The Gundam Legilis was the first Gundam type Mobile Suit produced by the Vagans. Created using extracted data from the captured AGE-3 Gundam and further data gathered from the EXA-DB, the Gundam Legilis was the first Mobile Suit thatContinue reading “Gundam Legilis”

Gundam Harute

Model Number: GN-011 Pilot: Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: O Form Change: O Using Arios and the GN Archer as a base, Gundam Harute was developed as a transformable MS that boasted exceptional speed and firepower that completely outclassed its predecessors. Its Marute System allowed it to be controlled byContinue reading “Gundam Harute”

00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

Model Number: GN-0000GHW/7SG Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X After the Twin-Drive System was rendered inoperable after the 00 Gundam’s clash with the Reborns Gundam, the 00 Gundam was given new armaments and recreated as the 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (aka 007S). Armed with the all-new GN SwordContinue reading “00 Gundam Seven Sword/G”

Reborns Gundam

Model Number: CB-0000G/C Pilot: Ribbons Almark Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: X Form Change: O Due to Ribbons’ unwillingness to work with a companion, the designs of the all-purpose 1 Gundam and the support GN Cannon were combined into a single Mobile Suit known as the Reborns Gundam. It was a technological marvel of itsContinue reading “Reborns Gundam”

Gundam F91

Model Number: F91   Pilot: Seabook Arno    Cost: 2000 Hp: 520 Transform: X Form Change: X An prototype unit developed by Earth Federation’s Strategic Naval Research Institute under their Formula series. Equipped with a Biocomputer (meant to be the next generation of Psycommu) , it directly links with the pilot’s mind, greatly improving precise and mobileContinue reading “Gundam F91”

RX-78-2 Gundam

Model Number: RX-78-2 Pilot: Amuro Ray Cost: 2000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X A prototype RX series anti-mobile suit unit developed under the Earth Federation’s Operation V. It’s the grandfather of all Gundam-type units, and sports the signature V-fin and Twin Eye Camera on its head. Move Summary Ranged Armament Ammo DMG NotesContinue reading “RX-78-2 Gundam”