Gundam Harute

Model Number: GN-011

Pilot: Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy

Cost: 3000 Hp: 650 Transform: O Form Change: O

Using Arios and the GN Archer as a base, Gundam Harute was developed as a transformable MS that boasted exceptional speed and firepower that completely outclassed its predecessors. Its Marute System allowed it to be controlled by three pilots separately, further improving its combat performance.

MS Mode Ability Summary







GN Sword Rifle



High ammo Beam Rifle.

GN Sword Rifle (Focused)


35 ~ 135

Moving gerobi.

Charged Main

GN Sword Rifle (Mode Switch)

Switches between the two types of Main.

Charged Melee

GN Scissor Bits

15 ~ 172

All-range attack.


GN Cannon


70 ~ 140

5AB: One-hit down.

GN Cannon (Focused)

17 ~ 225

2AB: Can only be used during Marute Mode. Consumes two ammo, fires 3 gerobis.

Special Shooting

00 Qan[T] Summon: Slash



Qan[T] performs two slash-throughs.

00 Qan[T] Summon: Sweeping Beam


Qan[T] fires a gerobi beam and sweeps it horizontally.

Special Melee

GN Vernier Unit


High-speed dash towards the input direction.

Burst Attack

The Power To Shape The Future

_ 304(F)/288(E)/292(S)

Melee combo ending with a gerobi.












Hard knockdown.


144 ~ 222

(186 ~ 244)

Mash B for more damage.




Bounce enemy on hit.



Same derivative as 5B~2B.







Same derivative as 5B~8B.



Same derivative as 5B~2B.







Launch Forced Down




Grab attack.

MA Mode Ability Summary







GN Cannon



Separate ammo reserve from MS Mode’s AB.

Charged Melee

GN Scissor Bits


Releases the Scissor Bits while flying.


GN Cannon (Focused)



MA Gerobi.

Special Shooting

GN Missile



Releases a volley of GN Missiles.

GN Missile Container Purge



Usable after all GN Missiles have been used. Container explodes causing a large explosion.

GN Sword Rifle



AC performs this action after the GN Missile Container has been purged.

Special Melee

GN Vernier Unit


Shares ammo with MS Mode BC









Cancel Routes:

MS Mode:




MA Mode:




AC(Missiles): A, AB, BC

AC(Nuke): BC

AC(GN sword rifle): A, BC

BC: All moves


The Harute is a highly-maneuverable, transformable all-rounder that has access to a wide array of ranged weapons. While its mobility is typically average for a 3000 cost MS, it gets a mobility buff when it activates Marute Mode, and also gains several buffs to its weapons. 

“Forcing the enemy to move, and then punishing it” is the Harute’s modus operandi. It has an excellent loadout of ranged weapons that allows it to corner an enemy all on its own, without needing the assistance of an ally. This is quite a rare and desirable trait amongst MSes in MBON. Harute’s melee attacks also deal exceptional damage, although Harute is only average in its ability to actually land melee attacks. 

Dying second and respawning in Overcost is also not a terrible occurence for Harute, due to its instant Marute Mode activation and the refill of its powerful GN missiles. 

In exchange for its high-performing weapons, Harute is weakest at the close range, with pretty poor self defense. It has a good HP pool, but none of its weapons are quick and especially reliable for melee intercepts. This gives it bad matchups against aggressive melee attackers in the same cost bracket, such as Bael, Epyon, or Master.

However, another of Harute’s unique traits is its ability to avoid close range encounters entirely using its high mobility. By turning tail and running at the earliest signs of danger you can force enemies to either give up on chasing you, or commit to attacking you with little boost remaining which makes it much easier for you to defend yourself. 

Overall, Harute is just as good at pinning down opponents as it is at not being pinned down. It’s a hard MS to master, but one that can be very dominant when played right.   

Marute Mode

Harute enters Marute mode when its HP falls below 260. Upon activation there is a forced PoV change where you watch Harute gain an additional 4 eyes. Bit of Gundam lore, but the six eyes represents the Marute System allowing all three pilots (Allelujah, Hallelujah, Marie) controlling Harute simultaneously. 

During the activation Harute is completely invincible. After entering Marute Mode, Harute gains a lot of buffs and becomes a lot more powerful. Here’s a list of all the improvements it gains:

  • Mobility improves
  • CSB no longer causes vernier, releases 8 Scissor Bits instead of 4
  • Sub reloads in 5 seconds instead of 9
  • Gains a new move: 2AB gerobi
  • Red lock range improved (roughly 2 MS distance)

Overall Harute is greatly powered up in this form. If Harute is destroyed and respawns it will no longer be in Marute Mode, but if it respawns in Cost Over and has less than 260 HP it will activate Marute Mode automatically. 

If you transform into MA mode before Marute Mode activates you will not enter the mode until you return to your MS mode. You can use this to intentionally delay the activation, and enter an invincible state on command. It’s a risky and difficult technique to master, but it can be useful.

MS Mode Ability Details

Ranged Weapons

Main #1: GN Sword Rifle 

A simple Beam Rifle-type weapon. While there is nothing bad about this weapon, the other Main is simply too good to warrant the frequent use of this. Switching between the two weapon types is also difficult, so it makes more sense to simply stick with the other Main. 

Main #2: GN Sword Rifle (Focused)

A moving gerobi. Same cancel routes as Main #1. This is a very powerful and important tool for Harute, used for catching landings and punishing movements at angles that a Beam Rifle cannot. The only issue is that the ammo count is low, and it takes 5 seconds to reload each shot so you need to pick your shots carefully. The startup of this move is fast and the muzzle correction is good enough to make this weapon more than potent enough to suit your needs. Being able to cancel into Sub is also really good. 

Harute has plenty of weapons to force enemy movement, and oftentimes this is used as the coup de grâce. This move puts a lot more pressure on the enemy than your other Main, making it your true Main. 

Charged Main: GN Sword Rifle (Mode Switch)

1.5-second charge time. Switch between the two Mains. You can cancel the mode switch into a Main shot to freefall. You face forward when switching modes so you will always get the freefall.

A common cancel route for mobility is 4/6B~CSA~A to move and freefall smoothly. Note that if you are charging and enter MA mode your charge will be canceled.

Charged Melee: GN Scissor Bits

2.5-second charge time. Harute stands still to release 4 Scissor Bits which perform an all-range attack, piercing the enemy and causing it to stagger. Even if all 4 Scissor Bits hit the enemy it will not be knocked down. 

This is a very important tool for Harute in the mid-range. If you cancel into this move quickly from a sidestep or boost dash you can inherit a good amount of inertia before releasing the Scissor Bits. The performance of the Scissor Bits is very good, quickly reaching and surrounding the enemy. The time between the surround and attack sequence is long, but the muzzle correction on the Bits is very strong. The Bits also cover many escape routes, making it a rather easy move to hit— enemies who think they can simply boost dash away are often wrong. 

The Bits are also quite small and hard to see, making them even easier to hit. Given the high performance of the Bits, enemies are forced to spend boost side or fuwa-stepping in order to escape, which you can aim to punish. This is the true value of this move.

Just watch out for the long startup of this move. If you cancel out too early the Bits will not be released, so try to get the timing down.

Scissor Bits can also be released while in MA mode, and doing so does not cause vernier, so it is recommended that you do so during MA mode instead of MS mode. However do note that the charge gauge carries over between forms, so you can charge CSB in MS mode, then transform into MA mode and release the Bits. Note that as soon as you deploy the Bits you can start charging them again. 

Harute’s attacks typically have long cooldowns and downtime, so you will have plenty of opportunities to charge this weapon and use it frequently. 

In Marute Mode the Scissor Bits no longer cause vernier when released in MS mode, and you release a whopping 8 Scissor Bits each time. You can cancel many attacks into CSB to freefall, making it a good self defense tool. Just be mindful of the long charge time.

Sub: GN Cannon

Harute stands still to fire two large beam projectiles simultaneously. Reloads 1 ammo every 9 seconds. Cancel proration applies to this move, cause each projectile to deal 50 damage instead of 70. 

This move inherits a bit of inertia before firing. The startup on this move is long, but the projectiles are large, the muzzle correction is excellent, and the projectile speed is very fast.

This is Harute’s all-important move for scoring knockdowns. You can use this for self defense, catching landings, or as a combo ender. Just watch out for its long reload time.

Speaking of which, the reload time of this move during Marute Mode is cut to only 5 seconds. You also gain a new Sub move, which is covered below.

Marute Mode 2 Sub: GN Cannon (Focused)

2AB input. This move can only be performed during Marute Mode. Harute stands still to 1 gerobi straight and 2 gerobis diagonally forward. All beams are fired at the same time. This costs 2 Sub ammo to perform.

The startup and and beam speed on this move is below average, but the sheer area covered more than makes up for it. This is a powerful tool, especially at the mid to long-range.

You can use this to either catch landings, or simply blanket a wide area with beams and catch horizontal movement. If the enemy ever gives you breathing room and stops focusing on you, look for opportunities to hit them with this move.

Special Shooting: Qan[T] Summon

Summons the 00Q to attack the enemy in one of two ways. Reloads on empty, takes 15 seconds to reload back to full. Both moves are useful in their own rights, and although the reload time between uses is long their high utility more than makes up for it.  

5AC: Slash-through

00Q charges at the enemy while quantized. Upon making contact it slashes the enemy a total of two times similar to the original 00Q’s CC8B attack. The second hit launches the enemy upwards, giving you ample time to finish the combo with an attack of your own.

While quantized 00Q cannot be damaged. It can still be damaged at the point where it is summoned, or right before it actually slashes the enemy. 

The speed and tracking of this move are both excellent, making it an easy move to hit. It also has a very good hitbox thanks to the large Buster Sword— even sidestepping enemies are liable to get caught. 

This leads to very good damage as well, following up on the final hit allows you to deal over 200 damage. You can also send 00Q to finish your melee combo for you if it looks like you’re about to be intercepted.

*AC: GN Buster Rifle Beam Sweep

00Q sweeps a gerobi horizontally. Unlike moves like Penelope’s CSA or Hot Scramble’s BC, this attack is performed by an assist instead of the main MS so you do not run the same risk of being interrupted. This is very good on wakeup or for self defense, or simply area denial. Regardless of your directional input 00Q always sweeps the beam left to right.

After summoning 00Q you want to dash to its left side to ensure you are covered by it as soon as possible. Note that 00Q does not quantize when performing this move so it can still be destroyed.

Special Melee: GN Vernier Unit

Harute stands still for a brief moment before dashing very quickly towards the input direction. This move can be used in Overheat, and shares ammo with the MA mode BC. 

This is an amazing move for covering a large distance quickly, whether on offense or defense. However the reload time is ridiculously long at 19 seconds. 

You can cancel into your Main as soon as you finish moving. Note that it’s not easy to use this to run away in the close range due to its startup time, but if you can find the right opening to use it this can be used to easily put some distance between you and an aggressive enemy. Just note that you should play extra safe once you’ve used it until you have it available again. 

Melee Set

In general, Harute’s melee attacks do not reach very far, and are unsuitable for using offensively. However you can use them in self defense or off certain ranged attacks in the close range. You can deal good combo damage using various derivatives or Sub as a finisher.

5B: GN Sword Rifle

A 3-stage combo. The last hit is a grab into a beam-shooting attack with a forced PoV change. Poor cut resistance, but relatively fast combo speed. The first hit has better priority than you might think thanks to the large size of Harute’s weapon. However don’t expect to beat melee units with this. 

5B or 4/6B~8B Derivative: Transformation Slash-through

Harute transforms into its MA mode and slashes through the enemy. Launches the enemy in a special down state. You continue flying for a short duration after executing this move, making it impossible to follow-up.  

5B, 8B, or 4/6B~2B Derivative: GN Sword Rifle [Claw Mode]

Harute grabs the enemy with the GN Sword Rifle in Claw mode, dealing multiple grinding hits before causing the enemy to explode. Forced PoV change throughout the attack. Mashing the B button during the attack increases the number of hits and deals more damage. 

8B: Uppercut to Downward Strike

Launches the enemy and then slams it down, bouncing it off the ground. This has poor travel distance but fast startup and good priority, making it useful as a melee intercept. Not your safest self defense option, but the return on hitting this is good.

4/6B: Slash

2-stage melee combo that deals 4 hits. The final hit launches the enemy, making it easy to follow-up on with various attacks. The wraparound on the startup of this move makes it good for cancelling into CSA~A to freefall at a nice angle. 

However, as an attack this is only about average for an all-rounder suit, so it’s not particularly reliable. Use it sparingly and it can be a nasty surprise for enemies, though.

2B: Uppercut

A one-hit uppercut. Has a derivative.

2B~A Derivative: GN Cannon

Fires the GN Cannon at the enemy after launching it upwards. Forced PoV change. Overall this is a fast combo finisher that knocks the enemy down.

CC8B: Slash-through

Stuns the enemy on the first hit before attacking the enemy with the Claw multiple times, finishing causing a large explosion. Forced PoV change on the 2nd hit. 

This is Harute’s furthest reaching melee move, and it can be used as a sneak attack. The slash-through sequence has good cut resistance as well. Landing a melee hit is not a priority for Harute, but if the opportunity presents itself just go for it.

Burst Attack

The Power To Shape The Future

Melee combo with super armor on startup. Harute finishes the combo by flying upwards and releasing a gerobi downwards. This causes a large explosion on the ground that your target’s enemy (or your ally) can walk into and take damage from.

As always, this can be a good finisher if the opportunity presents itself. However most Harute players opt to use E Burst in order to extend their time spent in Marute Mode, in which case the opportunity to hit a Burst Attack becomes much less likely.

MA Mode Ability Details

Harute’s MA mode is just as if not more important than its MS mode. Its loadout during MA mode includes extremely powerful weapons, but the reload speed and overall ammo count on all of these tools means that you can’t use them as often as the likes of DX or Arios. However the sheer performance on all of these weapons more than makes up for any shortcomings.

Ranged Weapons

Main: GN Cannon

Fires one large beam projectile. 3-second reload. Very similar to your Sub in MS mode, but you can move while firing this. 

High single-hit damage. Its tracking is also good, so it is relatively easy to hit this. A common way to fire this safely is to fire while swerving towards the enemy, so that you’re never flying straight at them. The reload time on this move is also short, so you don’t have to worry too much about running out of ammo.

Charged Main: GN Scissor Bits

Same move as the MS Mode’s CSB. The charge gauge is shared between the two forms. Note that this version of the move has a key advantage over the MS Mode’s, which is that you can fire this while in motion. If you’re being focus fired and want to release GN Scissor Bits, try transforming into MA mode to release them.

Sub: GN Cannon (Focused)

An MA mode gerobi. Fires a wide gerobi from the tip of the nose, dealing a total of 7 hits. 9-second reload time. 

Simply put, this is a really powerful move, but incredibly difficult to master. The startup of the gerobi is extremely fast, and if you can control your MA mode well it becomes near impossible for enemies to dodge. And when used in a combination with the Scissor Bits or GN Missiles, the enemy loses the option to guard as well.

It’s recommended to practice hitting this, because not using this move means losing out on a lot of Harute’s power.

Special Shooting #1: GN Missiles

Harute’s signature move. Harute fires a volley of missiles upwards, which curve in an L-shape towards the enemy. These missiles track fully all across the stage, even in green lock. The missiles also track individually- if the enemy sidesteps too early, they might cut tracking for some of the missiles but not all. 

If even a single missile hits the enemy it will be heavily staggered, making it very easy to follow up and deal big damage. Although the tracking on these missiles is not extremely good the sheer speed of the missiles makes them very easy to hit. It’s no exaggeration to say that as long as Harute has this weapon available, the entire flow of the match is played at Harute’s pace.

This move only has 5 ammo, which cannot be reloaded through any means, not even Burst. Only being destroyed and respawning will grant you more missiles. Once you have expended all 5 uses your next MA mode AC input will trigger the attack listed below. As potent as this move is, the GN Missile Container Purge is also an excellent move, and it is an incredible waste to die without using all of your GN Missile ammo. Therefore it is recommended that you try and use it all 5 times as quickly as you can.

Don’t just release these missiles and hope for the best- use it in combination with your shooting or even melee attacks to attack the enemy repeatedly. 

Special Shooting #2: GN Missile Container Purge

Usable once you are out of GN Missiles. Harute drops the GN Missile Container while flying, which detonates on contact with the ground causing a large explosion. 

The explosion radius is very large and the active time on the explosion is very long, much like Turn A’s nuclear bomb. Using this move properly with the intent to hit an enemy and not simply dropping it and hoping for the best requires practice and the right know-how.

Perhaps the easiest way to hit this move is dropping it as an okizeme attack on downed enemies. You can use it to hit enemies chasing you, or drop it like a bomb over enemies, but that requires you to be very comfortable with your MA mode. 

It might be very difficult to hit this move consistently, but the damage is worth it. You can rack up even more damage by firing the MS mode Sub at the enemy right before it gets knocked down. There is also little rigidity after purging, meaning you can use other moves almost immediately after purging.

Special Shooting #3: GN Sword Rifle

Usable once you have purged the GN Missile Container. Harute fires beams diagonally from its wings. This has poorer vertical tracking compared to the MA mode Main, but tracks relatively well horizontally. 

While this has its uses, it performs poorer in many areas compared to the MA mode Main.

Special Melee: GN Vernier Unit

Shares ammo with the MS mode’s BC. Harute does a barrel roll and flies rapidly in the direction it is currently facing. This travels less far than the MS mode’s version, but does not have a slow startup animation. 

This move is excellent for running away or for closing in on enemies, although most of the time it’s better to use it for the former. 

Be careful not to run away and leave your partner in the lurch. As soon as you’ve made your escape, look into properly supporting your partner that you may have left behind to fight two enemies. 

You can use this to run away quickly after purging your GN Missile Container. Overall this move has a long reload time but in exchange it can be extremely useful when used correctly.

Melee Set

*B: Slash-through

Harute flies at the enemy and slashes it with its wings. The attack has high priority, and puts the enemy in an untechable down state. However the rigidity after the move is long, making it more or less impossible to follow-up on. 

Because this move costs little boost to perform, you can use it to run away a little further when executed in green lock. This is actually a very useful technique, so try and learn to use it.


  • Although its weapons have long cooldowns, all of Harute’s weapons are very powerful tools for the mid to long-range. 
  • Harute can run away very quickly using its MA mode or BC, but doing so can leave your teammate in a pinch. As far as possible, try to take the front role while not being too close.
  • Make enemies move with the GN Missiles and GN Scissor Bits, and then punish their movement with your gerobi Main or MA mode AB. 
  • While your BR Main has lots of ammo it does not mesh as well with your tools as your gerobi Main, so using the latter is often preferred.
  • Manage your weapons efficiently and don’t focus solely on using one tool. By doing so you can ensure that all your weapons have ample time to reload, and you won’t feel like you’re running out of ammo as often.
  • Harute has a bad matchup against most melee units, although things get slightly easier once you enter Marute Mode. You can easily turn the tables in Marute Mode, so until then try and cling to your partner and partially rely on it for defense. 
  • Using your MA mode to escape is an effective strategy, but if all you do is run then enemies will easily be able to read your movements and chase you down. Instead of thinking of it as running, think of it as making a strategic retreat to better reposition yourself to attack. It’s best if you can find a position that allows you to see all 3 other units on the field.

Recommended Combos

Ranged Weapons









Gerobi Main



You can hit this when firing on an enemy above you














5BB~2B(before final hit)>AB


Aerial only




8B~2B(before final hit)>8BB>AB


Big damage






Recommended 4/6B starter

4/6B~2B(before final hit)>8BB>AB