Model Number: LM111E02

Pilot: Junko Jenko

Cost: 1500 Hp: 450 Transform: X Form Change: X

League Militaire’s Mobile Suits developed as a part of the Victory Project. Although it does not have the V Gundam’s ability to split and combine parts, it is able to fully utilize a variety of optional weapons, giving it great versatility on the battlefield.


Move Summary







Beam Rifle



Standard BR. Above average ammo count.


Beam Bazooka



Beam property, can be fired repeatedly until ammo is expended.

Special Shooting

Shrike Team Gun-EZ Assist



Neutral input. Shrike Team assist fires three BR shots


8AB, Shrike Team assist charges forward before self-destructing


2AB Shrike Team assist fires two grenades that explode on contact.

Special Melee

Shrike Team (Shield Assist)


Summons 3 Shrike Team assist to defend either self or ally.

Burst Attack

Shrike Team (Assault Order)











Standard beam saber combo.




Gun-EZ stabs the target with its beam saber.




Gun-EZ does a horizontal kick followed by a slash with its beam saber.




Shield tackle. Has Shooting Guard whilst moving towards target.








Cancel Routes:


AB, AC, 8B, 2B, CC8B: AB 


First hit of 5B melee string: 2B

First hit of 4/6B melee string: 8B



An easy-to-use no frills suit, the GunEZ utilises its multitude of ranged options to provide cover fire to its partner. In addition to its Beam Rifle and Beam Bazooka, the GunEZ can also call upon its Shrike Team allies to provide both offensive and defensive support to itself and its allies. The GunEZ is largely similar to its Full Boost counterpart, and veterans of Full Boost will have zero issues using it in this version. 


Ranged Weapons

Main: Beam Rifle

Average BR. However, its ammo count is above average so users can afford to be more liberal with its usage. However, the BR is the only ranged tool that does not cause Vernier, so users are still encouraged to not unnecessarily waste their shots.

Sub: Beam Bazooka

Beam property, causes Vernier, though can be fired repeatedly until ammo is expended. While it does not cause any explosions as with most bazookas, the tracking, projectile speed and damage are all above average. Useful for hit-confirming off a BR shot and can also be cancelled to itself if need be. Overall a good tool.

Special Shooting: Shrike Team Assist

Summons a Shrike Team assist to assist. Summons

The assist has three variations depending on directional input, though each assist can be summoned independent of the others. Each assist is mediocre on its own, but due to the large amount of ammo, can be used fairly liberally to exert pressure on the opponent. As all of the assist variations can be cancelled from Main, these are useful to follow up or to confirm a hit from GunEZ’s Main.

  1. AB: Summons a Gun-EZ assist that fires three beam rifle shots

    Forced Down if all three shots hit. While it can be used to confirm a hit from the BR, users can also utilise this to attack from multiple vectors at once.

  2. 8AB: Summons a Gun-EZ that charges forward before self-destructing.

    Summons a Gun-EZ assist that does a multi hit stun and then explodes. This assist does not explode if you shoot it. Good proration on the stab, but bad damage proration during the explosion. Good for high damage combo if you get only the stabbing part to hit. Occasionally will end up blowing the target away instead of up . Also good for keeping target in blockstun due to the multi hit stab stage of the attack.

  3. 2AB: Summons a Gun-EZ that fires two grenades sequentially

Gun-EZ’s only physical projectile. Useful to pressure the target due to its slight delay before firing and above average tracking.

Special Melee: Shrike Team (Shield Assist)

Summons three Gun-EZs that hover in front of the player’s Gun-EZ after deploying their beam shields. These assists defend the player for ranged attacks and one is destroyed for every hit. As it can be canceled to Main, it can also be used to freefall. 

The Shield assist can be deployed to the partner by adding a directional input. Do take note that if the Gun-EZ is destroyed, any Shield assists (including those deployed to the partner) is lost as well. Reloading for the Shield assists only begins once all three assists are destroyed. However, the ammo counter is refilled upon Burst. In this scenario, the Shield assists can only be redeployed once the active ones expire. 

While the Shield assists guard against most ranged attacks, certain attacks like boomerangs, explosions or gerobis either bypass or ignore the assists entirely. Melee moves, as well as whips and even Pressure type moves can quickly destroy the assists. Furthermore, as the shield assists only block attacks from a single direction, players will have to actively switch targets to block attacks from multiple vectors. Lastly, the assists can also be destroyed when in transit to the partner.

Veterans of Full Boost should also take note certain changes. In this iteration, the deployment time of the Shield assists have been reduced to 15 seconds but in turn the reload time has also been shortened. 


Melee Set

5BB: Beam Saber combo

Average melee priority, nothing too special about this melee

5BB~A: Follow-up: Shield Missile

Shoots a missile from the shield, downs the opponent while launching them into the air.

4/6BB: Sweeping Kick > beam Saber Slash

Above average performance for a 1.5k melee. Good priority, good swerve distance. Has poor tracking upwards, but good tracking downwards.

2B: Shield Tackle

Has Shooting Guard, decent startup. Cancelable to AB.

CC8B: Beam Saber Jab

Gun EZ does a jab with the Beam Saber.


Burst Attack

Victory Gundam Assist (Passive)

Summons a Victory Gundam Hexa assist, that follows the Gun-EZ and fires in conjunction with the Gun-EZ. Automatically fires a shot upon Burst, and can hit an opponent if used immediately after blocking.

Shrike Team (Assault Order)



  • While easy to use, the Gun-EZ has no tricks up its sleeve or cancel routes like Amekyans that can help its mobility.
  • The Gun-EZ does not have much Burst Damage potential, so be patient and pick your shots carefully to keep up in the damage race. Focus more on disrupting the enemy with quick downs and don’t over commit to an attack.
  • Proper spacing is key as the Gun-EZ has a short red lock range. Exercise caution to not get too close to the target or stray too far from your partner.