RX-78-2 Gundam

Model Number: RX-78-2

Pilot: Amuro Ray

Cost: 2000 Hp: 600 Transform: X Form Change: X

A prototype RX series anti-mobile suit unit developed under the Earth Federation’s Operation V. It’s the grandfather of all Gundam-type units, and sports the signature V-fin and Twin Eye Camera on its head.

Move Summary







Beam Rifle



Able to shoot backwards without facing opponent

Charged Main

Beam Rifle (High Output)


*CSA except 2CSA. Fast traveling BR

Super Napalm


2CSA. Stuns on hit


Hyper Bazooka



Standard BZ

Special Shooting

Beam Javelin


Able to charge up to 3 levels

Special Melee

Core fighter/ Gun Tank/ Gun Cannon Assist Summon





Summons either one of the three based on input

Burst Attack

Last Shooting


The iconic finish of the Gundam series











High Damage













Multiple hits



Derivable only at the start




Slow startup with great hitbox










Melee Counter.Stuns opponent upon being hit and follows up with a slash.

Able to block ranged attacks but will become a normal block afterwards














Cancel Routes:



5BB~8BB combo (1st stage): AC

BC Derived melee: A


The Gundam RX78 is a balanced all rounder unit and could be said to be the easiest unit to play within this game as all of its weapons are very simple. This is a great unit to train up the basic skills which you will need in the game like learning when to shoot, how to play the back role, etc.

Once you are able to fully master this unit, it will also mean that you have fully grasped the game’s fundamentals and you can move on to other units while using all the experience gained from the Gundam RX-78.

Whenever you are feeling rusty or tilted for losing too many matches, just pick this unit. This unit will make you remember all your basics once again. There are no disadvantages using this unit while you are tilted as when you lose you won’t feel so bad since this unit isn’t that great as compared to the other 2000 cost units in terms of tier, and you will feel great when you win with this low tier unit.

Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average beam rifle. Able to shoot backwards without facing the opponent.

Take note that if you are using shooting burst and you are firing backwards, you will continuously be firing backwards and not be able to land which is a problem. To prevent this, input AB first to make yourself face the opponent and input A again to land. 

Charged Main: Beam Rifle (High Output)

Fires a big BR shot and knocks down the opponent while still in red lock. Fast traveling speed but slow startup. Best used in the mid/far range.

Charged Main: Super Napalm

Throws the super napalm and detonates it by hitting it with a BR. Not recommended to use this as the startup for this move is way too long. 

You can use this move as a warning shot to the opponent when you can foresee the opponent is trying to chase you down.

Sub: Hyper Bazooka

Standard bazooka.

Causes a small area of explosion. Good counter for melee attacks.

Special Shooting: Beam Javelin

Throws the beam javelin to the sky and stuns the opponent upon hit.

This weapon is chargeable and is able to charge up to 3 levels. The longer you charged the higher the damage + the bigger the tip is. But it is most recommended to use level 1 charge as it is quite hard to hit with level 2 and above barring good setup.  Level 2 and 3 javelin will reduce your opponent’s mobility: the visual cue will be the javelin sticking out of the enemy. This debuff makes the move a great combo finisher after CC8B or B~BC. 

Good to use as a follow up after hitting with BR or sub as a means to save ammo.

Special Melee: Core fighter/ Gun Tank/ Gun Cannon Assist Summon

There are 3 types of input for the summon:

5BC: Core fighter

Summons the Core Fighter which flies towards the opponent while firing its vulcans. The core fighter itself acts as a projectile so it damages the opponent on hit as well. 

Good to use it as a follow up after you hit with BR.

4/6BC: Gun Tank

Summons the Gun Tank that fires 3 volleys at the opponent. Staggers the opponent on hit.

The Gun Tank is the best assist out of the 3 as it gives Gundam many advantages in various situations especially in 1v1 situations. You can either summon the Gun Tank and do a pincer attack on the opponent, or use it as an insurance in case of the opponent attempts to punish your landing. Recommended to use this assist as much as possible.

2/8BC: Gun Cannon

Summons the Gun Cannon which flies towards the opponent & fire it’s cannon at zero range. 

This assist is decent if Gun Cannon is able to grab the opponent, as it holds the opponent on point for an incredible amount of time which gives you the opportunity to assist your partner. But the downside of the Gun Cannon is that the tracking is not very good, so it is difficult to catch anyone without the right setup. 

Good to combo with level 2 beam javelin once Gun Cannon has caught hold of the opponent.

Melee Set

5BBB: Beam Saber combo

Very standard 3 slash combo. 

5BB~8B: Torso slash

High damage derivative. 

8B: Stab

Standard forward stab which hits 5 hits. Remember to use this when at very close range and not always rely on 4/6B.

4/6BB: Hammer Swing

Slow start up, but once the hammer is in motion it is swung 360 degrees, protecting you from the other enemy from coming at you with a melee. This will be a very strong melee if you managed to master the timing of this melee execution, 

2B: Melee Counter

Holds shield up for melee counter, does a jumping stab on a successful counter. While the shield is up, it still blocks incoming ranged attacks which then puts Gundam into a Guard state. 

Recommended to use this as a regular guard if you are expecting the opponent to punish your landing without any boost left.

CC8BB: Slash-through>Vulcan> Beam Saber Slash

Initial slash-through has stun, which you can cancel out and land a level 3 javelin if done super quickly. You can’t step cancel out of the vulcan portion of the attack, and also can’t cancel into BC also. 

*B~BC: Any melee> Stomp>A

Stomp on the Jet Stream attack! A single hit attack with good proration and damage. Main derivative causes Gundam to shoot backwards which also consumes ammo from main. And since the Stomp bounces the target, there is time to charge a level 3 javelin.

A common combo for good damage and interrupt resistance would be 4B~BC>4B~BC>Javelin lvl 2. dealing 261 damage, and applying the javelin slow. Do a forward step after the last BC before you charge to the javelin. 

Burst Attack

Last Shooting

Hits the opponent up with an uppercut -> fires a high damage BR shot. Best used as a follow up after hitting with a melee combo or range weapon. Super armor during the initial slash.

Take note that the main damage comes from the BR shot(Uppercut:85 dmg, BR Shot:300) so do not use this burst attack on any unit that is equipped with a shooting guard equipment.(For example, Crossbone Gundam’s ABC Mantle, Nu Gundam Fin Funnel Beam Shield). Overall a very fast Burst Attack, and very high raw damage from the BR shot makes it worth using even at the end of a melee combo.


  • Use the CSA only at mid to far range. The startup is very slow but it has a fast traveling speed.
  • This unit is considered as an all rounder unit  which makes it balanced. But being a balanced unit also means it doesn’t really excel in any area. So usually it is best to play as a back unit unless your partner is a back unit as well.
  • The 4B melee has quite a long startup time as compared to other units, but once it starts swinging you can contest almost everything. So it’s best to use this melee when you are closing in on an opponent who is not noticing you.
  • Input BC in the middle of a melee sequence for a quick melee combom and boost away if you notice someone is already firing at you.
  • In a 1v1 situation, always get your Gun Tank assist ready to create a 2v1 situation in order to have a higher chance of winning the duel.