00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

Model Number: GN-0000GHW/7SG

Pilot: Setsuna F Seiei

Cost: 3000 Hp: 620 Transform: X Form Change: X


After the Twin-Drive System was rendered inoperable after the 00 Gundam’s clash with the Reborns Gundam, the 00 Gundam was given new armaments and recreated as the 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (aka 007S). Armed with the all-new GN Sword II Blaster, this variant of the 00 Gundam was unable to activate the Trans-Am system for longer than 0.03 seconds, but was capable of generating a GN Field. 

Move Summary







GN Sword II Blaster



Mobile shooting Gerobi

Charged Shooting

GN Sword II Long Rifle mode


A wide, crescent-shaped beam

Charged Melee

Double GN Sword II Blaster (Focused)



Big gerobi, causes an explosion upon impact with terrain. 1 shot per life.


GN Katar (Connected)



5AB: Decent-tracking projectile.

GN Katar (Separate)


*AB: Throws two GN Katars in a ‘V’ shape.

Special Shooting

Gundam Dynames Repair Summon



5AC: Summon Dynames Repair to snipe the enemy.


*AC: Summon Dynames Repair to fire GN missiles at the enemy.

Neutral Special Melee

GN Buster Sword II (GN field)


Activates an omnidirectional barrier.


GN Sword II Short


Shooting property Anchor.

Burst Attack

7 Sword Combo



ABC: Melee combo.

GN Sword II Blaster[Snipe]


280(S)/250(F & E)

2ABC: Full map red lock snipe.









High damage



Bounces on hit




Bounces on hit



Very high damage but cannot be canceled.










Causes an explosion.




3 hit slash-through combo. (setsuna unit)



Extended to a 6 hit slash through combo in Burst

Special Melee






Move left or right then thrusts forward with the GN Buster Sword II

Cancel Routes:

A: 5AB, Both AC, 5BC


Both AB: 5BC

Both AC: 5AB, 5BC

2B: A, 5AB, 5BC, 4/6B, 5B, 8B

5BC: A, all melee except CC8B


An MS equipped with a moving gerobi for a Main. However, you would be mistaken to think that the 007S plays anything similar to other moving gerobi Main MSes, or like any other MS, for that matter. 007S has a loadout that feels unlike any other, and such an unorthodox MS requires an unorthodox approach and playstyle.

One of 007S’ main tools is its pyonkaku, used to traverse the battlefield and core to its overall movement and playstyle. It also possesses a one-of-a-kind GN Barrier that protects the 007S from all angles on command, and opens up melee counterattack opportunities. Putting everything together, the aforementioned tools perfectly cover the moving gerobi Main’s weakness of leaving the 007S vulnerable in the close range. 

007S requires excellent reaction speed to take full advantage of. Being able to react to incoming attacks and activate the GN Barrier in a split second takes practice and good game sense. Because of the 007S’ low HP pool and low per-hit damage output, you can lose a match you were winning just by making a couple of bad mistakes, making self-defense extra crucial for this MS.

Overall, having a moving gerobi as a Main is a huge plus, and when used correctly it can give you an edge over the peon MSes armed with their vanilla Beam Rifles. Its Main is especially effective against MSes with shooting barriers or ABC Mantles, easily shredding through them like you don’t even give a what. This is clearly the most unorthodox Setsuna suit, and surely one MS that plays unlike any other, but if you can read your enemy’s movements well you can show them that you don’t need Trans-Am to bring them to their knees.

Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Sword II Blaster

Moving gerobi Main. Reloads one ammo every 4 seconds, which is relatively fast. Compared to other moving gerobis this has good muzzle correction, but a thinner beam. However, the muzzle correction more than makes up for the shortcoming, catching horizontally-moving enemies that the WZEW would be unable to, even with its fatter beam.

This is easy to hit in the close to mid-range, and puts a lot of pressure on the enemy to evade properly or take damage.

One other downside of this move is its slow startup speed, which can leave you vulnerable particularly in the close-range, so beware.

If you hit an enemy in the close range with this move while on the same plane or below the enemy, you can often follow-up with a 5AB, 2B, 5AC, or CC8B to add on some damage.

One big advantage you have over the WZEW is the ability to zusakyan using your pyonkaku and this move (2/8BC>A). Pyonkaku, sidestep just as you touch the ground, then fire a Main shot. If executed correctly you will refill your boost instantly while your Main is firing. This helps give you the boost advantage over the opponent, and lay on heavy pressure in the mid to close-range. 

Charged Main: GN Sword II Long Rifle mode

2.5-second charge time. 007S stands still and fires a wide, crescent-shaped beam (Harmonica Blade). This has poor tracking but the projectile is wide, and the startup and projectile speed are also excellent. This deals multiple hits, and instantly downs the enemy if they take the full hit. Much like your Main but even more so, this shreds through shooting barriers and ABC mantles. Just watch out for barriers that have more HP than the damage this move deals, for example Zabanya’s. 

During Burst this move no longer knocks down so on one hand you can follow up after, on the other hand watch out because downing the enemy is often a favorable thing. 

You can help set up this move by using your 2/8BC or 4/6BC to get some vertical or horizontal movement before canceling into your CSA.

Charged Melee: Double GN Sword II Blaster (Focused)

2-second charge time. 007S fires a large gerobi that causes an explosion when it makes contact with terrain. One use per life.

This has a slow startup but deals big boy damage. The gerobi active time is also long, and the muzzle correction is very strong so you can hit enemies pretty easily in the close range, as long as they are not paying attention to you. 

This is a high-risk, high-return move. Sometimes if you’re behind in the damage race you can try betting on hitting this or your 2ABC Burst Attack to get back in the game, but try to be smart about it.

Sub: GN Katar

7-second reload. Throws GN Katars in one of two ways, depending on your directional input. Both can be cancelled into 5BC. 

5AB: Connects the GN Katar and throws one large, spinning projectile at the enemy. Stuns on hit. Similar to the 00 Raiser’s 2B, however you can’t sidestep cancel this. The projectile does only 67 damage when canceled into.

This has a painfully-slow startup but the muzzle correction, projectile speed, and tracking (especially vertically) are very good. You can cancel into this from your Main, which can be helpful when chasing down enemies who are expecting you to fire another Main, not a high-tracking projectile. 

This is often not your best choice for self defense due to its slow startup speed, but being able to make it safe with your 5BC helps. However, because this is a physical projectile it can be destroyed, so watch out. In fact, it’s such a large projectile that it’s all the more vulnerable to being destroyed en route.

*AB: Throws two separate GN Katars in a V-shape. The Katars stun on hit. Similar to Avalanche Exia’s AB.  These Katars have barely noticeable vertical tracking and zero horizontal tracking, simply following their thrown trajectory. However, due to the wide spread they are very good at catching enemies moving horizontally, or enemies that are very close to you. 

Thanks to its fast startup this is one of your main self defense tools, and can be canceled into your 5BC to make it even more safe. If you hit the enemies with a Katar and then shield up, due to the stun nature of the weapon you will still have plenty of time to follow-up with a combo. 

Special Shooting: Gundam Dynames Repair Summon

2 ammo, reloads on empty in 12 seconds. Summons Dynames Repair to perform one of two actions. Both versions are very good, and useful in their own respective use cases.

5AC: Gundam Dynames Repair fires its GN Sniper Rifle at the enemy. As you’d expect the projectile speed is extremely fast, making this an excellent tool for catching landings. You can also cancel into this from your Main, making it easier to set up landing punishes or even follow-up on hit Mains for more damage. 

*AC: Gundam Dynames Repair fires a barrage of missiles, pauses for a second, then fires a second barrage. If the opponent does not cut the tracking on this move it will self muzzle correct on the second barrage. 

The missiles track well, and when they hit the enemy they explode and launch the enemy upwards, making it extremely easy to follow-up. As a pyonkaku suit you can fly above the enemy and release this assist in their blind spot to make it extra tricky to dodge, or as a self defense measure you can release this assist and then cancel into 5BC to guard incoming attacks while the Dynames’ missiles cover you.

Neutral Special Melee: GN Buster Sword II (GN Field)

007S stands still and activates a 360-degree GN Field. The field has 200 maximum HP, and activating the shield also drains from the HP pool, much like Qant[T]’s shield. You can hold B down to have the shield active for a maximum of five seconds. Once fully depleted it will take 20 seconds to reload it back to full when it can be used again. As long as your shield has remaining HP you can activate and deactivate the shield anytime you want. 

The GN Field blocks both ranged and melee weapons. If an enemy hits the shield with a melee attack it will bounce off the shield as if it hit a guarding opponent, and be temporarily unable to move. If you’re quick you can then drop your shield and counter with a melee attack of your own. 

If an enemy attack damages your shield and makes its HP drop to 0, the shield drops and you enter a temporary invincible state much like Penelope purging its armor, or Harute entering Marute mode. 

If you hold the shield for roughly 8HP counts, you can then directly cancel it into your Main or other melee attacks. If you drop the shield too early you will not get the direct cancel, and subsequently your moves will take longer to activate. Note that if you do not directly cancel into a melee attack it’s possible for an opponent MS with faster melee startup than you to recover from the stagger and hit you before you can get a melee hit in, so in such matchups always try to shield for at least 8 counts.

Activating the shield also forces you to face the enemy, which is useful for correcting the firing angle on your Main. You can use this by activating your shield and then cancelling into your Main to freefall.

You can use this as a means to keep your landing safe, or as a melee intercept/counter. Against many melee MSes, including the fearsome Epyon, this move is a nightmare. Sometimes it’s good just to flash them the ol’ GN Barrier every now and then to remind them it’s there, and make them extra cautious about approaching you haphazardly.

2B: GN Sword II Short

An anchor move. Pulls the target towards you, allowing you to follow up with A, 5AB, AC, 5B, 8B, or 4/6B. The move has a bit of a startup, but the projectile speed and the range is far. 

You freefall when cancelling into Main, which is your quickest option for good damage when getting double locked. Why not just use my Main instead of this, you ask? One big advantage is that you can sidestep cancel this, which is a big advantage in close range encounters. For example, when intercepting an enemy melee attack you can use 2B, sidestep, 4/6AB, and then cancel that into 5BC. This gives you 3 total chances of intercepting the enemy over the normal 2 if you went A~5BC or 4/6AB~5BC. 

Finding the right time and situation to use this instead of your Main takes time and practice, but is worth learning.

Melee Set

5B: GN Buster Sword II

4-stage melee combo that deals high damage. 007S’ 4/6AB is not really reliable, so this can act as a substitute. You can follow up from the final hit in the following ways: back fuwastep Main, sidestep 5AB, backstep 5AC, sidestep 2B, boost dash cancel 2/8BC, or backstep 2ABC.

5B~8B Derivative: Launch Combo

The final hit of this combo bounces the enemy. PoV change on the last hit. Low down value and less damage than the regular 5B combo. 

8B: Stab

3-stage combo starting with a quick stab. The reach is short, and the startup and hitbox are pretty poor as well, losing out to 5B. 

8B~BC Derivative: Explode

007S slashes through the enemy, twinkles its eyes, and the enemy explodes. Big damage, but you cannot boost dash or sidestep cancel out of this once it starts. 

4/6B: GN Beam Saber

3-stage combo. PoV change on the last hit. This move has a really slow startup, and you won’t be winning rainbow step wars or direct clases with other MSes very often with this. 

4/6B~A Derivative: Stun

Throws a Beam Saber into the enemy, stunning it. Forced PoV change. You can use this for down value reset setups, or for a safe way to combo into 2ABC. 

4/6B~A~A Derivative: Detonate

A follow-up to the stun above. 007S fires a beam from the Blaster, causing a small explosion that deals multiple hits. Forced PoV change. You cannot sidestep cancel this as it’s considered a ranged attack.

You can subsequently run into the explosion to force a self down. But let’s be honest, the main reason you’ll be wanting to use this move is that it looks freakin’ cool. 

4/6B~8B: GN Katar

A kick combo utilizing the GN Katars mounted on the 007S’ legs. Delivers a total of 5 deadly kicks. Forced PoV change.

Less cut resistance than you’d expect. You can follow-up into various things after the final hit.

CC8B: Slash-through

This move is how you know that this is a Setsuna suit. 007S delivers 3 slash-throughs with a forced PoV change on the second hit onwards. The hitbox, startup, and reach of this move are all great, and as always this has excellent cut resistance. The damage and proration on this move are pretty good as well. This isn’t nearly as good as Qan[T]’s, but it’ll do. Backstep on the first hit to cancel into 2ABC.  

CC8B during Burst: Slash-through Extended

Performs 3 extra slash-throughs during Burst, dealing extra damage. 

2/8BC: Pyonkaku

One of 007S’ most important moves, its Pyonkaku. The rise and fall speed are both good, and you can sidestep into A upon landing to refill your boost. This is your main mobility tool, allowing you to angle yourself to hit your Main, escape, and advance on the enemy. 

The attack itself deals high damage for a single hit, and is great as a combo ender. 

4/6BC: Wraparound Stab

007S strafes left or right, and then charges at the enemy and stabs it with the GN Buster Sword II. You can use this even in overheat, and the boost consumption on this move is low.

The wraparound and charging speed are fast, and the vertical tracking of this move is also excellent. The hitbox on the sword is also huge, giving you great reach and priority, often beating out other melee attacks. You can use this move either for movement or as an actual attack.

Burst Attack

007S has two Burst Attacks.

*ABC except 2ABC: GN Sword Combination

A long and very cool combo using every sword and weapon in 007S’ arsenal. Super armor startup on the first hit. This combo has very little cut resistance so it can be risky to use, but if the opportunity presents itself you can go for it. Just note that the 2ABC Burst Attack also deals large damage and is much, much faster.

2ABC: GN Sword II Blaster (Snipe)

007S enters Trans-Am and snipes the enemy with its GN Sword II Blaster. When using this move your maximum red lock range is extended to the entire map, meaning that this move will fully track enemies regardless of their position. However the projectile is not instant traveling like Cherudim’s, meaning it’s still easier to hit enemies who are closer to you. 007S has super armor up until it fires the shot.

You can either try to hit this raw, or use it as a combo finisher. Either way this deals big damage very quickly, and it can be your ticket to making a comeback. You can combo into this through the following means:

  • Either Sub
  • *AC
  • 5B: backstep on the last hit, on the 3rd hit, from the ~8B derivative bounce
  • 4/6B: from the first and second hit, from the stun on the ~A derivative
  • 8B: forward step on the first hit, from the bounce on the last hit
  • 2B: backstep after pulling in with the anchor
  • CC8B: backstep after the first hit, or on the 5th hit
  • 4/6BC: step forward

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons






Total 8 hits to down.



() indicate boost dash cancel damage






















Forward step to connect



BnB. Great combo after 5BC shield





197 (224)

During Overheat. Freefalls.






Qan[T] combo



High cut resistance into high damage








270 (F&E) 303  (S)



275(F) 270 (E) 294 (S)



  • Scoring downs with your Main while searching for melee openings is the basic playstyle of 007S. 
  • You have a plethora of other tools that help you with this endeavor, and learning how and when to use every tool is part of the long and difficult road every 007S enthusiast needs to embark on. Almost none of 007S’ tools are orthodox, so learning this MS can feel like learning an entirely new game. Muramon (村門), a famous Japanese EXVS player, once commented on his channel that 007S almost feels like it belongs in a different game entirely.
  • 007S has plenty of cancel routes, and it is adept at running away and self-defense. It’s important to maintain a certain distance from the enemy, neither too near nor too far. In the ideal range you can sometimes shoot, sometimes go for a melee attack, or sometimes do absolutely nothing. Keep the opponent guessing.
  • However, your Main weapon is fatally-slow in the close range, a weakness that many melee-oriented suits can exploit. It’s better to use other ranged tools if you sense the enemy closing in, run away, or activate your GN Barrier.
  • If you want to close in on the enemy, 4/6BC is an excellent tool. You’ll be spending most of the game running away from the enemy or staying in the mid-range, so the sudden gap closer can catch enemies by surprise. You can also use your pyonkaku to constantly move and confuse enemies.
  • 5BC can simply be thought of as a melee counter with a shooting barrier. Get used to the counter timing as well- don’t drop your shield too soon or you might not get the direct cancel. 5B or 8B are your fastest counterattacks.
  • 007S has low HP and its comeback moves are very high-risk. Defending yourself and not taking damage takes priority over hitting the enemy.
  • A very important thing to note for 007S is that you should never get caught up using only one move. It’s important to remember to use all your tools equally, and not get fixated on simply firing your Main. It will take the mastery of every single weapon in 007S’ arsenal to show its true power.